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Annie is a ranged AP character with great CC and high burst damage potential. However, her lack of mobility on top of her niche stun system, has deemed her unworthy of a position as a high tier AP carry position. Due to this, she is easy to catch off guard both by enemy junglers and opposing laners and have a very predictable angle and timing of initiation. Annie's heavy dependency on AoE \"wombo-combo\" makes it very hard for her to dominate later with the addition of items like Locket of the Iron Solary. At the same time, she is not very dependable in focusing down important late game characters like assassin mid laners and have value in poking compositions. However, her tools are great for many roles in the current metagame. Her ability to CC and burst enemies in good AoE from early levels allows her to successfully net kills and set dominance in the lane. Her CC and damage transitions well throughout the midgame and help set your own pace to the game. Coming from the Season 3 play style, having control of the game from early on is heavily valued by teams. It gives your team the moment to pressure and close up the game before the enemy can retaliate. Annie's tools can easily help do this. Annie is also a great late game support as she can make the most of the gold granted to her by the Season 4 item changes. As of now, supports need as to be able to cleanly pressure a 2v1 lane, initiate, ability to disengage, and scaling through with item. Having a well sized and quick AoE stun from level one, Annie has the ability to initiate fights. This part of her can also help her disengage from fights. And with the items that is available to her now that Season 4 allows more items on supports, she can will this flaw through a bit of item purchases. Being an AP mid laner originally, Her AP scaling is quite remarkable for a support. All this makes her one of the best and more flexible supports at the moment along side a few others like Lulu, Zyra, Leona, and Thresh. Pros: [.]Very flexible and can fit multiple roles in the Season 4 metagame. [.]Annie has one of the highest attack range in the game. This allows her to pressure and keep enemies in check just with her autoattacks. [.]Annie has a respectable AoE stun at level 1. [.]Annie has decent initiation. [.]Annie has decent AP scaling. [.]Annie can net kills during the early levels. [.]She's a rare fire starter that isn't fighting type. Cons: [.]Annie cannot function well if she falls behind and is down on gold and/or experience. [.]Annie cannot as easily protect a carry. She does not have good utility values. [.]Annie has poor mobility, which is very important for a support. [.]Annie has school from 8am-3pm. Including Friday classes. While in all honesty, I believe Annie is right now very flexible and should be first picked by any support, these exceptionally good scenario for support Annie. When to pick support Annie: [.]Pick Annie especially if you see squishy support and/or carry on the enemy team. Especially if your opponent support is weak during early levels (level 1 or 2). [.]Pick Annie if you want to 2v1 lane. [.]Pick Annie if your AD carry has good lane presence. [.]Pick Annie if you are confident in outplaying your lane. Try to not pick support Annie: [.]When your team needs a support to heavily disengage. [.]When your team is trying to play a slow match and get to late game.

Annie is very strong even at level 1. The fact that you have an AoE stun nuke is crucial. With Annie's tool, your team can easily invade enemy jungle. If you know where your enemy team is, you can initiate with flash + incinerate(W). If you do not, walk in second. If the enemy team decide to engage, find your time to hit as many targets as you can with your incinerate(W). This will turn the tide of the battle quickly, allowing your team to net at least first-blood and some more after. If your team decide not to invade, place at least 1 ward so that your jungler can keep track of the enemy jungler. This is crucial for your team's success. This will prevent counter-jungling from ruining your jungler's day and reveal windows for your jungler to counter-jungle. In a 2v1 lane, find opportunities to stun and harass the enemy solo lane. You do not have to pour a lot in this lane. Just poke and pressure into their tower. Unless the enemy jungler comes to aid the lane, you and your AD carry will have an easy tower to take. In a 2v2 lane against a fragile support, find a moment to flash + incinerate(W) the enemy AD carry and support together. This can be done easier from inside a bush. Try to find the little window of time when there aren't too much creeps in lane so that you don't end up dying to creep aggro or missing kills due to unit collision. With the new trend of barrier/cleanse on the ADC, it is easier to target the supports (who are now pick up ignite or exhaust for their ADC). If you see that the enemy ADC has barrier or cleanse, pick off the support instead of being stubborn. If you shut down a support in lane, it is as impetuous as shutting down the ADC since the ADC relies heavily on the support for early game lane presence. If, for some reason, your team fails to get that firstblood or early kills, it is not the end of the world. If the enemy somehow got away (unless your team really messed up) the chances are the enemy team burned everything to escape that situation. Try again and you'll get it. And at the end of the day, the enemy bot lane isn't getting farm and exp from taking trips to the fountain. A 2v2 against an aggressive support, try to make use of your superior autoattack range and poke them out of the lane. If the enemy impatiently engages on you, it will be a very easy fight to win with your own CC and burst damage. The aggressive supports tend to be quite tanky. So unless they have been dwindled down via pokes, go for the AD carry. If the aggressive support does not want to challenge you recklessly, push up the lane and continue harassing. Just be wary that your lane can become vulnerable to jungle ganks since the aggressive supports tend to have pretty good initiation and CC. Once the lane stabilizes, do your best to push. You want to deny the enemy team farm. Also you want to as much space for your team to work with so sieging up towers is very important. Organize ganks and tower dives with your jungler. You have a great tool to allow windows for you jungler to do work. Make good use of your incinerate(W) and stun multiple targets in engagements. Ward offensively on their side of the lane. Place wards in places so that you can intercept the enemy jungler with your AD carry and jungler. This will either shift the attention of the enemy AP carry towards your lane or make the whole enemy team give up bottom lane and try to salvage what they can in the other lanes. Make sure to use your trinket and pink ward to keep your side of the lane bush and the tri-bush, if possible, clean. This will help both your mid lane and jungler move around gank your lane with some degree of success. If the enemy team chooses to focus into your lane, play a bit more conservatively. Lure the enemy team to tower dive you. With your AoE stun and burst damage, even a 2v4 under your tower can lead to equal trade in kills. Try to wait out until you are level 6 and have stun charges up for summon Tibbers(R). If the enemy team chooses to give up bottom lane, take the tower as quick as possible and start the next phase of support Annie. [title]Warding[/title] When the game starts, travel with your team to place some wards for your jungler. A ward on the enemy wraith will give your team a good idea of which red buff the enemy jungle is going for. It will also give a good sense of the timing at which the enemy jungler is taking his/her red buff. Finally this ward can show if the enemy jungler decides to either gank the mid lane or the side lane. If he/she decides to gank the mid lane after red, they will most likely walk passed the ward again. A ward inside the bush near your own wraith is good if you think the enemy jungler will try to invade red buff after taking his/her blue buff. If the enemy jungler comes to steal your jungler's red buff, they will be caught by the ward so surrounding lanes can go to aid the jungler. In lane, ward deep in the enemy's side of the lane bush. This will prevent enemy junglers from coming in through the lane, prevent jukes from the opposing team as they run from your fiery torment, and give you knowledge of when you can initiate on the enemy support or AD carry. You might need to invest more than one ward for this if the enemy bot lane has a sweeper trinket. If the enemy bot lane has 2 sweeper trinket, do not go for this ward unless you have a sightstone. Against enemy midlane and junglers, you want to ward in the river near dragon and inside the tri-bush. These will give you enough time to not only run away from ganks, but also give you time to possibly intercept and counter-gank them as they come towards your lane. That'll give them more to think about if they wish to gank your lane again. If you are not able to get to the tri-bush or get near the dragon, place the ward in the river between the river bush and the dragon. This will show champions walking into/out of the tri-bush and walking down the river to bottom lane.

Once that enemy tower falls, start rotate with your AD carry and roam. If you are able to pressure another lane without going back to lane, head towards mid. If you call your jungler, you will have a 4v1 or 4v2 at mid. If no other lanes shift to stop you guys, you will have a very free mid tower. If you or your AD carry had to return to base or mid is contested, go to the other side lane that you did not pressure yet. There are few supports like Sona and Zyra that can compete with 2v1 tower destroying speed. If not, chances are you and your AD carry had done it too quickly for the enemy duo to finish the tower. Pressure the lane with at least the jungler. If you had won the 2v2 lane and is now head towards top, they will have to invest more than the solo bruiser or their duo to stop your push. If they send their duo against you, it will be bottom lane episode 2. If they send just the bruiser, it will be near impossible for the bruiser to handle. If they shift more than that, other lanes will be open for free farm and push. While pushing, you can also assist your jungler by ganking with him/her and invading enemy jungle. Your CC and damage is scary enough. Clear and place wards as move around so that your jungler can constantly go through those routes undetected. Force fights under dragon and try to pressure every lane. These global gold needs will stack up on your side and help you gain advantage over the other team. This will allow you to build the items you need to continue having more presence in the game. The global gold will also allow your team to have that extra edge to consistently win team fights. Ride the momentum you create with support Annie and continue to take objectives off the map. Take more towers, dragon, enemy buffs, and baron. Keep map control by warding offensively and catch enemies off guard. [title]Warding[/title] During mid game, you want to keep a ward in midlane. This will help see where your opponents are shifting their power towards. Also, keep wards in enemy jungle to help counter-gank, invade, and make sure your own ganks do not get interrupted. Of these, have vision of enemy blue and wraith. These two are key position that you can easily contest and at the same time let you know how your enemy is moving in their own jungle. Also, make sure to prevent enemy sight of dragon and later baron. Force them to fight you for it or hand it over to you for free.

Counter ganked. Miss played. Based Crit Rune. My team is afk. There are ways your early game could fall apart. This is highly undesirable for support Annie. At this point you have to decide to which of the two threats you have spill the lead on. ADC: This is one of the worst things that can happen. At this point, you have to call up your jungle and/or mid lane. Depending on how the two ADCs match up against each other, you have to make your choice to either toss bottom lane or reinforce it. If your ADC has an earlier power spike than the enemy team, reinforcing bottom lane and getting ADC back in game is a safer choice. Getting kills or even just helping shove lane will allow your ADC to get even against the enemy ADC. And once this happens, since your ADC spikes earlier, will become a decisive factor earlier. If you ADC has a terrible match up or power spikes later, it might be smarter to start roaming a bit. You can join a counter jungle or even gank mid. If successful, you can force the game to get into your pace through the jungle and/or mid. However, for any of this to work well, you need to invest extensively on stealth wards and denying enemy vision. You need to keep an eye on the enemy jungler so that you do not get counter ganked and give away an even biggest lead. Jungler: Did the jungler feed off your lane? Then this is a very sticky situation. Your lane can easily get camped again and again. This means you and your ADC alone will not be able to make plays without either getting counter ganked constantly or investing extensively on wards and slowing down item builds. Even then, if the enemy jungle and support pressures your lane, there isn't too much you can do alone. Unless your own jungle and/or mid shifts to help you out, the best you can hope is to not feed to hard. Hope for the enemy to overextend and just minimize losses. But this is not the worst part. A fed jungler can shift his weight all over the map and help win other lanes easily. If you do not think you and your AD carry can pull off some plays and win bottom lane, you have to either start rotating lanes or just team up for a push. A 4+jungle vs 4+fed jungle is a much more desirable odd than 1 vs 1+fed jungle or 2 vs 2+fed jungle.

While Annie has no real tools to protect carries like other supports can, Annie scales very well with items in comparison to other supports. And while doing so, she still has good initiation and utility. Due to this, Annie can hold herself quite well by herself. However, you are an AoE teamfight oriented champion. Do not roam in pairs anymore. Annie is neither tanky nor have great escape mechanisms. Rather, keep together with your team to gank pick off champions that venture away from their pack or help initiate a teamfight. Always be around a close range of your carry so that you can back him/her up if he/she gets caught. At this point of the game, Annie will really start feeling like a regular AP champion. And it is very important that you, as a player, notice when late game has started and when to change your mentality from being a hyper aggressive support to playing cautiously. If the enemy team turtles up, start taking some CS and replace some of your items, such as your gold-per item, to deal more damage and transition into a carry-esque build yourself. Force fight at Baron. Also, if your ward coverage and de-warding has gone well, you can always bait the enemy team near Baron and gank them. But always remember to check your team composition and see if your team has an expiration date. If that is the case, try to make plays happen rather than farming up for a big fight. [title]Warding[/title] Try to hold map control through sweeper trinket and vision wards. You want to have vision of the enemy while denying any from them. This way you can force fights by catching people with your stun. However, do not go around warding/de-warding on your own anymore. Your contribution to teamfights are very important. And at the same time your ability to escape ganks is subpar. Ward the shallow parts of the enemy jungle, midlane, and near baron. With your pink wards, keep wards off of the shallow parts of your own jungle. This will allow your team to observe how the enemy team is shifting their weight around the map while preventing your opponent from doing so on you.

Either initiate with summon Tibbers(R) or chain into an initiation with it. As soon as summon Tibbers(R) is casted, if you can, place your Shard of True Ice on it to keep your opponents slowed near Tibbers to take as much burn damage as possible. If you are chaining into an initiation, make sure you don't stack over CC. League of Legends do not have CC that last very long so you want to make the most of what you get. Afterward you use your first stun charge, shoot the rest of your nukes as quickly as possible on the less tanky enemies such as other supports and carries. Make the order of your spells [imgsmall=skills/annie/r.png]->[imgsmall=skills/annie/q.png]->[imgsmall=skills/annie/w.png]->[imgsmall=skills/annie/e.png]. If you keep yourself alive long enough, your disintegrate(Q) will come back from cooldown and you will be able to stun one more time. The cooldown on disintegrate(Q) is a lot shorter than incinerate(W), so chances are you will have the choice of using both disintegrate(Q) and incinerate(W) as your second stun, which is the ideal situation. Unless there is only one enemy left, try to use your AoE stun to catch multiple people. When your team gets initiated on, try not to dish out your spells in panic. Your stun charge is very important in team fights and you need to land your AoE stuns on champions that really matter rather than trying to disable 1 champion that is jumping on 1 of your carry. At the early stage of the game, you will be acting more like a bruiser. If you can, hunt down the squishier carries and support with your stun and damage. If this is not possible due to poor positioning, try your best to peel off the enemy bruisers with your carry. One thing that you need to watch out for as support Annie is that you can easily get the carry treatment. Meaning the enemy will start focusing you early in the teamfight. If this starts to happen, make sure to keep yourself safe. Communicate with your team so that you won't die instantly after you cycle your spell. This can be achieved by kiting as a team. This is a very effective maneuver especially if you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Frost Queen's Claim. Always make sure to stay alive so you can dish out at least 2 stun per teamfight. Take this extra care when you are taking dragon and Baron Nashor. Keep yourself separated from your team but away from the enemy team. You don't want to take AoE damage and CC with your team. You have to keep yourself safe to counter initiate on anyone that wants to take advantage of your team's position in dragon/Baron Nashor. Your damage isn't as important as the carries so you can afford to put your CC and spells on cooldown to save your team.

[.]Aggressive caster type AD carries:[img=champ/caitlyn.png][img=champ/ezreal.png][img=champ/lucian.png][img=champ/corki.png][img=champ/varus.png] Explanation: These champions have great burst damage potential early game. This with Annie's early game burst damage will help secure kills much easier. Especially champions with good mobility and burst damage like Corki and Ezreal thrive in lane with Annie. Champions that shove lane well and also take down towers quickly like caitlyn, varus, and lucian are perfect for methodically taking advantage early. [.]Good team fight initiators that can dictate the flow of midgame:[img=champ/orianna.png][img=champ/jarvaniv.png][img=champ/nocturne.png][img=champ/shyvana.png] Explanation: These champions help lead the pace of the game with Annie. By having a strong midgame, these champions can end the game before Annie's expiration date. Not to mention, champions like Shyvana, Orianna, and Jarvan makes it easier for Annie to land large scale summon Tibbers(R) and incinerate(W). [.]Junglers and Midlaner with poor gank potential:[img=champ/udyr.png][img=champ/volibear.png][img=champ/xerath.png][img=champ/anivia.png][img=champ/shyvana.png] Explanation: These champions have great tools and potential once they get to build some items. But if only they were able to easily net kills. By having Annie, their poor initiating/ganking ability can be covered up so they can easily transition into the later phase of the game.

Support Annie is now meta. But with the new Season 4 changes, it is a work in to perfect support Annie. Thank you for supporting Support Annie by giving feedbacks to this guide as well as trying out this build during your games. Shoutouts to GomTV for coming up with the idea of support Annie. Shoutouts to CJ Frost's Madlife for always pioneering AP characters into the support role. Shoutouts to Chinese LoL community for popularizing support Annie. --------------------------- I am ERGZ OPS|KiteSC. My LoL ign is KiteBlue. I am a support main and enjoy playing Sona and Lulu. I am currently in Silver 5 division, but I do not play ranked. I mainly play normal draft games and watch professional LoL matches. I enjoy experimenting new builds and while I have not yet proven my credibility as a player, I hope you make use of this guide. When I'm not on LoL, I enjoy playing DotA 2, StarCraft: Brood War, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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