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    Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (+1.28 armor penetration)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration (+0.33 mana regen / 5 sec.)
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    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/MT9E5.png][/center] [highlight]"... will likely cause it." ~Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer[/highlight] Hey guys, been a while. I had to take this guide down a long time ago due to solomid.net's servers crashing. Half my guide was lost and upon talking to admins, they couldn't do anything to restore it. I, regrettably, didn't back up the guide so all was lost. Furthermore, right after the server crash was when Saladien posted his Ezreal guide. Looking through it, he said the exact same things, recommended the same things, gave tips about the same things, had the same sections regarding support matchups, had the same "secret blink spots," etc. except he had a shiny "FEATURED" tag since he was platinum. So I decided not to fix my guide and post it again. However, with Season 3 around the corner and Ezreal getting popular again, I felt you guys, the readers, deserve a revamped guide from the original source of all the other guides' information, me. For the past few years I've experimented with every build, lane, and matchup to develop an understanding of Ezreal as a champion, not simply as part of the current meta. Ezreal has been popular as of late, mainly due to his Essence Flux gimmick being found out and abused. I've been playing him as my main since I first started playing League 3 years ago. As a general overview, Ezreal's strengths lie in his strong poke and his ability to kite his enemies very well with the use of his blink and any on-hit effects added to his Mystic Shot (Q) (such as red buff or Phage). With a high skill-cap, high reward play-style he's definitely a champion worth picking up and learning if you haven't already - not to mention he's got the best dance, a legendary laugh, and is all around one of the more fun champions to play. [highlight]Pros:[/highlight] [.]Very high damage early to mid game. [.]High mobility so you're hard to catch. [.]Skillshots (if you like this sort of thing). [.]A global ult. [.]Best dance in game. [.]Pulsefire Ezreal is a sweet, sweet skin (so sweet, man). [highlight]Cons:[/highlight] [.]High skillcap due to skillshots. [.]Not very strong late game due to short autoattack range. [.]No crowd-control abilities. [.]People think you're a girl (how dare they!). This guide will be about bottom-lane Ezreal as the main focus. However, jungle, mid, and top-lane Ezreal will be discussed in the "Theory-Crafting" chapter below. Furthermore, this guide is going to serve as an objective and comprehensive look at Ezreal, listing all the things that work best for him and each of their strengths/weaknesses. [number]If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below ESPECIALLY if you're about to hit the dislike button. Tell me what you don't like and I'll see if I can fix it up. This way other people who share your same concerns can get their questions answered to the best of my ability.[/number]

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/FL7Su.png][/center] As a ranged attack damage champion, Ezreal requires attack damage and/or armor penetration. His spammable skills also make him slightly mana hungry throughout the whole game. So unless you want to grab blue buff instead of giving it to your mid, invest in mana regeneration. [center][title]Recommended Rune Setup[/title][/center] [center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/HLtyl.jpg][/center] The more attack damage you have, the stronger your laning potential. However, the more armor penetration you have, the greater your mid game is. Ezreal's midgame is phenomenal but whether or not you want to invest more or less into it is up to you. [highlight]A mix between armor penetration and attack damage is recommended.[/highlight] Ezreal excels at tower sieges where he can just poke at the opponents all day. However, with this high amount of poke comes high mana costs over time. Mana regeneration per level seals are highly recommended. However, having armor yellows helps you win trades in lane, rather than just resorting to poking the enemy out all day. [highlight]Against champs like Graves and Sivir where early game dominance will be difficult for you, get armor yellows. Otherwise, mana regen per level will benefit you greatly. Finally, your blue runes should almost always be flat mana regen. Face it, you're not going to land all your Mystic Shots (Q) in lane; the enemy is going to sit behind minions and you're playing a game of cat-and-mouse to see if you can hit them from around the minions. Furthermore, against champs like Graves or if their support is someone like Taric, it will take quite a few hits for their health to whittle down. [highlight]Flat mana regen enables you to play Ezreal to his strengths early on, get it.[/highlight]

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/Q5Nna.png][/center] [title][img=skills/ezreal/p.png] Passive: Rising Spell Force[/title] [number](Innate): Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% for 6 seconds, this effect stacks up to 5 times.[/number] A very good passive. Raising this before fights acts as a steroid, granting you killing power so spam your skills when a fight is eminent and keep the stacks high. Using Trueshot Barrage (R) can get this up to 5 stacks really quick. You can also stack this while pushing turrets on enemy minions arriving to the lane by spamming Mystic Shot (Q) or by using Essence Flux (W) on friendly champions. [title][img=skills/ezreal/q.png] Q: Mystic Shot[/title] [number](Active): Ezreal fires a bolt of energy in a line that will deal physical damage and apply on-hit effects to the first enemy it hits. If it strikes an enemy unit, all of Ezreal's cooldowns will be reduced by 1 second. Range: 1100 Cost: 30/35/40/45/50 mana Cooldown: 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds Physical Damage: 35/55/75/95/115 (+1.0 per attack damage)(+0.2 per ability power)[/number] [highlight]The bread and butter for all attack damage Ezreals.[/highlight] It has one of the highest damage outputs early game and can be very devastating for your lane opponent if you consistently land them. It's also an extremely strong poke for sieges at turrets and a great kiting tool against your opponents (since every time you hit opponents with Mystic Shot (Q) it reduces the cooldown of your other skills by 1 second, letting you blink sooner), it is the strongest tool Ezreal has. It can even proc Wriggles so taking Dragon and Baron are quick. Landing these consistently takes practice but once you get a feel for it you can devastate opponents from afar. Please note that the range indicator that appears when you select Mystic shot (Q) is a little bit longer than Mystic Shot (Q)'s actual range. Although it's an insignificantly small distance and issue, make sure you're close enough to be hitting successfully. Afterall, the further you are the more time they have to dodge. [title][img=skills/ezreal/w.png] W: Essence Flux[/title] [number](Active): Ezreal fires a wave of energy in a line. Any enemy champions it passes through are dealt magic damage and have their attack speed slowed for 5 seconds, while any allied champions it travels through have their attack speed increased for 5 seconds. Range: 900 Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana Cooldown: 9 seconds Magic Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.7 per ability power) Attack Speed Buff/Debuff: 20/25/30/35/40 %[/number] As attack damage Ezreal this [highlight]won't serve you much good until late game[/highlight] when debuffing the attack speed of your opponents can put you on top in the fight. A 40% attack damage debuff is VERY strong and can cripple enemy carries significantly. You level Arcane Shift (E) over this only to decrease the cooldown on the blink. In other aspects, this is a stronger skill. Don't forget to use it in fights or on teammates while pushing/Dragon/Baron. It is slightly draining on your mana, however, so use with caution. [title][img=skills/ezreal/e.png] E: Arcane Shift[/title] [number](Active): Ezreal instantly teleports to a nearby target location and fires a homing arrow at the nearest enemy unit, dealing magic damage to it. Teleport Range: 475 Arrow Range: 750 Cost: 90 mana Cooldown: 19/17/15/13/11 seconds Magic Damage: 75/125/175/225/275 (+0.75 per ability power)[/number] Ezreal's spammable blink, the reason why his kiting abilities are so strong. Not only are there very few walls you can't blink over with it but it also does magic damage that can even target invisible units. [highlight]This is why you want to skill it early and 2nd to Mystic Shot (Q).[/highlight] Furthermore, it readies your autoattack with a sheen proc making the damage output you're about to unload insanely high. Use it to escape or to initiate, just be weary of it's cooldown. It's spammable but not as much as his Q. Use Mystic Shot (Q) to reduce the cooldown while running or chasing to get this spell back up as soon as possible. Please refer to the "Tips and Tricks" section a few scrolls down to view a map illustrating all the walls Ezreal can blink over. Blinking over the right walls can either ensure your getaway or enable you to cut corners, catching up to whoever you're chasing. [title][img=skills/ezreal/r.png] R: Trueshot Barrage[/title] [number](Active): Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a powerful broad energy missile that will travel in a line by the whole map and will deal magic damage to each enemy unit they pass through. It will deal 8% less damage for each subsequent target hit, down to a minimum of 30% damage dealt. Range: Global Cost: 150 mana Cooldown: 80 seconds Magic Damage: 350/500/650 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage)(+0.9 per ability power)[/number] [highlight]The biggest reason to play Ezreal is due to this spell.[/highlight] With its global range and high damage you can kill fleeing foes, initiate a fight on multiple enemies (which stacks your passive with every unit it goes through), run into a bush and use it on a chasing foe for a surprising amount of burst that could very well kill your attacker, etc. Hitting all your enemies with this spell early on can put your team at a great advantage. Plus, spam your Mystic Shot (Q) enough and the cooldown will be much, much lower than 80 sec. There's truly nothing more satisfying than sniping a low-health enemy from across the map. Please refer to the "Tips and Tricks" section for further explanation on the versatility of Ezreal's ult and how to best utilize it.

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/XWUHe.png][/center] [center][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/e.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/e.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/r.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/e.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/e.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/r.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png] or... [imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/e.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/r.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/e.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/e.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/e.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/r.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][/center] [highlight]Ezreal's Mystic Shot (Q) is just too good to pass up, max it first.[/highlight] At level one and two you'll be nuking very hard but in the higher levels it still does significant damage too. Plus, it's spammable. Land enough of these and it'll be hard for your opponent to fight back, they'll be too pressured and zoned (due to your blink) to do anything about it. You'll also want to max blink second in order top reduce the cooldown from its original 19 sec, which isn't very spammable at all. Personally, I don't grab my first level of Essence Flux (W) until level thirteen since I find its damage/debuff insignificant. Plus, having it early will have a costly toll on Ezreal's mana pool. The reduced cooldown on his blink for more reliable escapes is ideal. However, if you feel that you can utilize the utility from Essence Flux (W) more than the cooldown on Arcane Shift (E), go ahead and skill it once at level four but [highlight]always skill Essence Flux (W) last.[/highlight] [center][title]General Rule[/title][/center] [center][imgsmall=skills/ezreal/r.png] => [imgsmall=skills/ezreal/q.png] => [imgsmall=skills/ezreal/e.png] => [imgsmall=skills/ezreal/w.png][/center] Simply put, you get Mystic Shot (Q) first for nuke damage and massive poke. Then, max Arcane Shift (E) for damage but mainly for cooldown reduction. Finally, get Essence Flux (W) late when pushing towers/Dragon control/Baron is the goal rather than shutting down your opponents.

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/HrsQg.png][/center] [center][title]Core Items[/title] [img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/dorans-blade.png][img=items/trinity-force.png][img=items/bf-sword.png][img=items/banshees-veil.png][img=items/last-whisper.png][/center] Ezreal is unconventional for a ranged attack damage carry due to a large amount of his damage coming from his skills, similar to Corki. You don't rely on attack speed very much since you interrupt your autoattacks for skills. However you can play Ezreal as a typical carry where you autoattack your enemy to death with your skills acting as supplementary damage, just know your autoattack range is short so it's much riskier. I would like to remind the reader that just because items are shown in a certain order doesn't mean you should be building only one item at a time, exclusively. For example, if you're going to build a Bloodthirster and a Trinity Force you can go Sheen => Vampiric Scepter => Phage => Bloodthirster => Trinity Force. [highlight]Buy parts of items according to what you need, not because this guide tells you to.[/highlight] [title]Typical Early Game Options[/title] [imgsmall=items/dorans-blade.png] [number]Doran's Blade[/number]: This is most important for the hp it provides. The lifesteal isn't significant so it is more the durability to be able to trade hits with the enemy. With your damage output, you shouldn't lose in trade-offs. [highlight]This will be your usual start.[/highlight] [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png] [number]Boots of Speed[/number]: Since Ezreal's autoattack range is pretty small, getting in range is essential if you wish to harass with autoattacks. Blinking in will take away your only escape skill so saving it for after the fight is ideal. Furthermore, you can stay out of the enemy champ's range, heal when you do get harassed, and avoid most ganks with your improved movement speed and blink. [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png] [number]Cloth Armor[/number]: This will almost guarantee your survival in lane and will build into an early Wriggles. You'll be a brick in bot lane, just concentrate on farming until your team can drag safely, then go get that. You'll be weak since you're behind on damage items so getting Dragons and farming is important. [title]Build #1: Bloodthirster Centered[/title] [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] + [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png] [number]After getting Sheen focus on building both Trinity Force and Bloodthirster. With the Trinity Force, get Phage before Zeal. Usually, you'd prefer Boots of Lucidity with this build.[/number] This build capitalizes on Ezreal's poke by maximizing damage on Ezreal's Mystic Shot (Q) with the 250% damage proc from Trinity and 60-100 attack damage from Bloodthirster. Furthermore, Trinity Force's Phage can proc, slowing enemies which can be useful to escape or to catch up. Lastly, the crit chance from Trinity shouldn't be underestimated, you'll be hitting hard even without Bloodthirster. Great sustain but is rather expensive to build. Once you build the Bloodthirster it will be hard to push you out of lane since Mystic Shot (Q) procs the lifesteal too, allowing you to regen health from a safe distance. [highlight]This is the easiest/most-forgiving of the Ezreal builds and is typical for most Ezreal players.[/highlight] [title]Build #2: Infinity Edge Centered[/title] [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] + [imgsmall=items/infinity-edge.png] [number]After getting Sheen focus on building both Infinity Edge and the rest of Trinity Force, getting Zeal first before Phage. Usually, you'd prefer Berzerker's Greaves with this build.[/number] With the attack speed from zeal and the crit damage multiplier from Infinity Edge, you'd [highlight]play Ezreal as any other traditional carry[/highlight], using autoattacks to melt your opponent. Whether you choose to build Infinity Edge first or not is up to you, adjust your playstyle accordingly. Just remember, you have short autoattack range so rushing Infinity Edge can lead to dangerous fights for you to maximize your damage. You are highly mobile though so positioning as Ezreal is your strong point. A lot of people doubt this build saying it isn't suited for Ezreal. However, Ezreal has the same damage output as any other ranged attack damage carry and can act like one too. The only difference between an ranged carry with Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge and Ezreal with Trinity Force and Infinity Edge is 25% attack speed and 15% critical chance. However, if you fully stack Ezreal's passive it'll add another +50% attack speed. Furthermore, his skills still do significant damage. There's only a 20 attack damage difference between a fully-stacked Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge so your skills won't do a significantly less amount damage. You're criting for 250% damage in addition to having that damage multiplied by Sheen after Arcane Shift (E) or Essence Flux (W). You're plenty dangerous, Ezreal shouldn't be limited to long-range poke when he can dish out much more damage if you mix in autoattacks as well. Just remember to get your stacks maxed (on creeps or preferably the enemy champ from afar) before engaging in fights. Downside is the lack of sustain so try to avoid this build if you don't have a dedicated healer. [title]Build #3: Wriggles Centered[/title] [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png] + [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] [number]Regardless of starting item, you'll want to build a Wriggle's Lantern as soon as possible since it is strongest early (if you do choose to go this build). After that, focus on getting Trinity Force for its utility. Getting Zeal first enables faster Dragons/Barons while getting Phage first lets you kite enemies.[/number] This build was seen in tournament play a lot due to Ezreal's [highlight]great Dragon control[/highlight] once he does get the Wriggle's. Permawarding Dragon, being able to push the lane (something Ezreal isn't too good at due to lack of AoE excluding his ult) to set up for Dragon, healing off creeps to stay healthy, armor against the enemy carry, etc. Your role is to keep Dragon warded (getting caught won't be a problem since you have blink) and when your team is ready for it, push lane and head on up to quickly take down Dragon. Spam Mystic Shot (Q) since it can proc wriggles for the extra couple hundred damage. [title]Late Game[/title] [imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png] [number]Banshee's Veil[/number]: This is an obvious item to get on any champ late game. The survivability is crucial in allowing you to stay in fights (and alive) longer so you can keep dishing out damage. Plus, it reduces your priority to the enemy, so you'll find yourself focused less hard/often. [imgsmall=items/last-whisper.png] [number]Last Whisper[/number]: If you're facing any decent team, they're going to stack armor by the end of the game. Having that percentage armor penetration is crucial for you to be administering healthy dosages of damage to their squishies (since they have natural armor) and to even pose a threat to your tankier foes. [title]Situational[/title] [imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png] [number]Frozen Mallet[/number]: The extra tankiness is very nice if you want to use your Arcane Shift (E) to blink into the enemy rather than away since you can take a few hits to trade off damage of your own. Plus, enemies will be hard pressed to escape from your team since you have a blink and a spammable Mystic Shot (Q) that can slow at 1100 range. Land all your Q's and they're permaslowed. Decent amount of attack damage too, can't be ignored. [imgsmall=items/guardian-angel.png] [number]Guardian Angel[/number]: This gives Ezreal the ability to act as an assassin. With his blink he can initiate on a squishy carry and burst down significant amounts of damage with your team following up. Dying won't matter. Not the best since it doesn't offer attack damage. [imgsmall=items/hexdrinker.png] [number]Hexdrinker[/number]: It's like a Brutalizer against casters minus the cooldown reduction. It offers some utility that keeps Ezreal alive but beyond that it isn't much. It is viable though so if it suits you, have at it. Sell this late game. [imgsmall=items/madreds-bloodrazor.png] [number]Madred's Bloodrazor[/number]: One of the key weaknesses to Ezreal is his late game due to his short range. In large team fights where his short range could lead to him being instagibbed if he were to dive for the carries, he is usually forced to only attack the nearest champion he can to stay safe. Since this procs with his Mystic Shot (Q) as well, his ability to shred tanks/bulkier champions is high and with a fully stacked passive you should be attacking fast enough to pose a threat to the bulkier foes. It also lets you take down Dragon and Baron relatively quickly because again, Madred's Razor procs with your Mystic Shot (Q) as well. [imgsmall=items/manamune.png] [number]Manamune[/number]: Building a Manamune involves getting a Tear of Goddess as early as possible trading off his early game damage but keeps his mid game strong. Strengths include the ability to spam due to mana regeneration and still offering good damage but it falls off late game, something that's already weak for Ezreal compared to other ranged carries. Sell this late game. [imgsmall=items/phantom-dancer.png] [number]Phantom Dancer[/number]: Gives critical chance that adds on to Trinity Force's and Infinity Edge's (if you got it). With Ezreal's passive fully stacked, in addition to a Phantom Dancer, your attack speed and critical chance is nothing to ignore; you will be dangerous. [imgsmall=items/quicksilver-sash.png] [number]Quicksilver Sash[/number]: It's stronger than Cleanse. What more could you want? It's a get out of jail free card if you ever get caught in a stun plus offers you magic resistance to negate some of the burst damage you'll be getting from casters. [imgsmall=items/the-black-cleaver.png] [number]The Black Cleaver[/number]: The amount of damage it gives as well as an armor reduction debuff that works in your Mystic Shot (Q) as well is too good to pass up most of the time. The attackspeed is nice too. The item you'd pick over would be another blood thirster depending on the enemies. If they're stacking armor, get The Black Cleaver. If not, get another Bloodthirster. [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png] [number]The Bloodthirster[/number]: A second Bloodthirster is a very viable item choice due to the amount of damage it gives when fully stacked as well as the strong lifesteal. Once you get two Bloodthirsters, your nuke wonbe chopping health off your opponents but you'll be gaining chunks of health too. [imgsmall=items/tiamat.png] [number]Tiamat[/number]: Tiamat is an underrated item that isn't used simply because it isn't a late game item. Learning how to use Tiamat is something in itself but in terms of Ezreal it can be used for early/mid game sustain and pushing power. Mystic Shot (Q) does proc the AoE splash as well. Sell this late game.

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/1cSPF.png][/center] There are a couple different builds that are also very viable on Ezreal, although maybe not quite as viable as attack damage. [number]One, hybrid.[/number] Hybrid Ezreal has great sustain due to attaining Hextech Gunblade and good damage all around from all his spells. His burst comes from his ult, which scales off both attack and magic damage. Core build would be: [imgsmall=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png] + [imgsmall=items/hextech-gunblade.png] + [imgsmall=items/guinsoos-rageblade.png] + [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] Personally, I grab Infinity Edge and Rabadon's Deathcap after this core build is complete. [number]Two, ability power.[/number] Ability power Ezreal has strong harass on his Essence Flux (W) due to it being able to go through minions and it's relatively high ratio. However, this build trails off very quickly due to the lack of range on his skills that scale off ability power aside from his ult. He's simply outdone by other carries. Core build would be: [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] + [imgsmall=items/archangels-staff.png] + [imgsmall=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] + [imgsmall=items/lich-bane.png] [number]Three, tanky DPS.[/number] Since Trinity Force is part of Ezreal's core build anyways, Ezreal's base damage on his spells is relatively high, and due to Mystic Shot (Q) being able to proc effects, tanky DPS Ezreal is relatively strong. The ability to blink onto the enemy squishy (possibly killing them) and be able to tank the majority of the enemy team's damage is really useful. Plus, Frozen Mallet slow is really strong. You simply can't ignore it. Core build would be: [imgsmall=items/berserkers-greaves.png] or [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] + [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] + [imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png] + [imgsmall=items/atmas-impaler.png] [number]Finally, mana build.[/number] Building an early Manamune, stack mana items such as Banshee's Veil and Frozen Heart. You end up tanky and still able to dish out a lot of damage, however it trails off late game pretty hard. Frozen Heart is essential since (when used with Essence Flux (W)) enemies will have a 48% reduced attack speed, which is devastating. Core build would be: [imgsmall=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png] or [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] + [imgsmall=items/manamune.png] + [imgsmall=items/frozen-heart.png] + [imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png]

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/Wi0mr.png][/center] [center][title]Blinking[/title] [imgext=http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/333/9/7/ezreal_blink_map_by_stormcannon1-d4hpb0y.png] [number]Yellow[/number] = Regular/popular spots for blinking over walls. [number]Blue[/number] = Blinking towards/away from turrets. Helpful for diving/escaping from turret aggro. [number]Red[/number] = Crazy spots that blink you further than your max range. Guaranteed escapes. This is the reason why Ezreal's ability to kite is phenomenal. Notice how you can jump virtually anywhere. Compared to Nidalee leap or the new flash, it's much stronger so you can get away from virtually anyone if you find a good wall to blink over and escape.[/center] [center][title]Ultimate Usage[/title] There are a multitude of uses for his ultimate and with such a low cooldown by spamming Mystic Shot (Q), you shouldn't be afraid to use it when the opportunity arises. Just be sure to not use it if a team fight is incoming due to it's high damage and ability to put your team at a great advantage.[/center] [number]Team fights are stacked heavily in your favor.[/number] Landing a great ult at the start of the fight can really scare the enemy team. If you're being good with farm/kills, your damage won't be insignificant. In a game where it's about outdoing your opponents, putting them behind by hitting them with a high damage spell like your ult puts your team ahead greatly. Plus, it stacks your passive granting you high attack speed, making you deadly. [number]Farming creeps is easy-mode with his ultimate.[/number] If you can help it, don't ult creeps just to farm them faster. If you're good, you should be able to last hit every one just fine. However, there are occasions when the creep wave is so large it'll push your turret (and the enemy team could follow up) so you need to thin it down quick. Even more often, there will be a creep wave building up in another lane that no one is near. Instead of letting those creeps fall to waste to the turret, ult them for some gold and exp. You can also ult minions to quickly stack your passive for small skirmishes. [number]Sniping buffs and legendary beasts are a great way to troll opponents.[/number] Say your support manages to Clairvoyance the enemy jungle finishing up blue buff. If you time it right, you can ult and finish off the creep yourself, essentially wasting the jungle's time and gaining a buff for yourself. Same can be done with dragon and baron but are a little trickier since there tends to be more enemies, but due to the high damage of your ult it is definitely possible. [number]Finishing off opponents.[/number] This is the best because it lets you get kills even when you aren't in a fight. Scenario: Enemy gets away with 5% hp. Your team is complaining, angry they couldn't finish off the kill. Incoming Ezreal ult, snipe! Kill for you, assists for them, gold for everyone, dead enemy, and awesome morale boost.

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/MT9E5.png][/center] Ezreal shines as one of the strongest early game champions (also why it enables him to mid, top, or jungle as a ranged attack damage carry due to his ability to shut down other champs early on) so utilizing this strength is what makes or breaks a good Ezreal player. [center][title]Core Items[/title] [img=items/boots-of-speed.png] + [img=items/dorans-blade.png] + [img=items/sheen.png] + [img=items/health-potion.png] [number]Boots of Speed will assist in your positioning to land your harass. Doran's Blade is your typical starting item since it makes up for Ezreal's squishiness as well as boost his AD, making his harass hurt just that much more. Sheen turns your Mystic Shot (Q) into a nuke. Landing those with Sheen will hurt.[/number][/center] [highlight]Concentrate on farming until the waves thin out and then harass.[/highlight] Don't harass while the waves are still large or you'll get raped by creep aggro (since you're quite squishy and because Mystic Shot (Q) also draws minion aggro). Enemy champs will try to hide behind their minions though so if you can win a trade off auto attack them while moving far enough forward to blink past their creeps, then let loose and spam all your spells. If that's not possible, move towards either the top or bottom of the lane and try to harass around the minions. They'll rotate around their minions to keep the creeps between you and them so this can be useful for positioning the enemy closer to your jungler/support. If you're losing the lane and getting zoned, Mystic Shot (Q) is a great, long-range farm tool. Use it to grab any creeps you can without spamming it too much. Learn to last hit at the tower too; you don't have the pushing power other carries do so you might end up being at the turret often if the opponent pushes. With 1 Doran's Blade it'll take 2 auto attacks with 1 turret shot to kill caster creeps or 2 auto attacks with 2 turret shots to kill warrior creeps. [highlight]Play aggressively if you can beat them since you snowball pretty well or play passively and farm up your items asap.[/highlight] An Ezreal with an early Trinity force is a scary force to be put against.

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/FL7Su.png][/center] As all ranged bot lane players should know, your playstyle evolves around which support you have assisting you in the lane. I'll give some general insight into how I play with each support but take my advice with a grain of salt. What suits me may not suit you. Also, while I list the strengths of each support when they're duoing bot as your support, these tips can be implemented when you're against them too. [highlight]Knowledge is power.[/highlight] [title][center]Conventional Supports[/center][/title] [img=champ/alistar.png] [number]Alistar[/number]: Your level 1-3 kill ability is very strong, playing aggressive as soon as Alistar gets his Headbutt + Pulverize will usually result in a kill. Let Ali sit in bush and when he initiates, use your blink to close the gap and dish out your damage while they're knocked up/stunned. Until then, stay out of harass range because of Ali's short heal range. For him to properly position himself for engagements, he'll be distanced from you. [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] [number]Blitzcrank[/number]: Same playstyle as if you're with Alistar with two exceptions. One, you have no heals so consider getting a starting build that gives pots. Two, when Blitzcrank initiates with Rocket Grab, save your blink for when they flash or to get away if it turns out bad. If Blitz initiates with Overdrive + Powerfist, feel free to use your flash to catch up with him since he can use his Rocket Grab to pull them back if they flash away. [img=champ/janna.png] [number]Janna[/number]: One of the best supports for Ezreal, her slow and knock up make it dead simple to land your skill shots. Furthermore, her shield boosts your attack damage significantly, creating huge burst, especially with Ezreal's early game dominance. Again, no heals. Try not to go in to harass unless she shields you or if they open themselves to free damage by not standing behind minions, etc. [img=champ/karma.png] [number]Karma[/number]: Will be written after Karma rework. Act similar to how you would with Janna in lane. [img=champ/leona.png] [number]Leona[/number]: The deadliest support with the deadliest carry. Let the bodies hit the floor by popping her sunlight passive on the enemy between each of her skills. At level 2 you should be able to kill most opponents in a single combo, especially if you throw in an Ignite to stop their Heal from saving them. Let her initiate and blink in to finish the deal. [img=champ/sona.png] [number]Sona[/number]: Tied with Soraka for most popular support matchup. Her early game harass is very strong too; a Hymn of Valor (Q) from her and a Power Chord following up will chunk off a good amount of their health alone. Add in your Mystic Shot (Q) and you shouldn't be surprised if you pick up a first blood right there. [img=champ/soraka.png] [number]Soraka[/number]: Probably the best suited support for Ezreal, as she can provide mana, Soraka allows you to be less afraid of receiving damage in return when harassing. Spam your spells, play aggressive as her armor buff and burst heal will provide you with the survivability to dish out your damage safely. [img=champ/taric.png] [number]Taric[/number]: The two socially rejected champions have, unsurprisingly, very good synergy with each other. Taric has a reliable stun and significant burst, especially upon reaching level 6. This is an aggressive lane since Taric has early game dominance as well, so shut down your opponent by keeping high pressure. [center][title]Unconventional Supports[/title][/center] Ashe: Due to her volley, you will have excellent harass. Furthermore, they can't hide in bushes from your skillshots since she has Hawkshot. Poke at them early and then proceed to zone them. Once they're low enough, Frost Arrow should provide enough slow to ensure a kill. If it isn't enough there's always exhaust. No heals though, so if you're going to trade hits, make it worth it. Zone them or go home, all or nothing. Alternatively, Ashe has great punishing abilities so you'll be able to remain relatively safe just farming. Gangplank: Similar to Ashe in that your harass is excellent. He has a heal though so let him take the initial damage if a fight breaks out. He's got oranges, he'll be k. I'm demoralized after seeing half my guide disappear. Will work on later.

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/Ja70K.png][/center] I'm demoralized after seeing half my guide disappear. Will work on later.

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/U604P.png][/center] I'm demoralized after seeing half my guide disappear. Will work on later.

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[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/1cSPF.png][/center] I'm demoralized after seeing half my guide disappear. Will work on later.

[center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/Wi0mr.png][/center] I'm demoralized after seeing half my guide disappear. Will work on later.

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