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Annie was the strongest support in the game before the 3.14 patch. The newest patch gives a very significant amount of gold to supports, and this helps Annie a very significant amount. She is even stronger than before, and is a tier above every other support in the game. This is due to her extremely high kill pressure and harassing ability in lane.

First charge your stun from base by spamming W. You should have it charged by the time you reach the middle of the map. Ideally you should get your team to invade with you, as Annie's lvl 1 is basically the strongest in the game. During Laning phase you should abuse the fact that Annie has a longer range AA than the majority of enemy ADC's, and every support. Take control of the brush (use your red lens if necessary). Use your extremely high autoattack range to constantly harass. Constantly be trying to stun them and harass them down. Flash W stunning both of them is often the right choice if the opportunity every presents itself. Make sure you keep wards up, as Annie is an extremely immobile champion that is very weak to ganks. If you have vision control it allows you to play extremely aggressively on Annie, as she is extremely strong early game. When your stun is down you have to play a lot more passive, as you will lose all in fights. Harass where you can, but be careful not be engaged upon. When it is up you should be able to bully aggressively with auto-attacks, and saving your stun for them if they try to engage. You are stronger than any other support at lvl 1 and should use this advantage to bully them and push the lane from lvl 1. Stun them and all in if they try to fight back.

At this point you should be attempting to keep your 3 wards up (which is covered by sightstone) and 1 pink constantly. With Mobility boots and flash you are an extremely strong playmaker, and you should be going around attempting to make any plays that become available to you. Try to stick with your highest damaging teammates, as they will be needed to follow up your stuns. You are an extremely strong initiator for teamfights, and you should be looking for flash bear stunning initiations whenever possible. If you can ever hit their AD or AP carry with a flash stun bear, or even better multiple enemies, you should be doing it!

You have two basic roles in team fights: 1: Initiator: As Annie support you should be looking to initiate very heavily, whenever you can find a charged stun onto their ADC or Mid, it is likely you should be doing it. Constantly be looking for good flash engages. 2: Peeler: Stay close to your ADC and spam stun the enemies trying to kill him. Annie is a bit weaker at doing this than she is at initiating, and you should only be doing this if your ADC is extremely fed, or if you have no other choice.

I hope this guide is educational! Stay tuned for more guides in the future! If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section, or send me a message on Twitter @LemonNNation, or

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