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Welcome to my advanced Annie guide where I will cover everything you need to know about Annie in order to dominate! Note that this guide contains all of my knowledge on Annie and by making use of it, you can get up to Master/Challenger. However, it's not as easy as reading the guide to get better and climb up the ladder. You'll also have to be to be skilled as a player and skill comes through experience which leads down to countless hours of practise. The reason I created this guide is because I love Annie and I always wanted to main her. After my main champion (Ryze) got nerfed, I started maining Annie and I saw immense carry potential hidden inside this cute champion. I started experimenting different sorts of builds and itemization paths and now that I mastered her, I'm ready to reveal you how this Solo Q carry beast is meant to be played! [b][center]When to pick Annie?[/center][/b] Annie is a really strong mid lane champion with minimal counterplay and the ability to become a hyper-carry in the right hands. Don't be afraid to first pick her because people won't really care about countering a champion such as Annie whatsoever. The only situation in which Annie suffers is when playing against long ranged champion like Xerath/Ziggs. What's good about this champion however is that you can play safe throughout the laning phase without trading any damage and going in for the kill whenever you feel like it because Annie has huge burst damage. What's more to add is Annie's great roaming potential. Along with Mobility boots, Annie can make powerful ganks that can help you carry other lanes and also the game. tl;dr : Pick her whenever you want to but it's better off if you avoid laning against long ranged champions. What are the strengths and weaknesses? Pros & Cons Pros -Easy to pick -Huge burst damage -Powerful at all game stages -Has CC (stun from passive) -Long auto-attack range (625) -Reliable to carry teams -Offers a lot of AOE damage in teamfights -Even though she's a little girl, she's scary as hell Cons -Short range on all spells -Relatively squishy without items -No escape mechanism (vulnerable to ganks) -Mana Issues if not handled carefully -Without your Passive fully stacked you are almost useless -All spells except but casting delay except from Molten Shield {E} -Warwick might camp you if you have the little red riding hood skin

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