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Malphite top slapping guide [S6]

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So my name is FeelsBadMan i got to diamond V in the preseason playing mostly malphite. My most played champions are malphite, gnar and irelia. I main malphite and i have succeeded pretty well on my epic journey of low elo. I hope you scrub lords will slap that pantheon to the balls.

Try to get as many farm without the risk of your life, since what is worse? you dying, or you missing a few minions?

At this point you should have deadmans plate (Facing ANY AD) or spectres cowl (facing ryze vlad ect.) If your matchup is somewhat unbeatable DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT IN LANE, just stay back and try to get a few good teleports to bot lane and get dragon. If your matchup is semi hard to beat just try trading with him, if you seem to win the trade just keep trading and show your dominance. Try to keep the lane closer to your turret at all times but when you see a possible gank bot push the lane as fast as you can and get ready for a TP. If your lane matchup is bad and youre beating him already, just keep doing what youre doing and ward so you wont get ganked and lose the control of your lane.

You should be at the state where you literally cant die in a 1v3 if youre not staying there for like an hour. Just in teamfights try to ult on thier carrys and if your carrys are getting zoned, see if they can do something about it, if they cant -> help them if they can -> keep zoning thier carrys try to stand infornt of your team, take the place of a wall. Like you are not getting through this.

Malphite is the tank toplaner that deals damage but cannot die. If you main top lane you should learn to play him or learn to play vs him. Very strong champion and people are finally realizing this.

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