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ADC Caitlyn Guide - Never out of Meta!

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Hey all, Im a Plat ADC Main and this Is my First Guide! [img=champ/caitlyn.png] Hope you Enjoy! It will Be Focused around Caitlyn. Caitlyn is probably my Favourite Marksman due to her High Poke/Damage in lane, Ill try to keep this Guide updated with each new patch to make sure it stays relevant. Enjoy! :) The Pros: - Has Great range so harasses well in the Lane. - Is a safe Pick - Is really good in teamfights due to her range (Makes it hard for the enemy to reach you) - She scales really well Into the late game - Great Siege Cons: - Positioning is everything, If you get hard CC'ed can mean death - If you lose lane hard your late game can be hit pretty hard - It can sometimes be hard to decide when to use your ult - She has a Mid game Slump Starting game stats: Damage : 47 (+3 / per level) Health : 390 (+80 / per level) Mana : 255 (+35 / per level) Move Speed : 325 Attack Speed : 0.668 (+3%) Armor : 13 (+3.5 / per level) Magic Resist : 30 Health Regen : 4.75 (+0.55 / per level) Mana Regen : 6.5 (+0.55 / per level) Range : 650

Although I go over it below I want to go over it here as I believe that the Lane phase is one of the best times for Caitlyn and because of this, I want to go Into more Detail with all off Caits Abilities and how to use them: Peacemaker: This can be used in several ways in lane, It is an Amazing poke tool and can be a real pain to play against, It is also a great pushing tool, Q the wave when It comes into lane and you will quickly push to tower. Snap Trap: This is really good for Zoning in lane, You can place them In the brushes to control where there support can go, You can also place them in lane around there ADC's feet to annoy them, Its great to place around there turret too when you are pushed to it, You cant create a great Pick off of this and combo it with you Q. 90 Caliber Net: I use this mainly as a Escape tool, Whenever Im playing Cait I always like to keep enough mana to use this as it gets you out of a Sticky situation, I can also be used to damage and Kite with as well, You can also E-Q at the same time for a Quick burst of damage whilst also getting out of the enemies range. Ace in the Hole: Ace in the Hole is your Ultimate, This can be used in a few ways, One way is to simply finish off a kill, If you have just had a 2v2 vs your opponents and one get off low just ult, Simple really. You can also Use it to force a enemy out of lane, You can then take the turret, Grab drake Or if they saty and they are low you can dive them for a Kill.

The Early game is really important for Cait, You should be focusing on Farming up a storm and harassing the Enemy with your passive, Seriously Poke the enemy down As much as possible, No other AD Carry has the range of Caitlyn so make the most of it, If you can poke them down enough you can then position yourself so that you are denying them the farm and XP. If and when you have forced your opponent out of lane PUSH! Your Q probably give you the best wave clear of any ADC and by pushing the wave under there turret you are denying them Even more. Although this may be more of a over all gameplay element, make sure to communicate with your Support, If you want him to Get brush control ask him, If you want him to go Aggressive tell him, If you and your Support communicate well its near impossible to lose the lane as a Caitlyn.

You have now reached the Mid game and have hopefully got your main first Item. [img=items/infinity-edge.png] You should now be grouping up with your team mates and team fighting, The best places to fight as a Caitlyn are around objectives like Dragon and Baron, This way you can make the best use of your traps by placing them in Brushes and good use of your passive (Headshot Prop counts at 2 Instead of 1 When Hitting form a Brush). If you and your team Win a good team fight help them push down turrets, As an ADC its important to be with your team when taking the objectives. However if your team is doing well and they dont really need you, Dont hesitate to roam to take another tower on the map and to grab the farm in other lanes, As a ADC you should still always be farming! You need that Gold! So to Summarise: - Group with your Team and take Objectives (Turrets, Dragon etc.) - Always be Farming (Roam to other lanes if you can and take the farm) - Objectives after fights (After a Fight stay around and help your team push the turrets) Although I've mentioned it a couple of Times already [b]Always be Farming![/b] If your In mid lane go and Grab Wraith Camp, Go and grab Wolves, Never be doing nothing, If you stand there doing nothing, Your losing out on Gold and XP.

At this point in the game you will probably be at there Inhibitor turrets and sieging them. This is another area where Caitlyn shines, She has probably the best siege in the game for a AD Carry with her Cupcake traps and Long range she can Zone and Poke out the Enemy right under their turret for a safe distance. [b]The Sieging [/b] Im gonna give a brief run-down of how to siege with Caitlyn that should help keep you safe and take the turret without the enemy getting near you. - Placement of the Traps [img=skills/caitlyn/w.png] You should be placing these right under there feet around the turret, This should stop them being able to engage on you and if they happen to tread on them you can get some free damage of and force them to back. - Wave Clear [img=skills/caitlyn/q.png] As I've already said Above, Caitlyns Q id the best wave clear tool of a Adc, You can use this while Sieging to more or less one hit there wave as it tries to make its way out of there base. -Damaging the Turret When ever you can you should be moving up with you wave of minions to land auto onto the turret, You should repeat this with every wave you have. Go up Land a few hits, Back out. Eat Sleep Repeat! [b]Fighting[/b] This late in the game when Caitlyn has her [img=items/last-whisper.png],[img=items/infinity-edge.png] She becomes a monster in teamfights, She can Hammer away from a distance and pretty much melt both Tanks and Squishes alike. However although Caitlyn is a Great Team fighting champion she Is not the best Duelist, She will get easily beat By Champs like [img=champ/lucian.png], [img=champ/vayne.png],[img=champ/tristana.png] So BE CAREFUL Ask your team to peel for you and Avoid 1v1'ing If you can help it.

Team Fight are one of Caitlyn's best times to Shine, you can hammer down on there team from a good distance and with your net have a good escape if someone does get onto you. Your main priority should be to hit there main Damage Dealers (Mid Lane Carries, Ad Carries) and take them out Quickly from a Distance. BUT DO NOT put yourself in danger to do this, The main advantage of Cait is her Range and if your standing 2ft away from their Irelia who can just jump on you its not gonna end well for you or your team. So If you cant hit there carries then go for what you can reach, Keep yourself safe. [b][big]KEEP GOOD POSITIONING[/big][/b] I tend to waffle alot as I type so to put it simply, Im gonna list the Main things you should keep in mind when team fighting: 1. Positioning (At the Back Hammering away at there team from a safe distance) 2. Focus (Try to get at there Carries unless it if Unsafe to do so) 3. Remember your Summoners! (If you get caught out remember about flash and Heal) 4. Dont get greedy (Dont chase! Objectives over kills!) To expand a little on Point 4, Dont get greedy after a team fight, If your team comes out on top and has left some of there team running for cover, chasing isn't always the best thing to do. If you can get Mid tower then Drake do it! It will get you and your team More gold and Map pressure than getting one last kill. Just remember Objectives over Kills! Here is a Video I found of Pro player Cpt.Jack (Pro Korean player) [vid=] This video is Great to see how to position as Caitlyn and as a ADC in general, He is in the back Hitting enemies safely

So, I hope you have all enjoyed my Guide about Caitlyn and learnt something new. :) This is My First Guide and Tips on how to improve it will be appreciated as I plan on making more in the future! Feel free to Comment and I will be updating this Guide with each new Patch to make sure it stays up too date. Ryan :D

With my new Internet connection I plan On streaming alot of Of Ranked game and Maybe some normals with Friends! Im Currently a Plat ADC Main so Expect Guide of all of the Main Carries that are Popular at the moment: Caitlyn - Done Lucian Tristana Kog'Maw Ezreal (Although some of the Guides say done I will always come back to update them as times goes on)

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