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Hybrid Ezreal. Most people see that name and mindlessly assume it sucks because someone who know's little about how to correctly build hybrid Ezreal told them so. Lets correct that, most hybrid builds are bad, that's but this guide is not most builds. The core idea is by combining the Muramana and Arch Staff you get a crap tun of raw damage for the gold(#Math). You end up with having similar burst to AP Ez and powerful auto attacks. It's a late game build, similar to Azir. This guide is very in depth because there is a lot to talk about(even more than covered here, but it's already a wall of text), and a good amount of the logic is a little obtuse. Source: A Diamond Hybrid Ezreal main with around 2000 games on Ezreal

-get good at farming under your tower, your going to be doing it a lot -later in the game, you are basically don't have mana as far as spells are concerned. Spam your spells all you like, your not going to run out. -Shift cost a lot of mana in lane and is an important CD, don't wast it. However you can use it to shift to a new position and land a flux and/or Q. This does cost a lot of mana so be aware of the mana investment and the use of your escape. -When pushing mid tower, Q Wraths. It gives you some stacks of your passive. You can also Q your own Wraths for lifesteal(and yes, they are Wraths). -You can use your ult to harass. Move into the fog of war and cast it. You commonly also want to have it hit minions too but the DMG fall off is very potent, try to have the other mid be the first one hit. Then use Q to get it off CD. You can also use it to help other lanes, even if you don't get a kill, you can set one up for a someone else or just help with a little DMG on a behind lane. -Ezreal can be extended more than most because of shift, but it depends a lot on their jungler. With people like Vi you can't be out far. People like Udyr you can kite for days, though the behind you gank is still scary. -If you see someone moving to take blue, you can use your ult to steal blue. It's kind of funny how often it works. More often than not a jungler will have blue nearly dead waiting for a mid so you want to use your ult right as they leave instead of waiting a bit. -Against skill shot champs, a common out play is to shift out of the way of a skill shot and then follow up with your own attacks. -Once you get your Manamune filled don't wast it. It eats mana like a hog, turn it off when attacking minions, and even Baron at times. It's a large part of your damage so don't waste it. -Seeing as Ez does not have any CC he does not gank well. Most of the time I don't gank, however, that does not mean you should not help bot if they need it. It can be very risky, there are a lot of mids that if Ez gets stuck in a 1v1 in the river he will die to. Even more so if they ambush him from a bush, so take care in going to bot.

Early game you are just like any other mid. The AP start gives you a safer lane based around poke and AD is more aggressive but stands up to poke better with it's lifesteal. But in both cases you are not looking to get kills. Your looking to stay even, and every now and then you might manage a kill. Ezreal is not a early game power house, and you have scaling yellow's and blues. If you want to be more aggressive you can get flat AP blues and what ever yellows floats your goat and you will have a lot more kill potential in lane. If you do this get CDR boots. Most champs follow a predictable power curve. Hybrid is not like this, every game is a little different. You have a lot of different stats that you have to make use of. If you have early game runes use them, if you don't then be more passive.

ahhh the mid game. Mid game is defined a little differently for this build, it's the point after the early game but before you have filled your first tear. The second you fill your tear you have hit Midder-Game(see below). This is your weakest point. People commonly throw this build in the trash pile because they have the wrong expectations for it at this point in the game. You will not full to dead someone with your spells. Your spells add up over time but you are no LB. You deal a fine amount of damage but it's not flashy damage. You will have a mix of AD and AP, you have to use both. If you do use both your not that bad, you have a decent amount of burst and a decent amount of over time damage. The important thing is to use what ever you have at the time. Your goal is to not let the enemy snowball. It's not hard to keep them from killing you, the real fear is them pushing your lane and ganking. Push. You need to be keeping them in lane and the way you do that is threaten their cs or tower. Don't be afraid to be a pussy in the mid game, you don't win most all in's.

Your in business baby, you got your Muramana! Your weak mid game is over, you now can hold your own against even other mid game mids. It's not a very complex change, just a power change. Do what ever it is people do in the mid game just like before. The important application of this change is if you know a fight is brewing and you know your tear is almost filled, try to wait until you reach midder game to fight. It's not always and option, but it's important to keep in mind.

Late game you both play as a mage and as an ADC, at the same time! Fun I know, but not easy. You have the burst to make picks and poke and the sustained damage to follow up in fights. Don't be afraid to use shift aggressively, but don't waste it. It's hard for you to make plays happen on your own, but you are very self reliant in plays that are made. You can carry almost every game at this point. You have the tools needed to do it, if you play well enough you can carry even the worst of trash(most of the time). This is one of the major reasons I like the build, winning or losing is in your hands. You have relevant poke but your really more team fight orientated. You deal a massive amount of damage, you just need to not die while dealing it.

The complexity of how to team fight with hybrid Ezreal runs deeper than most, but fundamentally your a mage that plays like an ADC. You stay in the back and deal damage to whoever you can. It's better to deal damage to a tank and not die than get greedy on an ADC. Your ult is very important, of course try to hit as many people as you can but aim it for the ADC or other mid. It's better to chunk their back line for half their health than tickle three tanks. Don't expect peel. Peel will happen but you are not the ADC, you need to be taking care of yourself. I could get into the intricate details but it's really just something that comes with experience.

Hybrid Ezreal is the most powerful way of building Ezreal right now yet it's ironically the way the lest people play. If you have any questions message me on reddit, my user name is skellyton22. My summoner name is PotatoMine but I don't always accept random friend requests as they are normally bots.And lastly, I don't claim for this to be the 100% best way to build hybrid Ezreal. I'm constantly tweaking it and trying new things. Use this guide as a jumping off point but don't be afraid to try new things and think out side the box.

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