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Gun Mastery 101

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Welcome to my first guide! I am a Diamond ad carry who has been spamming jinx since release. She is one of the most satisfying and addictive (yes addictive) ad c's to play and i will try my best to help you guys learn the ways of this maniac. Why Jinx? Well she has some of the highest damage for an Ad c in the game with her Rocket Launcher (110% base damage with AOE) and her Mini-gun(Stacks up to three times and gives up to a 30% AS increase). She also is amazing in team fights with her 700 Range launcher. But wait she ALSO has an AOE execute ultimate(Base damage and up to 35% of the targets missing health). Oh seems i forgot the most fun part, HER PASSIVE. When you get a kill or assist you run REALLY FAST(175% movespeed increase). This is amazing for teamfights as your guaranteed a passive proc's which lets you re-position, kite and chase!

Jinx is a strong laner with her pushing power/range. You should be using your Rocket to prevent getting shoved into your own tower as well as to harass your opponent. Note that the attack speed buff from your Mini-gun does affect the first auto-attack when you switch to your Rockets (Helps in harassing effectively in-between CS). Rushing level 2 on her is amazing since she has really good dueling potential with her mini-gun and the level 2 Chomper's can lock down/ force a flash early. However be aware of where the jungler started as he can roam bot around that time, and since Jinx has no escapes it's important to know where the jungler is when you all-in. Taking tower's with Jinx is really easy as her Rocket's let you harass it from afar and if you are safe enough your mini-gun can take them down instantly. Besides all this your number one goal is to farm up.

After laning phase you want to look for objectives, so dragons/towers are top priority. Usually rotating mid and helping your mid laner take their tower is a great start. You can rotate top too if you feel like a MAN! This all depends on how your laning phase went. If your ahead rotating is great, if your behind you will have to decide whether you want to go mid to prevent the opponents from taking your mid tower or go bot and try and take your opponents bot tower. Usually rotating mid is better cause mid game team-fights are pretty common. If a team fight erupts you want to be in the back and attack whoever you can safely, even if that means the tanky Renekton. Try your best to deal as much damage as possible and try not to die! Remember your damage is insane and you can melt through tanks through kiting!

This is where Jinx is scary. Your Rockets make you really hard to get to with its range and it's AOE damage is insane. Once your passive is popped even once, it's almost impossible to catch you. Mixing your high AOE damage with you ultimate and passive, you can clean up team fight's like no other. You have to be careful of positioning though, if you get caught out it's really hard to get out of it. Remember your long range also allows you to siege down turrets from a safe distance especially when combined with your Chomper's for safety.

Position behind your front line and out of range from your opponent's initiation. Your range allows you to stay much further back then other ad carries so you don't need to be too close. After your team/ opponent's have initiated you want to attack the closet target even if it's the tank as you can shred through them. Use your E correctly as it is great self-peel, usually dropping it on top of yourself while kiting works well. Don't forget to use your ultimate near the end of the fight as it does more damage based on how low your opponent's are. Never use it at the start of a fight unless you can get a pick on a low health target with it.

In conclusion Jinx is one of the most fun and exciting ad carries currently out there. Her kit is amazing and can fill alot of team comps, however her lack of escapes and reliance on her passive do make her a easy target for assassins and hard engage. While positioning is a key to playing jinx, if mastered can yield some amazing results! I hope you guys enjoyed my first guide and will take what you learned here into your next YOLO Q game!!

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