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Pro as heck guide to Illaoi [6.01]

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[center]Hello there. Welcome to my another pro as heck guide. I am casual League of Legends player on EUNE. My nickname there is T0RQU3, I play mainly at Top Lane. I do not belong to any of elite divisions/leagues. I play mostly for fun. I will show You how to play Illaoi like I do (for Illaoi's pros and cons check \"About Illaoi\" chapter). Enjoy![/center] [img=]

[center][img=] [/center] 0/12/18 is my way to go on Illaoi currently. don't have descriptions of new masteries so I will describe them below (in order): [big]Cunning[/big] [b]Wanderer[/b] - Increases champion movement speed by 3% when out of combat. Getting faster to lane when teleport is on cooldown, chasing down some pesky enemies - these are only a few examples when this mastery can get useful. [b]Secret Stash[/b] - Your potions, flasks and elixirs last 10% longer. Additionally, your potions are replaced with Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation that additionally restore 20 health and 10 mana instantly upon consumption. Restoring a little bit of mana each time you use a potion is very helpful on Illaoi. Not to mention longer duration of all that consumables that heals you. This mastery is simply better when you are laning at top or bottom (mid lane is a little different here). [b]Meditation[/b] - Once every 5 seconds, you will restore 1.5% of missing mana. As a reminder, Illaoi can become quite mana hungry when using Q and W often. This mastery don't work so well standalone - that's why I take Iceborn Gauntlet (extra 500 mana really improves meditation). With this beauty and extra mana item I was able to use W always, no matter how low my mana was. Mandatory thing. [b]Dangerous Game[/b] - Champion kills and assists restore 5% of missing health and 5% of missing mana. Kraken Priestess can wreck enemies in teamfight, this is the reason I take this one. When you are doing well in fights you will often grab kill / assist. You can treat Dangerous Game as method to stay longer in fights with more than one enemy champion. You can change it to Bandit for increased gold income but it is not that good on Illaoi. [big]Resolve[/big] [b]Unyielding[/b] - +5.0% Bonus Armor and Magic Resist. Recovery is crappy mastery and that's why I always take Unyielding. Bonus resistances from items are a lot better for Illaoi than 2 HP5. [b]Explorer[/b] - +15 Movement Speed in Brush and River. You can take Tough Skin but In my playstyle I prefer more movement speed (after 5.24 patch this mastery gives even more speed). Kraken Priestess fights so well in narrow places (like jungle) so it will help her sticking to targets. With Explorer you can roam faster too. [b]Runic Armor[/b] - +8.0% bonus to all shields and healing on you (includes lifesteal and regeneration). Illaoi can synergise well with new Runic Armor. You will restore more health with tentacles. Very good choice. [b]Insight[/b] - Grants 15% reduced summoner spells's cooldown. Why we take this over Perseverance? The answer is pretty simple: Perseverance is counterproductive on Illaoi. This mastery gives you bonus health regen heavily increased when low on health. Your passive health restoration is based on your MISSING health so basically hitting enemy once with tentacle will heal you for an amount high enough to disable stronger health regen from Perseverance. [b]Swiftness[/b] - +15% Tenacity and Slow Resist. Illaoi have poor mobility so we don't want to be kited. This mastery helps you stick to targets. You are more likely to fight constantly with it. I recommend taking this mastery over Legendary Guardian (Swiftness helps Kraken Priestess a lot more in my opinion). [i][b]Keystone: Grasp of the Undying[/b][/i] - Every 4 seconds in combat your next attack against an enemy champion steals life equal to 3% of your max health (halved for ranged champions). Staying healthy at lane while dealing some bonus damage at the same time? Yes, please. Keep in mind that this mastery STEALS life, so it also deals 3% of your max health as magic damage to the attacked champion. Excellent choice for Illaoi.

[.] Try to hit as many enemy champions as possible with Leap of Faith. More tentacles will make fighting easier. [.] It is good idea to use E on enemy that deals most damage. Killing spirit should be easy (AD carry or AP carry is squishy, right?). After destroying enemy soul follow up (if possible), because the target will receive massive slow. [.] Remember that no matter how many champions will one tentacle hit it will still heal you for only 5% of missing health. More tentacles - more healing.

[.] Your tentacles will attack pulled Spirit once. During their attack animation use Harsh Lesson to do double smash combo. [.] Spirit gained with Test of Spirit will spawn tentacle when hit by Leap of Faith. To maximize your damage output simply use your E on opponent before using your ultimate. [.] Towers can aggro Spirit. If possible, use Test fo Spirit under your tower. It will deal few hits to Spirit, dealing some damage. [.] You can do double autoattack reset by combining properties of Harsh Lesson and Titanic Hydra active.

[img=masteries/4232.png] [big]Pros[/big] [.] Incredible AD scalings [.] Can zone enemies hard [.] Build-in sustain [.] Excellent when fighting few enemies at once [.] W applies on-hit effects and resets autoattack timer [img=masteries/4144.png] [big]Cons[/big] [.] Poor mobility [.] Not that strong in 1v1 situations (without tentacles) [.] Only one form of CC (to apply it you must kill the enemy's Spirit acquired with your E or make him flee from area of effect) [.] Slow skills animations (wind-up effect) [big]Lore[/big] \"Wisdom is frequently a kick in the head.\" Illaoi's powerful physique is dwarfed only by her indomitable faith. As the prophet of the Great Kraken, she uses a huge, golden idol to rip her foes' spirits from their bodies and shatter their perception of reality. All who challenge the \"Truth Bearer of Nagakabouros\" soon discover Illaoi never battles alone - the god of the Serpent Isles fights by her side. All who encounter Illaoi are struck by her presence. An intense woman, the priestess is fully committed to the experience of living. She takes what she wants, destroys what she hates, and revels in everything she loves. However, to truly know Illaoi you must understand the religion she has devoted her life to. Nagakabouros, the deity of her faith, is usually depicted as an enormous serpent head with tentacles spiraling around it in endless motion, with no beginning and no end. Also called The Mother Serpent, The Great Kraken, or even The Bearded Lady, Nagakabouros is the Serpent Isles’ god of life, ocean storms, and motion. (The literal translation of its name is “the unending monster that drives the sea and sky.”) Central to the religion’s theology are three tenets: every spirit was born to serve the universe; desire was built into every living being by the universe; the universe only moves toward its destiny when living creatures chase their desires. Lesser priestesses are tasked with maintaining temples, calling holy serpents, and teaching people the ways of Nagakabouros. As the religion’s Truth Bearer, Illaoi’s role is to serve the god directly by unblocking the flow of the universe. To this end, she has two sacred responsibilities. The first duty of a Truth Bearer is to be the spearhead in the war against undeath. Having fallen outside of the normal flow of the universe, the undead are considered an abomination against Nagakabouros. While it is the responsibility of every priestess of the Kraken to protect the indigenous population from the Harrowing, a Truth Bearer directly engages its most powerful spirits and drives the Black Mist back. Second, Illaoi is tasked with seeking out individuals of great potential and challenging them with the Test of Nagakabouros. This task is the burden Illaoi’s title reflects. With her massive, holy relic, The Eye of God, the Truth Bearer strips the subject’s spirit from their body then forces them to stand against her to prove their worth. She does this knowing those who fail will be completely annihilated, for the great Kraken has no tolerance for cowardice, doubt, or restraint. But destruction is never the goal. Survivors of the ordeal are forever changed and often find the will to pursue their true destiny. Though Illaoi is the most powerful and respected Truth Bearer in a hundred generations, it is where she has broken the traditions of her faith that speaks the most about her. Having completed her training as a Truth Bearer, and at the height of her power, Illaoi left the golden temples of Buhru for the squalor of nearby Bilgewater. The pirate city is the only place foreigners are permitted on the Serpent Isles, viewed as a fetid gutter by Illaoi’s people. Previous Truth Bearers ignored the city and viewed the arriving foreigners as little better than untouchables. Illaoi broke with tradition when she chose to protect residents of Bilgewater from the Harrowing, or even more controversially when she decided that some of its residents had souls worthy of the great test. Despite this, only a handful of temples have been opened in the city, and very few paylangi (islander slang for residents of mainlander descent) have ever been permitted inside. Regardless, it is Illaoi who has brought the widespread awareness of the Mother Serpent to Bilgewater, and it is her indomitable spirit that has brought her religion into favor there. Rumors persist that Bilgewater’s most bloodthirsty and infamous pirate had his heart broken by the towering priestess. To anyone who has ever met her, this is no surprise. Illaoi’s rough manner belies subtle intelligence, strength, and a magnetic confidence. Many seek Illaoi’s favor and welcome her to Bilgewater... yet everyone fears being tested by the Kraken’s Prophet. “There can be no rest. We are the motion.” —From The Twenty Wisdoms of Nagakabouros [big]Statistics[/big] [.]Health 586 (+95) [.]Attack damage 60 (+5) [.]Health regen. 9.5 (+0.8) [.]Attack speed 0.571 (+2.5%) [.]Mana 300 (+40) [.]Mana regen. 7.5 (+0.75) [.]Armor 26 (+3.8) [.]Magic res. 32.1 (+1.25) [.]Range 125 [.]Mov. speed 340 [big]Trivia[/big] [.]Illaoi was the last champion released in 2015. [.]Nagakabouros was originally a temporary name, but Riot liked the way Illaoi's voice actress said it and decided to keep it. [.]Illaoi is one of the 11 champions who do not have a single skill that scales off ability power.

[big]2015[/big] [b]1.12[/b] - Guide has been created [b]2.12[/b] - Guide expansion (check \"situational items\", \"season 6 masteries\", \"tips\" and \"abilities\" chapters) [b]4.12[/b] - Fixed some typos [b]12.12[/b] - Some changes due to 5.24 patch [b]22.12[/b] - Few changes [big]2016[/big] [b]17.01[/b] - Few changes because of new 6.1 patch in League.

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