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Arachne Gorgon in the Jungle [P5.14]

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Welcome to my guide on jungle Elise. She is one of the most versatile champions in the game and can be played in any team composition. You can build her as an assassin, bruiser or utility tank, it depends on your prefered playstyle or if you want to play a specific role that the team needs. With Season 5 and the new tank jungle meta we mostly see champions with heavy and/or multiple CC and have some form of hard engage. These changes to the jungle meta, and the nerfs to Elise her entire kite almost, have pushed her back and she's sadly been dethroned as thé go to Jungler from season 4 in favour of champions such as Gragas, Nunu and Sejuani in Season 5. With the 5.12 patch update Elise has been given a few changes in her kit that will make increase her sustain and provide more burst damage. After patch 5.14 Elise has been thrusted back into the top echelon of Junglers, her winrate skyrocketing from 44% tot 54% after some QoL changes to her kit. Elise has a very strong early game presence, warranted that you know how to play her and and what a jungler is all about. Her clear speeds is one of the best in the game and at level 3 you will have all of your skills at your disposal to disrupt a lane with almost FULL HP. Use her kit to your advantage to either force an early flash or secure first blood for your team. See my [i]\"Suggestions to make Elise more awesome\"[/i] section at the bottom of this guide for what would be nice for Elise. Enjoy the guide, leave a comment for feedback and don't forget to upvote! ------ Check out my Nidalee in the Jungle guide here: http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/131747 (+60k views)

As with any jungler you start off with Machete, 2 pots and a Trinket (warding totem or sweeping lens depending on your playstyle). As to my buildorder i always rush Stalkers Blade and Cinderhulk first, the first provides some utility in lane as you can damage and slow the enemy. Elise has amazing clear speeds, you dont need any other jungle item besides Stalkers Blade. The Cinderhulk entchantment is great on Elise, almost like the Spirit of the Ancient Golemn in Season 4 as it provides tankiness in combination with your high base damages.

We build Elise as a bruiser, rush Haunting Guise and Sorcerers Boots to get some decent damage in the early to mid game and itemize defensively after. This is your window of oppurtunity as you will have your core items to gank and disrupt lanes.

While Elise will fall off in the late stages of the game, you'll want to itemize defensively now. Become more of a utility based offtank, and your team will rely on you for hitting cocoons on the right target. If you're against a AP comp (or when the enemy midlaner is ahead) get [img=items/locket-of-the-iron-solari.png] Locket of the Iron Solari first, and versus a AD heavy comp (assassin mid, enemy ADC ahead) then go for [img=items/randuins-omen.png] Randuin's Omen.

In teamfights you'll want to focus and burst down the enemy AD Carry in the backline. Your team will rely on the cocoons that you'll be landing and follow up on that. Use your rappel to either get to your target or chase that champion down. Because Elise is a transform based champion she has no ultimate and lacks a AOE CC skill, she only has her Cocoon as a single target linear skillshot. Make sure you line those skill shots nicely and have your team follow up quickly when it lands on the right squishy target. Other then that you're main role will be bruiser and an off-tank.

Elise is still a great early game champion for Season 5 but is having a hard time in the current meta. The current champion pool is all about having some form of innate sustain, one or several AOE CC and/or hard Engage skill sets, like say a rejuvinated Gragas or Sejuani. With only her single target stun in Cocoon and having no ultimate she will eventually fall off in the mid to late game stages. Despite that she still is a good viable pick in the Jungle for season 5 and beyond. Just give her a chance and try to pick Elise in a team composition where others have the AOE CC and hard engages that the current meta is all about.

My suggestions for an improved Elise that will make her a top tier pick once more as she was in season 4 and will update her skillset for the current meta in Season 5 (post patch 5.5). Below the suggestions i've added the reason behind them: ------------------- - Add a debuff to her passive similar to Nidalee's [b]Hunt[/b], hitting champions or monsters with (Q)Neurotoxin and (E)Cocoon triggers a debuff where it reduces cooldown on skills (instantly refreshes transform R) and increases range on [b]Rappel[/b]. [i]Elise has a total of 6 skills available but in order to execute them all in rapid succession to be effective she needs high cooldown reduction. This buff will help her mid to late game presence[/i] - Add a per level scaling to her health percentage damage on her Q in both human and spider form, similar to Gragas his [b]Drunken Rage[/b] and Sejuani's [b]Flail of the Northern Wind[/b] [i]Currently sitting at a flat 8% at all levels, increase the amount gained per level to 8/9/10/11/12% of the target's maximum Health + 1% per 33AP[/i] - Increase area of effect on [b](W)Volatile Spiderling[/b]. Change it to a reactivation skill, similar to Gragas his [b]Barrel Roll[/b] or Lux's [b]Lucent Singularity[/b] and detonate it early. Theme synergy alert! it's a VENOM GORGED spiderling. Upon detonation poison is released in a cloud, causing enemies to take magic damage each second and be slowed by 25/30/35/40/45%. [i]This skill becomes utterly useless when you enter the mid to late stages of the game, does peanut damage and explodes after first target hit (wether it be a minion, monster or enemy champion). With similar properties to Grag's Barrel Roll it adds utility to the skill and more purpose in the later stages of the game).[/i] - Add magical damage to (E)Cocoon and/or increase the CC properties. After first hitting an enemy Champion the Cocoon stuns the target, expands in a cone and dealing further damage and adding slow. Undo nerf to the projectile width and make it broader again. [i]All the other champions in this game with linear skillshots with some form of CC have damage multipliers, also make it AOE based and have similar properties to Grave his ulti [b]Collateral Damage[/b] and Parallel Convergence by Ekko[/i] - Let [b](E)Rappel[/b] be cast on target allies and wards as well, similar to Lee Sin's [b]Safeguard[/b]. Currently only usable on enemy champions or wards and The Devil's (Teemo) mushrooms. [i]Identical mechanical properties to add mobility and an escape to her kit. How often did you rappel in a 1v3 or even worse situation with no target in the vicinity to rappel down to? This skill is telegraphed and has a long animation making it easy for the enemy to focus you down. How cool would it be if you were to outplay the opponent by placing a ward during Rappel and GTFO in style? That's right, just downright awesome.[/i] - Add increased resistances per level on spiderlings through [b](R)Spider Form[/b], gaining 5/10/15% of your extra Armor and Magic Resistance. [i]Buff them spiderlings, keep them viable mid to late game and not let them serve as cannon fodder but as strong and worthy pets.[/i]

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