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my name is Tecknownoob and I'm a Gold player on the NA server who loves learning about the game and improving my knowledge. I don't play ranked as much as I should, but Singed has been one of my favourite champions since I saw my friend carry an entire game in Diamond 4 solo queue. Singed is also the champion that I learned the basics of top lane and solo laning with since I got to level 30 as a support player maining non the other than [img=champ/blitzcrank.png]! I hope you enjoy my guide and if you have any recommendations/constructive criticism/match-up recommendations please leave a comment and I'll try to get to it ASAP. Also feel free to share your opinions on stuff you disagree about in my guide and I'll be sure to give you a reason why it's in my guide. I will also try my best to keep this guide updated throughout every patch and add new match-ups as they come into play in the meta. Oh and yes I do know that my spelling and grammar may not be the best, but if there is a part of my guide that I really messed up bad, please tell me and I'll fix it right away. You can also find this guide on lolking at: Finally Singed has revived the buff that he so badly needed. I'm really happy that they've given Singed a bit of love after all these years. Anyways the buff goes as follows: Singed's W now snares an opponent when they are E'd into it. This gives Singed the oppertunity to outplay opponents, as well as better gank assistance. The second part of the buff was increasing the stats on your level 16 ult which will make Singed a bit stronger later into the game. Oh he's also gotten a visual update which gives Singed the look that fits with his lore :D [center][img=][/center] [b]Pros/Cons[i][/i][/b] [b]Pros:[/b] - Get really tanky thanks to his passive/items - Scales well into the late game - Snowballs well with an early lead - Has really fast wave clear - Is annoying as hell to other players - Really fun to play (who doesn't like running around laughing and doing damage?) - Unique Playstyle(s) - Decent Peel - Best Laugh [b]Cons:[/b] - Has a \"weak early\" game - Doesn't do well in lane vs most ranged match-ups - Gets kited (he falls off a bit late game because of this) - Weak against huge amounts of cc - Objective control isn't the best (can't push towers very fast) **Always remember that Singed's mechanics/mindset(s) will take some time to learn since his Kit and Playstyle are so unique compared to other champions in League of Legends. Just because I say you should be able to do something doesn't mean you will be able to right away. It's like a Silver player expecting to play like a Diamond player after playing for less than a year (I myself am guilty of this). League of Legends doesn't just take mechanical skill to play but a lot of it also involves experience, so if you aren't getting something right away, just keep trying and you will succeed eventually.

[b]The purpose of this guide isn't for someone to read the entire thing, but to hopefully answer questions in certain areas that someone has questions in/wants to improve on. If you want to read a novel you can and if not thats fine too![/b]

[img=items/rod-of-ages.png] VS [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png] Now there has always been a debate between these two items for what is better on Singed. This is because it ultimately depends on the situation that you are in and how you are playing the chmapion in general (which I will get into later), but first lets get into the stats that both of the items give you. For this next section I am going to assume that the items are fully stacked and the Singed is level 18 with no other items that give you mana (which you shouldn't have in your final build anyways). [img=items/rod-of-ages.png] - [b]Rod Of Ages (2800g except recipe items are more expensive)[/b] - 1076.5 health (450 base hp, 200 when fully stacked, 426.5 from [img=champ/singed.png] passive) - 80 ap (60 base ap, 20 when fully stacked) - 650 mana (450 base mana, 200 when fully stacked) [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png] - [b]Seraphs Embrace (2700g but recipe items are cheap)[/b] - 805 health (250 from [img=champ/singed.png] passive, 555 from [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png] active if activated at maximum mana) - 1000 mana (base mana when [img=items/archangels-staff.png] turns into [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png]) - 118.75 ap (60 base ap, 58.75 from [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png] passive) - + 10 mana regen [b]When to build which item:[/b] [img=items/rod-of-ages.png] - The situations thats better to build RoA is generally when you feel like you want to be tankier for your team. If you like to play Singed in lane I would recommend this item because the passive and stats from [img=items/catalyst-the-protector.png] give you a far greater edge in lane then [img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png]. If you also started the double [img=items/dorans-ring.png] start, I would recommend getting RoA because the [img=items/dorans-ring.png] make up for the lack of [img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png]. If you really don't like to Proxy as Singed and you are facing a bad match-up I would recommend RoA because it automatically stacks, unlike [img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] where you have to use spells to stack it (assuming you won't be able to use a lot of spells in lane). You also extra health from [img=items/catalyst-the-protector.png] against a bad match-up. [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png] - The situations where I would recommend to build Seraphs Embrace would be where you are facing a favorable match-up meaning that you will be able to use your spells often in lane. Seraphs Embrace is also ideal when playing Proxy Singed because of the activate it provides you and you will also be stacking it quite a lot while clearing waves. This item also gives you more ap which equals more damage, but less tankiness then [img=items/rod-of-ages.png]. [b]Can you build both?[/b] Yes, you can build both but I tend to not to every game like some people do. The reasoning I have for this is because I prefer to play [img=champ/singed.png] as a laning champion other then a Proxy one. In lane as Singed I will find myself building these two items if I either get ahead and my team isn't behind, or if Im facing a match-up where I can actually use my spells (unlike some ranged match-ups :s). [b] You should also build both of these items if you are Proxy farming since you will have the gold to obtain it and you can stack your tear quite easily. If you are going to build both though, always buy[/b] [img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] [b]first since you have to stack it yourself while RoA stacks automatically.[/b]

Sosince the 4.20 patch notes we've gotten a new item that seems viable on Singed. [img=items/rigtheous-glory.png] - [b]Righteous Glory (2500g)[/b] Now this item is built by combining [img=items/catalyst-the-protector.png] and [img=items/crystalline-bracer.png] and gives a base of 500 Hp and 300 Mana, as well as gives you +100 Health Regen. Here's the math behind all the statistics at level 18 (like we did above with [img=items/rod-of-ages.png] and [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png]): - 839 health (500 base hp, 339 from [img=champ/singed.png] passive) - 300 mana - +34 hp per 5 seconds (essentially +100% health regen doubles your base health regen) Now as you can see the stats compared to [img=items/rod-of-ages.png] the stats aren't that great, but the main reason why this item is viable is because of its Active which gives a 60% movement speed boost to allied champions (not including yourself) for 3 seconds (like [img=items/talisman-of-ascension.png]). When the speed boost ends a shockwave emits from Singed (like [img=items/randuins-omen.png]) and slows enemy champions by 80% for a second. This active is a huge advantage and combine this with [img=summoners/ghost.png] or your ult and you have a pretty good initiation/chasing tool at your use. This can also be used as a escape tool to help your team disengage. The item can also be used as a peeling item since you give the person on your team needing to be peeled for a speed boost and then slow the aggressor. [b]When do you build this item?[/b] I'm still going to need to test the limits of this item but there are situations that I could see you building this over [img=items/rod-of-ages.png]. I believe you can build this if you need to catch out a carry/your the initiation on your team. You could also build this if your team doesn't have very great disengage. Generally I would say build this when your ahead or your teams ahead and build [img=items/rod-of-ages.png] if you need to be tankier and your team is simply behind and you need to soak up the most damage possible. [b]Can you build both[/b] [img=items/rigtheous-glory.png] [b]and[/b] [img=items/rod-of-ages.png][b]?[/b] I've only tried this a few times but to build both of these you would have to [img=items/rod-of-ages.png] to get it to max stacks at the best time possible. This gives you a ton of health, but the only down side to this would be that your resistance items would be delayed. You can get both of these if you're stomping lane or if you're just doing decently and your team needs some engage/disengage/chasing potential. [b]Can you build both[/b] [img=items/rod-of-ages.png] [b]and[/b] [img=items/seraphs-embrace.png][b]?[/b] You can build both if you're ahead and your team isn't behind. Pretty much the same thing as building RoA and Seraphs.

[b]Singed Laning Phase[/b] Laning phase with Singed has always been made out to be \"weak\". Personally I don't find it to be weak against most melee champions because of your power spike at level 2. From level 2-4 you can all in most opponents with your Q-walk-up-E-Kite and auto attacks + [img=summoners/ignite.png] (I prefer to run Ignite at the Elo I'm at). The times when you are able to do this is when you have the minion advantage (at least 4 caster minions recommended), but you still can do it if the minions are even. Right when they get into a trade you can fling them into your minions and from there they will attract minion aggro (from levels 1-4, 4 caster minions = 1 ability so when you fight you pretty much have 5 abilities). This can almost guarantee a kill/Flash and if you trade Ignite for Flash it gives you an advantage. Remember that this all does depend on the lane match-up you are facing because some match-ups you might not be able to do this too (mainly range match-ups and really strong early game match-ups like [img=champ/darius.png]). Basically just try to farm with your Q and autos during laning phase, harass using your Q and autos and trade by using Q-E-kite and auto if they get into melee range. Basically just keep up the farm use the tips below and you'll be fine. To set up for a gank you can get your W at level 3/5 now. This will allow you to snare your opponent when you E them into it. The combo you can use is W-E to make sure you can land the snare. The only issue that this causes is your opponent to predict your E and they may back off before you have the chance to get it off. What I prefer to do is E and then W while they are in the air so it's unexpected. This is a bit trickier to pull off since you need to memorize the Fling range and land the W before they hit the ground but it's better psychologically. Remember that you can't spam W at early levels because of it's huge mana cost so use wisely. After 6 if you get into a fight, ult and kite and you should be able to either win, burn their summoners or at least survive. [i][b]Laning Phase Tips:[/b][/i] Here I'm going to explain some general top lane laning tips. - cs is always more important then a kill, (a kill is equal to roughly 18 cs not including the Siege Minion) because cs is guarenteed gold since it's always there for you, when a kill is situational gold. An example of this is if your jungler ganks you and you chase the enemy down the entire lane and lose a couple cs and don't even get the kill/assist or a summoner. Therefore you just missed out on free gold that was siting there to be picked up. I'm not saying that you shouldn't respond to ganks, but if you know you can't secure a kill/summoner, or you have a huge wave of minions at your turret then don't bother wasting your time. - Regarding the use of [img=summoners/flash.png]/[img=summoners/ghost.png] (but ghost is on a shorter cooldown so its more agile), you should normally never Flash early game unless you are getting an objective off of it, trading Flash for Flash or getting a kill which will put you ahead. The reason for this, is if you keep Flash and have it for a Dragon fight or a fight where you are contesting objectives you have an advantage over your opponent (vice versa if the situation is the same from your opponents perspective). Plus if you end up Flashing to save your life from a gank it's your fault from not warding properly and wasting your Flash. - This depends on the match-up but if the level 2 in a lane that the level 2 favors you or its even between you and your opponent then try to push for the level 2 as fast as possible and all-in when you have the level advantage. (Same idea with level 6/9/12 ect.) - Going back to how cs is greater then kill, a player who goes 0/0/0 in 15 minutes with 150 cs is far greater then a player who goes 5/0/0 in lane with 50 cs. The reason for this is because it shows that the 0/0/0 player can get a lead other then just getting kills/relying on your team to get global gold for you/the jungler putting you ahead. This shows that they are a better player emotionally. In the end items give you the damage (not the champion itself). So no matter if you are 1/10/5 with 400 cs but you get full build, you will be doing the same amount of damage as a 10/0/0 player with 100 cs and full build does (if they build the exact same items on the same champion). - Always left click on your lane opponent to see their avatar on the top left because you can see their items and the which of their main stats that they have runes/masteries for (green highlighted numbers). - Always tab to check how other lanes are doing and see the item builds on all players while walking back to lane/while your dead so you can build according to the situation ( you should tab more often to get this info then I said before but those are times when you have time to analyze the most). - Try to \"Dash-Dance/Stutter Step\" which means click back and fourth side-side because it will decrease the chance of abilities (skill shots) hitting you and to make sure you are always in movement to adapt to a certain situation (gank/laner aggression). - Whet ever way the face of the enemy champion is facing that if where they're clicking to walk too. So you can predict skill shots by the way the champs face it facing or know where they intend to go. - Try to have a staring contest with the enemy laner. You need to teach yourself to cs out of your peripheral vision and you should know where your champion is from your clicks. By staring at the enemy champion you'll be able to notice more \"obvious\" movement that they make, therefore telling you when your about to get ganked when they're going to become aggressive ect. - View every champion (including your own) as the range of their abilities because all a champion is, is a kit. Their playstyle wouldn't change if their name/appearance was different. This will help you with learning the distance you need to be away from certain champions/how far you need to be to be able to kite them well with Singed. - Try to use the s key to stop moving when there is no need to keep walking backward (when they turn around from chasing you you can turn around in most melee cs melee match-ups). - If you are ahead you can zone your opponent by Dash-Dancing behind their caster creeps and only going back to last hit. This will deny them farm and maybe xp. - One of your goals as a laner is to break the mental will of the opponent. You can use the s key to stop an stand when zoning and only move to last hit. This is a great psychological advantage because it can make the opponent become impatient and annoyed, which can lead to them making more mistakes. [b]- Never go into lane scared because if your afraid of something you will never be able to apply the best of your ability to it since you have already thought negatively about it. This also applies to hard match-ups because they're labeled counters because X champion should always beat Y champion WHEN THE PLAYERS ARE OF EQUAL SKILL, and no set of players are equal in skill, are they?[/b] - Try not to leave lane when a Cannon wave is coming next. Try to cs it if possible and then back, (or at least get the Cannon and three melee creeps). - When your lane opponent leaves lane push as hard as possible with all your abilities and then back, unless you know for sure that they didn't back. - You can also try to freeze (better on blue side) in front of your turret by holding minion aggro for a bit and waiting for your minions to arrive, then backing off (you don't want to take too much aggro for too long though, especially early). Freezing is where you only last hit the minions when they're as low as possible and try to last hit them after your caster creeps have declared their attack on that minion to freeze as efficiently as possible. This is really tricky but with practice you can make you opponent miss a ton of cs. All of these tips require a ton of practice and muscle memory to get a hold of. I still haven't gotten the hang of a lot of them. Just keep trying and you'll eventually get them down. [b]Just a word on building when you are ahead.[/b] I'm going to make this short, but when you find yourself ahead of your opponent/enemy team and you already have some core items it's really important to buy at least one defensive item. This doesn't just apply to Singed but to every champ in every role that you play in League of Legends. The reasoning behind this is if the only way for your team to throw/lose the game is to lose fights then you want to get defense so the enemy team literally has no chance to turn the fights around. This is kinda like applying salt to the enemy's wound because if you have a extra defensive item(s) (while you are already winning fights with your damage), then you can survive longer in fights/negate some of their damage, which can end up making or breaking a fight. Movement speed can also be considered a defensive item (especially on champs that scale well with it like ([img=champ/ryze.png]/[img=champ/singed.png]) because it can help you kite/dodge cc/catch enemies.

[b]Singed Mid Game[/b] During the mid game as Singed you want to start grouping with your team to get early objectives, but when there is no objective contestion going down you want to return top and gather more gold for your items. Just try not to push too far out and get caught (unless your proxy Singed). You can also afk push if you have [img=summoners/teleport.png]. Set up deep wards if you don't want to risk the chance of dying. - When you're kiting down a lane you can run in a zigg-zagg pattern to apply your slow to multiple enemies since your poision will take up a great amount of the width of the lane. [b]General Mid Game[/b] Now comes the mid game. The mid game is the transition between early game and late game, and when teams start to group up for Dragon and early sieging. If you end up getting your Tier 1 turret, rotate straight to mid and try to apply as much pressure there and take Dragon if its up. If you have fallen behind and you think that your team can't contest objectives or you guys are waiting for late game, just farm as best as possible, (extend the laning phase) to get all of your major items. During mid game you guys should start getting wards on the Baron side of the map, (look at warding section in item description) and you guys can start Baron Dancing. Remember that a teamfight that you lose in mid game doesn't mean you have lost the game. You still have a chance if you guys are only a little far behind/have better scaling. Also try not to fight unless you are fighting over objectives or catching someone out. If someone on your team gets caught and you decide to try and be a hero and die or you follow up on a terrible call and die? You just made the situation far worse then just letting him die and getting away. A lot of low Elo games are lost thanks to this. Always look at death timers/minion waves to determine if you can take an objective or not . [b]NEVER TRY TO RUSH A GAME IF YOU ARE AHEAD![/b] Just take the game slowly because you don't want to end up being the team that is ahead, tries to get an objective that you know you can't get, or fight a fight when you guys are half health and end up losing the game because you tried to rush your lead. If you play everything by the book and you make the right rotational plays without doing stupid stuff you will 95% of the time win the game. This is basically saying that the slow and steady win the race which is incredibly true in LoL,

Now the late game is where the death timers are massive and if someone gets caught out its generally game. [b]Singed Late Game[/b] As Singed stay with your team (unless your doing a 1/3/1 or a 1/4/0 split pushing strategy). You want to peel for your carries because they are the ones doing the most damage and will end up winning you the teamfight. The only time you can really dive their team is if you guys are ahead of you need to kill their ADC/APC because they are the only reason you are winning the teamfight. The reason why it is bad to dive late game is because you will get kited really easily if their carries have any clue about what they are doing. Just run around with your Q to slow people (with [img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png]) and E people off of your carries. [b]Remember to always use your ult in teamfights!!![/b] [b]General Late Game[/b] If you guys have waveclear and you are decently far behind , but they can't siege that well then don't try to contest saving Tier 2 turrets and just turtle at your Tier turrets since they can regen. From here you can just waveclear and set up defensive wards in your jungler and try to get a pick. When you know your team is bleeding out and that you will lose unless you do something like win a fight/get Baron you can make a desperation play and try to make a miracle happen and turn the tides of the game. At least try to do something and lose instead of doing nothing and still losing. [b]Remember that this is if you are decently behind and you don't see a chance of coming back by just waveclearing.[/b] If you guys just took down an inhib and most of their team is respwaning soon, meaning that you can't take the game/both nexus turrets then go and tank another Tier 3 turret and grab a second inhib. After a team loses two inhibs it's incredibly hard to come back into the game since they are forced to clear two waves of super minions while you wreck havoc in their base/at Baron. Basically you and your team want to stay as five when roaming the map. If one person face checks and dies the game is pretty much over. If they don't end it they will probably take at least two Inhibs which is pretty much like shaking the other teams hand. This however does apply to the other team as well so if you guys have control of vision and you catch someone out you can win off of it. Just try to get as much vision on Baron and the top side of the map as possible and place/clear wards as a unit. If you are ahead you guys can bait Baron or try to cheese them into walking into their jungle to get a pick (but make sure you have vision control first).I find it pretty difficult to write a lot on this chapter because a lot of the stuff that happens late game really depends on both teamcomps and everything else that has happened in the game to reach that point. So to go really in-depth I would have to see all of the factors to view it objectively. Basically to sum it up just don't get caught, control vision as 5, bait if ahead, attempt to turtle if behind/get picks/try to fight under your towers, and run around like Singed does and spam laugh.

[b]Basic Tips as Singed/Most Other Tanky Top Laners[/b] In teamfights you are a [b]TANK[/b]. Not a carry. You can do quite a bit of AoE but in the end it's your ADC and APC that will be dealing out [img=]! So remember that you should peel for them with your E, Q, W, [img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] and possibly [img=items/randuins-omen.png] if you have it. Your job is to soak up as much damage (with your ult activate) for your team as possible. Your job does change depending on how well you and the team is doing in terms of gold. If your team is behind in gold and so are you you have to peel for your carries and hope for a miracle. You probably wouldn't want to fight anyways but if they end up forcing it, then try to become the best tank you can as possible for your team and try to get your team deal free damage. If you're really ahead or your team is ahead in general and you have an ADC like [img=champ/tristana.png]/[img=champ/corki.png] who can somewhat kite for themselves or a support that has a lot of peel like [img=champ/nami.png]/[img=champ/thresh.png], then you can go off and attempt to catch one of their carries who is probably dealing most of the damage and fling him back into your team to blow them up. You do this by using Q-R-[img=summoners/flash.png]/[img=summoners/ghost.png] if you have it - either W their team/carries and then E their carry. If you've caught up to them you can E-W the enemy team from helping, or even W where you E'd their carry. You don't want to dive they their carries are really underfed and say their jungler like [img=champ/masteryi.png] is 10/0/0. Here you would obviously want to peel the fed champion off of your carries. What I just said above about when you dive the enemy carries you usually want to be secondary engage since the enemy team will be scrambling from the primary engage allowing you to get to the primary targets easier. You can use Singed as Primary engage but he would get kited a lot easier and cc'd really hard. When I do say you can dive their carries that doesn't mean you will catch them all of the time. Sometimes you will only be able to zone them out of the fight which is great because that would end up making it a 5v4/5v3 and sometimes a 5v2 for a short amount of time. What this does accomplish is their carries damage out put being majorly reduced since they won't be able to do a ton of damage to other champions on your team/kite as well. They may also tunnel on running away from you which blocks them out of what is occurring in the rest of the teamfight. While you're diving don't strictly tunnel on their carries because if one of your teammates needs help, turn around and lend some assistance. [b]Remember that diving is usually better when you are ahead/when your team in general is ahead and gets a primary engage.[/b] Also before your dive their back-line please take their teamcomp into consideration because some teamcomps, like a disengage comp is way harder to dive. Always remember to try to get as mush AoE slow from your Q + [img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] on as many people as possible. Oh and don't forget to spam Laugh! [b]Baron Fights:[/b] If you guys are ahead, have started Baron and their team comes to contest then you should peel off and fight [b]OUT OF THE BARON PIT[/b] since you don't want Baron dealing AoE damage to your team because it would just be putting your team at a disadvantage hp wise. If the enemy team has started Baron and you have the opportunity to contest, then you should go as 5 and attempt to contest Baron after they have taken decent damage from Baron's AoE spells. This would give your team the best advantage going into a fight, (if you have certain champions like [img=champ/thresh.png] you can try to box them in the Baron pit to allow Baron to deal as much damage to them as possible. If your team is really desperate you can attempt to steal Baron and then fighting with the buff.

[b]Just a word on wards [/b] [img=items/sight-ward.png]/[img=items/vision-ward.png] Yet again I'll try to make this short [img=], but I want to make a point about warding. First I'll explain some stuff about warding that I never really see in other guides and then I'll talk about ward placement in certain areas and why I place my wards there. In other guides I see people explain how you should always buy at least one ward on when you back ect, but I never see people explain all the times you can buy wards and when to place them at the correct times so they aren't inefficient. [b]Buying Wards:[/b] To start off I will talk about when you should buy wards. Now I hear a lot of people say that you should buy wards if you have enough gold when you back and when you are ahead which is 100% valid but I never hear people talk about buying wards while behind. If you have fallen behind and you know that you aren't gonna reach your core items on time/on schedule then you should buy 2-3 wards almost every time you back (unless 3 of your wards from before were just placed but it's always good to have some handy). The reason why this is crucial is because if you aren't going to be able to carry damage wise and be where you should be item wise in fights, then place as many wards as possible to carry your team in vision. The way this works is if you can save people on your team from being caught/dying fby having control of vision you help your teammates so they don't fall behind. You also have the ability to catch people out on their team and shutting down their jungler which ultimately puts your team ahead. [b]Placing Wards:[/b] Now lets get in depth about placing the wards. The general times when you want to place a ward is when you have the potential of being ganked/to shut down the enemy jungler/when you have pushed the lane in your favor/while roaming to another place on the map. You can place deep wards in river (between the blue buff and baron pit) to help not just yourself, but also mid lane with vision (this also applies to putting a pink in that small river bush). If you do find yourself ahead you can coordinate warding with your mid laner to shut down the enemy jungler's top side jungle with vision, putting him behind. Placing wards is all about having proper game knowledge/awareness of the map/the kill feed/your teammates health and situation in lane ect. Now how do you know when you have the potential of getting ganked? Enemy Jungler: In laning phase one of your jobs as a laner is to always keep track of where the enemy jungler is. You can do this by looking on the map to see when he ganks a lane, by the kill feed on the right side of the screen to see who he kills or who he helped kill (or if he died while ganking), by pressing tab to see if he has shown himself by a change in his cs or change in his items, but the biggest one is looking at the game timer (remember that all buffs generally repawn when the last digit in minutes is a 2 or a 7 if they are getting their buffs correctly). So if their jungler's top buff is up and the game timer is late for them to get bottom buff (you should know where they started after their first gank on any lane because the buff they started will have a shorter timer then the other buff), or if the enemy mid laner just got blue awhile ago then you know that you should place a ward because the enemy jungler is top side. This also applies if the enemy jungler ganks a lane then goes back into the jungle, you should know their route by understanding which jungle path is the most efficient for them to take. An example of this would be if they just ganked from bottom side on mid lane, then that means they probably just took their wolves before that so they will most likely go top side because their bottom side jungle camps are on cooldown. Also one last note is you should notice on the mini map which lane it is most efficient for the enemy jungler to gank. For example if your bot and mid are being pushed in and you are pushed to the enemy turret you are most likely to get ganked. Enemy Mid Laner: Another time when you have the potential to get ganked is when the mid laner is missing. In this case you can place a quick ward in one of the spots provided. You won't need to place a ward if you saw the enemy mid laner go back on the map or leave vision with low health. The times when you don't want to place wards is when they'll be inefficient. An inefficient ward is when a ward has been placed that will not show any vision of the enemy because of the game knowledge you are provided with. This makes the ward inefficient because you end up wasting seconds on the ward. [center][img=][/center] Now I'm going to get into depth about the ward places above and the pros and cons to each ward. I'm going to try to get pictures of each ward spot. [b]Stealth Ward Spots: [/b] [b]Top River Bush:[/b] This warding spot isn't one of my favourites mainly because I find it to be too close to the lane, therefore meaning that you may not have enough time to react to a incoming gank (especially against a jungler with high movement speed/gap closers). The ward also doesn't allow you to get the best vision possible. The times when I do use this as a ward spot is when I don't have enough time to place a deep ward or when the lane is even and I have a feeling that I may be ganked by either the mid laner/jungler. [b]Red Side Tri Bush:[/b] This spot is alright in terms of vision and allows you to see if the enemy jungler is coming from the Red Side jungle. It doesn't give you a great amount of vision on the river though. This ward spot is usually best when on Blue Side because the enemy jungler will usually cross the Tri Bush to gank top lane. You can also use it on Purple Side when pushing the lane because the enemy jungler may try to backdoor you by going through your jungle. This spot is usually used when you don't have time to place a deep ward as well. [b]Between Blue Buff and Baron Pit:[/b] In terms of general ward spots this one is by far the best and also my favourite. You want to place this ward on the largest stone away from the opening to Blue Buff. This ward will grant you vision of the entire length of the river to see if the enemy jungler/mid laner is roaming. You want to place this ward when you have pushed the lane or if you have time before the next minion wave comes. The only area that this ward doesn't cover is the opening through Tri Bush. When on Purple Side this isn't a big problem because the enemy jungler would have to go across mid/river to get into your jungle. On Blue Side however they can still pass through Tri Bush for a gank so if you place your tricket as a deep ward or in their Tri Bush you'll be safe from all ganks. [b]Vision Ward Spots:[/b] The times when I like to play vision wards during laning phase is after I get a small lead or I'm facing a champ like [img=champ/evelynn.png]. You can place these while behind (rule above), but if the lane is going even I just place deep normal wards since they cost less. [b]Small River Bush:[/b] This is similar to the Blue Buff/Baron pit ward but it's in the smallest bush in the middle of the river so the enemy can't see it. This gives you great vision of the lower river and also helps out your mid laner. [b]Red Side Tri Bush:[/b] The only time I place this ward is when I'm playing on Purple Side since the enemy laner won't walk into this bush that often and you can usually punish him if he tries to take down your ward anyways. When on Blue Side I find this ward not as effective since the enemy jungler will be coming through Tri Bush a lot more often. A player that is really known for this is Quas. If you watch some Crs games when they're on Purple Side you'll see the ward in action. [b]Red Side Top Bush:[/b] This is a rather odd place to place a pink ward, but it's only viable on Blue Side during the early stages of the game. The reason why this ward is so decent is because it shuts down the Purple Side junglers top jungle since you'll see them take Red/pass Red to go towards top or Golems. The reason why it's mainly only viable early game is because during this stage only the enemy jungler will be around that bush, and most players don't walk through it since they don't usually go straight to Golems after their back, and even if they do they won't walk through it half of the time anyways. [b]Blue Side Wolves Bush:[/b] This is pretty much the same thing as the spot above except on the other side of the map. It isn't as efficient though since you won't see the main path the jungler will take. [b]Blue Side Deep Wards:[/b] Blue side deep wards that are great for shutting the enemy jungler's top jungle. [b]Red Side Bush:[/b] This is a pretty good ward to place around 6 minutes since the enemy jungler should be around the bottom side or at backing and making their way back to the top side. It can also show you when their Red Buff is up in case you want to steal it/try to kill their jungler if you're ahead. This is also a great place to put a ward if you've taken Tier 1, pushed the lane and are looking to pressure mid/roam to Drag. Just place it on your way down to mid lane. [b]Behind Red Buff: [/b]This ward should be placed at the top tip of the bush to give you vision of the enemy jungler coming from Red Buff and the mid laner if they try to gank through Tri Bush. [b]Golem Bush:[/b] I don't ever find myself placing this ward since I find the Tri Bush ward to be more effective but it's not that bad when facing [img=champ/evelynn.png] to show you where she is (I find the other deep wards to be better though). [b]Wraith Bush:[/b] This is a decent ward spot since it'll tell you when the enemy jungler is going into their top side jungle from the bottom side. I do find this ward to be very situational though since it's really far from top lane. You can still place it if you're invading the enemy's jungle but besides that I would stick to the other places mentioned. [b]Red Side Deep Wards: [/b] [b]Blue Buff Bush:[/b] This isn't a terrible ward place since it'll allow you to see the enemy Blue Buff and when the enemy jungler may be making their way top through their jungle. Pretty much the same as the Red Buff spot but for Blue Buff. [b]Crossroads: [/b] The crossroads is probably my favourite spot for deep wards on Blue Side. The reasoning for this is because you can see when the enemy jungler comes from their Wolves, from their base and from the top/mid lane paths. The area where you want to place the ward is right in front of the small wall dividing the base path from the Wolves. Place a ward here if you've taken Tier 1 and are going to roam to mid/Drag. [b]River \"Banana Bush\":[/b] This is the same this as the Wraith Bush. I would usually never place a ward here because its too far from top and your mid laner can easily place one here. Plus you can place a pink in the Small River Bush right beside it, which is better overall. It still works if you going back to top from mid and just want to place a quick ward. [b]General Tips:[/b] - When facing certain jungle champions like [img=champ/evelynn.png]/[img=champ/rengar.png], deep wards placed close near their camps are best since you'll be able to see what direction they are headed to before their invisible attributes can take effect. This can also work against jungle champs with great movement speed like [img=champ/rammus.png]/[img=champ/masteryi.png]. - When you [img=items/vision-ward.png] a bush to take out any other wards you can also place a [img=items/sight-ward.png] after you've destroyed the enemy wards. The reason why you can do this is because the enemy will destroy your Vision ward and won't think about [img=items/sweeping-lens.png] the bush since they just destroyed your ward. This'll allow you to keep vision of the area without the enemy knowing it. - When the game gets to 20-25 mins and Baron dances are about to start then you want to focus your warding on the top side of the map because you want to control the vision around Baron since Dragon isn't as important compared to Baron at this point in the game. You can set up wards in your bot side jungle if they do have a splitpusher or if you need defensive wards to turtle in your base. Just always remember that vision can win games and carrying isn't all about KDA. - When you're Turtling in your base and you need to try to get picks, tell everyone on your team (especially champs with [img=items/sightstone.png]) to get wards in the following bushes/areas: Crossroads Area, Wolves Bush, Between the destroyed Tier 1 and Tier 2 turrets, Wraiths Bush and the Red Buff bush. This will give you control of your jungle and allow you to try to make picks accordingly. Also try to use [img=items/sweeping-lens.png] in this situation in your jungle to deny the enemy of vision so you can make picks properly and not get baited.

If you want to find some cool Singed tricks check out InvertedComposer's guide on Singed (in the recommendation section). I'm still working on this section and I could also use some advice since I've put a lot of general tips throughout the guide already. So if you have something that you would like me to add, please leave a comment and T'll be sure to add it in.

All of these match-ups are strictly my opinion and the match-ups that I say Proxy against is because in lane you would be denied gold where as when you Proxy your gold income would be greater then in lane. The match-up difficulty is for lane Singed and against harder match-ups I recommend to Proxy to save you from hell lanes. Some of the things I say in these match-up descriptions do somewhat depend on situation and Elo so don't take them for complete fact. The match-ups that are still in progress I will finish eventually once I gather more knowledge of how to play against them. [b]Also when I say how the lane should go against certain match-ups/how the teamfights should play out I'm assuming that both players/teams are equal with skill and have pretty good knowledge about the game.[/b] The reason why I have the champion profile in each of my match-ups is because while you're in loading screen you should go check out the champion you are facing to roughly know their spell's cooldowns, damage ect.

For this section I just have to thank I couple people for helping me learn more about this game and inspiring me to play Singed. - I would like to thank TalkLessPlayMore for showing this amazing champion, l maje l for helping me with this guide and both for supporting me since I started playing. l maje l's Katerina guide: - Thanks to TheDarkestTruth for helping me with some of the ward spots and helping with a few of the match-ups. TheDarkestTruth's twitch: - Also a big thanks to SpottedOtter for helping me with some of the match-ups! - I would also like to give a shoutout to InvertedComposer for sharing his knowledge of Singed thanks to his awesome guide which you can find here at: - Shoutout to MetalGearSinged's guide on Proxy Singed. If you're interested check it out at: - I would also like to give a shoutout to LastShadow9 for sharing his amazing knowledge about the game and helping many with the growth of not only their knowledge, but their play as well. His Youtube: and Twitch: - I'm not trying to take credit for any of InvertedComposer's, MetalGearSinged's or LastShadow9's work. I'm simply just spreading the word about them so more players can check out their material and learn a thing or two. - Thanks to PORXYSINGED's guide I found great pictures to show SInged's abilities! You can find his guide here at: [b]**Please check out Unnicknamed Singed guide at: because it's probably the best guide on Singed that I've seen in awhile**[/b]

[center][img=][/center] [center][b]CONGRATULATIONS![/b][/center] If you have read this entire guide I want to award you with a gold star for listening to all my rambling as well as thank you for taking the time to read my guide! :D Oh and sorry, but this guide doesn't have a TL;DR so don't even bother asking xD

- Guide Posted on 9/6/2014 - Updated some sections/match-ups on 9/4/2014 - Updated some mastery changes and added some extra info throughout the guide. I also found some grammar/wording mistakes so I'm going to do another big read through during this week to fix most of it 9/7/2014 - Finally finished the warding section. I haven't been able to update the guide as much because I've been getting used to school again and I was also sick for a week. I'll try to finish the guide by the end of the weekend and update all of the match-ups since I'm going to be making this a guide for lane Singed. 9/18/2014 - Updated according to the changes on the PBE. I'll update those sections more when Im able to test them out and when they are set in stone. 10/10/2014 - Updated according to the changes in patch 4.19 and I will update the Vayne match-up once I wake up later today. 11/8/2014 - Updated according to the changes in patch 4.20 11/23/2014 - Updated the runes and masteries as well as added some stuff in the item section. I still need to do the Vayne match-up and rewrite the Gnar match-up 12/17/2014 - Updated the rest of the item changes I wanted to change. In the next few days I plan to redo most of the match-ups. Also added Unnicknamed's guide in the recommendation section 12/21/14

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