Malphite Build Guide

AP MALPHITE MID [Press R to Win]

Updated 1 year ago
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Do you wanna blow shit up? Want to make players rage, and question their abilities as a mid laner? Do you want people to think \"how the holy F*ck did i die to Malphite? Then this is the guide for you. Forget all that tank Malphite shit you've read because its time for AP Mid Malphite to...rock...the rift. I might just be silver, but i god damn love this Mountain of a champion and i think one of his best roles is mid lane. This shit will win you lane more than you could ever dream this side of old Kassadin (rip in peace). I'm new to this Guide writing stuff, but I could only find boring tank/jungle builds and figured Id give it my best shot because why the f*ck not.

Farm, Farm, Farm. Throw some Qs in there every now and then, maybe pick up double [img=items/dorans-ring.png][img=items/dorans-ring.png] to help with extra AP. Grab a [img=items/fiendish-codex.png], [img=items/aether-wisp.png] and [img=items/boots-of-speed.png] and you'll have a solid mix of damage and mobility for those level 6 burst shots you want so badly. when you hit 6, your main combo is going to be [img=skills/malphite/r.png][img=skills/malphite/q.png][img=skills/malphite/e.png][img=summoners/ignite.png]. if you have them below 600 hp, this should almost always kill them. Usually the ignite isnt needed this early, but its a nice way to secure it if they have an extra shield. BEWARE

By now you'd hopefully have snagged some kill (either in lane or from other lanes) and have both [img=items/morellonomicon.png], and [img=items/ludens-echo.png]. pick up some [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] for the extra Pen, and you'll keep on...rockin'. This is where you're looking for pick offs. Bush baits, following the enemy laner to counter gank, catching jungler at blue, doesnt matter. Try to roam and either ult some unlucky fools, or help your team push down some objectives. the main point is to keep moving around and using your burst to get squishies

Late game is tricky, but you can go one of two different routes. you can keep your role as the burst assassin and pick off out of position players. or build a tank/ap item and become the godly engage mage that he was designed to be. either way has its pros and cons, and i tend to lean towards the assassin route but its entirely up to the player.

same as above. blow up a carry, or engage on multiple targets. banshees is a bitch late game, so be ready for that dance while you wait for it to get popped

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