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[S3] Instakill Top Lane Mordekaiser 6v4 Hue Hue Hue

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    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Ability Power (+1.19 ability power)
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    Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (+4.95 ability power)
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Welcome to my Mordekaiser build! I play top Morde a LOT, and decided to make a guide on how I play and build him. This is a "Guide" and not the only way to play or build him. I like to play top lane morde because he seems to have less counters up top. It can be bad to not have wraiths for extra CS and a shorter lane for getting away from ganks, BUT top is easier to ward and most champions at top can be dealt with. Mid lane there just seems to be too many champions that outrange Morde. Please feel free to test and builds and rate the guide. [title]Pros:[/title] Great farm Great Burst Good Sustain Can win outnumbered Hue hue hue 6v4 [title]Cons:[/title] Not very strong long fights pre-6 No escapes No CC No great skins :( If you fall behind, it can be hard to catch up Some Champions and/or Items completely ruin Morde in game

Spellpen Marks, Flat AP runes(for early game) and Flat Armor(for top lane)

[title][img=skills/mordekaiser/p.png] Passive: Iron Man[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] The more damage you can do, the better your shield will stay up. This makes Morde so good with sustain without buying defense items. [title][img=skills/mordekaiser/q.png] Q: Mace of Spades[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Good damage and good for charging shield, but I max this last because it just isnt that great in lane and you wont be meleeing much. [title][img=skills/mordekaiser/w.png] W: Creeping Death[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] I max this 2nd for the active aoe and resistances for fighting top laners. This can also do damage to champions while you run from them, put it on yourself and just kite them. If you are really not able to get near the enemy, you can even place this on minions such as cannon minions or the fighters for poke and farming. [title][img=skills/mordekaiser/e.png] E: Siphon of Destruction[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Spam, spam, and spam dat E. Make sure you hit as many minions as possible while poking the enemy. Also getting your E off before their poke hits you can fully negate the damage. [title][img=skills/mordekaiser/r.png] R: Children of the Grave[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] 6v4. DFG + Ult + Ignite = GG

When you want to instakill the adc: [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png]>[imgsmall=skills/mordekaiser/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/mordekaiser/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/mordekaiser/q.png](If in range)>[imgsmall=summoners/ignite.png] You could use your ult after you use your other abilities to try to confirm the kill with the ghost, but if they flash away too quick before using your ult at all, then you may have just lost a kill.

[img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][img=items/ninja-tabi.png][img=items/mercurys-treads.png] Sorc boots for more spell pen, tabi for heavy AD and/or autoattack team, Mercs for Heavy AP and/or CC team. [img=items/deathfire-grasp.png] This is a must for instakill Morde. This plus [imgsmall=skills/mordekaiser/r.png] will do around 70-75% of their max HP with the preferred spellpen build. 1 Siphon[imgsmall=skills/mordekaiser/e.png] will usually finish the job on anyone who isnt a tank. [img=items/will-of-the-ancients.png] Get this for spellvamp. It will keep you alive so you dont kill yourself with your own abilities. Stacks well with ult as well. [img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] More damage = GG [img=items/lich-bane.png] More burst for the punch. Every Q will hit redonklous amounts of damage. [img=items/liandrys-torment.png] This will add more % damage onto that 70-75% with each abliity cast. Gives more spellpen and some hp. [img=items/void-staff.png] This will remove a % of their MR before the flat applies. Greatly increasing damage done. [img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] Most people think this is a needed item. I think otherwise. This is very expensive and really is only needed if your team lacks CC. You dont need hp items because of the shield. [img=items/abyssal-scepter.png]Great if their team has lots of AP. Lowers MR when near enemies which not only helps you do damage but helps your team damage them as well. [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] Good if you are getting focused in teamfights and if they have lots of AD [img=items/quicksilver-sash.png] This can turn your game around if you are carrying and the enemy starts focusing all CC on you. (Had a Malz and team focus all CC including his ult on me. Turned things back around.) [title][center][highlight]Items NOT to get:[/highlight][/center][/title] [img=items/hextech-gunblade.png] WotA gives more AP and you shouldnt be meleeing much. [img=items/warmogs-armor.png] You don't need hp

Farm, farm, farm. Poke with E as much as possible while still getting most of the cs. Play cautiously and buy lots of wards to prevent getting ganked until level 6. Level 6 you can 1v2 many top laners and junglers.

If you are winning your lane you will probably have taken their first tower by now. Keep farming and pushing, Ward their jungle to prevent from getting ganked while pushed far up. (Tri bush, and next to red buff/blue buff depending on which side of map you are on) Only push far up if your mid lane is winning and also pushing, you dont want them coming from way behind in river and ganking you. If mid is losing, roam and gank mid and jungle. You should also by now have your DFG and be instakilling people.

All about the pushing. Push those towers as much as possible. Keep gank spots warded so you can safely push.

[highlight]Your main focus should be the adc. [/highlight] Some good other choices if adc is not able to be ghosted: [img=champ/darius.png] Bleeeeeeeeeed [img=champ/rengar.png] OMG Ghost can jump from bushes <3 [img=champ/tryndamere.png] So strong You should throw your [imgsmall=skills/mordekaiser/w.png] on yourself or your initiator.

Get the Toplane Golems when you can. If you are on the bottom half of map and are pushing far(With wards of course at tribush and red) grab those golems.

[highlight]NOTE: Anyone who can autoattack and be overaggressive will be really hard to beat. It depends on the player playing the other champion, if they are a super aggressive player, they will tear you up early on. If they are passive/defensive you should be able to zone them and demolish them.[/highlight] [img=champ/darius.png][title]REALLY HARD.[/title] Pull same reach as Siphon. Bleed, bleed, bleed, ult. GG [img=champ/fiora.png][title]REALLY HARD.[/title] Super AD steroid, usually an aggressive champion who will just autoattack you to death. [img=champ/jayce.png][title]REALLY HARD.[/title] Pokes, Jumps in, then knockbacks. Hard to get close and actually get damage on him. [img=champ/jax.png][title]REALLY HARD.[/title] dat damage. If he gets you with his stun, your shield is going to drain so quick. and dat damage.. [img=champ/riven.png][title]REALLY HARD./Easy.[/title] No mana, no energy, no hp cost. Cooldown champ with shield and lots o burst and high damage. Usually aggressive. quite easier to deal with if she isnt aggressive [img=champ/kayle.png][title]REALLY HARD.[/title] Slow, Kite, Kite, Kite, Kite. Or Slow, Chase, Chase, Chase, Chase. [img=champ/renekton.png][title]Hard./Easy.[/title] Ult gives a boost of hp, basically countering your ult damage. If he is aggressive, he will be a tough fight, if he isnt, you can poke him down and zone him. [img=champ/gangplank.png][title]Hard./Easy.[/title] If he is super aggressive he will slaughter you. If he just tries to trade pokes with parley, you will win and zone him. [img=champ/irelia.png][title]Hard.[/title] Her stun can just turn that fight around after just 1 siphon poke. Once again, if aggressive, can tear you. If not, she can be poked down. [img=champ/swain.png][title]Hard.[/title] Outranges, DoT, Stun, and Sustain. [img=champ/tryndamere.png][title]Hard.[/title] Hard to get the ghost ult and finish. His ult counters yours. [img=champ/xinzhao.png][title]Hard.[/title] Autoattack to win. Over aggressive = you are screwed. If he focuses on farming, you can poke him down. [img=champ/olaf.png][title]Hard.[/title] Faster attack speed the lower he gets, true damage, constant axe slowing and poking. Aggressive olaf will win. [img=champ/elise.png][title]Even.[/title] It can be tough, but it will be quite an even fight. More reliant on player skill. [img=champ/nasus.png][title]Even.[/title] Hard to kill each other. Though, you need to try to prevent him from farming his Q. [img=champ/garen.png][title]Even.[/title] Depends on player skill. Try to avoid/kite his spin. Put your [imgsmall=skills/mordekaiser/q.png][imgsmall=skills/mordekaiser/w.png] BEFORE he silences you [img=champ/yorick.png][title]Even.[/title] Siphon his ghosts and him to stay alive. Becareful of his ult though if you are going even on health during trades/kills [img=champ/chogath.png][title]Easy.[/title] Dodge his knockups and poke him to win. If he comes in close just creeping death. Make sure your passive shield is up and his ult cant touch you. [img=champ/rengar.png][title]Easy.[/title] Just avoid the bushes. [img=champ/wukong.png][title]Easy.[/title] his poke burst cant do much. Can only do damage to you if he is aggressive and keeps on you. [img=champ/vladimir.png][title]Easy.[/title] He cant do enough damage past your shield. [img=champ/volibear.png][title]Easy.[/title] Just make sure to ignite and ult for the kill as his passive activates. (Can be hard if he goes really aggressive with damage items and bites) [img=champ/pantheon.png][title]Easy.[/title] Trade pokes to win. Leave comments for what other champion matchups you want listed.

Rate, comment, and enjoy 6v4ing. My first guide, suggestions would be nice. Updates will come. 5/14/2013: Guide Created. 5/22/2013: Fixed some rune mistakes. 6/14/2013: Updated item builds.

Comments coming soon!
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