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[S5] Embrace the Jungle Changes(+Vid)

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Hey Guys, I'm a main jungler from EUW and my ign is Kharrot so if you want you can add me :) I started playing Nocturne in Season 3 and even though I never really spammed him in Ranked Games I still always liked to play him, because in my opinion he is actually pretty strong. Now in Season 5 (or the preseason) I think he is a lot stronger because of the new Jungle Item [img=items/rangers-trailblazer-enchantment---devour.png] If you enjoy the Guide please give me feedback and feel free to ask questions in the comment section or in LoL [big][b][center]I also made a Nocturne Guide on YouTube so check it out![/center][/b][/big] [vid=]

Try to do a lvl 3 gank if there is a good oportunity. After that try to farm as much as possible to get and stack your [img=items/rangers-trailblazer-enchantment---devour.png] as fast as possible. Once you hit lvl 6 try to gank whenever your Ultimate is up, the rest of the time you should farm.

If there is the opportunity to stack your [img=items/rangers-trailblazer-enchantment---devour.png] do so. Also try to control the vision and take away drakes. This is the time to look for picks. REMEMBER: You are a very strong duelist 1v1!

You aren't the best Champion for teamfights, but a great splitpusher instead so try to splitpush and take down as many turrets as possible. By now that should be no problem for you. If they send one person to stop you, you are most likely going to kill them. Always put down wards so you don't get surprised by five enemys walking out of a bush and killing you.

You shouldn't engage first, but if you have a tank like malphite to engage you can follow up with your [img=skills/nocturne/r.png] very good. I recommend waiting till they are split so you don't have to be inside of five people that want to kill you, because when this happens you will most likely die.

In my opinion Nocturne is very strong, especially now with the new [img=items/rangers-trailblazer-enchantment---devour.png]! He is also fun to play and not a bad pick for soloQ. I hope you enjoyed my guide on Nocturne. Please give me feedback and if you got any questions just ask them here on add me on EUW (Kharrot) - Kharrot

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