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Win Lane Win Game as Talon

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So you wanna know how to play Talon? well you've come to the right place. This is my Talon mid lane soloQ carry guide. I was playing a soloQ game and then I rediscovered a lost artifact, this artifact was Talon. I don't know why people neglected playing this champion but he is still, so far in my eyes, a top tier or even a god tier should you assassin/mid laner/carry. This champion can dominate any lane even against the pokie champions, with the exception of swain. If you know what your skills do and you know how to build him, he can destroy and mid laner. I love this champion ever since I started playing this champion again, I've been carrying games a lot lately, and this champion is just extremely strong. While Zed may be the \"Prodigal\" assassin, this guy definitely needs credit. If we are comparing the to 1v1, its my belief that Talon can own a Zed, Talon is simply without a doubt the best all in champion I've played in a long time. The amount of burst talon has is crazy 1 combo with take no longer than 2.5-3.5 seconds and even that is against a tank, mid to late game you can E, W, Q a squishy carry. So lets get into it.

Early game dont trade unless its a melee champ, once your lvl 6 and you have brutalizer you can kill any mid even a swain (at least from my past experiences with swain). Your basic combo in lane is: Poke with W twice, wait for it to comeback up, then E, W, auto, Q, Ult, auto ignite. Practice these steps, once you get tiamat put it in there as another auto reset b4 the ult.

Mid game if its still laning phase, just roam. you have nothing to gain from mid after 2 kills so just roam and snowball the other lanes and make your team carry you from then on.

Late game your basically a kamikaze with a chance to survive using tons of burst and lifesteal. ALWAYS GO FOR THE CARRY. When I see a jinx or Vel'koz I light up because those are the easy kills that win you the game.

In a team fight put yourself in a position behind the enemy lines and stealth attack/assassinate an enemy carry.

That is all there is to it, an easy champion with simple goals and ability to carry games.

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