Nidalee Build Guide

(Pikalee, D1) 4.4 Patch You've KAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW!

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Hello everyone and welcome to my guide. this is just a guide to get you out of low elo and into diamond. Although I may not be a pro, I have used this guide to carry my team numerous of times. I have played Nidalee probably for over 1000 games (~300 S3), counting the ones on my other accounts. In my opinion Nidalee is one of the strongest tops in the game. She has one of the best sustains and poke, making her a big bully, before level 6 and the highest burst at level 6. She excels at cleaning up in teamfights or even rushing in the back line to kill/stall the adc. You can search me up \"Pikalee\" on I Peaked at Diamond 1 S3 [IMG][/IMG] I had a 63.1% win rate with Nidalee in over 312 games [IMG][/IMG]

1. Always keep your farm up. It is not worth it to poke your opponents than to miss a creep when you're behind 2. Only poke when you are waiting for the creeps to get low to last hit 3. Dont poke when the opponents minion wave is much bigger than yours, because you will take a lot of aggro 4. Try to poke in and out of brushes so you gain the extra movement speed while avoiding minion aggro 5. Keep your distance especially for champs like darius/jax/riven/xin/renekton

Late game is basically the same as mid game. Your opponents underestimate your tankyness and your ability to poke. Because of this unique build, you can go quite tanky in team fights. This is why you can actually go frontline with your team and try to take out their adc. First, try to poke at their carries before confronting a team fight. Once they get poked down, team fights will be much easier to win. Nidalee excels at cleaning up champ because of her 2.5 second cooldown on her pounce and her ridiculous burst in cougar form when chasing someone down.

If you have questions AMA, add me on league: PickNidaleeGG (my old name was 1m4noob and Best LeéSin NA and PickNidaleeGG) [imgext=] [imgext=] This is my stream! Check it out! This guide literally took me 15 hours to do, and i am very tired so if please excuse the typos or anything that doesn't make sense. The match ups took around 6 hours. Please help by liking this guide because I took a lot of time to make this guide, Thank you!

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