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Best Vayne Korea Guide! Season 4

Updated 3 years ago
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Hello! I'm a high elo korean player and welcome to my Vayne guide. I'm a vayne player dedicated to teach players on how to improve at her. I can assure you that this build make cover or help you with mistakes or unknown information on how to play Vayne!

Early game, Vayne has not many options but to play safe. Many ad carries such as corki, ezreal, caitlyn outpoke and outsustain her in lane. You should try farm under turret and ask the jungler for ganks at the correct opportunity. If you ever fight, make sure its when you are level 6 or above, unless its a great opening for you.

Mid Game is where you show off your mechanics and kite. You should have blade of ruined king and statik shiv to be able to win any 1v1's and help majorly in team fights. Make sure you keep on auto attacking and tumble backwards and running back. This dishes out free damage without receiving damage from the enemy. In team fights, be assure you are at the back, don't hesitate to stay as far back as you want, making sure the ADCARRY does not die and does as much damage as possible in a team fight is top priority.

Engaging on someone: You should R + Q into someone and condemn into wall as soon as possible. This gives you the invisibility and combo by stunning them in the wall. This gives you extra hits on them without receiving any. Kiting: Hit, tumble back, hit, run back, hit, tumble back, and keep doing it. Also use the blade of ruiined king active when the enemy is real close to you, so its used efficiently. Positioning: Stay at the back, you should be at a decent distance behind your tanks who should be in the front line away from the APC and ADC on the team. Your job is to attack and protect yourself if there is no one doing that for you. Staying as far back as you want means, AS far back as you want, theres no limit, you just have to make sure you do not get focused and die straight away.

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