Ryze Build Guide

The Professor's Guide to the Basics(and not so basics)

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[highlight]Keep an eye out, I'll be updating this guide to Season 3 itemization as soon as possible.[/highlight] First and foremost, this guide is not like the other 90% of guides I've seen on SoloMid. I prefer to think of a guide as a learning tool that delves into a subject and explains in detail. There's information here to assist new to semi-veteran players. Secondly, I must admit that this guide is [highlight]TEXT HEAVY[/highlight]. This isn't just because I like spending a majority of my time typing. I wanted to go deeply into Ryze's gameplay, most importantly his itemization, skills and champion matchups. I shouldn't expect everyone to enjoy nor care about all the math at the end of the guide, but its there for a reason. That reason is to give you a great amount of information going into your build, so you can understand what you're getting out of the runes/items in a damage sense. Lastly, I do hope you enjoy the guide. I spent a lot of time on it for the benefit of others. I don't expect everyone will agree with my path. If you don't like the guide, fair's fair. Either way, I encourage you to comment below. I've responded to quite a few people so far and will continue to do so as long as the comments are reasonable. And remember, this is a game. Have fun! Thanks, Deljase

Ok, I am by no means a top solo queue Ryze player, but I find him one of my stronger mage picks when I mid. Pros: [.]Strong lane presence against most other mid picks [.]Ridiculous mid game damage which only falls off slightly by end game [.]Hard to kill once his build begins to develop [.]Dominating ganks due to the change to his ultimate(move speed OP) [.]Doesn't rely on blue after his build has glacial shroud [.]Can carry a game almost by himself Cons: [.]His damage is mostly limited to combos, mostly against a single target, and the ability to string his skills together to take maximum advantage of them makes or breaks you [.]He has a hard time against champs who have strong early game pushing power [.]He has a very early item dependence on key items such as tear, catalyst and glacial shroud Now, on to the important stuff.

Ok everybody, I'm reworking this section entirely. This is going to be a placeholder with a basic build, but expect there to be a lot more optional setups here to be considered. First: My current mastery build revolves mostly around the utility tree and capitalizing on the early gold production to get Ryze off the ground earlier. Currently this is still focused on 10% cdr from masteries. Runes: Quintessences: Movespeed because nothing has changed about him needing to be mobile. Yellow: Per level Mana as before. Blue: FLAT MR runes. Since the nerf to flat penetration, flat MR becomes a stronger choice. Red: Flat Mpen runes. There's also the option I've been considering of Flat MR runes due to the nerfs to Mpen reds. This will be covered later. I'll be dissecting this section of my guide with multiple mastery pages, strengths and weaknesses of them, soon. [highlight]Still under construction.[/highlight]

Lets start with a simple explanation of his skills as it affects you: [.]Passive - Broken -1 cd based on spamming your skills, which Ryze does anyway [.]Q [highlight]Magic Damage: 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+0.4 per ability power) (+6.5% of max mana)[/highlight] - bread and butter skill to harass/farm/spam hadoukens when killing people, cdr tagged on for added pure awesomeness [.]W [highlight]Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 mana Duration: 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 seconds Magic Damage: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+0.6 per ability power) (+4.5% of max mana)[/highlight] - kiting and grabbing spell, known to have caused people to rage quit when used just outside of their turret safety range, or just inside your own turret during an enemy dive [.]E [highlight]Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 mana Magic Damage: 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+0.35 per ability power) (+1% of max mana) Magic Resist Reduction: 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24[/highlight] - most misunderstood spell, provides an MR shred, his BEST damage source(late game) when bursting if you utilize the bounces correctly [.]R [highlight]Cooldown: 70 / 60 / 50 seconds Spell Vamp: 15 / 20 / 25% Movement Speed: 35 / 45 / 55 Duration: 5 / 6 / 7 seconds[/highlight] - this provides aoe to a normally single-target champ and gives you spell vamp to boot, NOT TO MENTION movement speed which makes you dangerous to chase or be chased by [title]Now for a more in-depth look:[/title] [imgsmall=skills/ryze/p.png] Ryze passive is possibly the strongest part of his skill set. The ability to spam is what makes Ryze so dangerous. He can spam off an entire chunk of an opponent's life and have his abilities almost ready to go again for round 2 of the chunking process. Utilized in combination with a maximized rotation and other CDR sources, this will allow you to even bring your ultimate back up in almost record time, making you just as dangerous after a team fight as you where when the fight happened. [imgsmall=skills/ryze/q.png] Overload silently scales on your CDR which scales on your other abilities. But you say he has a 3.5 second cd and that seems short enough? With 40% cdr 1.4 seconds is taken off this ability which provides you with the chance to take yet another second off your other skill's cds. The mentality of this ability is to use it as often as possible once you have the mana to do so. Early on, when in lane, you use it as a source of harassment and farming(if absolutely necessary) and to build your [imgsmall=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] stacks. Mid game you'll be farming with this ability rather than having to last hit with melee attacks. Late game this spell is on CD more often than not, if it isn't, you better be walking to the team fight or waiting in a bush for a gank with your team. [imgsmall=skills/ryze/w.png] Rune prison is probably one of the best roots in the game. It's a direct-target spell with no ability flight time. It comes back up rather quickly based on your spamming other skills and can be used multiple times in a drawn-out fight if your managing the rest of your skills correctly and not being instantly focused(which is known to happen to Ryze on most occasions). This can be used as an initiation tool for your team, where you throw your damage combo to the wind and decide grabbing an overextended target is worth more than you maximizing your damage output. [imgsmall=skills/ryze/e.png] Spell Flux is the absolute best damage-for-cast spell in Ryze's inventory. The main problem is it scales off AP where most people consider Ryze to be a mana-only champ. As such, most people disregard this spell as about useless. WRONG. This skill shreds the MR of the targets he's hit with it, which gives you more damage on your other skills and as your AA starts giving you the AP to make this viable, the game should have moved into team fights where you can start making maximum use of it. THE OTHER PROBLEM: Spell flux bounces only to targets within a 400 radius of the target it hit(each bounce mind you). It's no big deal in team fights in the open to land this and get a good bounce or two across multiple enemies. In lane though, you need to either have a(and I do mean a) minion to bounce this off of your opponent or use your own self as the bounce focus. Ryze doesn't want to close with targets in most situations so either you have to go all in, hope for an opponent who likes to stand next to a single minion, get into a 2vYou situation and use it on both enemies as they chase or run, or accept that you're not going to maximize it's usage. [imgsmall=skills/ryze/r.png] Desperate Power, such a terrible name for such a great ultimate. Since the change to removing the mana portion of this skill, Ryze has become TWICE as dangerous as before. Yes, they've lowered the mana ratios and weakened his damage seeing as this ability used to provide an actual damage source to your other skills. On the other hand, now you have the mobility you need during your ultimate's usage to make the most of the AoE by hitting the right targets, chasing targets, or even going chicken mode and kiting. The AoE is still as strong, the spell vamp hasn't changed, but the movement bonus is just so strong in a game that is all about your positioning that I can't but say good things about this skill. The other fact is you can get the CD back so quickly that it makes it quite a contender for one of the strongest facets of any mage's skill set ever developed. [center][title]Combos and you, a love story(also text heavy)[/title][/center] [highlight]A point: You can hit your r while your q is in flight and the q will take on the affect of the AoE and spell vamp of your ult. The closer you stand to your target, the harder this is to accomplish, so be warned when trying it.[/highlight] Ryze's skill set is all about comboing all his spells together as best you can to maximize damage and also lowering the cd on his skills so you can do it again. Early game your combo is very simple. Lets start with a level 6 Ryze with 16% cdr from q and the masteries previously mentioned. This gives you a 3 second Q cd(2.94 actually, but lets round that off...) with your w and e both being on about a 12(11.74) second cd. Your ultimate is going to have about a 59(58.8) second cd as well. Now the best you can hope for in a burst combo is to unload your damage as quickly as possible and run like a little girl afterwards. To utilize your entire combo you want to use q/r/e/w/q and walk away. That allows you to unload your combo by just rolling your fingers across your keys. When people say you can faceroll as Ryze, they're not kidding. The other rotation is to use q/r/w/e/q. It's a bit more nimble of fingers than the other combo, yet does the same damage but does something completely different. Using the first combo(q/r/e/w/q) you'll have taken 3 seconds off your ultimate's cd, 2 off your e, and 1 off your w. Using the second(q/r/w/e/q), you instead take 2 seconds off your w and only 1 off your e. Taking it a step farther: Using combo 1: If we are to expand on this while your ultimate is on CD, the next time your e is 1 second from coming off cd, you can use q/e/wait a second/w/q. This combo is slightly harder to hit but gives you the w root at the end of the combo which lets you break away from the fight a bit safer. Using combo 2: After using combo 2, you are instead given the combo q/w/wait/e/q. It gives you a lock down during the second you have to wait to use the last half of your combo yet leaves you open to being chased after you're done trading and have no other abilities to cast. You can just wait for your cds to all come up and utilize q/e/w/wait/q or q/w/e/wait/q combo, both fall into the same repetition as they would with or without your ultimate. OR This is pretty important: To trade with minimal fear from an opponent trading back with you, you should use q and only land w if they're approaching you. If they ARE approaching, use q/e/w as a combo and retreat. If you take no damage, all you've done is gain a lane advantage. [highlight]Now lets look at the later game, post 16, 40% cdr Ryze.[/highlight] Q will be 2.1 seconds while your w and e will have a 8.4 second cd and ultimate is on a 30 second cd. Ryze takes on an entirely new combo chain at 40% cdr. His combos are actually slower to maximize damage, while his burst is instantaneous and almost impossible for an enemy to counter trade. Without ultimate: Without your ultimate to throw into the mix you have the q/e/w/q or q/w/e/q instant burst combos. These combos go off completely inside a rotation and it doesn't matter what ability is used first as there is only a .1 second cd delay(in the time it takes use the skills, theres really no delay) between the first q and the last. The only important factor is if you want your w to come off cd first, or your e. Let's be honest, you'll use q/w/e/q. It's a non-factor in trading at 40% when all your abilities come out at the same time and the root will lose no effectiveness if used first or second. You can use slightly longer combos of q/e/wait/q/w/wait/q or q/w/wait/q/e/wait/q but you're risking allowing the enemy to trade for the damage from one q. It's probably not worth it unless you're trying to finish someone. With ultimate: The combos that can be used are q/r/e/q/w/wait/q burst combo or q/r/w/q/e/wait/q alternate burst and the longer q/r/wait/q/e/wait/q/w/wait/q and q/r/wait/q/w/wait/q/e/wait/q maximum damage chains. The burst combos are the best ways to take down a weakened opponent, or even scare one out of lane by trading with them to the point they're at risk of fighting you(or outright killing them). The maximum damage chains shouldn't be used unless you're in a team fight. Even then, you have to consider if you're going to be focusing a carry or just trying to provide the best widespread damage possible. tl;dr Ryze has a great amount of damage and utility to his skill set. These combos are not law: Use the abilities that fit the fight. Sometimes you're just as well off using q and e to poke at teams and saving that w for the root, disregarding combos entirely to provide initiation. Sometimes you need to open with w to grab that fleeing player or save your own self from being jumped. Decision making is key to Ryze. He's rather forgiving as his abilities tend to come back quickly, but one mistake can make or break a fight.

[imgsmall=champ/ahri.png] - Avoid her abilities, and this should be an easy matchup. Ryze is a good counter here. [imgsmall=champ/akali.png] - This will be a somewhat hard lane if you overpush. Akali thrives on you extending too far, allowing her to beat you after 6. Buy a pink ward early so you have vision of her in shroud and harass her hard and you should win though. [imgsmall=champ/anivia.png] - Tough to fight against, Ryze has a hard time against Anivia due to her kiting and burst-ability nature. Also, Egg OP. [imgsmall=champ/annie.png] - Similar in a way to Ryze as she's a q spammer, but has free farming and ridiculous auto attack range. You'll probably lose this match until you get MR as she's got a huge harass and burst potential. Flashing her ult is a pro skill and one you should hope to get good at. [imgsmall=champ/brand.png] - King of pushers with blue, you can win this if you avoid his skill shots. He has a limited damage potential and you MUST trade with him if he lands something on you. [imgsmall=champ/cassiopeia.png] - Good luck, she's probably the second best Ryze counter in the game. Harasses and pushes from safety. Good luck with this lane. [imgsmall=champ/diana.png] - Ok, I waited long enough for Riot to do some reworking before I added her to the guide. The honest truth is she's just another Akali that you don't have to buy pink wards against. The only tricks are dodging counter-clockwise to avoid her Q, warding against jungle ganks, hard harassment, and outfarming her. Shouldn't be an overly-difficult lane. [imgsmall=champ/elise.png] - Elise tends to be more of a top lane, but she's rather nasty at poking in mid. She'll give you a hard time as Ryze but her kill potential isn't quite as good as other mids. She's like a Nidalee with more damage skills. Medium difficulty. [imgsmall=champ/galio.png] - Strong counter to Ryze due to his MR and wave clearing skills. If you can get him behind by focusing putting in harass or he plays poorly you will probably win, but it'll be an uphill battle once he's able to clear most of the minion waves with a q/e combo. [imgsmall=champ/gragas.png] - Decent pusher champ and afk farmer, if he doesn't go overly aggressive, he'll just farm against you and aim for other lanes with ganks. You can win this matchup easily if he decides to try to fight a trading war with you. [imgsmall=champ/karthus.png] - Hard to beat if he plays safe and you let him farm, easy to fight if he doesn't. Play aggressive and deny cs, attempt to kill early, and put him behind far enough he doesn't get strong enough to hypercarry into late game. [imgsmall=champ/kassadin.png] - Go aggressive on him early. You must win the first 6 levels outright, denial of cs and kills if possible. He only becomes a terror if allowed to get strong enough to roam to other lanes. [imgsmall=champ/katarina.png] - She's a pain in the ass. You have no counter to her ult. The only thing you can do here is win the lane early while her damage is low by avoiding letting her harass you since her abilities only cost cooldowns. Buy a catalyst early. If she ult's on you, don't run unless you can instantly flash out of range. If you can't, unload everything you have, especially your e since she'll be right on top of you. [imgsmall=champ/kennen.png] - Farm heavy lane. Don't expect to kill him unless he overextends and you have jungle help. Don't try to go after him because he'll punish you for it. [imgsmall=champ/leblanc.png] - Hard lane in the way that she does stupid amounts of damage, yet if you just focus on farming and not allow yourself to be forced back, you should win. Build early MR and crush her. Even with the change to her dash and ulti interaction, all she's done is become more sneaky. Have a healthy dose of fear for her burst, but do not be afraid to lane against her. [imgsmall=champ/malzahar.png] - Hard lane only due to the fact he can just farm all day and force you to focus on farming equally as much. Play passive, wait for him to use his e, then go on him. Pre-6 you will dominate. You must deny him CS, and even though he's one of the weakest ap mids in terms of team play at 6 he becomes a very real threat to you in lane with his ult. [imgsmall=champ/mordekaiser.png] - This is a bastard lane. Farm. Do not allow him to kill you. Get ganks early or you just watch him snowball into late game. [imgsmall=champ/morgana.png] - Morgana is probably one of the harder lanes, just by dent of her skill set being counter to your own. She pushes and sustains at the same time while she has a shield to counter your damage/root. Run her out of mana if possible by harassing early, forcing shields to counter your attacks. Since they nerfed the CD on her shields, you can get a lot more harass in and make it stick. She's a terror for Ryze, good luck. [imgsmall=champ/swain.png] - Hard lane again, as king of the sustained push post-6. He's rather hard to fight earlier as he's got two forms of cc. Farm, poke with q, and only go on him if he's out of mana or sub 40% health and you have ignite to throw as soon as he goes bird. [imgsmall=champ/syndra.png] - HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CHAMPION? No one hardly ever plays her, yet she's got strong burst just very skill-intensive. Riot has mentioned they're planning on reworking her for QoL. Maybe afterward she'll be played enough to even consider worthy of mentioning here. [imgsmall=champ/twistedfate.png] If he's smart, he'll just farm against you. If he tries to trade, make sure you land your w to try to follow up with harassment. Best bet is to be slightly aggressive early or try to out farm him while his q doesn't one-shot waves. You will scale harder the more levels you gain, and have a clear advantage post-6. [imgsmall=champ/veigar.png] - Beat his face in. Do not allow him to farm. He's much weaker than you early game and is truly a terror if left alone. Easy to win this match up as you lack any early AP to buff the damage from his r at 6. [imgsmall=champ/viktor.png] - Pushes against Ryze fairly easily and trades extremely well if patient. Semi-hard to face as you are pretty evenly matched in lane. [imgsmall=champ/vladimir.png] - Pressure after he uses his q, not before. You need to dominate the early game as Vlad peaks in lane at 9+. [imgsmall=champ/xerath.png] - Bastard champ that counters pretty much your whole skill set based on his range. Not a good matchup for a Ryze. Focus on farming and get early MR. This lane demands catalyst over tear as your first item. You can win if you outplay him. [imgsmall=champ/ziggs.png] - Can be hard to play against due to his pushing power, but his mana costs mean you can withstand this and win the lane. Avoidance of his abilities is key, but 9 out of 10 times you'll win this matchup. [imgsmall=champ/zilean.png] - HATE BOMBS. Not an enjoyable lane. You must avoid letting him bomb you without taking damage in return. His skill set leaves him little total damage, but his team fight applications is where he shines. You should win this lane, but at the cost of having to play incredibly scared early on. [imgsmall=champ/zyra.png] - To face her I suggest playing very cautious during the first few early levels. You need to farm fairly decently because she's a nasty pusher if played that way. Importantly, you need to watch for her setting up plants behind your own minion wave and auto attacking you to set them on an attack seek for you to keep you from being able to approach the minion line. It's a rather evil way to harass and can take huge chunks of health if you're not wary of it. She has a very limited fight potential though, so if you decide to go in, go all in. Try to avoid the root as it's the lead-up to her dropping the majority of her combination and damage. It has a similar range to all line-shot skills, if much slower, and can take you by surprise. And remember, her passive is a good way to kill unwary people who think they've won the fight. Don't get picked off.

This group is for champions who are normally used in other roles/lanes or have specific niches in mid. Some do fairly well in mid. Some are just gimmicky and meant to ruin your day. [imgsmall=champ/ezreal.png] - AP Ezreal really doesn't suit late game fighting compared to most other AP carries. Early in lane, he's rather strong due to his passive and duo of skillshots along with his blink. Catching an Ezreal out is rather difficult, and he'll probably be inclined to just farm against you until needed, ulti other lanes, or poke you out if you're too aggressive in CSing. You're a better team champ, but should he get ahead of you, he can do some rather impressive damage with an advantage. [imgsmall=champ/heimerdinger.png] - This is the bane of your existence for the first 5 levels. He'll push your lane all day. He does this while staying relatively safe behind his turrets, forcing you to cs under tower, doing damage to your tower, and generally making life a living hell. You need to focus on taking down his turrets soon after they're placed, removing the majority of his pushing power. He's normally not a hard to counter champ, but he's an annoying one. [imgsmall=champ/kogmaw.png] - AP kog is somewhat of a darkhorse. Sometimes these players are incredible, yet most are not. He's got a decent pushing power, harass, and counter-initiation with his slow. He is, on the other hand, extremely weak and relies on keeping his distance. He also just received a nerf to his ultimate, making him less dangerous in his poke role. Update: Due to the mana cost nerf, he's become almost unseen as an AP carry. You should win this lane if you're able to close and harass him, yet be careful of his passive should you force an all-out fight. It will be much more to your advantage to have him ganked by your jungle than try to trade 1v1. [imgsmall=champ/lulu.png] - This little terror has be nerfed multiple times but counters your laning phase as well. She's very good at power pushing and long-range harassment, as well as her cc's that provide damage with utility. Her ultimate can be game-changing in ganks and 1v1s. This lane is going to be difficult so focus on your farming and ask for ganks rather than try to go toe-to-toe. [imgsmall=champ/maokai.png] - Maokai is a good pusher champion and his passive benefits from your combo-casting. On the other hand, he's a rather easy 1v1 due to his lack of range, the ability for you to avoid most of his damage, and the fact you can keep him at arm's reach most of the time while harassing him. His mana costs are also rather steep, his cooldowns are relatively long, and telegraphs his initiations rather obviously. Take care to be well warded against him, as his true power lies in assisting his jungler in ganks. [imgsmall=champ/orianna.png] - After the changes to Orianna she's stonger in a way now that she's a much more burst-focused champion with a strong early harass. I find she's still somewhat lacking, but normally relies on her jungle to win her lane, but not in much of a danger of losing her lane alone. You need to avoid her ball more, not for the ball damage itself but her w followed by auto attacks since her passive is much faster to apply. [imgsmall=champ/pantheon.png] - Pantheon resides in that column of Assassins that either become monsters or lose all usefulness. In lane, he'll focus on harassing you with his q. Be safe. He does an incredible amount of damage early in the game, and you do not want to be trading with him unless you know his q has JUST been used on something other than your face. He's also fairly easy to counter as the game progresses, as you can get glacial shroud and catalyst early, which removes a lot of his effectiveness. [imgsmall=champ/rengar.png] - I put him in the 'additional matchups' on purpose. He can be played AP or AD, so you're not going to be sure what you'll face if he's mid until you get a good look at his stats/items. For AD - Harass. You really have to make a major mistake for him to beat you. For AP - He's all burst and easy to harrass, a Sion clone if there ever was one. His 'kill' combo is going to be getting 4 of 5 stacks, use e on you to slow, run in and 2x w then ulti to dash-w you again. He's almost as weak as his AD build except once he gets a good bit of AP he can power farm the lane, much like Sion, and head to gank other lanes. [imgsmall=champ/soraka.png] - Push push push. This lane is beyond aggravating. She's a nasty champ to face due to the free harass/silence from her infuse and the spam push power of her starfall. She's not super dangerous, but she does counter your laning extremely well. Also, she sustains her pushing power after she gets a tear or blue buff/catalyst, making it almost impossible for you to leave lane without her forcing your tower. Get ganks, use ignite early, and kill her as much as possible. [imgsmall=champ/talon.png] - Talon is another AD assassin in the vein of Pantheon, yet he's less dangerous and more dangerous at the same time. First: He instantly combos all his abilities into 1 burst set but afterwards he's easy to harass and keep from farming as his q is on-hit and not a ranged ability. Second: If he uses his rake to farm, he'll probably be pushing the lane, yet not hard enough to really force you under tower. You can freeze the lane and deny him CS rather easily. Third: His ultimate makes him a larger threat than pantheon, yet if he's forced to use it to escape a gank, he's without a lot of his damage. [imgsmall=champ/yorick.png] - Yorick is king of push and sustain. He counters most solo lanes, yet his late game strength is rather abysmal. You will find it hard to lane against him, but as long as you're not greedy you should come out of the lane stronger by focusing on farming and wait for ganks to attempt killing him. The real fear of this lane is that he'll deny you CS in the long-run and weaken your late game to compensate for his own weakness. [imgsmall=champ/zed.png] - New - He's another assassin. Yet another... but he's not nearly as dangerous as talon or Pantheon. He can play a much safer poke game than the two of them, pushes relatively weakly if he wants to keep his clone for escapes, and generally shouldn't be too hard to lane against.

[highlight]Early game:[/highlight] Ryze needs to get farm early. Very simply, if you're denied CS, you are going to fall farther and farther behind. You can technically lose early and come back strong, but that's not the way to play. Practice your last hitting in custom games to get a feel for the 'wind-up' style of Ryze's auto attacks. Learning to control the lane with auto attacks, next practice your usage of his e. His e is a wonky spell in conjunction with hitting minions and needs to be practiced as well for when you're pushing yet want to secure all the cs possible. Focusing most of your farming on auto attacks, this leaves your mana for that all important harass. Do not be afaid to use your abilities for CS. CS cannot be replaced, mana can. You have three warding spots to consider while in lane. First, you can ward near the enemy blue to see when the opponent mid is going to pick it up. Note the time is going to be around the 7-8 minute on first respawn if blue is taken first, if not it should be around the 9-10 minute mark in a full jungle clear. Subsequent respawns should be at around 12-15 and 17-21 minute marks. Blue respawns on a 5 minute timer and most mid champs will have Runic Affinity as a mastery which extends the normally 2:30 minute buff to 3 minutes. This clues you in to the timing: 2 minutes from the time blue comes off of their mid, it SHOULD respawn. Ward within the next minute to take maximum advantage of this knowledge. Second, you can ward closer to river, in the crescent-shaped bush from blue to cover against ganks. This is your weakest side, as your tower provides no vision on the pathway next to your jungle wall on this side. If your other lane properly warded their pathway from river, there can be no jungle invasion without warning from the enemy team, and thus no surprise ganks or counter-jungling barring wall hopping/stealth/ward teleport. Lastly, warding near the enemy wraiths/red/ramp triangle is your most important ward to provide defense against an enemy jungle who is likely to come directly from red to gank mid. This also clues you into where the enemy jungler is in his progression through his jungle as you can see when his wraiths come up, are being taken, or allow you or your jungler the ability to steal them rather safely as a counter-jungling measure. This also comes in as an important ward depending on what side of the map you're on for two more reasons: Dragon and Baron. As blue, a ward at this point provides advance vision of teams coming around the wall from mid to baron during an attempt. As purple, this ward is key in dragon contesting. Ganking other lanes: Ryze is a very nasty ganking champ, as he has the root backed with his burst. He is a very strong ganker when allowed to roam away from mid. The problem is your lane clearing ability is somewhat limited compared to other mids in most respects, so you'll need the other mid to be dead or backing to buy when you attempt this if you don't want to give away a huge chunk of mid tower or completely lose the tower outright. You can hand mid off to your jungler, but in most cases, your jungle will want to gank over being faced with the enemy mid. Alternately, the experience from a few waves of lane exp can go a long way to putting your jungle ahead of theirs if the matchup won't end up in being in the enemy team's favor. Weigh this carefully. [highlight]Mid game:[/highlight] Towers are down, objectives are being accomplished by groups roaming together, and group fights are going to start happening. At this point you should be well farmed, probably up a few kills, and starting to become tanky as well as dangerous. You still need to focus on getting farm where you can, but remember that being in position is more important in most cases than walking to bottom lane to farm off a wave while the entire enemy team is pushing in another lane. [title]YOU NEED TO BE AT FIGHTS.[/title] You do not have to be the initiator but you will need to stick out most fights as long as possible. Repositioning farther back during a fight if you're being focused will bait people deeper into your teammates, isolating them from help they'll probably need to take you down. Focus your attentions mostly on the enemy ad carry(primary target), ap carry(secondary in most cases), or support if possible, but remember you AoE enemies if they group closely enough for huge amounts of damage. Threats, by level of importance, are normally your job to eliminate but the entire enemy team is a threat isn't it? Routing the entire enemy force is worth not getting a single kill yourself. Also at this phase, you can consider yourself a protector in certain cases. You provide the burst and cc that helps save AD carries in fights that involve diving champs. Keep that ad carry alive and dpsing and you'll win fights as well. [highlight]Late game:[/highlight] By late game, team fights are going to win or lose games. You should be the strongest champ on your team and will decide the outcome. Ryze is synonymous with the words FEAR INSPIRING. Most of your early game ap counterparts will not be nearly as strong a force as you will be. You need to stay with the team at all times and provide the anchor around which your front line and back line will center. Your AoE will most likely decimate an enemy team's health, while your single-target burst kills a squishy champ. Do not be afraid to back out of fights if they're going poorly, but you shouldn't have to unless your team is losing. Don't play as if suicidal, but don't be afraid to wade in deep if needed to put down someone important in a team fight. Sometimes diving the enemy team's back line as Ryze will be worth more than standing behind your tanks as they get melted by an ad carry. Also, if you should catch someone out alone at this point of the game while securing objectives such as blue/red/baron/dragon/outer towers, blow everything on them. Either they die, or they're low enough they've got to retreat back to base and you can push an objective.

Ok, so this section covers a more extensive explanation of CDR, from masteries to blue usage to what it means to Ryze. [highlight]Why do you take CDR masteries?[/highlight] The idea behind taking the 6% from going deep into the support tree for [highlight]Intelligence[/highlight] is that once you hit 6 in lane, after ranking 3 ranks of Q, you'll have 16% CDR. 16% CDR is covered above in the skills and combos section as to how it allows you to cast 3 second Q's over casting a 3.15 second Q. More importantly, as you should have your Tear and be getting blue some time around the 7-8 minute mark, you'll be granted another 20% CDR which brings you up close to the 40% mark. In the time you have blue buff, you will want to focus on the 3-second rule: every 3 seconds you can cast a Q and put another stack on your tear. It takes 12 minutes and 30 seconds to stack a Tear of the Goddess from unstacked to full if you use an ability every 3 seconds. As the game progresses though the next 10-15 minutes, you can use the next 2 blue buffs to provide you with the mana regeneration to cover most, if not all, of the Tear stacking you should need to maximize it's mana bonus. By the 3rd(22-25 minute mark) blue buff donation you should also have picked up a Glacial Shroud or be very close to buying one at the time period this will cover. At 15% from Glacial Shroud, 20% from Q max and masteries, near max Tear mana, and a Rod of Ages you'll be well on your way to max mana and 35% CDR. [highlight]At this point, you NO LONGER require blue buff.[/highlight] 5% CDR and a large amount of mana regen are good bonuses to your champion, but you should definitely consider allowing your other teammates the chance to take blue. AD carries, supports and CDR/mana based jungle/top champs will gain a huge advantage from taking this buff over you. Looking to optimize your team fighting ability, you can always drop 250g on a blue pot to add AP and the missing 5% CDR to bring yourself to 40%. [highlight]In conclusion:[/highlight] Blue buff is very strong on Ryze during the early/mid phases of the game. At the point where your mana pool becomes massive to support your damage, you also support not requiring the blue buff to deal damage/farm. Be generous, not selfish, and allow other teammates to take blue unless you desperately need the CDR to bring yourself to 40% CDR. This should only happen if you're forced to build a Banshee's Veil or have not farmed enough to get your Glacial Shroud.

[highlight][title]This section is still under rework, but here's the important stuff:[/title][/highlight] Ok, so I've given the basics and some of the important not-so-basics. Now its time for me to break down the major numbers involving Ryze's item selections. Note Ryze's Ratios: Q - 0.065% mana / .4 AP W - 0.045% mana / .6 AP E - 0.01% mana / .35 AP Item list and damage gained: [imgsmall=items/sapphire-crystal.png] [highlight]Sapphire Crystal[/highlight] Q - 13 W - 9 E - 2 [imgsmall=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] [highlight]Tear of the Goddess[/highlight] Q - 16.25 to 65 W - 11.25 to 45 E - 2.5 to 10 [imgsmall=items/archangels-staff.png] [highlight]Archangel's Staff(3% bonus not calculated)[/highlight] Q - Mana - 16.25 to 65 | AP - 20 W - Mana - 11.25 to 45 | AP - 30 E - Mana - 2.5 to 10 | AP - 17.5 [imgsmall=items/seraphs-embrace.png] [highlight]Seraph's Embrace (3% bonus not calculated)[/highlight] Q - Mana - 16.25 to 65 | AP - 24 W - Mana - 11.25 to 45 | AP - 36 E - Mana - 2.5 to 10 | AP - 21 [imgsmall=items/mikaels-crucible.png] [highlight]Mikael's Crucible[/highlight] Q - 19.5 W - 13.5 E - 3 [imgsmall=items/catalyst-the-protector.png] [highlight]Catalyst of the Protector[/highlight] Q - 19.5 W - 13.5 E - 3 [imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png] [highlight]Banshee's Veil[/highlight] Q - 19.5 W - 13.5 E - 3 [imgsmall=items/ohmwrecker.png] [highlight]Ohmwrecker[/highlight] Q - 19.5 W - 13.5 E - 3 [imgsmall=items/rod-of-ages.png] [highlight]Rod of Ages[/highlight] Q - Mana - 29.25 to 42.25 | AP - 24 to 32 W - Mana - 20.25 to 29.25 | AP - 36 to 48 E - Mana - 4.5 to 6.5 | AP - 21 to 28 [imgsmall=items/glacial-shroud.png] [highlight]Glacial Shroud[/highlight] Q - 19.5 W - 13.5 E - 3 [imgsmall=items/frozen-heart.png] [highlight]Frozen Heart[/highlight] Q - 26 W - 18 E - 4 [imgsmall=items/frozen-fist.png] [highlight]Iceborn Gauntlet[/highlight] Q - Mana - 32.5 | AP - 16 W - Mana - 22.5 | AP - 24 E - Mana - 5 | AP - 14 [imgsmall=items/sheen.png] [highlight]Sheen[/highlight] Q - Mana - 13 | AP - 10 W - Mana - 9 | AP - 15 E - Mana - 2 | AP - 8.75 [imgsmall=items/manamune.png] [highlight]Manamune*[/highlight] Q - 16.25 to 65 W - 11.25 to 45 E - 2.5 to 10 [imgsmall=items/muramana.png] [highlight]Muramana*[/highlight] Q - 65 W - 45 E - 10 [imgsmall=items/lich-bane.png] [highlight]Lich Bane[/highlight] Q - Mana - 16.25 | AP - 32 W - Mana - 11.25 | AP - 48 E - Mana - 2.5 | AP - 28 [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] [highlight]Trinity Force[/highlight] Q - Mana - 16.25 | AP - 12 W - Mana - 11.25 | AP - 18 E - Mana - 2.5 | AP - 10.5 * Note: Manamune and Muramana AD bonuses are as follows: Manamune 20 + 5-20 AD(Not calculated with other sources of mana) Muramana 40 AD (Not calculated with other sources of mana)

The new season is going to change Ryze. He's going to have more options now, even if some are going to be super situational. Here's the current listing of mana-based items: [title]Sapphire Crystal[/title] 400g 200 mana [title]Tear of the Goddess[/title] 700g 250 mana 7 MP5 [highlight]Unique - Mana Charge:[/highlight] 4 mana per skill/mana use gained per 3 seconds from 0-750 [title]Archangel's Staff[/title] 2700g 250 mana 10 MP5 50 AP [highlight]Unique - Insight:[/highlight] Gain ability power = 3% of your max mana [highlight]Unique - Mana Charge:[/highlight] 4 mana per skill/mana use gained per 3 seconds from 0-750 On maxing, becomes Seraph's Embrace [title]Seraph's Embrace[/title] Evolution Item - 2700g 1000 Mana 10 MP5 60 AP [highlight]Unique - Insight:[/highlight] Gain ability power = 3% of your max mana [highlight]Unique - Mana Shield:[/highlight] Use 25% of your current mana to shield yourself for 3 seconds - 120 second CD [title]Mikael's Crucible[/title] 2200g 300 mana 40 MR 9 MP5 [highlight]Unique - Mana Font:[/highlight] Increases your regeneration by 1% per 1% of mana you are missing [highlight]Unique Active:[/highlight] Removes all stuns/roots/silences/slows/fears/taunts from an ally and heals them for 150 + 15% of their missing health - 180 second cooldown [title]Catalyst of the Protector[/title] 1200g 200 health 300 mana [highlight]Unique - Valor's Reward:[/highlight] On leveling up, regen 150 health and 200 mana over 8 seconds [title]Banshee's Veil[/title] 2500g 300 health 300 mana 45 MR [highlight]Unique:[/highlight] Gain a spellshield that blocks the next ability, refreshes after 25 seconds of not taking damage from enemy champions [title]Ohmwrecker[/title] 2850g 350 health 300 mana 55 armor [highlight]Unique Active:[/highlight] Prevents the closest enemy tower from attacking for 2.5 seconds - 120 second cd Cannot be used against the same tower more than once every 7.5 seconds [title]Rod of Ages[/title] 2800g 450 health(650 health) 450 mana(650 mana) 60 AP(80 AP) Passive: Gain 20 health, 20 mana and 2 AP every minute for 10 minutes [highlight]Unique - Valor's Reward:[/highlight] On leveling up, regen 150 health and 200 mana over 8 seconds [title]Glacial Shroud[/title] 1500g 300 mana 40 armor 15% CDR [title]Frozen Heart[/title] 3100g 400 mana 90 armor 20% CDR [highlight]Unique Aura:[/highlight] Reduce the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20% [title]Iceborn Gauntlet[/title] 3400g 500 mana 40 AP 60 Armor 15% CDR [highlight]Unique - Spellblade:[/highlight] After using an ability, your next attack deals 125% bonus physical damage and creates a field for 3 seconds that slows enemies by 35% - 2 second cooldown [title]Sheen[/title] 1260g 200 mana 25 AP [highlight]Unique - Spellblade:[/highlight] Next attack after an ability deals bonus damage based on base attack damage [title]Manamune[/title] 2100g 250 mana 10 AD 7 MP5 [highlight]Unique - Awe:[/highlight] Gain attack damage equal to 2% of your max mana [highlight]Unique - Mana Charge:[/highlight] Each time you attack, cast a spell, or use mana you gain 4 max mana. 3 second cooldown, caps at 750 mana Evolves into Muramana [title]Muramana[/title] Evolution Item - 2100g 1000 mana 20 AD 7 MP5 [highlight]Unique - Awe:[/highlight] Gain attack damage equal to 2% of your max mana Toggle: Your single target spells and attacks consume 3% of your current mana to deal twice the amount as magic damage [title]Lich Bane[/title] 3000g 250 mana 80 AP +5% Movement Speed [highlight]Unique - Spellblade:[/highlight] After using an ability, your next attack deals bonus damage equal to 50 + 75% of your ability power - 2 second cooldown [title]Trinity Force[/title] 4200g 30 AD 30 AP +30% Attack Speed +10% Critical Strike +8% Movement Speed 250 health 200 mana [highlight]Unique - Icy:[/highlight] Basic Attacks have a 25% chance to slow your target's speed by 30% for 2 seconds(20% ranged) [highlight]Unique - Spellblade:[/highlight] After using an ability, you next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 150% of your base attack damage

Ok, so that's my take on Ryze. Hope you found it informative and enlightening. Good luck to you all, and hope to not see you in game using my build guide. :P [title][highlight]Updates:[/highlight][/title] Added a new CDR, Blue, and You chapter, with credit to PeironGG for inspiring it. [highlight]6/11/12[/highlight] Added Additional Matchups section to cover a few champions you might see mid in different situations where the 'normal' mid champs are absent. [highlight]6/20/12[/highlight] Added Disclaimer Chapter, because you should know what you're getting into when you open the guide. ;) [highlight]7/28/12[/highlight] Added a new mastery option for those players seeking a more defensive-minded approach yet still want max CDR without blue/blue pot at 18. Updated certain matchups and added Zyra to matchups. [highlight]9/8/12[/highlight] Added Diana and Rengar to Champ Matchups and Additional Matchups, respectively. [highlight]11/26/12[/highlight] Added S3 Mana Item List Chapter - Current PBE Item List

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