Singed Build Guide

Be Toxic. Singed, the Marathon Man [5.24]

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Skill Order
Poison Trail
Mega Adhesive
Insanity Potion
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[img=] Source: Health -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 542.6 (+82) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 543 – 1937 Health regen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.02 (+0.55) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.0 – 17.4 Mana ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 290.6 (+45) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 291 – 1056 Mana regen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.52 (+0.55) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 Attack Range --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 125 (melee) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 125 (melee) Attack damage ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 62.32 (+3.375) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 62 – 120 Attack speed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.613 (+1.81%) --------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.613 (+0% – 30.8%) Armor ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27.88 (+3.5) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27.9 – 87.4 Magic res. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32.1 (+1.25) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32.1 - 53.4 Mov. speed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 345 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 345 Hello everyone! Welcome to my Singed guide. Singed is one of the first champions I picked up since I began playing, in season 3. He has never been the most popular or the strongest pick for several seasons, but he is still a fun, viable champion with a long history in the League. This guide will show you how to play my favorite champion in the whole game. Singed is a utility-oriented tank who specializes in zoning, play-making, and distracting the enemy. With a unique playstyle and a well-designed kit, Singed can be a true threat with carry potential with the proper build and strategies. [center][b]Strengths[/b][/center]Unique playstyle (dealing damage while kiting) Late game monster Fast minion waveclear Fling Deceptively high DPS due to [img=skills/singed/q.png] Improved item synergy/cost efficiency with [img=skills/singed/p.png] High base AD (for last-hitting) High movement speed (for roaming, chasing, kiting) LAUGH [center][b]Weaknesses[/b][/center]Melee champion \"Weak\" early game (I will address this in the \"Early Game\" section later in this guide) Requires items to scale Hard-countered in teamfights by hard CC and peel [center][b]Quick game terminology[/b][/center]AA = Auto Attack AP = Ability Power AS = Attack Speed AoE = Area of Effect CC = Crowd Control CD = Cooldown CDR = Cooldown Reduction HP = Health Point MP = Mana Pool % hp = Percent health

Your goal in the lane phase is to farm. ~15CS is equivalent to 1 kill, so get as much CS as you can without dying. Innately Singed's weakest phase in the game since he lacks ranged harass and is a melee champion. However, not all hope is lost! 1. [b]Sky Auto-Attack.[/b] Singed can AA someone that is airborne after using [img=skills/singed/e.png]. Take advantage of Singed's high base damage in his AA to add a little extra damage that could make a solo duel or jungle attack a little more successful. 2. [b]Make CSing difficult for your opponent.[/b] Surround your friendly minions with poison so that if your melee enemy laner comes to CS, they are forced to eat poison damage. If you have the mana to spare, cast [img=skills/singed/e.png] to distance your enemy laner from a cannon minion so that he or she misses it. 3. [b]Proxy.[/b] An age-old art of Singed players. Farm minion waves between your enemy's towers so that you attain perfect CS while avoiding enemy harass. I don't have plans to discuss proxying since it's risky and it's not good to take unnecessary risks if you want to win consistently, but I may talk about it in the future with this guide. Stay tuned.

After [img=skills/singed/r.png] is available, your chasing power increases, along with playmaking and kill potential. If you have [img=summoners/teleport.png], be aware of potential situations to use it to assist your teammates. The first few [img=summoners/teleport.png] can create an early advantage that will snowball to a clean victory.

At 5-6 items, you've become the late-game monster that is Singed. Strong, mobile, tanky, and annoying as hell. If you have [img=summoners/teleport.png] available, feel free to splitpush. Do what you can to apply map pressure on your opponents. If you're getting chased by several enemy champions, you're doing your job well, and hopefully the rest of your team will capitalize on the opportunities you are making to take objectives.

Feel free to hit [img=summoners/ghost.png] and [img=skills/singed/r.png] and bum rush into the enemy team if you're tanky enough. A single [img=skills/singed/e.png] on a priority pick can mean you've won the teamfight. Don't forget to have [img=skills/singed/q.png] on at all times so that you can perma-slow through [img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png].

And that's all I have to say for now! Maybe I'll discuss proxying in the future. Hope you found this guide helpful. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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