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The Venomancer's Guide (Post Rework) 5.12

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Hello guys, I wanted to share with you my love for this champion. I have been spamming her for quite some time since her rework, I had never tried her before and when I decided to do so after the changes, I fell in love with her. I've got about 400 games with her in all accounts combined, and I am ready to explain anything you might need me to. I'll give you my ideas on items and runes I've tested on her and hopefully you'll appreciate it. Also, seeing as most of the other guides on Cassiopeia around are still not fully updated from before her rework, you guys might be getting some information that is not quite accurate, such as getting chalice, or maxing Q. But now my fellow summoners; Onwards to Poisoning Cassiopeia is also very reliant on how confident you feel with her and how well you know the champion, so your first few games might be a bit clunky, and soon, after you get a hang of her, she will become significantly stronger. You have to be confident with her E spam, know that you are ready to dodge incoming skillshot from the enemy so you can get more damage onto them. Know when your poison is about to wear off and not use Twin fang onto the enemy and put it on cooldown, know how much damage you do and not overcommit. Learn the limits of her ult range. This can be said for any champion, but some champions will benefit more than others from your skill with them. For example an annie, there isn't much to her, you combo a target, kill him, and spam abilities on cooldown. A champion like Zed, you have to know the damage you do with him, know where to put your shadows and so on. Cassio is a lot like that, don't expect to carry your first game, heck, expect doing really poorly the first game with her, and from there you will only improve, everytime you pick her up, she will be stronger, do more damage, you will learn what you can and can't do with her. Here is a guide to give you explanations on how to start, how to play against match-ups and explain her overall as best as I can to you guys, my young padawans, but do keep in mind, I cannot guarantee you will become a cassiopeia god in the first 10 games, I'm sure this will help, but practice makes perfect, use this guide to practice her, not to read and expect instant results. Patch 5.10: Cassio received 2 nerfs, both to her sustain. One towards mana, and the other towards HP. Though if I were nerfing her I would take another approach, these nerfs haven't touched her damage one bit. Cassio can still dish out that damage and scale towards late game just as easy, the only changes are. When you are 1x1- 1x2 and you need the \"spellvamp\" LATE game, rarely ever happens. Now the mana nerf didn't hurt her at all in the mid lane, she can still get some nice mana back and she usually has blue buff, so it doesn't matter that much. But for toplane, I find it very hard to CS and keep trading with the enemy without blue buffs and the mana just vanishes, you can still play her top, but your mana will regen back slower and that means more time for the enemy to heal back up, or you risk going OOM. But she can definetely still be played there, and if you really think it hurt her a lot, just make serapths AND RoA, and you won't notice the difference on her mana. Cassio has fallen out of favour in competitive because in order to waveclear, she uses too much mana and after the 5.10 patch, she no longer restores that much, so after some time she runs out. But other than that she is still the same champion guys, have no fear.

Here you want to farm a lot for your mana item. You an go aggressive if you hit your Q on the enemy, but your mana will end after 4-5 [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png]. So I prefer to play it safe, punish enemies for getting hit by poison, but not go for kills unless they missplay really hard. I will go back as soon as I got gold for either [img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] and [img=items/boots-of-speed.png] or [img=items/catalyst-the-protector.png], and a few wards and potions. Now that you have mana to use abilities, play more aggressive, if you hit your Q, go for an all in on the enemy, unless he will hit you harder, like a leblanc. Zone them out of farm, or push the wave hard and farm some jungle camps. The one thing you cannot do is stand around mid waiting for the other minion wave to get there. Even if there is nothing to do, go into enemy jungle to put a ward, go botlane to at least relieve some pressure from the enemy, check your jungle for wards. Repeat this process until you have finished your mana item and completed boots or halfway through your next item, then look to group up, or start roaming and looking for objectives (if your team hasn't started that yet).

About now you should have around 250 stacks on your passive and at least 2 of these items completed [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png] [img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] [img=items/ludens-echo.png]. At this point you should look to group and push down objectives. Cassiopeia is amazing at taking down baron and dragon fast (as long as she has mana) and zoning people away form their turrets through her [img=skills/cassiopeia/w.png] and [img=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] plus the risk of being followed up by some [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png], so people will either stay back from their turret, or hard engage on you. Now not only is cassio good at objectives, teamfighting with her just as good if not better. People have to take care of your [img=skills/cassiopeia/r.png] until you use it, plus your damage output through Poison and [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] spam is just ridiculous throughout the game, especially mid game, where champions don't have enough magic resist to deal with you yet. Don't forget to stack your passive if given the chance, to reach 500 stacks sooner.

Stay with your team at all costs. At this point you are just like an AD carry, except you are AP and do magic damage. Stay with your team, ask for them to peel you if possible, and play just like you would play an ADC, focus the tanks unless there is an opportunity to go for someone else who is out of position, etc... Don't try to dive the enemy team, you are not a tank, and if you flash in and miss your ultimate, you will probably die. Only go for the backline if you have taken their frontline out of the fight, or and opportuniy presented itself, such as a graves dashing in trying to burst you for some unknown reason. Or Sejuani getting an amazing ultimate at their backline, something of the sort.

Play just like an AD carry. You stay back with the protection of your team and hit whoever gets in range, even if it is a [img=champ/drmundo.png] or [img=champ/galio.png], but keep an Eye out for flanking assassins and misspositioned players. A [img=champ/zed.png] or [img=champ/leblanc.png], for example, will always go for the backline, and if you can catch them there, you will pretty much make them useless overall. If your team has some sort of hard engage, like a [img=champ/sejuani.png] [img=skills/sejuani/r.png], then disregard the above and go for the backline, You should have enough damage to kill them, or at least get them away from the rest of the fight, especially if they are frozen looking towards you. Also this is important, Keep a lookout on your mana, don't waste it all on a tank. You should keep about half of it if possible to kill their backline, 30% mandatory, if you are bellow that, just stop hitting the tank and go for the back line any ways, but carefully, mainly just to zone them while your AD carry kills the rest of the frontline. A Cassiopeia with no mana is useless, just like a garen with AP. You should waste about 20% of your mana on a squishy target as long as he is standing still. Now counting heals, shields, dodging your abilities, say some more. So I know I am contradicting myself but, Do not go for the backline for anything unless one of these 3 reasons: -An opportunity has been presented (backline has been locked down, or enemy adc/apc left the protection of their team) -Their frontline has been dispatched -Your mana has taken a trip to oblivion and you have about enough to kill 1-2 enemies only.

Hey guys, I am a season 4 Diamond (haven't finished bo10 yet because not much time and making a smurf) player in the Brazillian server, (Yes I do play mordekaiser, but mostly for fun) and I fell so in love with this champion, spamming her ever since I played her, I though it would be just to give my thoughts on the champion and why I love her so much. This is my first guide, so if I helped you, please help me back by saying how, I have other champions I pretend to make guides on the future, such as AP ezreal, Vladimir, Irelia, Lucian, Graves and (still in testing and probably a just for fun build) AP tristana. I really enjoyed making this guide, and will like it even more if it helps people. I have played Cassio for quite some time and maybe I don't know everything about her (quite possibly yes), so if you want anything tested, just tell me and I will check it out and update the guide. Also If you need further help, Check out a player named \"IAmFairy\". His videos on youtube and some guides helped me out a LOT back in my early cassiopeia days. Anyways, good luck poisoning people guys, it is VERY fun.

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