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FROZEN Kayle late game beast

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plat 5 top lane main in game name KR vladimir i will add alot to this guide when i have time to but dont right now but pritty simple champion and op as hell if played right i think anyway PROS= great wave clear -- Aoe magic dmg auto attacks -- 40% CDR this will keep E up all time -- tanky with good dmg alot hp about 3400 i think -- supporting team with heals and op ulti-- armor and magic shred passive 15% great with black cleaver-- great team fighter with heal and ulti for adc or ap or yourself if needed- pritty strong late game because of mixed dmg and the shred passive- great vs tanks-- Lane bully-- decent 1v1 with ulti up-- great farmer CONS= realy hard pusher could end up you getting ganked because of this because of the E aoe dmg so wards are must on this champ and should be on any champion you play -- your E will not be up all time until you get max CDR at 40%-- weak at takeing towers until you get some attack speed unless you have trinity force--

Farm and poke with e and q watch out for ganks it will happen and you will push alot best way not to push wave is to just auto in meele but only do this if the person you are vs take champ that does not have gap closer or you get chunked but if you know where jungler is then press that e get some poke of watch out in early for high dmg early champs like riven renekton and champions like so they will try kill you early for sure so play safe vs such chamions and just farm with e if needed

this is where you should have some hp items be alot tanky than you whee start of game frozen mallet will be awsome around this time will help kiteing people and just slowing people always good with every auto attack just keep in mind this is objective game look for chances to take objectives towers and such things dragon and keep in mind you work well in team because of your kit heal and ulti just helps team alot great vs assassins

late game is where your dmg comes to shine with shred passive and the mixed dmg you could compare yourself to a ranged jax in dmg kind of way because of mixed dmg that you have you will have great team fight so always try stick with team and be there to win the team fights with your dmg and slows heals and op ulti all good stuff that you have with this champion

you will want to peel for your adc but dont be scared to fight the adc or apc you have great 1v1 with ulti up you should win and if they other team has assassin stick by your adc protect them and peel for them realy easy to team fight with this champion and never focus support unless there no one there apart from support

great champion great pick into most team comps just realy helps the team and does the dmg needed

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