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[5.13] A Guide to Tower Diving. [Not Really Though]

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Hello fellow Nautilus players! In this guide I aim to teach you my way of playing our beloved titan. In the near future I plan to update this guide to include support, top, and even mid lane. With the new nerfs to Nautilus' [img=skills/nautilus/e.png] he probably won't be as successful in top or mid, but I won't be able to test this for the time being due to my computer being out of order.

Vision Control, then ganks. If Bottom Lane is super ahead and enemy team is back/dead do dragon. Keeping a [img=items/vision-ward.png] either in Pixel Brush or the Brush above Red helps you, the mid, and bot from getting roamed on. I don't want to say ignore a losing lane, but if your top is 0/4 vs a 4/0 Riven, you probably aren't helping the situation. Tell that sucker to play safe, ward his side of the river for him, and keep trying to get your bot/mid ahead this goes for any losing lane. It really helps when your team is vocal about [img=summoners/heal.png]/[img=summoners/flash.png] being down, remind them! Punish lanes who don't have escapes/are squishy.

Vision Control! Just focus on keeping your turrets alive and theirs dead, now may be a good time for a [img=items/elixer-of-ruin.png] also having vision/timer on dragon is very important for the rest of the game. 1st dragon is good, if you can get it great, if you can't, don't sweat it, trade objectives until you can contest dragons, once the enemy team is approaching 4th dragon, you may want to worry. Flashing in and dying for a dragon is always worth, just make sure your team knows the plan and doesn't suicide with you. Controlling your enemies buffs can also make a huge impact, make sure you are at least trying to do this. Remember Raptor Buff is just as important for them as it is for you, [img=summoners/smite.png] the enemies raptor and kill it, if you can't and are in a hurry, and for some reason still have a trinket ward use that directly on the raptor buff, it wastes their buff.

Late game? Same deal Vision is always important, now more so near Baron then before. But if you can ignore that things existence. Unless your team has taken out 3/5 of their team including the jungler, don't do Baron, just get a tower/inhib. If the Enemy team has really good clear and is just farming it up till late game, bait a Baron, never do it. Ping Assist in a bush you know is unwarded and wait till at least 1 person comes to check with a ward. Rip them. If you some how die or show bot lane with a team mate dead you can consider that a lost baron and possibly game. Don't do that.

All I can say here is use your CC on the right targets, it's very important. If your ADC is super fed and playing safe, then enemy AP/ADC shouldn't be able to get close. Protect your ADC from the highest damage dealer trying to get to them same goes for your AP. If your top is the one fed, ask him who he is focusing in the fight. If he is a bruiser help him kill his targets, if he is a tank let him zone and you can try and peel for your ADC/AP. If all else fails and you are the one that is super fed, get on their most fed target, unleash hell, and pray your team is focusing the same guy/staying out of trouble. I often find myself strong enough on Nautilus to scare away or even out right kill the ADC and or the AP so my team only has to kite out and kill the other 3.

Yesterday you said tomorrow! So just do it! I've been playing [img=champ/nautilus.png] since his release, and while I may not have the rank to prove it, I truly feel like I've mastered this champion. If you decide to look into my stats with Nautilus, please take into consideration that I play him Support more than any other role and even in that position I find myself doing more damage than my ADC most of the time. Nautilus' damage potential combined with his CC, tankiness and a bit of player knowledge is more than enough to carry yourself out of the worst of elo hells given the right amount of time, effort and ping (things which I lack). The best tip I can give to any player is to remember that you are playing a video game first and foremost to have fun, flaming and just being toxin in general is not fun for anyone!

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