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Season 4 Rammus (Jungle, Higher Elo)

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Hey everyone, I have been playing only Rammus lately in solo-Q, with a pretty good win ratio which can be seen bellow. In this guide I will be explaining my thoughts in why I think Rammus is stronger in this season than in Season 3. Currently in Diamond 4, because of the play style of Rammus, I will share as much knowledge as I can about how the current jungle caters for Rammus. This is my first time writing a guide , so any feedback will be greatly appreciated ^^ [IMG] http://lolz.eu/nellyjai.jpg/nellyjai.jpg[/IMG]

As jungle clearing is not Rammus's Forte, he should focus on ganking once there is an opportunity. I don't think Rammus can clear as fast as other junglers, the intial jungle to lvl 4 is medium speed. After taking both buffs, you should try to head to lane that are either pushed up against your ally, or lanes in equidistant to each other towers (This makings ganking easier). People believe ganking from behind , or from the side is the only option for Rammus, but don't neglect a lane gank, as it can also be equally deadly providing you don't hit the minions (Rammus Powerball speed steroid will catch an opponent in lane with low move speed out). TIP: If you know where the enemy jungler is starting, you can try to mirror the jungler, but since you have higher mobility (Most of the time) you should reach lanes faster, making your ganks more efficient as the enemy jungle will arrive after you have killed or seriously wounded the enemy champion. TIP: Rammus has 2 CC's an armour reduction and also defensive steroid early game (lvl3), so this makes teamfights (such as lvl 3 top lane ganks 2v2) easier to control, and if executed right leaving the opponent speechless at what just happened.

During mid game when towers are low, and dragons are being contested. Rammus provides excellent AoE damage, CC and single target pick-offs, so contesting objectives, and controlling pressure is where he shines. Tip: Rammus is fantastic at catching the enemy and picking them off, So if you want to contest a dragon, an obvious ganking path would be to force a gank on the bot lane , relieving pressure and ensuring an easier dragon. Tip: Rammus is not a good champion to take dragon under pressure, he has low execution besides his smite, so champions that have execution spells and smite will steal a dragon pretty easily (i.e. Lee Sin Sonic wave, into kick + Smite). Tip: Rammus is good at diving under tower, so once you have gained some tankiness and also levels in your defensive ball curl, coming behind the enemy towers and diving (or even just storming at them from the front) is an easy gank path to take. (Caution: Please judge for yourself whether you have enough damage to burst the enemy at tower down before your tank \"too\" many tower hits, diving towers is always a sensitive play and should be treated as careful as you can).

Late game Rammus is where you should feel like your are the tankiest thing in the world. With Defensive Ball Curl activated a fully build rammus should have roughly 400+ armour and 200+ MR. The main objective in late game , is trying to engage and catch out enemies before taking down big objectives like baron nashor or inhib/towers. Tip: common tactic is to use the Sweeping Lens to clear a brush close to the enemy, signal your team your gonna engage, charge up your powerball and roll in. Most likely the enemy team will throw whatever spell they have at you to stop you from engaging, whilst retreating if you can spot a easy target to pick off then do so. It could be a support which has fallen behind etc etc. If you get successfully disengaged then rinse and repeat.

If you can get an easy knock up (Powerball) or taunt on a carry then do so. If not, then don't hesitate to taunt an assassin or bruiser that is trying to go for your back line (Sometimes, its better to peel for your carries, whilst tanking the enemies carries, because Rammus's kit makes sure that he is one of the tankiest champions there is out there). Activating Tremor with Sunfire Cape, creates a very big zoning area that squishys/carries do not what to be in, so use that zoning area effectively. Deciding whether to taunt an assassin/bruisers (Ahri, Zed , Fizz , Kassadin, Kha, Jax, Shyv etc etc) or the enemies carries (ADC) is what separates the good Rammus's to the Godlike Rammus's. Tip: Just because you taunt someone doesn't mean you have to attack that champion. As obvious as it sounds, during a chaotic teamfight, I've seen people do that. i.e. If enemy shyvana Dragon forms into your backline (past you), walk back taunt him, and instantly start walking towards the enemy backline again, with defensive ball curl and tremor activited - Thus zoning the enemy carries from getting to your carries and having a nice pet dragon behind you taking your allys spells + attacks. There are too many situations where taunting different targets yield different results, and can either win or lose you the fight. Tip: If you see an enemy support with Mikael's Crucible, that is a big counter to ensuring you lock down a taunted champion, so in situations like that it might be worth catching a support out before a fight. Or in situations where the support is unreachable, and his top priorty is to ensure the carries don't get cc'd, they will least expect the tanks/bruisers to get taunted, or even assassin that run too deep into your teams back line for them to use the item.

All in all, I think Rammus is a fantastic champion for soloQ and is easy to climb higher elo with, main reason being that soloQ tends to have more unorganized plays and vision. Due to the Season 4 vision change, it has been made easier to see where the enemies put wards down, or even how many they have put down. Good Rammus players will leave their opponents needing lighting fast reactions or good awareness, or they will face their doom ^.^ I hope I haven't missed anything too major, I am easily accessible on EUW under Nellyjai Thank for your time in reading my guide. PS: I Hope there isn't too many typos xD

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