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Top Lane Nidalee - Work in Progress - Will Be Up-To-Date Soon

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Hi my name is Darts502, I play a lot of Nidalee, and I am going to give insight on how I play her as a bruiser in the Top Lane. Nidalee is a hyper-mobile, split pusher, tank, in the Top Lane who I feel with two damage items can do a lot of damage for a tank. Nidalee excels at small fights, and split-pushing, and retains tankyness whilst doing a lot of damage. Pros: * Very strong Laning against Melee opponents. * Extremely strong level 6 all-in. * One of the most mobile champions IMO * Very strong all in post-6 * 6 Spells *Very good farmer post-6 * Heal + 60% AS buff. * Imo one of the best split pushers in the game with a [img=items/sheen.png] * Very fun to play * Strong snowball Cons: * somewhat squishy. * Pretty mana hungry through most stages of the game till you get [img=items/frozen-fist.png] * Pre-6 can get stomped if against a strong early game opponent, or a very skilled top laner. * Sort of item dependant. * Has 0 CC but that is fixed with [img=items/frozen-fist.png] * Last hitting pre-6 is a little worse than most champions

Use brushes to your advantage, walk out hit Lane opponent, then walk back in to reset minion aggro, keep a Bushwack in all 3 brushes + river brushes/river so you can see an incoming gank, but with the new Trinkets you will be warding anyway! (Trap on top of a ward can really help encase you tunnel) In the early game you have to be as aggressive as possible, Nidalee isn't a passive laner. Pretty much you want to use the brush to your advantage by AAing, then running into the brush to reset minion agro. Try to AA everytime your Laner goes near a CS, keep AAing them when there are no minions for you to last hit, just be as aggressive as possible. As soon as you get that level 6 pop-up telling you to upgrade your abilities, quickly get Cougar form, jump on them and W>Ignite>E>Q> Then start to AA them down as well as a Spear in the mixture too, this will land you a kill 70% of times. Lane goes either 2 ways: You play passive against someone very scary early game, Or you completely make them your bitch and constantly harras them over and over till they back and you make them lose xp by showing into their tower.

I like to dignify Middle Game as when a tower or two has fallen, usually around 10-15 minutes. Usually it means the end of laning. Your goals are to: Get kills - Roaming, killing laner. Push towers down - This is what Nidalee does best. Camp Top Lane Pretty much the game plan for a mid game Nidalee is to do all of the above, duel your lane opponent, force them out of lane. Try to get as many towers as you can in this period of the game, as it will make a huge difference for late game. Try to set traps at high traffic areas. Also remember to ward up their jungle if you are going to split-push so you can see people coming.

It is late game, you should be trying to split push so your team can capitalise on people coming to stop you, but what the enemy team doesn't know is a post-6 Nidalee is really hard to catch, she is just too mobile, her split pushing with Iceborn Gauntlet + Blade of the Ruined King + Primal Surge (E) is so fast!you can destroy a tower in 15 seconds if you're left alone and can use Sheen procs well. You really should try to get to the Inhib if you can, take it if possible, if not I usually stop at an outer-Tower and just group up with the team and try to make what ever happen, if grouping up doesn't seem too good, try going bottom lane and destroying that, they push it out when you leave and go back top. Make their life Hell and make them wish they banned or picked Nidalee

You're Nidalee you were made to jump into the backline and just go HAM and kill their ADC, try to pop the ADC or the AP if you get a chance, and just use your Iceborn Gauntlet AOE to slow everyone. Generally you don't want to be the initiator, you want to play mop up if you can, if not, just let someone like [img=champ/jarvaniv.png] initiate then you can go in and wreck. Nidalee is amazing at causing trouble for the back line of the enemy team. Just dive onto ADC, let your AP do the rest of the work, and your team follows up. You really want to try to hit low HP targets with your Cougar Q, as it is like a 4 second cooldown so it won't matter wasting it on a low HP Support.

Jumping over walls. [img=] here is a picture with all the spots you can jump. Fighting in quick intervals will come out heavily in your favor. You can cancel her Cougar Q if you click the floor mid animation, so you can get more AAs in and have a shorter animation for it. Press ALT + E to heal yourself. Abuse brushes to the absolute max as you get free movement speed and can cancel minion aggro Soon as level 6/9/11 comes all in your lane opponent as they are your best powerspikes. Abuse Cougar forms low as cooldowns.

Here I will be posting videos of bruiser Nidalee gameplay, not all videos will be of my own gameplay. Videos will be referenced to the original streamer/video creator. [vid=] (Skip to 25m51s for 1v5) [i][b](Wouldn't let me embed a video at a certain time)[/b][/i] This is a Nidalee 1v5 Penta Kill by RF Legendary you can find his Twitch channel here: (Diamond 1/Challenger Nidalee main.) [b][i]I will be adding more videos as I come along them/record my own gameplay [/i][/b]

Nidalee is a very strong Top Laner, split pusher, duelist and best of all she has 6 spells and is just so fun to play. I honestly feel like Midalee doesn't even compare in the slightest to playing Top Lane Nidalee. I am open to all criticism so feel free to comment on what you think of it.

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