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    Greater Mark of Armor (+0.91 armor)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.16 magic resist per level (+3 at champion level 18))
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    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (+1.5% movement speed)
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Nautilus is a champion that has been most widely known for his ability to jungle. After being asked too many times in chat to try Nautilus support I decided to give it a try and found he isn't that bad if played correctly and put into the right team composition. His laning style is very much like Blitzcrank and Leona where you attempt to hook then smother a target or just zone while standing idle. In team fights, he is stuck to a secondary initiate and peeling for your AD carry role. His secondary initiate role is due to his lack of items to tank if he attempts to Dredge Line. His CC is also more effective when you allow him to follow up rather than initiate. [number]Note:[/number] I would like to note that this guide is very simple (I don't break down what the skills do because you can read the tool-tips on your own but maybe I should take some time later since each skill has a trick to it). This is not so much for a beginning player or a beginning support player but more for people who would like to understand the support role outside of the standard Janna/Taric/Soraka/Sona picks. This guide is intended to give you a solid foundation to use as you develop your own Nautilus style. I mention Blitzcrank a few times in this guide because he is somewhat similar to Nautilus and comparing the two will give you a better idea of how these two differ in item and skill builds as well as playstyles. You can read the Blitzcrank guide here: Update: added more content (early/mid/laning phase chapters) and two videos of great starts to Nautilus support because of the high kill potential his CC brings. Also sorry if this guide does not seem up to par. I feel that Nautilus support has quite a bit of potential but needs a little bit of jungle pressure to be very scary.

[imgext=] [title]Explanation[/title] I like having a mixture of movement speed and tankiness when runing for Nautilus (and most melee support champions like Blitzcrank and Leona). In my old Blitzcrank guide, I opted to use armor penetration marks instead of using flat armor marks for extra damage when playing a melee support with the ability to get kills in lane. I changed my mind a few weeks ago though because the most important aspect of melee initiator supports (like Blitzcrank, Leona, and Alistar) is using their utility CC and trying to to peel in team fights. By using flat armor marks you are able to soak more damage, attempt more pulls, and use more of your CC abilities (Staggering Blow, Riptide, and Depth Charge). It might be nice to use armor penetration marks in lane if you are betting on your ability to get kills in lane, but it is always safer to use flat armor marks to take more damage.

[img=skills/nautilus/r.png][img=skills/nautilus/w.png][img=skills/nautilus/e.png][img=skills/nautilus/q.png] [title]Explanation[/title] Unlike Blitzcrank, I don't prioritize my Dredge Line (hook) because I enjoy having the extra tankiness of Titan's Wrath and the soft CC of Riptide. When I play Blitzcrank I like to initiate with a high damage pull and try to burst to finish the kill. When I play Nautilus I attempt to hook enemy champions and smother them to death with Staggering Blow, Titan's Wrath, Riptide, and Depth Charge. The smothering style of Nautilus is due to the nature of his skills. Dredge Line, Staggering Blow, Riptide, and Depth Charge add up to be a lot of CC to give your AD carry time to do the DPS you need to get a kill in lane. I tend to switch off between maxing Titan's Wrath and Riptide depending on how the lane is going. If I am not being harassed much by the enemy AD or Support I don't need to put too many points into Titan's Wrath and can put more points sooner into Riptide for the extra CC when we choose to fight or get a jungle gank. If there is a lot of fighting in lane it is good to max Titan's Wrath first to prevent too much harassment damage. In team fights and outside of laning phase, Nautilus is stuck to the secondary initiate and peeling for your AD carry role. Nautilus support usually does not have enough items to safely Dredge Line a target to start a team fight the same way Blitzcrank does. Dredge Line will bring Nautilus closer to the enemy team which is what you do not want (since you are lacking items), and Blitzcrank is able to isolate one champion for a safer initiate. This is where Blitzcrank is able to fit into more team compositions and Nautilus is not since Blitzcrank can initiate safer and also fullfil the same role as Nautilus.

[title]Starting Items[/title] [item=boots-of-speed][item=sight-ward][img=items/health-potion2.png] Similar to my Blitzcrank guide, the boots + ward + 2hp pot start is to close the gap and get favorable pulls or zone the enemy AD because of their fear of being pulled with movement speed. The one ward is just to keep you relatively safe and it is usually placed between dragon and tri-bush. The two hp potions are there incase you take a little damage but for the most part your health regen from the Defense mastery tree should be able to heal you quite a bit as you sit idle in a side bush. [title]Core Items[/title] [item=ninja-tabi][highlight] OR [/highlight][item=mercurys-treads] [highlight]+ [/highlight][item=heart-of-gold] [highlight]AND/OR[/highlight] [item=philosophers-stone] [highlight]+[/highlight] [item=sight-ward] The first item that I complete is usually Ninja Tabi because I will be around 500 gold by the time I go back to base. I prefer to finish Ninja Tabi rather than buy a Ruby Crystal at this point because I like the extra movement speed and because the attack damage reduction passive that Ninja Tabi has. The option for Merc Treads are there if you are playing against an Ability Power heavy team. After I finish the boots I save a gold per second item but it takes a quite a bit of time because I am not running gold per second runes. In very low kill games, you may be stuck at this part of the item build forever. Don't forget to buy some wards. [title]After Core Items[/title] [highlight]Upgrade[/highlight] [item=philosophers-stone] [highlight]to [/highlight][item=shurelyas-reverie] [highlight]OR[/highlight] [item=aegis-of-the-legion] [highlight]+[/highlight] [item=philosophers-stone][item=sight-ward] When you are fortunate enough to get a few kills, assists, dragons, or towers you should have enough money to complete one aura item. In general, the best choices are Shurelia's for better team gap closing with the activate skill or Aegis for extra team tankiness. Don't forget to buy some wards. [title]Final Items[/title] [item=ninja-tabi] [highlight]OR[/highlight] [item=mercurys-treads] [highlight]OR[/highlight] [item=ionian-boots-of-lucidity] [highlight]+[/highlight] [item=shurelyas-reverie][item=aegis-of-the-legion][img=items/zekes-herald.png][item=frozen-heart][img=items/randuins-omen.png] Good luck getting all of these items :)

[title]Explanation[/title] [.]It is not very safe to be aggressive until you reach level 3 unless you have an early jungle gank. [.]If you have an early jungle gank (pre-level 3) it is okay to go all-in (burn all your summoner spells) because Nautilus is tanky enough and has the CC to lock down a target long enough to kill them. [.]In general you want to target the enemy AD carry because if he is CC'd he will have a tough time dealing DPS because he will usually try to kite away from the damage. [.]Because Nautilus's passive allows him to immobilize multiple targets you are able to switch targets (e.g. autoattack the AD carry with Staggering blow then switch targets to the support with Staggering blow if the AD carrying escapes with Arcane Shift as Ezreal or Valkyrie as Corki). [.]At level 3 it is safe to engage the enemy bot lane if you have an equal or larger minion wave (as well as equal champion healths). The problem with engaging the enemy bottom lane when they have a larger minion wave is the amount of damage you take when the enemy minions turn to attack you. Having more minions on your side means you will have extra damage on the enemy bot lane. [.]Laning with AD carries like Ezreal, Graves, Corki, and Tristana is favorable early not only because of the burst DPS they have with their skills but also because they are able to close the gap with an ability to follow up on a good Dredge Line. [.]If you do not get an early kill in lane just stay patient until the mid game since attempting to be aggressive for no reason may result in unnecessary deaths in lane. [.]If you do not see many opportunities to engage the enemy you can use your positioning to zone out experience and CS from the enemy bot lane. If the enemy bot lane feels you are too close to them and that you can land a Dredge Line, you might cause them to back off of taking a CS. This is where you use the movement speed runes and masteries to your advantage.

[title]Explanation[/title] [.]At this point you should have boots (rank 1 or rank 2), and have a heart of gold and/or philospher's stone. Obviously having more items is better but you should also feel more confident in your ability to engage the enemy if you have more items than they do. [.]Normally during the mid game, teams tend to group up to take objectives like Dragon or enemy buffs. You should be tanky enough to initiate on squishy targets but you should never over commit to a team fight since you are not invincible (unlike early laning phase). [.]As I have mentioned early, Nautilus is not the best primary initiator when on the support role. [.]One way to safely initiate as Nautilus support at this stage of the game is to open with Depth Charge and then choose to Dredge Line a target if you feel like your team will follow up (and if you feel like you will not pull yourself too close to the enemy team). [.]Another effective method is to wait for your other true tanky champions on your team to initiate for you since they are less likely to die than yourself (since they should have better items to survive). [.]Following up on your team's initiate allows you to pick and choose targets safely while also chaining CC to lock down the enemy team. [.]This is also the part of the game where you are in charge of peeling for your AD or AP carries. This means you need to be positioned close enough to your carries so that you can get enemy bruisers and tanks off of your carries. You can Dredge Line to pull enemies away, use Staggering Blow to immobilize targets with autoattacks (and switch targets since the Passive works multiple times on different targets), and use Riptide to slow. In general you save Depth Charge to hit carries rather than peeling.

[title]Explanation[/title] [.]Nautilus support will fall off by the late game unless the game is going in your team's favor since Nautilus becomes very item dependent to do a good job. [.]Nautilus support does not have the same kind of utility pull that Blitzcrank does so you will not have many chances to get a game winning pull and this is where having at least a Shurelia's Reverie is important to gap close or disengage for your team. [.]If your team is not doing so well you are stuck on the role of peeling for your AD or AP carry like mentioned in the mid game chapter. [.]If your team is doing well then you can continue what you were doing in the mid game by choosing to initiate safely or follow up on the initiate of your team. [.]Again I would like to mention that you have to be patient on Nautilus support. If you go in too soon or leave your AD and AP carry because you want to CC the enemy team you may put yourself and your teammates in poor positions. [.]Another thing to watch out for at this point of the game is enemy AP Carry AoE spells. Nautilus support has quite a bit of armor by this point of the game but fairly low magic resist so you need to be extra careful to not take too much AoE magic damage.

Here are simple tips that I have used while playing Nautilus support. [.]You can use Dredge Line to escape ganks by hooking onto terrain. [.]Be patient. You don't always have to go for a Dredge Line pull because enemy bot laners are afraid of you throwing it and they will miss CS or burn summoners if you get close enough to them. [.]AD champions with burst (like Graves, Corki, Tristana, and MF) have the best chance at getting a kill after hooking an enemy champion in the bottom lane. [.]AD champions that are passive (like Ashe, Kog'Maw, Vayne, and Caitlyn) benefit from when you put yourself in a position to scare the enemy AD from last hitting or from attempting a damage trade. You almost never want to damage trade when you have one of these AD champions on your side. [.]Try not to play against Graves, Taric, Alistar, and Leona as they all want to damage trade with you (since their burst is relatively high and equal to or better than your own). [.]Soraka/Sona players are not afraid of Nautilus (but they should be and are easy targets). [.]Janna is decent against Nautilus. [.]If you miss a Dredge Line you should probably not engage and wait for the cooldown. [.]Don't be afraid to miss but remember that you might drag yourself to somewhere you do not want to be (under the enemy tower). [.]Make use of your extra movement speed and run up to champions to autoattack with Staggering Blow. This will allow you to land an easier pull while they are immobilized (people may also attempt to flash for no reason as you run up to them). [.]Nautilus is probably a better jungler than support because of how item dependent he gets. [.]Having a strong jungle gank early will help you snowball a lane and get your items for the mid and late game. Full games of Nautilus support in action (most effective with early jungle ganks): [twitch][/twitch] [twitch][/twitch]

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