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You found me beautiful, once..Toplane Cassio! [UPDATES COMING SOON]

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[center][img=][/center] Welcome to my Cassiopeia Toplane guide! My name is Lúmina and I'm going to teach you how to successfully dominate the toplane as Cassiopeia. [i][b]Why would you play Cassiopeia on toplane?[/b][/i] With her huge waveclear and poke tools Cassiopeia is a perfect counter to almost every bruiser in lane, since she can simply deny them farm and is able to wreck them in the laning phase. Addtionally she is pretty vulnerable to ganks since she lacks mobility, which makes the toplane a safer place for her then the midlane, simply because there are less spots you need to ward and keep an eye on to avoid getting caught. [i][b]\"Wtf why pick Cassio we need a tank!?\"[/b][/i] Yes, this is what people will tell you in Champselect. As long as you do not have a Fiddlesticks (or any equally squishy champion) in the jungle, Cassiopeia top is totally legit, since your build is not completely based on damage, but on utility, sustain and some tankyness. So just tell them to pick a more or less tanky jungler or at least a tanky support and your team will not have any problems lategame, since you will be able to tank some damage yourself. Dont try to argue in Champselect, just win your lane - and you will win your lane in almost every case - and your team will stop blaming you for the \"trollpick\". Cassiopeia in general is a highly underrated mage, since she can do pretty well in all phases of the game if she is played correctly. Having her ultimate available she can almost 1 v 1 everyone, either by simply bursting them down or kiting them do death. With a pickrate of about 1,36% she though belongs to the top 15 fewest played champions in the league. [center][img=][/center] I personally love playing non-meta champions, since this means as well, that your lane opponent won't be that experienced to lane against your champion than he would be against a standard pick. [center][vid=][/center] [i][center]Official League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Cassiopeia, including a jam session with Sona and Kog'Maw.[/center][/i] Though this guide mainly describes tactics to play Cassiopeia on the toplane, you can of course perform fine with her on the midlane as well with this build. I personally just think, that Cassiopeia has a better chance to get safely fed and farmed on the toplane while she can wreck most of the usually played bruisers. There is not a huge different in playing Cassio top to for example Ryze top, which is totally in the meta at the moment, as long as you are not running a completely squishy build, but rather put together a nice combination of items granting both defensive and offensive stats. In the following I will therefore only have a closer look on the tactics of toplane-Cassiopeia, but you can feel free to use the build, general tips etc. as well on the mid lane. In my match-up chapter you will also find some midlane match-ups, but generally my guide focuses on explaining toplane strategies. [i] [b]Why Cassio? - Pros & Cons[/b][/i] I guess this is one of the biggest questions at all: why would you play Cassiopeia? Often times, champions which are not in the current meta are considered weak and not viable. But in most cases, it is not in general about that champion, but how you play it and how you are able to use the champions potential. Cassiopeia is definetely a champion which is not easy to master and differs rather much from other mages, but that she isn't played often does definetely not mean that she is weak. [b]But what are her strengths?[/b] + amazing waveclear + heavy single target damage with E + nice AoE damage with Q, W and R + massive AoE CC with ult + huge chasing/kiting potential already due to her slow and speedbuff itself (with Rylai's even stronger) + high range poke + if played correctly, barely mana problems due to her passive + heavy lane bully [b]Weaknesses:[/b] - no direct escape tool: vulnerable to ganks and CC - ultimate heavily depends on luck and the reaction of the enemies, does not provide a safe stun - can hardly protect herself with ultimate on cooldown - really vulnerable to 100 - 0 bursters

[center][img=][/center] [center][i]Cassiopeia's basic statistics at Level 0[/i][/center] [b][i]1. Health[/i][/b] With 455 at Level 1 Cassiopeia belongs to the champions having the least base health in the League, which forces you to play really careful early on. This means not only dodging the enemy champion's poke, but also to always have an eye on the minion aggression. Even though they look so small and innocent: MINIONS HURT, especially in the early stages of the game. With her low base health, starting the game with a Doran's Ring is in most cases the best choice for Cassiopeia, to provide her at least some more tankyness in the first minutes of the game. Cassiopeia's health though gets even weaker into the lategame, since its scaling is actually almost non-existing. This is what totally justifies buying almost only the rather tanky AP items, since otherwise you would end up being totally squishy and a freekill for every burst-champion. [center]_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [/center][b][i]2. Health regeneration[/i][/b] The health regeneration is basically a self-healing effect triggering every 0,5 seconds, though its amount is indicated as regeneration per 5 seconds. As well as her health itself, Cassiopeia's regeneration is rather weak with 5.35 per 5 seconds at Level 1. Reaching 13.85 health per 5 seconds at level 18, Cassiopeia belongs to the very bottom of all champions, which makes it really important to buy Will of the Ancients to be able to cope with this weakness in the lategame. [center]_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [/center][b][i]3. Mana[/i][/b] Mana is the resource Cassiopeia uses to cast her abilities. With a base mana of 300 at level 1 Cassio belongs in this category to the top of the League and will not diminish in the lategame, reaching a peak of 1150 mana at level 18. With the necessity to constantly cast spells on Cassiopeia, running a Tear is simply the best choice to secure her an almost never low mana-bar. [center]_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [/center][b][i]4. Mana regeneration[/i][/b] Starting with 7.85 mana per 5 seconds on level 1, Cassiopeia already belongs to the top 5 champions, scaling even heavier into the lategame reaching 20.6 per 5 on level 18, which secured her the top spot until Jinx was released. Heaving a high amount of mana regeneration allows you to spam your abilities in every stage of the game, because even in the early game your mana will quickly regenerate and you can allow yourself to get rather low on mana. [center]_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [i][b]5. Attack Damage[/b][/i] With 50.2 AD on level 1 without runes and masteries Cassiopeia owns more basic autoattack damage than some AD Carries, but considering the fact that you will not build any AD at all this is simply nothing. In the first minutes lasthitting will be rather hard with this low amount of damage (+ the fact that her autohit animation is quite slow) but once your spells deal some damage you will be fine. Playing Cassio, you will barely autoattack at all, therefore nobody really cares about your attack damage. [center]_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [b][i]6. Attack Speed[/i][/b] Cassiopeia's attack speed is in all phases of the game around the average, though this will be even less important than your AD scaling. As Cassio you basically only need Attack damage and speed to push turrets, but with your massive waveclear you'll be able to create a huge minion wave which will do most of the job to destroy the turret. [center]_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [b][i]7. Armor[/i][/b] Though Cassiopeia is pretty squishy in the early game starting with 19,5 armor at level 1, this stat scales nicely into the lategame which provides Cassio 87,5 armor at level 18 without considering any items increasing your armor, which is over the average. Since my most important base resistance is therefore scaling very well, I prefer building flat health instead of more resistances on Cassio, also having in mind, that there are a very few items granting armor which would be viable at all on Cassiopeia. [center]_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [b][i]8. Magic resistance[/i][/b] Having 30 magic resistance at level 1 is the usual amount for most mages in the game. Because magic resistance does not scale per level, you need to consider building an item with magic resistance in almost every game. Though my usual complete does not contain one, simply because I feel in most cases tanky enough with this huge amount of flat health and the spellvamp, I mentioned some possibilites in the situational item section above. [center]_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [b][i]9. Movement speed[/i][/b] With 335 movement speed Cassiopeia belongs again into the averago of the ranged mages. Since her movement speed is something really important, not only due to her lack of mobility, but also to be able to kite really successful, I am running the Fleet of Foot masteries and usually buy boots really early.

Playing a mage using mana you will have to consider getting an item to solve your mana problems in almost every game. But there are not many options, basically 3: the Morellonomicon, Athene's Unholy Grail and the Archangel's Staff/Seraph's Embrace. I personally would never ever run a Morellonomicon on Cassio, simply because I've got the feeling that the passive itself is rather weak and you can get the same heal reduce with ignite and moreover Cassiopeia does not really profit from Cooldown Reduction, because Q and E do almost have a not existing base cooldown and it therefore would only buff your W and ultimate. Since I am already running CdR masteries though and get Will of the Ancients I am already at 15% and running Morello's as well would grant me almost the maximum of cooldown reduction (and nothing else really useful besides some manareg) which would definetely be a waste on Cassiopeia. So basically, we have the choice between the two big manareg items in the game: [center][img=items/seraphs-embrace.png][b] vs.[/b] [img=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png][/center] I've got the feeling 95% of the Cassiopeia players I have met were building Athene's, but I simply do not agree with this choice, especially not after the nerf of this item. Cassiopeia's passive is basically crying out for building a Tear of The Goddess. Why? Because it lets you stack up mana by using spells and to use your passive effectively, you want to cast a spell at least once every five seconds to lower your manacosts (wherefore you do not need the heavy manaregeneration from the Grail). Summed up, you are probably the champion in the game which can stack up his Tear easiest, without going out of mana early on. Your passive and your Tear therefore kind of solve your manaproblems instantly and forever. But the clue is: in the end, it gives you ability power depending on a percentage of maximum mana you own PLUS the same amount of base ability power as the Grail. With the magic resistance on the Grail being nerfed heavily, you would have to get another item buffing this value anyways in the lategame, if you face an AP combo in the enemy team. If you are facing an AD Bruiser on the toplane, you will not need this early magic resistance at all though. Last but not least, the huge amount of cooldown reduction again eliminates this item choice for me, simply because I do barely profit from the values on this item at all. It gives me more manareg then I need, an amount of MR I mostly do not need early game anyways and which is that low that it barely matter and again more CdR I kind of do not need all. [b][i]In conclusion, the Tear build gives me everything I want:[/i][/b] - a passive I do stack up quickly and without any effort because I spam abilities anyways - a higher amount of Ability Power (once I upgraded it into the Archangel's Staff of course) - once transformed to Seraph's an active which gives you some defense and matters more than 25 flat MR

Shortly summed up, what are my goals for the early game? [b] - lasthit as many creeps as possible - punish your enemy every time he steps forward to get a lasthit, harass and zone him as hard as possible - use your trinket every time you have it to keep safe and buy wards - maybe even get an early kill if your enemy is not careful enough and underestimates your damage[/b] [i][b]The first minutes of the game: [/b][/i] In almost every matchup you want to start pushing once the first minion wave reaches your lane. You can start spamming Q into the mage minions at Level 1, since you might even already have the chance to slightly harass your enemy. Lasthitting on Level 1 with Cassiopeia is not easy though, due to your rather slow autohit animation (+the fact that you have 50 Attack Damage) and the rather unreliable DoT of your poison. You should not try to lasthit with Noxious Blast, this is really hard at Level 1, because it does not even deal any real damage. Just use it to push and try to CS as good as possible with autoattacks. Once you have reached Level 2 and got a skillpoint in E, you can already use your Twin Fangs for lasthitting poisoned targets, but mind that you will go out of mana pretty quickly that early on in the game, especially if you do not use your passive correctly. To profit from Deadly Cadence, just use it as explained in the skill section above by keeping it completely stacked all the time. Nevertheless, depending on the enemy jungler, he will probably try to gank the toplane ~3.20min, so place your trinket around the 3 minute mark to avoid getting unnecessarily caught. Keep farming and push out the lane, so you can backport with abound 850 gold in your pockets without losing much experience and creeps. [b][center]Buy: [/center][/b] [center][img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] + [img=items/sight-ward.png] + [img=items/health-potion.png] + [img=items/health-potion.png][/center] If you want, you can also pick up a pink ward instead of a normal one. While running back on your lane, cast Q to start stacking your tear. Keeping your passive constantly stacked allows you to do this without losing much mana. [b][i]Back on the lane:[/i][/b] The most important thing playing Cassiopeia on toplane is proper warding. You do not really have an escape tool and you are not really fast, so you simply do not want to get ganked succesfully by the enemy team. You need to see the enemy jungler/midlaner coming pretty early to be able to escape, so make sure to place a ward rather at the blue team jungle entrance than simply in the riverbush next to your lane. Always make sure to ward the purple side tribush, no matter on which side you are playing. If you push to the enemy turret, it will always secure your back. Having a pinkward in the small river bush near baron constantly grants you vison there. If your midlaner or jungler does not place it, just do it yourself! [center][img=][/center] [center][i]Early Game warding spots[/i][/center] With the tear in your pocket, you can start harrassing and spellfarming effectively. Always try to keep your passive at 5 stacks, to lower your overall manacost heavily. The main goal of the early game is zoning your opponent, denying him to farm and try to lasthit as good as possible yourself. [b][i]Safe farming as Cassiopeia:[/i][/b] [i]Lasthitting with Cassio is especially early on pretty hard, since your autoattacks deal almost no damage and your poison DoT ticks are not reliable. But here I got an easy strategy to improve your farming:[/i] [b]If you want to push,[/b] you can put a W in the whole wave and afterwards put a Q in the mage minions. Since your own minions will focus the melee minions in front of them, you can safely lasthit the mage minions with autoattacks or E, which you can use on every minion because you poisoned them before. Then you lasthit the melee minions which should still be poisoned from your W and get attacked by your own minions. To secure every single one, I mostly lasthit them all with E, because the animation is way faster than your autoattack's and even early on it will deal slightly more damage, so you shouldn't lose creeps. [b]If you do not want to push,[/b] it is a bit harder to lasthit properly since you will not get the E reset. You gotta try to lasthit as good as possible with autoattacks and use your E to secure those minions you are about to miss simply because your attackspeed and the animation are not fast enough. [b][i]Your poke combo to deny farm though is pretty easy:[/i][/b] On toplane you will mostly get matched with melee opponents, this is one of the reasons why Cassiopeia on toplane is so strong. If they want to lasthit, they will get into your range. Your job is simply to spam your Q and if you hit it on the enemy you can easily get in range for your E with the speedboost. Since the E cooldown is reduced to 0,5 seconds if you use it on a poisoned target, you will be able to cast it at least twice before your opponent can get out of range. Moreover you can just cast your W into the minionwave now and then to push the lane and force your enemy to either lose creeps or get poisoned and massively damaged by your E. Due to your passive you can just continue this until you can safely kill your enemy with R > W > Q > E. [b][center]Basic poke:[/center][/b] [center][img=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] and [img=skills/cassiopeia/w.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png][/center] [b][center]Kill:[/center][/b] [center][img=skills/cassiopeia/r.png] >[img=skills/cassiopeia/w.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png][/center] Try to have your passive stacked before you cast Petrifying Gaze to lower its high manacost significantly. With your range of 850 on Q and W you outrange the enemy turret, so you can even keep harassing your opponent while he is standing next to his turret. Just dont greed on giving him an E if you hit him, since the poison DoT ticking will instantly put the tower aggression on you if you go in its range. [center][img=][/center] [center][i]Actually the turret has a range of 775 and your Q/W 850, though it looks pretty similar.[/i][/center] Mind, that the range of your ultimate is equal to your Q and W, so you can even kill your enemy with ultimate once he steps a few steps forward from his turret, without tanking the tower damage yourself, if you just wait for the right moment. [center][img=][/center] [center][i]Cassiopeia's ultimate range[/i][/center] [i][b]Getting ganked:[/b][/i] If you see the enemy jungler running through one of your wards, try to get to your own turret as fast as possible. You have no gapcloser, but many junglers do, this is why you need the ward deep on the river. Try to slow at least one of your enemies with W to get away, use your flash if it is necessary. If you can escape the gank safely the enemy jungler either backs off or they greed on the kill and try to dive. If you are not able to escape the enemy jungler soon enough, cast your ultimate behind you while running away and make sure both targets get stunned. If you didn't use it before, cast your W on them to get some damage out and to slow them after the stun ended and hit your Q to one of them to get the speedboost and just leave the danger zone quickly. [center][img=skills/cassiopeia/w.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/r.png][/center] [i][center]Basic escape combo: slow the enemy, speedboost yourself and run! If you are too slow, get rid of them with Petrifying Gaze.[/center][/i] Towerdives are where Cassiopeia shines: use your ultimate to stun both targets once they reached your turret range, if possible make sure that one of them already tanks the turret. If this is the case, just burst down the enemy with turret aggression with everything you have. If you stunned them before they damaged you and none of them is tanking the turret, just decide which target is easier to kill and do the same. This quickly turns the dive in your favor and in almost every situation from a 2 v 1 into a 1 v 1. Even if you should die, it would be worth since you finished of at least one of them as well. Getting dived, you can choose between two basic combos, depending on the situation: [center][img=skills/cassiopeia/r.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/w.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png][/center] [center][i]Directly ult the enemies in your turret range (try to stun them!) and perform your combo. Do not panic and ult too early, otherwise they might just turn around and even dodge the stun and get safely out of the turret range![/i][/center] [center] [img=skills/cassiopeia/w.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/r.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] > [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png][/center] [i][center]Put your W right in front of you first to slow them already down before you cast your ultimate. Do not try this if the enemies can just stun and burst you, because you won't have the time for the Miasma then.[/center][/i]

The central goal of the midgame is pretty easy summed up: get your team in the lead. But how? [b]- farm up yourself and keep denying farm from your opponent - push the enemy turrets - roam around: secure objectives, catch bad positioned enemies and kill them, help and push other lanes - if you feel strong enough to win: provoke teamfights![/b] In the following I will have a closer look on how to implement those strategies successful. [i][b]1. Sucessful pushing: [/b][/i] After you destroyed the enemy outer turret and decide on a further push, you are going deep into the enemy territory. Especially if the other outer turrets are still up, this will make you the #1 priority target of the enemy team. To be able to continue your push safely, you have to place some wards in the jungle. [center][img=][/center] [i][center]Purple and blue team warding spots for the mid game.[/center][/i] Make sure to always keep this small river bush pinkwarded! It can simply save your ass, since it provides you permanent vision on a pretty important spot, since the purple team jungle entrance and the baron entrance from the midlane are covered. Having these places covered, you will see any incoming roamer early enough to run away - or even prepare a trap. If you feel strong enough just counter the gank with trapping in a bush and executing the enemy before he even has the chance to harm you with R and your combo. Always have an eye on your lane opponent and make sure to leave the danger zone quickly in case you are low HP. The pushing itself is quite easy. Just continue spellfarming: poison the wave with W and Q and lasthit with autohits and Es. If your minionwave reached the enemy turret, you can stay and get some hits down on the turret yourself or quickly do the golems or whight camp to get the maximum money (depends on which side you are playing). With Cassiopeia you are pretty early able to clear jungle camps without tanking much damage, so you do not have to waste pots. [i] [b]2. Helping out other lanes:[/b][/i] If you feel like you can't achieve much more on your lane and already pushed down the top turret, you can start roaming as well to help your other - maybe not that strong - lanes. The easiest thing you can do is simply push your own lane and then head down to midlane and set up a gank. Make sure to have vision in the enemy jungle to not run into the arms of the jungler (or even more people). Try to gank midlane from behind the enemy and slow the target as fast as possible down. If you face a midlaner with a huge escape kit, do not try to chase him and simply push his turret. If the enemy just tries to run away and you feel like having a chance to get him down without getting caught yourself, secure the kill and then push the lane. ALWAYS rather take the objective and grant some teamgold instead of chasing people you can't get anyways (e.g. a Nidalee who simply jumps away and spears you down if you continue to follow). If you push down the midlane outer turret, you open up the map for your team and create better chances to control buffs, vision and set up ganks. [center][img=][/center] [center][i][b]Ganking the midlane as purple team[/b] 1 - Push out the toplane 2 - Head from the jungle to the midlane, gank the enemy from behind, try to hit your ultimate when he wants to run to the safety of his turret Place helpful wards at the blue points, check the redbuff marked with the green point[/i][/center] If you can not really help your midlaner on his lane, you can also directly head to the botlane. The bottom lane is in most cases warded, since the support will have finished his sightstone at this point. The best chance you have is doing a lanegank. Tell your bottom lane to push so you can sneak into the lanebush (make sure it is not warded, ask your support to clear it with his sweeping lense before!). Once you are in the bush, wait for the enemy lane to push back. If you see the right moment, use it to directly ult both enemies and afterwards burst them down with the help of your team! Even if you do not land the stun, you will probably be able to kill at least one of them and afterwards push the lane or get the dragon. [i][b]3. Controlling the map[/b][/i] The toplaner is most times the one in the team who is barely involved in the overall teamplay during the early and midgame. This is the point where you really have to beat your lane opponent if he already lost his lane to you. Do not only keep putting pressure on him, but put pressure on the whole enemy team. Be there, where your team needs you! Get a feeling for where you are most useful. For this, you need to help your team getting some overall mapcontrol. Your team has the spawntimer for the dragon? Nice. USE IT! Having a dragon timer does not only mean that you know when it spawns, it gives you the possibility to prepare for it. You are hanging on toplane and can not really push further, when drake spawns in one minute? Port back (or if it is save, just go through the jungle) and help your team to get a safe drake without any losses. If the enemy toplaner pushes and you already see that you will not reach your outer turret before it falls, call to group mid or bottom for a team push. Just try to get as many profit for your team as possible, by helping them collecting teamgold, invading buffs and placing wards! Just try to get as many profit for your team as possible, by helping them collecting teamgold, invading buffs and placing wards!

[b][center]If your team is AHEAD..[/center][/b] .. do not waste time and use your lead. Every minute you waste acchieving nothing, you give the enemy team a bigger chance to comeback. There is no reason in hanging on your lane farming until minute 40, when you are ahead. You want to WIN the game, so you have to FINISH it. So if your team is indecisive what to do, be confident and make a call to group up to push and force objectives. But what can we do? [b][i]1. Pushing the midlane[/i][/b] This is always the easiest thing your team can do. Destroying the enemy midlane turrets gives your team huge possibilities all around the map, since it opens the enemy jungle for you. If you push the midlane, all the enemy team can do is to defend or maybe to send someone splitpushing. They are not able to take away the dragon or even baron from you, which could happen if your team groups at top or bottom lane too early. So your first goal is basically, to destroy the midlane inner turret. It forces the enemy team back into their base and changes even their own jungle to a dangerous territory for themselves. Once you took down the inner turret, your team can decide on keep pressuring on the inhibitor turret or to rotate back. If you see the minions on one of your sidelanes pushing, join them and take another turret. Once you were back to base and bought items, you can consider to just group mid again and take down the inhibitor, which gives you almost endless possibilities, since the enemy team is forced to constantly defend their nexus turrets from incoming superminions. [b][i]2. Leave back a swath of destruction[/i][/b] Backing of from the midlane, you should not simply run some metres and start backporting. Even if you can not rotate top or bottom to keep pushing, your team can spread and clear the enemy jungle. As Cassiopeia you are able to do every jungle camp within seconds, so just grab the wraiths or wolves, or even a buff before you go back to base and to not present them for free to the enemy team. [b][i]3. The dragon[/i][/b] The dragon as well belongs to the things your team can quickly clear while backing off or already coming back from base. In Late Game the dragon will not take much time to kill and from the dragonpit your team can even directly rotate to bottom lane to continue the push. Killing the dragon is generally as much worth as 1 or 2 champion kills, so even if your team is almost on full items, do not give this money to the enemy team for free. Summed up, this are two examples for a route to effectively siege as purple team: [center][img=][/center] [i][center]1 - Push the midlane 2 - Back off and take the dragon 3 - Rotate to bottom lane and continue to siege (The green points mark the jungle camps you can clear while rotating)[/center][/i] [center][img=][/center] [center][i]1 - Push the midlane 2 - Rotate to top or bottom, clear the jungle and continue to push[/i][/center] [b][center]If your team is BEHIND..[/center][/b] [b][i]1. The enemy team groups and pushes:[/i][/b] If they start grouping, you've got to make the best out of it. As Cassiopeia you are a great waveclearer, so your job will be to simply stand behind your turret and clear the incoming minion waves as fast as possible, to avoid damage onto your tower. Just cast your Miasma in the middle of the wave, and start spamming Q and E until the minions are dead. While the enemy team will not be able to acchieve really much, you should send someone splitpushing on the sidelanes. If your turret gets really low: back off and let it fall, avoid a 4 vs 5 situation. If they try to dive, position yourself safely, hit a great ultimate and force them back as good as possible without dying yourself. If they back off to catch your splitpusher, the first thing you should do is directly warning him. Afterwards try to safely interrupt the enemy backports to give him some time, then go for a slight counterpush yourself and make sure to place some wards, especially at Baron, as long as the enemy team is in base. [i][b]2. The enemy team keeps farming and does not siege:[/b][/i] Farm up as well, always play safe and prepare the comeback! Make sure to have vision and try to collect as much gold as possible. If you see the opportunity, try to catch unprotected enemies. Furthermore your team can still contest for example the dragon, if the enemy team is splitted up. Wait for them to do mistakes and get back into the game! With not directly finishing the game, they give you the possibility to reach your complete itembuild as well. And I can tell you - a farmed lategame Cassiopeia is a beast and with some experience you will definetely be able to turnaround games!

[center][b]Before the fight starts:[/b][/center] Poking time! Just try to spam your poison from a safe position into the enemy team. If someone comes to close, nuke him down with your Twin Fangs! The enemy team will be forced to engage if they to not want to get poked down to 500 HP, so always try to stand as far behind as possible. With your Rylai's finished, you can try to go some steps forward, hit your Q and rush back into the safety zone really quickly. Do not greed. You do not necessarily go into your E range before the fight even started, this will just put you into a risky position. Once the enemy team engages or your team fights a good moment to do so, you will have enough time to use your machine gun. [b][center]During the fight:[/center][/b] [i][b]1. The focus:[/b][/i] It is always the easiest way to focus the target which is standing right in front of you - but this will in most cases be the tank(s). With Cassiopeia's overall very high range though you will probably be the one who can most easily burst down the enemy carries. If possible, just stay in the backline and poke until your team engages. Then it is your turn: Hit your Q on the nearest enemy to get the speedbuff and rush forward. Poison the carries who threaten your team, put out your machine gun and simply wreck them with spamming E. Even if you can not rush them down to 0 HP - you WILL force them out of the fight and grant your team the win. But wait, won't they focus me and just burst me down if I try to takedown their carries? [i][b] -> 2. Save your ultimate for the right moment![/b][/i] Finding the right moment for your Petrifying Gaze is not easy and needs a lot of practice. If your team engages, you do not want to use it instantly. Wait for the counterengage! Once you try to kill the enemy carries, they will start focusing you. But this does not mean, that you have to die. DO NOT RUN AWAY if they start hitting you, since this is exactly what you want to hit a great ultimate. If you stand in the backline at the beginning of the fight, they might already waste their ultimate abilities and crowd control on your team's frontline before they even have the chance to reach you. So they will probably not be able to completely oneshot and delete you. So once they switch your focus on you, wait for the moment you feel like you can stun as many targets as possible and cast your ultimate. If they want to attack you, they are turned towards you, so they either get stunned or have to turn around and get slowed heavily, which gives your team a huge advantage. [i][b] 3. Spread your poison! [/b][/i] It is really important to spread your poison across the whole enemy team, not only to make the DoT trigger constantly and put out some damage, but also to make sure you do not accidently cast your E on a un-poisoned target, since this would be a huge loss of damage. If you see the enemy team standing grouped up during the fight, just throw your W right in the middle. You can use W as well though to slow down your focused targets in the backline, but once you have finished your Rylai's your Q is already a slight slow as well (+ the speedbuff to yourself) and your E as a single target spell will slow the target with the maximum Rylai's slow of 35%, which equals the base slow of your W having it maximised. [i][b] 4. Never ever fail your E![/b][/i] That means: never use it on a target, that is not poisoned. The Twin Fangs are Cassiopeia's bread and butter. It can lose the whole fight, because you will lose your main damage source for 5 seconds, since the full cooldown timer will run down then. It forces you to stop spamming it, all you can do then is spam Q and autohit, which will be totally ineffective. Summed up you are basically almost useless for 5 seconds if you once do a mistake. Therefore it is almost important to have an overview in teamfights. Make sure your target is poisoned, and when you switch targets, do not randomly start with E but throw your Q before. Even though the target might have been poisoned before from standing in your W, do this for your own safety. [center] [img=][/center] [i][center]The symbol above Ryze's head shows us that he got poisoned.[/center][/i] [center][b]After the fight:[/b][/center] [b][i]Making a choice:[/i][/b] If you won the fight, check the deathtimers of the enemy team and do a call. Do not let your team randomly start backporting. Either you push, or you go for Baron Nashor, or even both. It is always more worth, to take an inhibitor than to kill baron! Why? Because it forces the enemy team to constantly defend one lane, if they do not, they will lose a Nexus Turret. So if you let your superminions push, you will in most cases get an almost free baron after some more minutes anyways. Furthermore, the goal of the game is once again not to kill the Baron, but to destroy the Nexus. In short: if you have a minionwave by your side and feel like you can (almost) get an inhibitor, always push instead of rushing to the baron pit. Even if you just destroy the inhibitor turret, you will probably be able to take the inhibitor itself some minutes later, by just grouping again and forcing it down. If the enemy death timers are quite low, your minion wave is miles away or the strongest waveclearer of the enemy team is still alive, you can try to push as far as you can or directly rotate to baron. After doing baron, your team should back off, since in most cases you will all be rather low from the fight and the baron attacks. Buy items, group up again and use your baron buff to finish the game as fast as possible. [i][b]Do not give up![/b][/i] If you lose one fight, you do not directly have to surrender the complete game. Maybe they will get baron, maybe they will take your inhibitor, but that does not mean, that the game is already lost. If they got baron, just avoid another teamfight as long as the buff is running. You can try to pick-up enemies alone in your jungle, but always keep it warded and look for traps. If the inhibitor is down and they did not directly do baron, someone should place a ward at the baron pit. Your job will be - as long as the enemy team does not do baron - to clear the incoming superminions. If they start fighting Baron Nashor, your team should be able to go for a fight, as long as you are not too late anyways. If the baron is at 2000 HP when you reach the river, it will be too late to take it, so just back off. If you are early enough, it's your turn: try to spray your poison into the baron pit. Do not get caught! Try to get out as much damage as possible, to force them to either back off or grant your team a rather easy fight!

In general, Cassiopeia works pretty well together with almost every champion, that can either peel for her or holds the enemies away by tanking their damage themselves. Moreover she profits heavily from having CC in her team, since it does not only make it easier for her to coordinate her ultimate, but additionally the enemy team suffers badly from her poison if they get stunned, snared,.. whatever in it. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/amumu.png] [b]+[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [b][center]Amumu and Cassiopeia[/center][/b] [b][i]~ Abilities:[/i][/b] [img=skills/amumu/p.png][img=skills/amumu/q.png][img=skills/amumu/w.png][img=skills/amumu/e.png][img=skills/amumu/r.png] [b][i]~ Ganks:[/i][/b] If Amumu ganks and hits his Q, you have nice chances to burst down your enemy, since the bandage stuns him for one second. Use Q and W to slow him and boost yourself and start spamming E. Try to hit your Q when it is off cooldown again to stay close. Since Amumu is a jungler that is naturally building tanky, you can consider diving the enemy if you got him very low, by just letting Amumu tank the turret. In the moment you finished your Rylai's, a gank should be a freekill due to your massive E slow, as long as your opponent does not have a huge gapcloser. [i][b]~ Teamfights: [/b][/i] Amumu himself is a champion that got tons of teamfighting potential with his ultimate. If he lands a nice one, you as Cassiopeia just try to hit as many targets with your poison and start bursting down the carries with E, while you are not even in danger yourself as long as his ultimate is channeling. Look for a good spot to hit your ultimate to lock the enemy team even longer and just wreck their carries. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/ashe.png] [b]+[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [center][b]Ashe and Cassiopeia[/b][/center] [b][i]~ Abilities: [/i][/b][img=skills/ashe/p.png][img=skills/ashe/q.png][img=skills/ashe/w.png][img=skills/ashe/e.png][img=skills/ashe/r.png] [i][b]~ Chasing and kiting:[/b][/i] The main weakness of both of this champions is their lack of mobility, but both of them are beasts in matter of kiting and chasing. All you gotta do, is what you normally do as well, if you get chased: slow the enemy, speedboost yourself. Together with the slow and damage from Ashe's volley and her Q, you will easily be able to escape or even turn around and burst the enemies, if your ultimates are available. If you yourself are chasing someone, the enemy will not be able to escape, if he got slowed once, since you will just chase him down with your massive slows. [i][b]~ Teamfights:[/b][/i] In teamfights the most important thing is, that you and Ashe have a good positioning and both his a nice ultimate. Burst the enemies down with your ultimate combo and in most cases nobody will be able to escape your slows and your poison. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/elise.png] [b]+[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [center][b]Elise and Cassiopeia[/b][/center] [b][i]~ Abilities:[/i][/b] [img=skills/elise/p.png][img=skills/elise/q.png][img=skills/elise/w.png][img=skills/elise/e.png][img=skills/elise/r.png] [b][i]~ Ganks:[/i][/b] If Elise lands her cocoon while ganking, the enemy should be a safe kill. With her burst and your poison and Twin Fangs you should easily be able to get down almost every one pretty quickly, or at least force his flash and him out of the lane. [b][i]~ Pick-ups:[/i][/b] The strength of this combo is the possibility to easily pick up enemies and kill them before they have a chance to escape. Just try to catch your opponents: if she lands her cocoon, just do your basic combo, slow with W, speed with Q, burst with E. Get fed and create a 5 v 4 situation for a maybe upcoming teamfight! [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/janna.png] [b]+[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [center][b]Janna and Cassiopeia[/b][/center] [i][b]~ Abilities: [/b][/i][img=skills/janna/p.png][img=skills/janna/q.png][img=skills/janna/w.png][img=skills/janna/e.png][img=skills/janna/r.png] [i][b]~ Chasing and kiting:[/b][/i] With Janna's slow and knock-up she can easily help Cassiopeia while chasing or kiting enemies successfully with that huge amount of Crowd Control. Meanwhile Janna's passive grants both a slight movement speef buff which all together helps Cassiopeia to cope with her low mobility. [b][i]~ Teamfights: [/i][/b] What Cassiopeia needs in a teamfight is a good positioning and protection. Due to her spellkit Janna is one of the best peelers in the game, since she can slow, knock-up and knock-back enemies from you while even additionally protecting you with a shield. Therefore Cassiopeia has a better chance to survive in a teamfight and spray out her poison through the enemy to take them down with her Twin Fangs while Janna peels everyone away who tries to stop her. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/jarvaniv.png] [b]+[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [b][center]Jarvan IV and Cassiopeia[/center][/b] [b][i]~ Abilities:[/i][/b] [img=skills/jarvaniv/p.png][img=skills/jarvaniv/q.png][img=skills/jarvaniv/w.png][img=skills/jarvaniv/e.png][img=skills/jarvaniv/r.png] [b][i]~ Ganks:[/i][/b] Since Jarvan does only have a knock up and slow and no stun, it will be rather hard to catch your opponent and almost impossible if he has a gap closer. But as soon as he ganks with ultimate, you should be able to take down your enemy or force his flash to escape from the Jarvan ultimate. [b] [i]~ Teamfights:[/i][/b] Jarvan is part of the most classic AoE combos, since his ultimate basically creates an arena in which he locks the enemies with himself. This gives you as Cassiopeia the chance to let your poison DoT trigger and trigger, since the enemy can't get out if they are caught in the Jarvan ultimate. Just do the same like with Amumu, but always mind, that the opponents can still attack you! Try to stun as many people with Petrifying Gaze as possible and the fight should be won. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/leona.png][b] +[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [center][b]Leona and Cassiopeia[/b][/center] [b][i]~ Abilities:[/i][/b] [img=skills/leona/p.png][img=skills/leona/q.png][img=skills/leona/w.png][img=skills/leona/e.png][img=skills/leona/r.png] [b][i]~ Pick-ups:[/i][/b] With Leona's CC focused spellkit you two can easily go on the hunt for enemies as long as you have enough vision, since you both lack an escape tool. If you catch up an enemy alone, it should be a safe kill, not only because he can not escape your slows and stuns but also because the nice damage buff Leona's passive gives you in addition to your usual damage. [b][i]~ Teamfights: [/i][/b] In teamfights the amazing stun-and-slow-combo of those both can shine. Once Leona hits your ultimate, the enemies are caught and in the poison you spray out on the fighting area. Either you throw your ultimate directly on hers for the safe AoE damage and hope to apply another stun to some of them, or you wait a few seconds for the enemies to pull themselves together and counterengage and directly let them run in the next stun-trap with your ult. If you realise the enemies are already on low HP shortly after the Leona ult hit, you should choose to cast Petryfying Gaze directly to finish them off, because otherwise you would probably risk to let them escape. Only save your ult, if the enemy team is still not that low and will probably turn around and counterengage. During a teamfight, once again Leona's passive will slightly boost your whole teams damage. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/missfortune.png] [b]+[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [center][b]Miss Fortune and Cassiopeia[/b][/center] [i][b]~ Abilities:[/b][/i][img=skills/missfortune/p.png][img=skills/missfortune/q.png][img=skills/missfortune/w.png][img=skills/missfortune/e.png][img=skills/missfortune/r.png] [i][b]~ Teamfights: [/b][/i] The teamfighting combo of those girls is incredible. With their AoE slows they can impair the enemies' mobility heavily and prepare themselves for a nice ultimate combo. With a nice Cassiopeia ult and the MF ultimate directly placed on the stunned targets, basically every team fight should be won easily. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/morgana.png] [b]+[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [b][center]Morgana and Cassiopeia[/center][/b] [b][i]~ Abilities:[/i][/b][img=skills/morgana/p.png][img=skills/morgana/q.png][img=skills/morgana/w.png][img=skills/morgana/e.png][img=skills/morgana/r.png] [b][i]~ Pick-ups:[/i][/b] With the incredibly long duration and range of Morgana's binding, she is one of the best pick-up champions in the game. Once she hits her snare you can easily take down the target without using your ultimate. If you are closer to the target, you can place your Miasma to slow it and give Morgana a better chance to land her cage. In case the enemy has any counter CC he can throw to keep you away from him, Morgana's black shield can protect you pretty well. [b][i]~ Teamfights:[/i][/b] With her nice CC from her ultimate and Q Morgana is not only nice for catching people but also a fine teamfighter. If she can finish channeling her ult she stuns multiple targets which lets them become easy prey for your hungry Twin Fangs. Furthermore, she can also protect you with her spellshield and also use her binding and ultimate to peel for you and protect you in the backline. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/nami.png] [b]+[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [center][b]Nami and Cassiopeia[/b][/center] [i][b]~ Abilities:[/b][/i] [img=skills/nami/p.png][img=skills/nami/q.png][img=skills/nami/w.png][img=skills/nami/e.png][img=skills/nami/r.png] [i][b]~ Chasing and kiting:[/b][/i] Nami is a great partner in a chasing or kiting mission. With her W she can not only heal you, but also speed you up due to her passive. She can use her E herself to slow the target down with her autoattacks while you spam your abilities. The slows will make it easier to hit her bubble and give you the opportunity to secure the kill. If necessary, her ultimate provides you an incredibly high ranged knock-up and slow. [i][b]~ Pick-ups:[/b][/i] Though her bubble is not that easy to hit, it is an amazing pick-up tool if it lands on its target which can stun multiple targets for 1,5 seconds and gives you enough time to throw your poison and burst them. [i][b]~ Teamfights:[/b][/i] Nami's and Cassiopeia's teamfighting potential is incredible due to the high amount of AoE CC of their combined ultimates and slow tools which give the enemy team no chance to survive if used well. Additionally, Nami can protect you wonderfully in the backline with her ultimate, bubble and nice scaling heal. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/thresh.png] [b]+[/b] [img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [center][b]Thresh and Cassiopeia[/b][/center] [b][i]~ Abilities: [/i][/b] [img=skills/thresh/p.png][img=skills/thresh/q.png][img=skills/thresh/w.png][img=skills/thresh/e.png][img=skills/thresh/r.png] [b][i]~ Pick-ups: [/i][/b] The pick-up potential of this combo is incredible. Once Thresh lands his hook on a target, he does not only stun him, but is able to pull himself to the enemy to even flay him back if he tries to escape. You just need to perform your standard combo to get a kill! If you get caught yourself, Thresh can protect you very well, giving you the possibility to escape though you lack mobility with his lantern, knockback and ultimate. [b] [i]~ Teamfights:[/i][/b] In teamfights, Thresh can probably protect you better from the enemy team than anybody else, if he just stays close to you and peels the opponents away if they try to get to you. Just stay close to him, position yourself safely somewhere where his ultimate protects you and shred through the enemy lines on your maximum range! [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=champ/singed.png][b] + [/b] [img=champ/teemo.png][b]+[/b][img=champ/twitch.png][b]+[/b][img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [center][b]THE SUPER POISON WOMBO COMBO [/b][/center] Whenever you have one of those guys in your team, teamfighting itself basically gets kind of easier, since the chance that you cast Twin Fangs on a not poisoned target is lower. All in all, this is not much more than a funny gag and does not really affect the teamfighting potential seriously. Besides Yasuo with his ultimate, Cassiopeia is yet the only champion in the league which can directly interact with other champion's abilities like this.

Playing League of Legends is more than just about trying to win fights and kill the opponent champions. To be successful and win the game, there is much more you got to do. Having kills can not help you, if the enemy team is able to take every dragon for free or to push down your turrets without any counter movement from your team. In every single game, map control and map awareness are the key to win. In most cases, not everybody in your team will always have a clue what is going on at the moment, where the enemy team could be and how to react on what they are doing. Therefore, communication with your allies is highly important as well, to help out your teammates when they are running rather helpless around doing nothing while you lose an objective or for example to warn them to back off. In the following, I will explain some basic tips to help out your team gaining map control and to communicate without spending time on writing large texts in the chat. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=items/sight-ward.png][img=items/greater-totem.png][/center] [b][i]1. Gaining Vision[/i][/b] This means to cover the important spots all over the map with wards. But how does that help me? ~ In the laning phase, placing wards at the correct spots (see the chapters above) prevents you from getting ganked. With the introduction of the trinkets, you do not even have to fear the level 3 jungler gank at the toplane anymore, since you've got an one minute ward for free. I usually buy at least one ward on my first backport to avoid being unprotected while my trinket is on cooldown. And this is 100% worth. You can buy your ward for 75g, while the standard reward for a kill is 300g (and especially as Cassiopeia you probably will get killed during an unexpected gank). ~ Covering baron and dragon with a ward is highly important, since it gives you the opportunity to contest, the spawn timer when it goes down and in general the possibility to react on the enemy team taking away that objective. It is not always the best idea to contest the objective itself, for example when you would arrive too late anyways, but knowing where the enemy team is and takes it can for example be countered by a successful splitpush from your team. ~ Warding the (enemy) buffs gives your team another possibility to take a lead in the game. Your jungler can just smite it down over the wall to steal it, or you plan an invade to catch the enemy jungler when he is rather low and unprotected. Warding in general is the job of every single player in the team. Only because your support is running a Sightstone, that does not mean that nobody else has to buy a ward himself anymore. Losing a game because your team lacks vision is everyone's fault. Place some wards yourself and if your teammates do not do so, advice them friendly to get wards as well. I mean, in the end, you all want to win the game, right? [center] [vid=][/center] [center][i]This short video from the LCS explains nicely the importance of vision for winning the game.[/i][/center] [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][img=items/vision-ward.png][img=items/greater-lens.png][/center] [b][i]2. Denying Vision[/i][/b] While you want to create as much vision as possible for your team, you also want to deny vision from the enemy team. This is possible by placing pink wards or using a sweeping lense to clear enemy wards. ~ Pink wards do not only let you know whether an enemy ward is near, but also give you permanent vision around the area. Mind though, that pink wards are visible and therefore most useful if they are placed in bushes. Every player of your team is able to place one pink ward at time. The usual pinkward places are the small bushes near baron and dragon, the backside bushes of the redbuffs and the tribushes, since this will grant you not only tons of objective control but also permanent protection from ganks. ~ The sweeping lense is the red trinket, mostly used by supports and junglers. I do usually not buy that one on Cassiopeia, since once I am on full items I lack a spot in my inventory to carry a ward with me and I always want to be able to secure my back with a ward while pushing, invading etc. since I lack a chance to escape. In general though, this item detects enemy wards on activation and makes it possible to clear them. It is always useful to check whether the enemy team has vision on the objective you are planning to take, as well as to set up ganks or traps. If you've got a Sweeping Lense, clear as much wards as possible. You can feel free to clear the ward directly every time you know someone placed a ward anywhere. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [b][i]3. Communicating with the Team:[/i][/b] Playing a game together, you and your teammates should not only be sharing one side of the map but also some thoughts and facts. Communicate with your team and make it easier for everyone to figure out what to do. [b]~ Misscalls.[/b] Tell your team, whenever your opponent leaves his lane. Do not sleep, do not guess where he could be, just warn your mates without any hesitation. You can either use the smart ping for that (further explanation below) or quickly type a \"ss\" in the chat. [b]~ Timers.[/b] For example spawn timers for objectives or the cooldowns for enemy summoner spells etc. It takes some time to keep an eye on so many things, but looking for the enemy flashes and noting down their timer (5 minutes cooldown) is for example a great start to get a better overview of the enemy's possibilities. Furthermore inform your allies when enemy ultimates are down, to set up a successful gank or force a teamfight having an advantage on your side. [b]~ Shotcalls.[/b] Tell your mates what your plan is, what you can do now and what you need to do now, whether it is grouping or rather keep splitting up. [b]~ Asking for help[/b]. Feeling uncomfortable on your lane is okay, you can not win it in every game. If you got some serious problems, kindly ask your jungler or midlaner for some help to get you back in the game and not let you fall behind significantly. [b]~ Advices.[/b] If your overall teamcommunication works okay, you can feel free to give som advises to improve your team's strength, for example suggesting your fed AD Carry to get some defensive stats to be less squishy etc. But always mind, that some people instantly take and criticism as flame. So if you already realised, that your fellow is really excitable talk to him very friendly or just be quiet. Flaming and provoking harsh discussions inbetween your team never helps. It is a teamgame and you can not always like the people you are playing with, but just let them be and focus on the game. [b]~ Vision.[/b] I already talked much about vision above, but always make sure to tell your team where the enemy team placed wards to prevent to waste time for setting up a gank that won't work out anyways or to not get caught sneaking an objective. [center]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [b][i]4. Smart Pings:[/i][/b] Smart Pings are a tool that was introduced to make communication with your teammates easier. You can quickly cast a ping by pressing Ctrl and choosing the ping you want with your mouse. [center][img=][/center] [center][i]The Smart Ping Menu[/i][/center] Additionally to these pings, you can also cast a neutral blue ping by pressing G and clicking onto the area where you want it to be. I personally think the blue pings are less annoying, since not only their sound is not that loud but they do furthermore not spam the chat with a note every time. I usually use them for example to tell my teammates where the enemy team has placed wards, by simply pinging the warded spots and writing a short \"warded\" in the chat. This ping also allows you to mark enemy champions, jungle monsters and structures all over the map and gives you the easy possibility to make a fast call what you want to do in this very moment. [center][i][img=][/i][/center] [center][i]The blue ping: without target, on an enemy turret and on an allied turret[/i][/center]

Although Cassiopeia is one of the least played champions in League of Legends, she has and incredible high potential if you manage to play her correctly. I really hope my guide motivates some people to try this almost forgotten mage and give her a chance to return to the Fields of Justice and get played more often. [center] [img=][/center]

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