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hello i am MacLaren and i am famous for playing anivia. You should follow my guide because i was mentioned at gamescom by riot employees for my prowess with anivia. unfortunately i could not attend the championship finals at gamescom due to illness which caused millenium to lose [center][youtube][/youtube][/center]skip to 12:40 anyways plz read my guide and help it become highest anivia guide. as the best anivia player i am sure it won't take long! you can watch the video version of this guide here [center][youtube][/youtube][/center] but the video guide is kind of dated this one covers more pro tactics to help [highlight]YOU[/highlight] be pro

[title]Here are the masteries[/title] i still go 27/1/2 as seen in my video you never know what summonr spells you will need before the match starts so it's best to put the points in whatever you can also anivia does good damage so you will want to put many points in offensive tree some anivia go 8/0/21 but i find that build u dont have enough damage to make it work well for proness just stick with 27-1-2 or 26-2-2

[title]REDS[/title] [.]i get 2 attackspeed runes to help with minion killings [.]i get 4 cdr runes to help with wall for extra help in team fights [.]and i get 3 crit dmaage reds to help with chasing champs and getting surprise burst [title]MELLOW YELLOWS lol[/title] [.]i get dodge ruines because dodge ruins can really help you against champs that autoattack like garen and urgot [title]BLUES[/title] [.]i get 9 health regen runes to help with sustainabability in mid lane ([highlight]ALWAYS TAKE MIDDLE WITH ANIVIA[/highlight]) [title]QUINTESSENTIALS[/title] [.]i get 2 gold regen to help with farms to get items quick (anivia needs items quickly unlike other champions) [.]i also get 1 mana quit to help with anivias mana problems early and late game

[img=summoners/flash.png][img=summoners/revive.png] [title]Explanation:[/title] flash is op revive helps you get back to lane quickly if you die and you move quickly so why not

basically you want wall as fast as you can get it so level up wall to 5 asap, even skip ult if you have to. level 5 wall is needed for all anivias

early in the game you must take middle no matter what your teamates say. if they fight you for middle activate the "non-negotiation with terrorists" speech, call them terrorists and refuse to move from middle. anyways nobody should fight you for middle because anivia is best middle. hopefully you bought your first mana crystal and just keep farming at mid for another mana crystal (anivia needs mana unlike many other champions like mordekaiser and garen). harass with wall to stop them from killing creeps or to slow your creeps down. after you win youre middle lane then you can go gank jungle or bot lane.

at halftime you want to build more mana crystals to use your ult longer in teamfights. in teamfights try walling enemies away to prevent damage to your blitzcrank and olaf. also use your ult on minions so minions die and they wont do damage to your teamates during the teamfights

ok so if you havent won by now you suck (LOL JK). many of my games make it to the end game. anivia really shines at late game. if your team gets ganked while doing baron be sure to wall the enemies inside with your team so nobody can escape also dont be afraid to die once you hit level 18 because your egg will be too good plus you have revive.

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