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SEASON 6 - JaeYoong build (season 3) incarnated. DUELIST VAYNE

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Hi guys, my name is Shiezon. I'm a Vayne main since season 2, I saw it from the legendary DoubleLift and thus have been playing ADC since then. I peaked Diamond 1 in season 3 and i am currently sitting at Diamond 5. I'd like to share my thoughts on the new season changes and what Vayne benefits from it. My main champions are Vayne, Tristana and Caitlyn. Season 3 proof: [img=] Season 5: [img=] This build is focused on having high movementspeed with attackspeed, while having lifesteal and huge crits. You can melt tanks without having a last whisper. [b]Quotation by the man himself: [/b] [b]JaeYoong:[/b][i] \"Why do you always go attackspeed/movespeed build instead of sustainability/damage? or, why shiv + PD ? instead of PD + IE? Because, it's simple. Attack speed = Damage, Move speed = sustainability. Why attack speed = damage? Because, the more you hit, the more damage you deal. And why move speed = sustainability? Because, the faster you move, the easier you'll be able to dodge skillshots / cc's, which means you'll be in a fight LONGER, every second counts. that's why AD carries are called DPS (Damage per second), not BURST damage. So screw the damage calculation, every extra second you stay alive, regardless of your damage, you'd be able to deal more damage. Because so what if you have 500 damage and you die within 2 seconds in the teamfight because of a gap closer? My build is mainly to peel the enemy bruisers by myself and at the same time be able to react to skillshots/cc's more faster/easier\"[/i]

Try to farm as much as possible. If you are behind with 10-20 CS; it is still fine, you will outscale them. Don't fight till level 6, unless your jungler is with you. At level 6 you can make plays if you are ahead with items.

Every second that passes, you will be stronger than your enemy champion. You should split-push and get farm/towers. Don't get deep though, you will get killed and lose the advantage. With Death's Dance and Phantom Dancer you can 1v1 very well, you will most likely kill the enemy who comes to you to stop you split pushing. When the enemy sends two champions, your team can go to other objectives to turn it into a win-win situation.

You will be extremly strong when you have your 6 item build finished. You can shred tanks, but also 3 hit enemy carries. If enemy team consists of low-mobility, tanky top laners. You can try to stealth juke them and 3 hit their carries to win teamfights easier. I do not recommend this if you are not an experienced Vayne player- it may cause you to lose the game, by dieing too quickly. You should be able to kite their bruisers around with redbuff and tumble/stealth. When the enemy has an assasin you can use [img=items/mercurial-scimitar.png] to get out of heavy CC, [img=skills/zed/r.png], [img=summoners/ignite.png], [img=summoners/exhaust.png] etc. Remember: The longer you survive, the more DPS you do. Leave the bursts to your mage/assasin. Try to deal as much damage per second as you can by surviving. Don't risk killing the enemy carry when your team doesn't have any damage dealer's left.

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