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    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Quintessence of Life Steal (+1.5% Life Steal.)
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[center][imgext=][/center] Caitlyn is a basic AD carry, meaning that later in the game you'll be mainly right clicking your way to victory. This isn't a bad thing, though, because you'll utilize your spells early game to get yourself the kills needed to carry your team. Caitlyn's two damaging spells, her ult and her Q, both have very long cast times, and will fall off as your main source of damage as the game goes on. This makes it important to take advantage of the extra damage early game, as her skills will deal much more damage than her basic attacks early. Her defining feature is the fact that she has the longest range in the game, only matched by a level 13 [imgsmall=champ/tristana.png], or a [imgsmall=champ/kogmaw.png] with level 2 [imgsmall=skills/kogmaw/w.png], making her a nightmare especially for melees but also for other carries. A good Caitlyn knows how to kite efficiently, making it extremely difficult for the enemy's melees to get in attacking range. You may not be Ashe, who excels in kiting, but you're damn close. Caitlyn is my absolute favorite champion in the League, and it shames me that there are no updated guides. To remedy that, welcome to my Caitlyn guide. I hope you learn something.

[center][youtube][/youtube][/center] One of the reasons Piltover is known as the City of Progress is because it has an extraordinarily low crime rate. This hasn't always been the case; brigands and thieves of all sorts used to find the city-state an ideal mark for plunder, primarily due to the valuable resources it imports to fuel its techmaturgical research. Some even theorize that it would have fallen long ago to the chaos of organized crime if not for Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover. Born the daughter of a wealthy statesman and a pioneering hextech researcher, Caitlyn discovered her natural gift for investigation when, at age 14, her father was assaulted and robbed on his way home. She snuck out of her house that night with her father's rifle and tracked down the muggers from the crime scene. At first, her parents did their best to discourage her from such risky hobbies, but she was incorrigible. Wishing to protect her daughter in the only way she knew how, Caitlyn's mother began outfitting her with techmaturgical devices tailored to her sleuthing needs. Caitlyn quickly gained notoriety, both because she was singlehandedly defeating crime in Piltover and also because she soon developed into a ravishing beauty. She never backed down from a case or a challenge, and she was one of the sharpest shots in the city-state. Her services were soon requested by Demacia to help track down a mysterious outlaw who had begun committing high-profile heists. The bandit, who always left a card with an ornate \"C\" at the scene of the crime, became Caitlyn's arch-nemesis. To this day, Caitlyn still searches for this cat burglar, and the chase has led her all across Valoran. She has joined the League to hone her skills and gain the influence necessary to track down the only quarry that has managed to evade her. [center][highlight]\"Go ahead, run. I'll give you a five minute head start.\"[/highlight] [imgsmall=champ/caitlyn.png]Caitlyn, from her book [number]Willing Apprehension[/number][/center]

[center][imgext=][/center] [highlight]Reds[/highlight] [number]Greater Mark of Strength[/number]: The best marks for Caitlyn, the added AD will make you a monster to face against early. [highlight]Yellows[/highlight] [number]Greater Seal of Resilience[/number]: Caitlyn starts out with a very, very pitiful amount of armor - just 13. The boost of armor will help you immensely in lane as both minions and the enemy AD will be dealing - you guessed it! - physical damage. [highlight]Blues[/highlight] [number]Greater Glyph of Warding[/number]: The MR is very strong in lane because most of the supports that you'll be laning against deal magic damage, and the big boost in your MR early game will help mitigate that damage. [highlight]Quints[/highlight] [number]Greater Quintessence of Strength[/number]: The flat AD give you a healthy boost to your damage output early game, making last hitting a breeze and making your autoattacks hurt.

[title][img=skills/caitlyn/p.png] Passive: Headshot[/title] [number]Every 8 / 7 / 6 attacks (at level 1 / 7 / 13) (attacks while in brush count as 2), Caitlyn will fire a headshot, dealing either 150% damage to a champion or 250% damage to a minion.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] A nice little passive which'll give you a small boost to damage. Charges faster while attacking from the bushes, allowing you to constantly deal massive damage to both minions and champions. I try not to hit minions while I have this passive ready unless I can kill them with my regular, unboosted autoattack - killing a minion with the 250% boost will actually push your lane a bit faster than normal, meaning you can get caught out of position easily. Late game, this skill will make your crits deal massive amounts of damage, allowing you to hit extremely hard and take their carries out easily. [center][imgext=][/center] [title][img=skills/caitlyn/q.png] Q: Piltover Peacemaker[/title] [number]Caitlyn revs up her rifle for 1 second to unleash a penetrating shot which deals 20 / 65 / 110 / 155 / 200 (+130% Attack Damage) physical damage (deals 10% less damage to subsequent targets, with a maximum loss of 50%).[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] A skillshot that hits everything in a line, and a great source of damage early game. Try not to use this skill on minions too much though, as it'll push your lane super fast. Use it mostly to harass early game. Late game, you want to use this skill mostly to farm, as your autoattacks will be way more powerful than your skills. [center][imgext=][/center] [title][img=skills/caitlyn/w.png] W: Yordle Snap Trap[/title] [number]Caitlyn sets up to three traps to find sneaky yordles, which trigger on champions. When sprung, the trap immobilizes the target, reveals them for a short duration, and deals 80/130/180/230/280 (+80% of ability power) magic damage over 1.5 seconds. Traps last for 4 minutes. Cooldown 20/17/14/11/8 Cost 50 mana Range 500[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] An amazing trap that can act as a make-shift ward (it only reveals for a split second when you first put it down), a follow up to a stun (place it under the stunned person's feet, when they try to move it'll snare them), and an all around decent snare. Placing one in the bush early game can lead to first blood, as long as they either don't have flash, have used it already, or get killed before they can flash. [center][imgext=][/center] [title][img=skills/caitlyn/e.png] E: 90 Caliber Net[/title] [number]Caitlyn fires a net to slow her target by 50% for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. This deals 80/130/180/230/280 (+80% of ability power) magic damage and knocks Caitlyn back. Cooldown 18/16/14/12/10 seconds Cost 75 mana Range 500[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] A mediocre slow that is better used as an escape mechanism, it's range is similar to that of flash, making it an invaluable tool. You can go over thin terrain with this, which makes it an amazing chase/escape skill. Be careful not to waste the skill, because if you get knocked up while moving, it'll cancel the recoil. Same with being stunned or nearly any other CC. [center][imgext=][/center] [center][highlight]Walls that you can go over[/highlight][/center] [center][imgext=][/center] [title][img=skills/caitlyn/r.png] R: Ace in the Hole[/title] [number]Caitlyn takes time to line up the perfect shot, dealing 250 / 475 / 700 (+2 per attack damage) physical damage to a single target at a huge range. Enemy champions can intercept the bullet for their ally. Cooldown 90/75/60 seconds Cost 100 mana Range 1900/2050/2200[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Caitlyn's infamous ultimate, this skill is both notorious for being both extremely reliable and unreliable at the same time. The skill isn't only good for finishing enemies off, though. You can use the skill to poke enemies, weaken their carry so they're forced to back off, or even initiate as the damage means that one of their champs - provided that you don't hit a tank - lost a big chunk of their HP. The damage jumps by huge amounts at each level, from 250 to 475 at level 2. It also has a [number]2[/number] AD ratio, which is insane. [center][imgext=][/center] [center][highlight](All .GIFs courtesy of the League of Legends Wiki!)[/highlight][/center]

[highlight][center][imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/e.png][/center][/highlight] Max your [imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/q.png] first because of the strong AoE damage that it provides. [imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/w.png] second because honestly, when compared with your [imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/e.png], they honestly both suck with levels but your [imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/w.png] is better because of the drastically decreased CD and more damage with levels. [imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/e.png] last because of the lack of any significant differences with levels. Level your [imgsmall=skills/caitlyn/r.png] whenever you can, silly bear.

[center][img=items/dorans-blade.png][img=items/dorans-blade.png] vs [img=items/wriggles-lantern.png][/center] Ah, probably the most controversial topic so far ever since I've created this guide. Everybody knows the generic double Doran's into IE route for AD carries, right? It's the gold standard, it's the best, blah blah. While I do agree completely, it isn't the best for every situation. The HP is nice, but sometimes pure HP won't save you when the enemy has dominance over you or you have no other type of sustain. Getting a Wriggle's will help you immensely in these situations because of the stats that Wriggle's provides. However, this can go both ways. Despite Wriggle's being a great item, it's not always the way to go. It's much better not to waste your money on the full item, instead building two extremely cost effective Doran's. The whole entire argument is completely situational, there is no static situation/build that you should be following ever. If you're laning with a support who can sustain you, by all means, start with a Doran's and go the double Doran's route! However, you can still get a Wriggle's! If you're laning with a support who can't sustain you or you're taking a solo lane, starting boots and transitioning into Wriggle's is a good option because of the survivability and sustain it provides. However, you can still get a Doran's! Get this - you can even get BOTH of them in a single game! What a terrifying thought! To summarize : [highlight]THEY ARE BOTH COMPLETELY SITUATIONAL AND YOU SHOULD ADAPT ACCORDING TO YOUR ENEMY TEAM![/highlight]

[center][title]Starting Items[/title] [img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/health-potion3.png][/center] The starting items of choice with Caitlyn. The boots will allow you to have superior mobility over your opponent, making it easier to do just about everything. The extra movement speed will likely save your life on more than one occasion, as you'll be able to outrun most champions as long as they don't start with boots first as well. The HP pots are just to keep you healthy, as a healthy Caitlyn is a happy one. The boots also allow you to pick other options that take a break from farming 24/7. [center][title]Core Items[/title] [img=items/wriggles-lantern.png][/center] Despite double Doran's Caitlyn being strong, I've found that Wriggle's has become a better choice in my opinion. Wriggle's is just a super strong item, and it allows you to dominate the lane completely. You get a good boost to AD, armor and a huge lifesteal bonus, making you have even better sustain and tankiness towards a normal AD + support lane. Throw in a free ward on an item that costs less than a B.F. Sword, and you've got an amazingly cost effective item. [center][img=items/berserkers-greaves.png][/center] Boots of choice for Caitlyn, as she needs the attack speed to function correctly as a carry. The early game attack speed will be important for her, as her base attack speed is very slow - and the first attack speed item we pick up is after the Infinity Edge, which in itself is a big buy. Thus, Zerker's work as a very cheap solution to our attack speed problem. [center][img=items/infinity-edge.png][/center] The big daddy of carry items, an Infinity Edge is the last item your enemies want to see you buying. The raw AD that the item gives is enough to make it worth it, but throw in the crit chance and the increase to your crit damage, and you have a monster of an item. Your damage will skyrocket, and you'll be hitting extra hard because of the crits. [center][img=items/zeal.png][/center] The prerequisite item to a [imgsmall=items/phantom-dancer.png], the Zeal is a nice boost to some crucial stats, adding movement speed which helps solve Caitlyn's movement speed problem, crit chance and attack speed. We don't get the Phantom Dancer this early, though, because AD is the best way to increase your DPS, not attack speed. [center][title]Luxury Items[/title] [img=items/the-bloodthirster.png][/center] An amazing item for any AD champion, as the sheer amount of AD that can be gained with a single BT is insane. 60 AD with no stacks and 100 AD when fully stacked, along with a ton of lifesteal? There's no item that compete with a fully stacked BT, but an Infinity Edge is generally better early because of the crit damage. [center][img=items/phantom-dancer.png][/center] Of course, after all the other items are bought, you'll want to upgrade your Zeal. The difference between a Zeal and PD is huge, and you'll notice the difference almost immediately. Movement speed, crit chance, and a huge amount of attack speed? Perfect for any AD carry. [center][img=items/banshees-veil.png][/center] A good defensive item for any carry, as the stats it grants are nice, and the spellshield is invaluable and will save you more than once. The main reason why we get a Banshee's over any other defensive item is for the stats, as the HP and mana will be helpful to keep you alive. [center][img=items/last-whisper.png][/center] Ok, first of all, does anybody know how combining a pickaxe and a sword create a bow? I'm so confused. Jokes aside, the Last Whisper is a great item for any AD carry, as the 40% armor pen, combined with your runes and masteries, will allow you to shred through armor like it's nothing - making most tanks obsolete against your attacks. This will make it easier for you to destroy teams, and the AD it grants is nice, too. [center][img=items/the-black-cleaver.png][/center] Another good tank killer, the stacking armor debuff is good against most champions, not just tanks, and the attack speed is always good. The Black Cleaver will further increase your insane carrying capabilities, and make even the tankiest of champions fold like paper when put up against you.

During the early game, you should almost always be laning bottom with a support. The majority of the time, you should be focusing on last hitting, and getting your items. You can poke at your opponents easily because of your long range, and you'll be hard to harass while farming early game. If you lane with someone with a stun, you can try to attempt to kill your lane opponent when you're level 6, as your autoattacks and skills will allow you easily pick up a kill. If the opportunity arises, by all means go for a kill - but [highlight]do not[/highlight] trade a kill for a kill! You may get a nice sum of 300 gold, but so does the person who killed you and you lose out on precious farming time! This is the absolutely worst thing that you can do, as you want to stay in line as much as possible, farming up your items. If you can help it, try not to push the lane too much. [highlight]Don't try to kill their tower faster[/highlight] - their tower gone means that soon enough that lane won't be safe for farming anymore.

As with any carry, laning with a support is very important. Some supports encourage different play styles, as some of them have shields, heals etc which make it easier for you to harass, farm etc. On the other hand, some supports are more aggressive, but lack any sort of sustain. I'll list all the conventional supports, and try to list their strengths and weaknesses. Let's get started, shall we? [highlight]Alistar[/highlight] [img=champ/alistar.png] Ah, the big, obnoxious bull. Equipped with an AoE knock-up/stun, knockback as well as a mediocre heal, Alistar makes a great support. A good combination with Caitlyn, as the aggressiveness will allow you to zone out your enemies effectively. [number]Pros[/number] [.]AoE CC as well as sustain. [.]Extremely tanky with his ultimate, allowing him to easily tower dive early in the game. [.]Doesn't fall off in usefulness later, as his tankiness allows him to initiate easily. [.]Extreme zoning in the lane. [number]Cons[/number] [.]Relatively weak mid game. [.]A semi-difficult combo to learn and land efficiently. [.]Decently high CDs for all of his skills, meaning every skill counts. [.]Low mana pool. [highlight]Blitzcrank[/highlight] [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] AH, FRESH MEAT! Oh, sorry, wrong game. Anyways, Blitzcrank is a decent laning partner, as his hook will allow you to easily fish and kill enemies. His hook + your traps is extremely devastating, especially if he hooks them into a pre-existing trap, knocks them up, and you place another trap at their feet. [number]Pros[/number] [.]His hook is extremely strong with your traps, spelling certain doom if they're pulled into one. [.]A knock-up, meaning even more time for you to autoattack enemies. [.]Deals decent damage on his own, and when combined with you is a very high damage lane. [.]AoE silence with his ult, meaning enemies can't flash away when grabbed. [number]Cons[/number] [.]Zero sustain, not even a shield. [.]Low mana pool, with high mana costs and high CDs. [.]Needs some farm to be effective. [highlight]Janna[/highlight] [img=champ/janna.png] For only $2.95 a minute... I'm sure you know the rest. A very good support for an aggressive lane, as her shield also gives a massive boost to your AD. Sadly, she has no sustain, meaning that it is still a risky lane. [number]Pros[/number] [.]A great shield and AD steroid combined into one spell! [.]An abundance of CC, including an AoE knockup and single target slow. [.]When used correctly, her ult is kinda game changing. [number]Cons[/number] [.]Similarly, when used incorrectly, her ult will help the other team more than yours. [.]Zero sustain. [.]Her AoE knockup travels slow and is easily dodged. [highlight]Karma[/highlight] [img=champ/karma.png] A unique support, Karma is more of a combination of support and caster IMO. She has most of the support necessities, as she has an AoE % heal and a shield. However, she can still deal lots of damage on her own. [number]Pros[/number] [.]Great damage with her shield and AoE. [.]A very, very good AoE heal that scales off of %. [.]A movement speed boost/slow depending on who she uses it on. [number]Cons[/number] [.]Needs Mantra to be fully effective. [.]No AoE CC. [.]May killsteal due to her huge burst damage. [highlight]Leona[/highlight] [img=champ/leona.png] Another early game support and late game tank, Leona has an extremely annoying presence in lane, as she has an abundance of stuns. The downside, however, is her lack of sustain. An extremely aggressive lane partner, but a risky one at the same time. [number]Pros[/number] [.]Very, very aggressive. [.]Stunlocking an enemy means almost certain death, as the sheer amount of stuns will make it difficult to run. [.]AoE stun, and two single-target stuns. (her e is basically a stun - a very, very short one, but a stun nonetheless.) [.]Becomes extremely tanky, even early game with her W. [number]Cons[/number] [.]Zero sustain. [.]Her ult's stun-spot is a decently small circle in the middle, meaning she can miss the stun. [highlight]Sona[/highlight] [img=champ/sona.png] One of my favorite supports, Sona is a great all-rounder and has different auras that give different advantages to you in the lane. [number]Pros[/number] [.]A heal, an AD and AP boost, and movement speed auras. [.]Amazing early game burst damage, allowing her to easily harass. [.]A great AoE CC ult, allowing her to shutdown teams completely. [.]Supports multiple play styles, allowing the lane to be passive or aggressive. [number]Cons[/number] [.]Although she's a jack of all trades, she's a master of none. [.]Only one aura can be active at a time. [highlight]Soraka[/highlight] [img=champ/soraka.png] The infamous unicorn lady, Soraka is a support that has recently fallen from grace. The recent nerfs to her sustain have turned her more into a caster than a support, but she can still be played as one. [number]Pros[/number] [.]The only support who can restore mana directly. [.]Has 2 massive heals, one of which is global. [.]Deals a lot of AoE damage. [number]Cons[/number] [.]More of a caster than a support now. [.]Using her Starcall at all will push the lane. [.]Long CDs. [highlight]Taric[/highlight] [img=champ/taric.png] Although ridiculed for his unknown sexual orientation, this is one confused man you don't want to run into on the streets. A super aggressive support, and a very good choice for Caitlyn. [number]Pros[/number] [.]A very reliable stun. [.]An aura that grants you a big boost to your armor, allowing you to trade shots easily with other carries in the lane. [.]Grants a good amount of AD with his ult. [.]A great heal. [number]Cons[/number] [.]Relatively squishy until later in the game. [.]Only one CC.

Although Caitlyn is blessed with the highest range of any AD carry, there are still some weaknesses that you have against the other popular carries. I'll try my best to detail the lane match-ups of all the popular enemies you'll be likely facing at bot. [img=champ/ashe.png] Although Ashe used to be an extremely popular carry, she's fallen from grace lately and really is not that strong early game. You outrange her substantially and will be able to easily take advantage of that. Ashe's advantage over most carries early game is her Volley, but fortunately your Q outranges it as well. However, Volley is an AoE cone while your Q is in a straight line. This isn't much of a problem for someone who can aim, however, and you'll quickly find that Ashe isn't that scary of an enemy. Her ult is very strong, however, as you are very susceptible to stuns. Be vigilant and the arrow is extremely easy to dodge. Keep on your toes, don't get slowlocked and use your range to your advantage. [img=champ/corki.png] Even though you outrange him (just like you outrange everyone else), Corki's early game is way stronger than yours. His usage of skills allows for a way higher DPS than you can achieve, so you'll want to keep your distance. However, despite his DPS, Corki is very squishy and will easily fall to a few of your attacks + skills. Don't go overboard, as with a good support that has any form of hard CC, he has the possibility to easily kill you. When he hits level 6, his ult allows him to further increase his DPS, making him even scarier. Stay passive, and farm while harassing him to gain an early advantage. It'll be a hard fight, but with enough common sense you should eventually usurp him as the superior carry. [img=champ/draven.png] While Draaaaaven is an extremely scary foe to most other carries, Caitlyn can beat him early game with a little bit of skill and practice. His main downfall against you is his range, as his autoattacks are his main source of damage. As long as you stay outside of his range, poke him down, and disengage whenever he tries to be extremely aggressive, you should be fine. [img=champ/ezreal.png] An extremely annoying enemy to face, Ezreal is a very powerful carry in the early game. His early game is his strong point, as his skills allow him to easily triple his regular DPS output. Despite this, all of his skills are skillshots (imagine that!), so they are easy to dodge if you pay attention to any patterns. However, like I said, his early game trumps yours by a large margin, so fighting him is an extremely stupid idea. Ride it out until the mid game, and harass him so he has trouble farming. Try to keep him from picking up a Sheen, as that item alone will make his insane DPS even crazier, making your life worse at the same time. Although his early game beats yours, your late game is much more dominant, and is where you'll shine compared to him. If you can take it easy and farm during the early game, he'll stand no chance against you. [img=champ/graves.png] You feeling lucky, punk? I'd love to make an extremely accurate description on him, but quite honestly since his last nerf I haven't had the pleasure of duking it out with a Graves. Despite this, I'll try my best. Don't get mad if I'm wrong, though. Graves is a unique-ish AD carry, as he's more CQB than anyone else. The closer he is, the more damage he deals. On release, he was a monster. Insta-banned most of the time, and insta-picked otherwise. Now, however, he's a much more tamed beast. His Q still deals a big amount of damage, but he needs to get close in order to deal the big amounts of damage he needs. You can take advantage of your range to deal damage while he walks away, meaning you can easily deal more damage than he can. His burst is way stronger than yours, so you'll need to be careful the moment he hits level 6. Other than that, stay safe as always. [img=champ/kogmaw.png] The only true contender to your range, Kog'Maw is truly a force to be reckoned with. His damage is superior to yours early game due to his W, and he can even outrange you at level 9. His ult is even worse, making him able to hit you even if you're hiding. This is a scary thought, as every other carry is usually cowering in fear. He can also tear through your armor and slow you, making him a very scary prospect indeed. However, he lacks a hard escape. He may deal damage, but he sure as hell can't take it. Take advantage of this, and bully him hard before he outranges you, and even then you should be trying to harass him. A bullied Kog'Maw is a sad Kog'Maw, and that's exactly what you want. Be careful though, as his level 6 is way stronger than yours. [img=champ/lucian.png] Lucian is a total jerk when it comes to versing against Caitlyn. His reliance on skills early game makes his damage output greater than yours, and his dash allows him to easily close the distance and break free of the slow after you net away from him. At level 6, his ult has a way farther range than your autoattacks, and standing still to ult him back would be suicide unless you're out of range. Early game will be hell for you, as he will completely out damage and bully you in lane. Stay back, play safe, and farm up for the late game. [img=champ/missfortune.png] Another early game carry, a good Miss Fortune can easily outdamage you with the usage of her double-up to hit you even when you're hiding behind minions. She can also make your support less effective through Grevious Wounds, so you'll need to be careful not to be caught in a sticky situation. Her ult has a much different role than yours, however, and yours is much better for the single-target damage. That means that your damage output, with all of your skills, is superior once you hit level 6. Prior to that, you'll want to be passively farming, as you won't win a straight toe-to-toe fight with MF early game. Late game, she's still a very scary enemy. However, if you farmed up correctly and play your cards right, you should be able to beat her with some finesse. [img=champ/sivir.png] Before, Sivir was just a really bad pick due to a lot of problems that plagued her, mainly her extremely bad range. Now that they've buffed her, however, I do think she's a lot stronger. She has the potential to deal massive amounts of burst damage early game, and she can even negate yours due to her spellshield. Her ult gives her an advantage over you due to the attack speed boost it gives to everyone around her, making even the minions attack faster. It's increased damage output, and it's a lot of it. She can also stand toe-to-toe easily because of her new Ricochet, which now will allow her to duke out damage on a silver platter. All in all, Sivir is a very annoying early game champion to deal with, and because of her massive burst potential with her W, she's a monster late game. You might have some trouble defeating her, but work with your team to stun her down and take her out. [img=champ/tristana.png] I really hate Tristana. Tristana is the playground bully, the one that steals your lunch and then kicks sand in your face in the process. She can destroy you, harass you endlessly with her E, and generally just make your life shit. The moment she hits level 6, she can kill you due to her immense burst and the fact that most Tristanas roll with Ignite now-a-days. Her farming is also very good because of exploding shot, however this is also her downfall. The splash damage when she kills a minion will naturally push a lane, making her extremely susceptible to ganks. If you can get good ganks and kill her a few times, then you can probably win the lane. It'll take a lot of hard work, and a lot of finesse, but it's possible. [img=champ/twitch.png] While previously known as simply the biggest troll pick of all time, buffs to Twitch have actually made him a force to be reckoned with. His early game damage is huge, and his stealth can create a big problem if you happen to get caught off guard by him and his support. Once he hits level 6, he can stand toe-to-toe with your range using his ult, although it is easy to dodge as long as you keep moving. Thankfully, he is somewhat of a close-quarters ADC and thus is easily harassed. Combined with the fact that he's squishy as all hell, you'll be able to harass him down with no problem as long as you have a competent support and don't get caught off guard. [img=champ/vayne.png] A generally weak carry early game, Vayne is very susceptible to harass as she is at her weakest early. Keep this in mind, and bully her as much as possible while still getting CS. Prevent Vayne from farming, and she'll be pressured into trying to keep up with you. Your skills add even more damage to the mix, but make sure not to get caught out of position, as getting stunned by her E is extremely devastating. However, her late game is way stronger than yours, and she can easily drop you given the chance. Her burst is extremely insane, and the invisibility will make her even harder to fight. She is mobile, and her ult will give her a huge boost to her AD. Exhaust her, and get your team to help you take her down. As long as your team can protect you, you can beat her. Just be careful, as Vayne is a force to be reckoned with late game.

During the midgame, you'll be wanting to watch out more for opportunities to get involved with the big picture, be it getting dragon or engaging in a small team fight. If your early game went well, then you'll probably be able to go and kill a few people, but for the most part you should always be killing something! If you're running to another lane and you're not in a hurry, go into the jungle and throw your Q at the wraiths. Anything to keep your income steady. Go from lane to lane, cleaning up the waves of minions and push a few towers. Your team will thank you for the gold, and you'll keep your gold income high. [highlight]Remember, just like in early game, don't die.[/highlight]

By this time, you should be a monster. If you kept your farm up, and died the least amount of times possible, then you should have a good amount of items. This is the time when you begin to carry, but as always, be careful. You have the longest base range for a reason, use that to your advantage. Always stay with your team, and don't get caught out of position. Stay as far in the back as you can. Push lanes with your team instead of alone, and when team fights break out you should be able to kill nearly anyone - if they have an anti-carry on the enemy team, stay as far away as possible and let your more tanky teammates deal with them. No matter how fed you are, you won't be able to deal with an [imgsmall=champ/akali.png] that knows what she's doing. I know I've said this in every part of the game so far, but don't die. This is probably the most important time to remember that, though. In the late game, if you, the carry, dies, you have a big possibility of losing the game, unless the whole game so far had been a stomp. [highlight]Just be careful, and as always, use your range to your advantage.[/highlight]

In a team fight, the general rule for the carry is to be the last one into the fight, and the first one out. You should never go into a team fight if it looks like a losing battle unless you're 25/0. The enemies will rip you apart and you'll die and lose precious farming time. Your team may yell at you, but that's solo queue for ya. Never aim for a tank unless he's the only one alive, your damage potential is wasted by doing this. Always attack the person that is the most dangerous to you at any given moment - this will always change, there's no static list of people to go for. You have to be able to decide this for yourself - but in general, it'll be either an enemy carry or anti-carry. Stay as far back as possible in the team fights, and let the more beefier teammates handle the initiating. When they initiate, and everyone on the enemy team has already blown their spells, that's your cue to go in and start doing damage. As long as that [imgsmall=champ/malzahar.png] wasted his ultimate on your [imgsmall=champ/amumu.png], there's nothing he can do to stop you from killing him. If you don't want a team fight to start for any reason, an easy way to deter the enemy from starting one is to ult somebody - preferably their carry or anti-carry. No team with a brain would want to initiate a fight when their carry just lost 700+ HP, it would be suicide.


You should spend most of your game farming, and the rest of the game killing. Just like any other AD carry, knowing how to farm efficiently and how to position yourself in team fights are crucial - knowing these skills will make playing Caitlyn easy, as her range gives her a helping hand in many situations. There are times when you will be outclassed, but this happens to even the best of us, and soon you'll be able to understand Caitlyn's strengths and weaknesses enough to overcome them. Just stick with it, and as always, stay golden, Ponyboy. Stay golden.

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