Kha'Zix Build Guide

How to play Kha'Zix for dummies

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    Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (+1.28 armor penetration)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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This guide will teach you the basics from my point of view of how to play Kha'Zix. He is a evolving bug that has poke, resets, two escapes, two cc's (both slows) a single target melee nuke, mobility, and a unique evolving system with his levels. He is meant to be a very mobile poke assassin who does tons of damage and can carry games, or clean up team fights very well. In my opinion he is slightly overpowered in todays meta and is a high threat difficult target to deal with if fed or played properly.

[imgext=] 12 arpen 6.8 ad 13 armor 12 mr This is a solid setup where as if the enemy has a cloth armor arpen will be more effective as the game goes on. Or if you have fort pot it will scale into the early damage. the armor and mr is there for whoever you lane against, an AD, AP, or a hybrid like shen. You can replace yellows and blues for something else when the enemy is... 1. pure AD / switch blues. 2. pure AP / switch yellows (not recommended since armor saves lives)

[title][img=skills/khazix/p.png] Passive: Unseen Threat [/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] auto attack that does extra damage and slows when the enemy is isolated. don't underestimate this, make sure you proc this instead of spamming q if possible for when chasing. [title][img=skills/khazix/q.png] Q: Taste Their Fear[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Great trading/farming tool. Low mana cost, Low cooldown, High Damage. [title][img=skills/khazix/w.png] W: Void Spike[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Sustain, poke, aoe poke at 6, slow. Ridiculous poke skill. [title][img=skills/khazix/e.png] E: Leap[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Escape/Gap Closer, becomes ridiculous range when evolved, you also get resets to spam E and use your low CD Q to finish off fleeing low enemies. [title][img=skills/khazix/r.png] R: Void Assault[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Great for escapes, 1 second engages when the enemy is caught off guard. Speeds you up and gives you invis.

I max W because it has ridiculous sustain, aoe poke(at 6). You have two choices after maxing W, either Q or E. Max E if you know you're going to get resets in fights and hit enemies with your E, but the safest thing to do is max Q since it's such a low CD with high damage anyways. Maxing R is a giving for evolves used on W and E at all times.

Starting: [item=mana-potion][item=health-potion5][item=faerie-charm]vs ap to set up tear [item=health-potion3][item=elixir-of-fortitude]if you want to abuse [item=cloth-armor][item=health-potion5]vs ad Core Goals: [item=tear-of-the-goddess]+[item=dorans-blade] great for adding extra sustain and preparing core item [item=manamune] a must buy core item for all paths. manamune/muramasa Follow up core: [item=the-brutalizer][item=the-bloodthirster] (go last whisper if enemy is stacking armor) [item=the-brutalizer][item=hexdrinker] good vs ap/ triple ap. shield saves you 5ever [img=items/last-whisper.png] best anti armor item for ad dmg. Boot Options: [item=mercurys-treads] good vs ap/cc [item=ninja-tabi] good vs ad [item=ionian-boots-of-lucidity] great when there is no threat of being killed when poking. Increases poke efficiency by reducing the cd by 15% [item=boots-of-mobility] great for roaming if you beat your lane very badly. lane ganks/ fog of war ganks/ following up/farming Good Items to buy: [item=dorans-shield] great vs difficult ad's to deal with such as Riven or Renekton when you need to survive laning phase. [item=dorans-blade] same concept as dorans shield except even better vs ap's. [item=kindlegem] cost efficient health item 10% cdr. Late Game Goals: [item=last-whisper] anti armor, usually bought every game. [item=warmogs-armor] if GA is not in reach and HP seems to be more effective, go for warmogs. You can never go wrong with HP once you have the damage if you sit on giants belt. [item=muramana] ridiculous with the Q, hits really hard. [item=spirit-of-the-elder-lizard] Solid poke item, clears waves, true damage, regen on hp and mana. [item=the-black-cleaver] shred is usually good if they have lower amounts of armor or if you have other ad's on your team. [item=randuins-omen] wardens mail is the god anti ad item for it's value. HP + slow great combo vs tons of AD. [item=guardian-angel] can't go wrong with a GA if you can afford it after damage. [item=blade-of-the-ruined-king] Not recommended but you can make it work since it gives you a lot of useful tools like hp gain, movement speed, survivability.

[imgsmall=champ/rumble.png] While he's weak early, you will get outlaned most likely since he destroys melee squishies with his skillset. Mainly his flame spitter. Sustain Champions such as: [img=champ/nidalee.png][img=champ/soraka.png]/[img=champ/sona.png] The sustain and CC from these champions will make you cry. They are squishy, but it won't matter if you can't get close or out poke the sustain they throw down. This is mainly from the dance phase from poking. [imgsmall=champ/lulu.png] Lulu has CC and anti assassin abilities. good luck trying to snipe people as she baits you into an ulted ad carry.

Poke and peel until someone gets low enough to use your resets. That's as simple as it's going to get. Don't jump in unless you know you can chunk someone and can get away with it. Sometimes you can bait damage on you and get away with E and R, but it is not always reccomended unless you're full hp and you have mercs or warmogs/GA.

You can play Khazix Top/Mid as an ad reset poke caster. Kha'zix is very squishy and is considered as an assassin with poke and high mobility. Does a hell of a lot of damage. Aoe wave clear. An isolation passive which slows and does bonus damage. Mobility jump/reset/damage Stealth/speed up. All of these things make Kha'zix a very ridiculous hero to deal with. Not to mention the fact he will beat most people 1v1 end game split push. You should pick Kha'zix if you feel that he is the right champion for you, or if he is simply fun to play. [twitch][/twitch]

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