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Nasus, The fed full-tank Doge [Season 6] Patch 5.24 (35+ min powerhouse)

Updated 1 year ago
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Hi ladies and gents. My name is Beginner (changed from KillerUnicorn69 due yo being a stupid name) from EUNE. Currently I'm sitting in Platinum 5 and here is my guide for Nasus, the Curator of the Sands [img=] I started playing him last year, in preseason 4. I was new to the game so I built some really random stuff for him, but then one of my friends suggested me to check a build and learn how to play him. I fell in love with that champion as soon as I realised how OP he is. And now I main him and have 100+ ranked games with him (KDA is ~70%). I came out with a good idea to make my own build. I hope you will learn something from that guide and be a better Nasus in the future. Lets get started with runes!

There is only 1 word to describe your early game - Farming. You have to farm shit out of youself, because Nasus is very farm reliant. Call for an early gank and try to secure the kill (if you need to flash after and you're sure you will get enemy, go for it, just go). Also let enemy top laner to push minions closer to your tower because you will probably get ganked less then, but if they want to dive you, pop R-W-E-Q-Q.

SPLITPUSH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, but be careful and place wards and let your support do the same so you will know exactly where enemy is at the moment. If your team sets up a teamfight, then Teleport as close to thefight as possible and either kill their carrys or peel for yours. If you see an opening to kill one of their carrys, DO IT, JUST DO IT. If you have one carry, go for the other one or back to safety and let your team finish the job for you. But if you've killed both of their carrys and still have plenty of hp, choose youself. You can go for the lower ones or the ones who have lots of HP and get them also low for your carrys. By the way, you should have 550-750 stacks at that moment.

Late game is where Nasus steps up for his team and shows how good scaling he has. You should have reached 700-900 stacks (if you have more, then it's even better). Just go for objectives with all your team like turrets in mid and top or Baron, but in my opinion, Dragons are as worth as Baron at this moment. So Baron gives regens and stuff, but look at the bonuses Dragon gives: damage, damage to buildings, damage to minions, movement speed and at the end it doubles them. So I don't really mind if enemy gets Baron while my team gets the 5th Dragon. Late game is all about making the right calls. If their jungler and maybe one of the carrys is down, get Baron and win the game.

This is where I end right now. I'm definetly gonna add more match-ups and pictures, just ask me. I hope that one day I will make a YouTube commentary on how I play him in top lane. If you want more detailed help in gameplay or something, then just add me on the client and ask, I will help you for sure. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

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