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[INCOMPLETE - DO NOT READ] Top Lane Gragas - The Frozen Tank

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[center][b]Who am I?[/b][/center] Hello! - I'm Uniquenickfj. I'm a casual league of legends player with a love for gragas. The ability to zone and re-position the enemy team so easily is what really brought me towards Gragas. I main Mid Lane, but I am an avid support player in ranked, and spent my days as an ADC main before I hit level 30. I have over 300 Normals Wins, and I'd say half of them are with gragas. I also have smurf that I mess around with his different play styles and combos on, having tons of games played there as well. This being said, I have tons of experience with both the Bottom Lane in general, as well as Gragas in the Mid Lane. So don't think this guide is coming from out of nowhere, it's written from an actual Gragas Support player. [center][b]Who is Gragas?[/b][/center] Gragas is one of the best champions n the middle lane today, but he isn't seen anywhere else. He was originally started as a Top Laner, but moved to mid - and more recently, the jungle. RIOT has been nerfing / buffing him a bit recently, so he isn't seen as often out of the mid lane anymore - but he surprisingly works great in the bottom lane. He has the ability to zone the enemy carry away from his waves and towards you, he has an aggressive skill chain, tons of crowd control, and his ultimate is one of the most key skills out of all of the champions in league of legends. Plays will be made when playing gragas. This guide will talk about everything from Runes and Masteries, to skill combos, match ups, and even some key tips to know.

[center][b]Combining your Ultimate ([img=skills/gragas/r.png]) with your Barrel ([img=skills/gragas/q.png])[/b][/center] Hitting this properly isn't too difficult, but you are going to need to learn how to use your ultimate correctly. To do this, you are going to want your set your [img=skills/gragas/q.png] down at a location, use your [img=skills/gragas/r.png] to send the enemy(ies) towards the location of your [img=skills/gragas/q.png], and then activate your [img=skills/gragas/q.png]. This combines both of the skills damage for an ultimate health chunk and almost a confirmed kill. The only hard part about this is getting the person to land on top of your [img=skills/gragas/q.png]. With his new Q update in 4.5, you add an aditional slow to the enemy if they get hit by the barrel. This makes it 10x more of a confirmed kill if you hit this combo than in the past. [center][b]Using your Body Slam ([img=skills/gragas/e.png]) with your Barrel ([img=skills/gragas/q.png])[/b][/center] This combo has been reversed due to the changes in 4.5. Instead of Body Slamming ([img=skills/gragas/e.png]) into your Barrel ([img=skills/gragas/q.png]), you are now going to Barrel into your Body Slam. Once you hit your ([img=skills/gragas/q.png]) on an enemy, he will be slowed for a short time. During this time, you have to position yourself to either send the enemy into a close by wall or into your team, using your ([img=skills/gragas/e.png]). Do not forget this skill now has a knockback, try not to hit the enemy away, even though it's knock back is very small. [center][b]Using your Body Slam ([img=skills/gragas/e.png]) combined with your ([img=summoners/flash.png])[/b][/center] Currently, if you use your [img=skills/gragas/e.png], but [img=summoners/flash.png] right before the Body Slam is finished, you finish off the [img=skills/gragas/e.png] and knock back + stun wherever you flash to. This is a little confusing, but if you get the hang of it it's really efficient. Can be used if the player you are chasing is faster than you, or if you want to slam over a wall. Just be careful, as now with the 4.5 update - you are going to want to flash where you can knock them into a wall or your team.

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