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Gragas Jungle (S5)

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Hello and welcome to my Gragas Jungle guide. This is my 1st guide on and id like to clarify that this guide should not be taken as gospel and its good to try new things with the way you play our favorite fat man in the jungle.

Early game Gragas jungle is pretty simple, you just wanna farm and begin to get your items rolling for that all important dragon fight that you wanna be ready for. Don't feel pressured to gank unless you are sure you can make something from the time spent attempting the gank and above all avoid counter-jungling, Gragas doesn't do well in that many 1v1 scenarios that dont have a tower for him to make use of. You have alot of mobility and soft CC in your kit so you want to make the most of that if you early gank and make sure you dont go for early tower dives (you aren't that tanky)

Mid game for Gragas jungle is all about vision control. You need to be able to set yourself up for game changing ultimates with relative safety so that your enemy doesn't position to make it hard/impossible to get a top quality ultimate. You also want eyes everywhere on the map as Gragas's group skirmish potential is extremely high what with the huge amount of soft-CC he brings to the table. Roaming is extremely easy with Body Slam and a blue buff and ward control should be top priority especially around Dragon. Another thing to note about the Mid-Game for Gragas is that you need to gauge your strength and the strength of the enemy (as with any champion) because you don't wanna go Body Slamming into a 7-0 Zed feeding him double buffs and his team free access to the dragon pit. Play around your cooldowns but don't be afraid to be a tank.

Late-Game is very similar to Mid game only this time your damage is nearly off the table. At the 6 item point of the game you are no longer a damage threat to the enemy team if you've gone for a standard tanky build. But this is beyond OK because with Gragas's kit you are still a major threat in teamfights to the enemy carries and even the enemy front line. At the later points of the game you want to be a flat out peel tank. Your soft CC can be crucial to your carries survival if its needed and you also bring a degree of counter-siege with your barrels.

Teamfights with Gragas can be very touch-and-go if you don't land a perfect ultimate. My advice if your not a very confident Gragas player is to hold your ult for peel later in the fight and use other components of your team for engage (if there are no other engage a body slam, Q will do nicely). Gragas ult is the most important part of the teamfight for the Gragas player as it can swing the tide of battle very drastically. You knock the enemy ADC right into the middle of 3 of your team? that's a won fight. You send the enemy front line packing with an ult that blasts them behind their own backline while you engage onto the enemy ADC or Mid? Thats a won fight. Disclaimer: These scenarios are all based with the knowledge that your team is also willing to work and communicate with you to be able to make the best case scenario happen within the circumstances given, but seeing as you might play this is solo q just let it be known that i warned ya.

And that's about it. You may notice that i neglected to make a Champion Matchups section on this guide that is because I've not versed all the matchups and seeing as i avoid 1v1ing as Gragas when i play him i couldn't tell you how the matchups go consistently. My advice is think as the enemy jungler and thing about what you would do in his shoes at that point its a skill matchup no matter who you're versing. That's about the end of the guide. One again i wanna stress that this guide is merely a template and you should experiment with different builds, masteries and runes to see what works best for you. The playstyle I enjoy may not be the one that you enjoy. Thanks for reading my guide (or just skimming through the Runes and Masteries as most of you did) for those of you who did read the whole thing here's a sub-par Gragas joke courtesy of the 1st reddit comment i saw that made me chuckle. Gragas is so fat he can't even fit into a Giant's Belt. Thanks again for reading.

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