Illaoi Build Guide

[Mid]She-Annoys, aka "How to make your opponent sweat"

Updated 1 year ago
Skill Order
Tentacle Smash
Harsh Lesson
Test of Spirit
Leap of Faith
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Hello everyone ! Are you looking for a new AD midlaner to play ? Do you absolutely love to annoy the hell out of your opponent ? Well, look no further, as I introduce you to Illaoi mid, the best way to give no rest to your enemies ! (Please bear in mind that this is a WIP. I have yet to find an optimal build.)

Why ? -Because she rocks at teamfights -Because she does a lot of AD damage -Because she can \"chase\" the enemy even if she's not remotely close -Because she can prevent recalls easily -Because people don't know how to play against Assassin Illaoi. When ? -If your opponent is a melee champ or has a close range -If you have a lot of AP in your team -If your team trusts you -If you can land your skillshots right -If you're not passive -If you bet on your early or midgame

In lane : E-W(if a tentacle is close)-Q-Some AA Landing your E is essential for your success. Make sure your enemy becomes the Vessel, especially if he/she is low HP. You do damage and also make them angry, even if they are running away. Teamfights : R-W-Q-W-Q-E (on a escaping low-HP enemy) Illaoi's ult is great for counter-engaging the enemy. In a few seconds, your oppenents will take a lot of damage without even thinking about dodging the tentacles. As long as your team doesn't make them run away from your ult zone, you will be very useful. Even if you lose the fight, trust me, the enemy won't be close to full HP.

Illaoi is like Heimerdinger : she needs her personal space. Because of that, her lategame is not at her advantage : she may still have a lot of damage, but tentacles are more random and safer to kill, so you can lose a lot of damage if you stop caring about your passive. As a matter of fact, I'd prefer not to pick Illaoi mid if the rest of my team favors lategame.

Thanks for reading all of this guide ! I hope you'll enjoy that surprising pick as much as I do. Who knows ? Maybe you can use her in an incredible way ! Have fun on the Fields of Justice !

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