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The Comprehensive Guide to playing a Competitive Cassiopeia

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Hello my name is Exzodium. Welcome and please have a seat for today's lesson. In a few minutes I am going to start discussing how one can play the fun and often challenging champion known as Cassiopeia. Before we get started however, I feel that we need to discuss a few things about expectations and what not. Don't worry, I am not here to shatter your dreams or anything, I just feel that I need a disclaimer for my guide so that people don't comeback and get angry, and if they do I can at least troll and say I had a disclaimer. [highlight] WARNING!!! Despite the lessons and advice that will be imparted in this guide, Exzodium and the computer equipment that brought you this guide are in no way, shape, or form responsible for the severe amount of verbal abuse you will likely receive in the event you just happen to fail miserably during your first few games playing as Cassiopeia. This is more true if you intend to play ranked games. Also in the event of success and complete and utter annihilation of you fellow man on the fields of justice, keep in mind you are running the risk of being banned because of your insensitive showboating and abrasive use of the word "Owned". Exzodium and like wise his computer, are not responsible for loss of any players account due to massive banhammers!!!![/highlight]

Well I see by the amount of people still reading this guide, my disclaimer did not scare many away. (chirp.........chirp.) But anyway back to Playing Cassiopeia. The first thing many people tend to learn about Cassiopeia, is that she is not a highly ranked champion, and I must admit this is the truth. As of now, Cassiopeia is dead last on Elementz Solo Queue Tier list. That being said, Tiers are for queers and what do some people know anyway. I say this because the man has the stones to put Karthus above her in the 3rd tier. Guess being carried and pressing R buys Tier slots....... But I am not going to spend all my time being a Hater, I am here to school you in the art of playing a female Karthus and slowly growing a new generation of players who can appreciate a undervalued champion. First lets go over the skills. [img=skills/cassiopeia/p.png] This is your Passive and out of the many out there this is one of the better ones. This is one of the reasons you should not be having mana issues and should always be able to fallow up your Noxious Blast with a Twin Fang Attack. [img=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] This is your Q, and the main reason I think of Cassiopeia as a female Karthus. Really this is the Q Karthus wished he had, while you don't do double damage upon a solo hit, you do have greater range on this bad boy meaning you should have no problems hitting people. This is very important so you can spam Twin Fang like boss and get the speed boost needed to chase down champions who can't handle the heat. Good Damage, Good Range, Good Scaling, Small Aoe Blast that is good for farming, and a low cool down. In short this is your bread and butter and if your leveling anything else first you need to meet me after class. [img=skills/cassiopeia/w.png ] An area of effect damage over time and slow for anyone who sets foot on it or near it? This skill will be considered one of your nasty tools for zoning against ranged and melee opponents. This skill can be used for turning a gank into an escape, a gank into a kill. The spell has many uses and should be used to stop people from chasing by placing it properly on a ramp or preferably in a bush since they normally won't realize why they are moving so slow until it is too late. When soloing this spell should NOT be spammed! It is expensive and will drain your mana faster than you can hope to replenish it. One point is really all that is needed during the early parts of the game. [img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] This is your second source of damage and will often be used to finish people who bite off more than they can chew. Keep in mind that the range on this is much shorter than your Q and the cool down is going to be long if you try to spam it on targets who are not poisoned. For this reason, only cast it on champions that have a Noxious Blast ticking off them or if another champions poison is working it's magic so you can continue to spam it for more damage. You will be leveling this alongside Noxious Blast. [img=skills/cassiopeia/r.png] This is your ult and it's a nasty one at that. To be honest the damage on this ult is not great and the range is short, however it is a AOE cone and is good for getting multiple targets. It is my opinion that you should never use your ult as a start to a fight or offensively for that matter. Your best suited for using your ult defensively for escapes for slowing chasers down while you throw a Miasma down and beet feet with the speed boot of Noxious Blast. Most of the reasoning for this suggestion comes from the fact that most champions who are trying to attack you will very likely be facing you when you turn around and give them a blast in the face. This alone gives you some wiggle room in the off chance you face a gank.

Masteries should be self explanatory for any one who has ever rolled an offensive caster. Just dabble in the best part of the Offensive Tree then the rest in the utility tree. Picture included so don't have to type more than necessary. For the runes I will spend slightly more time on. For your marks you want your standard spell Penetration marks. This will allow you to hit harder. Seals will consist mana regen per level runes so you don't have to worry about mana issues. And Glyphs will be more Magic Pen, because you can never hit hard enough in my opinion. The quintessences are going to be a little different. Now I have move speed quints on all my casters and while I understand that some people may want to slap on more health I want to stress something to my students. As a caster, you should never ever be taking a crap load of damage. I under stand that some casters will be expected to take a hit or two and some like Vlad and Fiddle's will have ways to make sure they can bounce back from a heavy hit. Playing as Cassiopeia, you must realize you are nothing but a massive glass cannon waiting to be treaded on by a countless number of brawlers and tanks waiting to spill your blood. Health is nice, but you will not be getting it from quints, that is where Rylai's will come in. The reason you get speed Quints is so that you can constantly dive in and out of range from your targets. Trust me there are many players that take for granted how slow a mage can be sometimes and speed quints help them learn the errors of their ways. Plus with your Q's already impressive speed bonus for a well executed hit, you should be avoiding damage fairly well. But this is all in theory so really the best thing I can tell you is to practice, I rather you lost 10 games getting this down and learning how avoid danger on your own time, then you have trying this in ranked and learning how hard this is to master.

First you want to start with a Dorans Ring.[imgsmall=items/dorans-ring.png] You can start with a Miki Pendent [imgsmall=items/meki-pendant.png] to build into a [imgsmall=items/archangels-staff.png] AAS later but keep in mind that will be an expensive route to take and I only suggest it to people who feel like they have mana issues, which you shouldn't. Other wise just take Dorans and move out to mid or duo lane. Mid lane is a great choice for Cass as she out ranges a lot of champions, making farming and harassing easy, plus it's a reliable safe place to be during the start of the game. Just keep and eye the mini map and other lanes as you never know when a gank can happen, luckily you have a few options open to you and escaping should not be hard. Duo lane is the next best choice as Cass can farm and harass just as comfortably with another champion as well as by herself. And the grass provides good chances to land a few stay Q's on the faces of the other team. Just keep in mind that you should lane with a tank or brawler and that you should let your partner lead and you fallow, face checking it for noobs and Teemos. Solo lane always seems like a viable option to a caster, but really it's a no no for a lot of them. You just don't have the health to be that open and the terrain just whispers jungle gank. Mid is a lot safer for you to take as your own jungle will always be closer, take top and you will have to deal with the brawler that is sure to be up there. Solo Lane at your own risk. During the farming phase you should be working up towards a [imgsmall=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] after you get your [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png]. Sorc shoes will give you good magic pen and Rylai's will grant you the health and damage you need to round out any stats you have been lacking up to this point. During your farming, feel free to abuse your range and try to land as many Q hits a possible, but keep in mind of the delay, smartcast is a god send here as it shaves away time that is rather useless, you know where you clicked and so should the game. If your getting enough farm and you got your Rylai's, you should proceed to work on your [imgsmall=items/void-staff.png] while you start to become a little more aggressive, constantly have your opponent worrying about where he should stand and try to fallow up your Noxious Blast with a Twin Fang every time. Try not to solo fight targets, but instead take notice of when your team is putting pressure on targets, there is no need for you to stick your neck out, as you don't have the stats for the skill set to survive a heavy focus. If your fighting mid lane, keep an eye out if the other player is trying to lead you out with easy hits, pick at him on your own time, don't let him lead you out on what may be a sure kill, because you never know when a nocturne is going to jump out at you. If you find your self getting chased hard remember to land a q for the speed bonus and if your getting pressed by champions that bring the threat of a stun lock, use your summoner spells to flee, or us your ult to brake their chase as they will most likely be facing you when you turn to cast. If you hit some one with your ult and they get petrified, feel free to leave them gifts of Noxious Blast and Twin Fang. During the late game you should work on building your [imgsmall=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] or Void staff if you don't all ready have it proceed from there. At this point in the game things are going on all over the place and the game will be drawing to a close. If you are doing well, continue to snipe enemy champions from a safe distance while your team mates soak the damage. Feel free to rush a team fight with your ult to tip the scales, just keep mind not to start a fight like this, you will get focused down hard if you do. If you find your self dangerously low on health because of exchanges try building a [imgsmall=items/will-of-the-ancients.png] as the Spell Vamp is amazing when combined with poison spells. Another good investment Item is [imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png],you should be doing fine with out it, but it helps to add some survivability, just try not to rush getting one as it will draw cash from building your other items.

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide and have come away learning some things. I will try update this guide frequently and will also answer any question you leave at the comments. If I like the question well enough I may even answer it in a FAQ I will be attaching to this guide at a later point in time. -Exzodium- Closing Notes: Exzodium is new player to League of Legends who came from the Starcraft 2 Scene. His last known ties where working behind the scenes at a still functioning website as far as his knowledge grants him. Born and raised in South Carolina USA, Exzodium enjoys edgy comedy, Heavy Metal, and the occasional game on the US client. He Trolls Leaguecraft and the RiotGames forums frequently and suffers life long illness of a poor sense of humor. [highlight]Warning!!! by finishing this guide and loading your client to play as Cassiopeia you have agreed that this fallowing guide will not by any means make you the most bad ass player on the internet. Last we checked that was a right reserved only to john Romero.........ahem Continuing to join a game at this point will not guarantee success, and failures may result in the questioning if you are a Brazilian or a noob. Really bad instances may result in funny pictures being posted across the internet. Exzodium and his computer are not liable for any or all pot shots to a players pride or ability to play this game!!!! [/highlight]

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