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First, take a look at the \"Judging 2v2 Matchup\" section above. That will affect a lot of how the early game should be played out. General Tips You hit level 2 upon the death of the 3rd melee creep of the 2nd minion wave. You hit level 2 upon the death of the first minion wave if you lose 1 melee creep after doing a level 1 camp. You hit level 2 upon death of the first melee creep of the 2nd minion wave if you lose 2 melee creeps after doing a level 1 camp. You're fairly strong at level 5 compared to a lot of ADC's. Try to save for BF Sword 1038.pngon first back. If you back with around 800 gold, you can get either Vampiric Scepter with potions or Pickaxe with potions. Early Vampiric Scepter 1053.png may be extremely potent, because lifesteal benefits from your Q. Get the pickaxe if you need the extra damage in trades and not the sustain. This will likely build into a first item IE 3031.png If you get pushed back early, you may get a second Doran's Blade 1055.png with potions.

At this point, you will have 1 or 2 major items completed. You will outdamage the enemy ADC most of the time at this point. Take a look at the \"Judging Team Composition and Win Condition\" option to see what you should be doing. General Advice: Draven is a strong teamfighter. Draven has weak sieging. Be aware of what CC is a threat to you in a teamfight. Be aware of what damage is a threat to you in a teamfight. It may be wise to not join a teamfight with autoattacks until you know the key cooldowns of the enemy. You want vision of flanks wherever you decide to go. Don't facecheck. Don't get picked.

Take a look at Judging Team Composition and Win Condition General Advice VISION - Get it with your team, get it away from the enemy team. DO NOT GET PICKED - Stick with your team most of the time, only go where there is vision, don't let teammates go out to ward solo - warding is a team effort. PRESSURE - Push out side lanes before you start pressuring areas of the map. Look at barons and dragons for teamfights and picks. If 1 side of the map is getting pressured by enemy, you had better be pressuring somewhere else or stopping that pressure. This comes with experience.

This comes with experience, so I will list factors that you should keep in mind throughout the game. General Advice: Try to base as little as possible. Try to base only when you have a major item purchase, such as BF Sword. Generally, a major item purchase involves buying an item that puts you at a significant advantage over the enemy or puts you on par with an enemy who is quite ahead of you if you don't make a purchase. In doing so, you will notice a rise in your CS numbers, and increase in pressure on the map. You may base if you need to get out of a sticky situation, such as when the enemy team is converging on your location, but you don't have time to run. Use your best judgment. When buying items, always try to buy them while walking out of base, so you spend the least amount of time standing still in base.

I will not tell you how every matchup goes, but I will pose questions that I ask myself before every game during champion select and in loading screen. You should also be thinking about these question in game. As you get into the habit of thinking about these questions, you will gradually notice improvements in the way you think about the game and your overall game knowledge. Questions to ask yourself: How should I play to win this lane? How will my enemy play to win this lane, knowing how I will play? How should I play to counter my enemy's counterplay? Who will hit level 2 first? Support Synergy: Is my support a kill support? If my support is a kill support, should we push for level 2 advantage? When is my kill support strong? Is my support a sustain support? If my support is a sustain support, should I go for a heavy level 1 trade? Is my support a poke support? Is my support a passive support? How does my lane partner utilize that support? Does my support know how to do a jungle camp? Does my support know what to do in lane if we do a jungle camp? Enemy Support: Same questions as for my support, but in a different context. If the enemy has a strong level 2, how do I counteract that? Should I push for level 2 first? Should I counteract their push? Did enemy bottom lane start a camp? How should I counteract that? Enemy AD Carry: When is enemy ADC strong? Does enemy ADC have poke? What items does the enemy ADC have? Can I trade against that? What abilities will they use to trade with me? How will I win trades against that? Can I trade against that? Example Matchup: Draven Soraka vs Jinx Thresh Early matchup: WATCH IF THEY DID A CAMP. If so, you may be at a huge disadvantage. Don't get cheesed by their level 2. My support is not a strong level 2 support. Thresh is strong level 2. Jinx Thresh is strong level 2 with the trap hook flay combo. What will they try to do level 1? Look for some hook. Push the lane. Get level 2 first. What does Soraka do level 1? What will we do level 1? Soraka can heal level 1. Bottom lane trading favors our lane, because we can heal up by level 2 while they can't. Trade heavily, so they can't aggress level 2. Make sure you position to not get hooked or take too much damage for Soraka to heal fast enough. General: Position around minions. Fight in my minion wave. Push the lane to prevent their getting level 2 first. Go for trades, because you will win if Soraka doesn't get caught. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WATCH YOUR POSITIONING.

1.png Annie: Strong level 2. Good poke. Good damage and CC. Usually squishy, so she may get killed easily by enemy bottom lane if she mispositions. Depending on build, may not scale well into late game due to her only CC being a short range stun. 432.png Bard: Does good damage. Heal is ok, but it may save you from ganks. His stun is good for setting up kills. 53.png Blitzcrank: Hit or miss. Good for getting picks. Laning is decent, depending on hooks and how strong enemy support is. Good level 6. 201.png Braum: Strong support with Draven. Winter's Bite (Q) does good damage. His stun is very good for getting kills. Has good engage and disengage. Peels well for you in teamfights. 40.png Janna: Passive support. Doesn't set up kills too well. Can set up kills from ganks. Good disengage and peeling in teamfights and in splitpush comps, but Draven isn't the most amazing in splitpush comps unless ahead. 43.png Karma: Good poke support. Good mantra Inner Flame damage with root can secure kills for you. Can peel well for you. May speed you past your axes, so be careful of that. 25.png Morgana: Can be good for kills if she hits binds. Overall safe support. Good level 6. Helps against teams with a lot of CC in teamfights. Vi counterpick. 267.png Nami: Good sustain. Can make trades quite efficient for you. Can be bad if she misses important bubbles. Doesn't scale too well in late game, due to volatility of bubbles. 111.png Nautilus: Extremely tanky with a lot of CC and pick potential. Strong laning support. Push for level 2 and you will very likely get kills. 16.png Soraka: Not the best support for getting you kills. Lets you survive ganks and if you get caught due to bad positioning. 412.png Thresh: Strong support at all stages of game. Strong kill pressure. Fits most team comps. Good disengage and pick potential.

At every point in every game, you should always be thinking of your win condition. Team composition plays a large role in judging your win condition. At every point in the game, you should have an idea on what your win condition is and how to accomplish it. Snowball Your teamcomp has snowbally champions, likely assassins. You might not have a tank, waveclear, engage, nor disengage. You'll want to win lanes to win game. Otherwise, it can be tough. 4:1 You have a fed top laner or mid laner who can duel anyone. You have poke/waveclear/disengage among the 4 people who are grouped. 1:3:1 You have good disengage, waveclear in the 3 grouped. You have 2 decent splitpushers who can take towers quite well. Your support needs to ward the flanks. Teamfight Your team has good aoe or CC. You or your teammates likely hit powerspikes within the last minute. Your team has a tankline or some sort of peel. You might have an assassin to round out the comp. You can set up vision around dragon or baron and look for teamfights by baiting objectives. Be sure to clear out enemy wards and set up your own. Buy pinks. After winning a teamfight your team can easily get baron and siege. If your tanks have armor, you can even dive. Draven is a strong teamfighter. He can wait until assassins blow combos while still dealing damage through the enormous aoe damage of his ultimate. Pick Your team doesn't have much aoe, but you have decent amount of single target CC. If you set up vision in key areas and clear out enemy vision, you can get picks easily and win the game off of that. Buy pinks. This may work as a last resort when your team is behind and can't win 5v5 teamfights. Be sure to push out nearby lanes as this may split up the enemy team. Baron Your team may have bad waveclear or siege. If you try to siege, your team may just get destroyed. Draven is not the best sieging ADC, due to his lack of escape and 550 range. In this case, your team's best bet may be to bait baron. Use the strategies of a pick/teamfight composition to bait a fight near baron as described above. If you are in gold/plat elo, you'll usually get the baron for free due to the enemy's lack of map awareness. Draven is a strong baron killer when he is even somewhat ahead. You can look for baron anytime after it spawns. PUSH OUT NEARBY/ACROSS MAP LANES. You should have someone clear out mid lane whenever the minions come, so enemy has to choose between mid pressure or baron. When hitting baron to bait the enemy, you should keep in mind that a number of times you should be positioning inside the baron pit, so you are behind your tanks when the enemy team joins the fight. Dragon The rare 5th dragon scenario sometimes may be your only option to win a game. The stats and true damage give a huge boost in the late game. This is usually the case if your team can't close out a game nor siege effectively. You can use 5th dragon pressure to get a pick or win a teamfight by baiting enemy out of position. You don't necessarily need the buff. Simply baiting it may get you the win. PUSH OUT NEARBY/ACROSS MAP LANES. You should have someone clear out mid lane whenever the minions come, so enemy has to choose between mid pressure or baron.

The time to control axes depends on the travel time between your axe and the target. You can control your axes during the time that your axe is midair. The closer you are to your target, the less time you have to control the direction of its landing position. When kiting someone who is on top of you, you should turn on Blood Rush (W) and perhaps Stand Aside (E) the enemy and run away a short distance before throwing axes. This will increase the travel distance of your axes, so you can actually control axes. If the enemy on top of you is too fast (Udyr, Master Yi), and you are too slowed (Darius, blue smite+exhaust Shyvana with BOTRK), you can either flash to gain distance, or you can hit S to stand still. If you decide to hit S, you will deal more DPS, because you can fully utilize your attack speed. You may die, but you likely weren't going to escape anyway. You have a chance of living with the increased DPS of hitting S. Hitting S is very effective if you are ahead in the mid game, because you will usually outdps the enemy diver. You can use flash to control your close range Whirling Death (R) and secure a kill when the enemy tries to flash or dash the return damage of the R. If the enemy is close, don't E before you R. This may knock the enemy aside from your R. Learn the range of various gapclosers and hooks, so you can position and use your E better. You can use your E on most gapclosers, but keep in mind that your E has an animation time before it casts. You should preempt your E based on range of the gapcloser or cast it as the gapclosing skillshot animation starts, such as Leona's 89.png Zenith Blade (E). When killing objectives or buffs, you can stand next to a wall to make axe catching easier. The axes will now land either to 1 side of you or on top of you, because you eliminated one of the places that the axes can land. This makes more axes land on top of you.

I picked up Draven a couple months back when my brother said my mechanics sucked. I got Diamond playing Draven to prove a point. I stream a few times a week at twitch.tv/iekdowee. Come check it out if you want. I'm in school right now, so I'll be playing on my smurf most of the time and just having fun.

To Do: Example item builds at different points of game Add more supports to support synergies Support rankings Support matchups Include example item builds at different stages of game with explanation Updates: 9/21/2015 - Trinity Force item and explanation added. Nautilus support synergy added.

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