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    Greater Mark of Attack Speed (+1.7% attack speed)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction (-0.83% cooldowns)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration (+2.56 armor penetration)
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and welcome to my jungling Alistar guide :) I will keep this short and down to the early jungling.

I mainly get the Attackspeed Reds and Armorpen Quints to speed up my early jungling. There is also some synergy between your Ultimate (AD Boost) and attackspeed, but it is not so noticeable. Armor Runes are not negotiable. You can experiment with runes, the ones I listed work for me but there are other possibilites. If you decide to deviate from my build, make sure you not only can finish the first jungle cycle but also actually do the second rotation.

Start off with Q for the first camp, at lvl.2 get a point into E, at lvl.3 a point into W. This is to maximise the effect of your passive, which is utilized to clear camps efficiently. [highlight]After this I suggest ranking up W (Headbutt) because it is your biggest nuke, and it hits really hard from early to midgame. Get your ultimate whenever it is possible.[/highlight]

[highlight]1. Jungle Cycle : Wolves, Wraiths, Double Golem[/highlight] Start off by buying your Regrowth Pendant and get a level in Q. Q the Wolfs and take them out ! If you feel your wraiths might get stolen you can also start there. Head over to Wraiths, smite the big one and instantly stun the rest. You will be Lvl.2 after smiting the big one, get E and finish the camp off. Head to double golems and kill them. This is the most dangerous part of the first rotation. Get your Headbutt, then go back to town and buy your Philosophers Stone [highlight]2. Jungle Cycle : Blue, Wolves, Wraiths, Red, Double Golem[/highlight] Head to Blue buff and do the full jungle clear. Try to utilize spell cooldowns as best as you can, to have your passive up. Use Headbutt on low creeps, but only if you can actually kill them off. If you see a gank opportunity, it is perfectly fine to go for it after you killed the Blue Buff; you already have all your tools available. From this point on, start building your HoG and keep looking for ganks while clearing the jungle periodically. Do not delay your Lvl.6 for too long, it really amplifies your total power ! Also, get that sheen up ASAP for the extra hurt. Pros / Cons : + Fully independent jungling + Great ganks + Can donate buffs to Team + Good clear time - prone to counterjungling - can't really dragon by yourself - slight damage falloff lategame

Jungle while watching your lanes, helping out and ganking when you can. After you finished your Philosophers and Heart of Gold, it is okay to roam for a bit without having to worry too much. Work on your Sheen, be nice to your Solos and put up wards for them. If you have flash ready you can make aggressive moves like counterjungling (Steal wraiths, ward their buffs) or ganking - preferably the solo lanes.

Since you cannot kill dragon fast, you need to at least have it warded. IF you can pull a gank on their mid or bottom lane, coordinate with your team to get some help with dragon. Keep picking on their Solos until you eventually kill them and get their tower, too. Try and judge their players and do your best to counter their key player. Finish Triforce and start building tanky items that preferably also give Cooldown Reduction, so you do not have to rely on Blue Buff anymore.

Lategame is all about Pushing, Roaming, Teamfights and Baron. You are the one to go in first, check brushes if needed, and so on. Ward key spots while clearing enemy wards with Oracles. If the enemy tries to baron and your team is in position, you have a good chance of stopping them since they are clumped up in one spot; you might even go for the steal. After a successful teamfight you can probably tank a turret for your team to snipe. On the other hand, when defending, stay close to your turret and heal your team. Be quick if someone overextends - Stun him, kill him, and eventually chase with Shurelyas and whatnot.

Initiate fights with Flash/Stun, Shurelyas, etc. Stun the enemy team, stick to your carry and headbutt dangerous people away from him. Watch your HP and pop that ultimate if you get focused. Keep healing. Should you have another good initiator on your team, you can save your stun for a critical ultimate they might have (Nunu, Malzahar etc.) Should your carries be killed instantly, try to retreat while throwing out CC's and heals, you have high movespeed and can probably still escape.

This guide is "Work in progress", I will try to go into deeper detail and also include user feedback. With that said, I am looking forward to any constructive criticism or comments that help make this guide better and also make me a better jungle Alistar :)

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