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Anti-Cinderhulk Top Lane Elise

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With the rise of Smite/Teleport Cinderhulk top lane, you may be looking for something to beat it in lane. Top lane Elise fits the bill. Her percent health damage lets her destroy anyone who rushes Cinderhulk, and by the time they get resistances you should have enough Magic Penetration that it doesn't matter. Pros: Bulkier than most mages later on Strong laning phase against melees Able to deal with common ranged top laners (i.e. Teemo and Gnar) Absolutely destroys health tanks and anyone who doesn't pick up a large MR item immediately Not particularly item dependant Damage is relevant throughout the game Fairly strong sustain in lane Cons Fairly susceptible to ganks Weak wave clear early on Not as tanky as a true tank or tanky bruiser in the late game

Early on, you want to harass in human form until you're confident you can switch to spider form and go for the kill. Sustain and waveclear with spider form W.

You want to either roam looking for catch outs or stick with the team and pick off squishies in fights. You can also provide fairly decent waveclear for defending.

Stick with the team as much as possible and delete threats in fights.

You should be able to jump on their backline fairly safely, and you should be able to delete their backline. So try to do that. Then help the rest of your team with their frontline.

Elise top destroys health-based tanks. Since Cinderhulk top laners are going to rush Cinderhulk, you won't have any difficulty getting through their resistances early on. Once they start getting MR after Cinderhulk, you probably have already built Sorc Shoes and Haunting Guise, so you should still cut through them like butter.

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