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Hi I'm Pants are Dragon, a CHALLENGER solo queue player, also subbed for complexity once in the NACL (as [b]ELISE![/b]) and I've been playing since the release of Nocturne, my first champion was Teemo and I grew in love with his champion select quote \"Captain Teemo on Duty\" and ultimately the game. I actually didn't make my name, it was given to me by Riot! My old name was jlzzdragon and then Riot changed my name to this and I feel like I was trolled to oblivion, but at the same time I grew with great power, and from that day I knew I would be one of the best! [center][vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdf_lCLRbIQ][/center] For those who want to view my other guides, check the description in this video as it lists links to other guides and is updated thoroughly: [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63rjU3VuGck] For those interested, here's my summoner profile: [center][imgext=http://gyazo.com/f8ebc309a04126ee22e20f449451708f.png][/center] Elise had some nerfs to her and as you can see from LoLking her win rate has gone down to less than 50%, but it's not like she's been nerfed to a point where she sucks, she's still good in the right hands you just have to read my guide and see as she's still good in top tier play and in competitive play. Elise's damage and utility are by far one of the greatest in a champion, and since her base damages are high she can go tank and of course the 6 abilities which makes her pretty fun to play, overall I think shes still OP and should be used more. [center][big]Social Media Links[/big][/center] [center][title]http://www.youtube.com/luigidragon[/title][/center] [center][title]http://www.twitch.tv/luigidragon[/title][/center] [center][title]http://www.facebook.com/luigidragonLoL[/title][/center] [center][title]http://www.twitter.com/luigidragon[/title][/center]

6/15/2014 - changed build + skill order + runes + masteries (a bit) 1/23/2014 - changed masteries a bit - changed boots to sorcerer shoes

Elise's early game is great, as her clear times are pretty good and on top of that her mana costs are small and none if in spider form, so she won't be mana deprived. Also her Spiderlings can tank creeps if positioned well as creeps attack the nearest enemy closest to them. Elise is one of the best gankers as her kit for it is disgustingly good, she brings great burst to a gank. Has 2 gap closers (Q2 + E2), great sustained damage (spiders, attack speed steroid), a 1.5 second stun and the ability to go invulnerable for 2 seconds (repel) and make the enemy focus someone else. Usually when I jungle Elise, I have the mentality of ganking 70% and farming 30% or when my smite is up, probably when my smite is up. If I feel that I can get a kill if I ganked a lane I will go to that lane (flash down, overextended, no wards), if not I'll farm the jungle. Always keep tabs on your blue buff/red buff and do them immediately or have some ward coverage so the enemy jungler doesn't steal it, he will steal your red buff (blue side) if you're ganking top and he notices you started there and it's 7:15 minutes. These are general rules I go by, but if you can get a kill and lose a buff it's worth it in my opinion so if you think you can get a kill go for it. Some Junglers out there will not keep tabs on their buff, and at 7:15 if you know he started blue on purple side and you see him ganking top, that's a free blue for you. Little notes like these will make you a better counter jungler and player. [center]GANK COMBO[/center] Basically, a successful gank with Elise doesn't even require you hitting the stun as Elise has multiple ways of getting to her enemy. Most of the time if you can, you'll want to be in Human Form when ganking as the Human Form Q does more damage when the enemy has more HP, so that'll be your first damage and of course to shoot your volatile spiderling and do some damage, then probably the most important skill to hit is your stun as you'll want that to get in range for your spider form Q and you and your spiderlings go on an auto attack rampage for a bit. Even if you don't land the stun and you can't get in range for your spider form Q, if you are persistant you can go into spider form and repel to the enemy to get in range for your Q2 and some auto attacks. If the fight last long enough you can switch form back to your Human Form and your skills should be up again except for E. A 2nd way to gank is ganking in Spider Form first, this situation is ideal for when the enemy is far away and you'll need to get in range to land your stun for a secure gank. Basically you go crawl in at spider form, and get in range for repel and cast it on the enemy. Use your burst in spider form Q2+W2 get 1 auto or 2 and then switch to Human Form immediately and land your stun. Once landed use your Q+W on him and keep auto attacking him while running up with him and once spider form is up again use the burst in spider form again. Elise is a deadliest duelist, she brings burst damage, a stun, and sustained damage. Elise can hide behind her spiderlings if she feels that she can use them to block any sort of skill shot, and her repel allows her to dodge a skill shot or to retreat if it's looking from a bad fight (to something away from the enemy). Elise's Human Form is great for poking and when she wants to all in she'll go into spider form and get some action. Diving with Elise can start at level 3 when she obtains her repel, Elise is one of the junglers who can dive an enemy (another example would be Aatrox because of his revive passive) with no casualities as she can use her repel to dodge a tower shot and make the tower switch focus to someone else. You basically just go in using the gank combo I explained before and just try and kill the enemy and once you get low that's when you repel or you repel to escape a lethal blow that would otherwise kill you. [center]When to do Dragon[/center] - Bot Lane is dead. Reason: When doing dragon, it would be a 4v2 if they try to contest it. - You see bot lane recall and your mid and bot lane help do dragon (your team has to have immediate reaction from you and your teammates). - Mid laner down. Reason: Mid is basically worth 1.5x of an ADC early game, because of the level advantage. So you have a clear advantage at dragon. - You feel confident on doing it. You feel that the enemy team won't contest, feeling more powerful, etc. - You can solo it if you are level 9, have spectral wraith and blue buff. - Vision warded or sweeping lens'd, can solo or ask for some help.

Basically, how to creep with Elise is fairly easy. The first few levels as Elise is great, just be in Human Form to damage the big minion (don't use stun waste of mana), then switch to spider form and nom nom, try to position yourself so your Spiderlings tank, you'll probably want to stay in spider form as her damage is HIGH when her and her spiderlings keep auto attacking. [b]How to Effectively do Jungle Creeps[/b] Level 1 : Volatile Spiderling - Skittering Frenzy Level 2 : Neurotoxin - Volatile Spiderling - Venomous Bite - Skittering Frenzy - Stay in Spider Form. [b]Blue Side Route[/b] 1. Red (smite) 2. Wraiths 3. Blue (smite) 4. Gank or Super Wraith 5. Wolves 6. Wraiths 7. Golems [b]When ganking:[/b] - If he flashes and has no other escapes, it's best to flash with him and go for blood as long as you have the distance to kill him (half a lane maybe?) as you have red buff and a lot of gap closers to keep applying your red buff. - Usual Combo: Cocoon - Neurotoxin - Volatile Spiderling - Venomous Bite - Skittering Frenzy - Use repel when he creates distance from your auto attacks. - 2nd Combo for when enemy is distant from you: Repel onto him - Venomous Bite - Skittering Frenzy - Cocoon - Neurotoxin - Volatile Spiderling - Switch to spider form when you can. [b]Purple Side Route[/b] 1. Blue (smite) 2. Wolves 3. Red (smite) 4. Gank or Golems 5. Wraiths 6. Wolves 7. Super Wraith [center]Ganking Mid Lane[/center] Elise ganking this lane most of the time has to be in spider form, as it's a short lane and requires her to let her mid burst him and get in range so that he can cast his spells as usually the mid is a burst caster. Basically you go crawl in at spider form, and get in range for repel and cast it on the enemy. Use your burst in spider form Q2+W2 get 1 auto or 2 and then switch to Human Form immediately and land your stun. Once landed use your Q+W on him and keep auto attacking him while running up with him and once spider form is up again use the burst in spider form again. Human Form can only be used if you can get in range of cocoon, as in if the enemy is overextended and you can walk up to him, or if you come behind in from the cliffs. Try and land the cocoon if not then just use your Q + W anyways and burst him and then go into spider form and use Q2 + W2 and repel to him when the enemy is not in melee range and you need to gap close. If your mid laner has lock down (ex: Lissandra) and can initiate himself, just wait for him to lock the enemy down and then you are ensured to chain CC with your cocoon, and if you landed your cocoon this should be a guaranteed kill. [center]Ganking Bottom Lane[/center] The hardest lane to gank, this lane is probably the trickiest to pull off as everything is warded most of the time. I will be talking about this from blue side perspective. Ganking this lane will be hard without some lockdown from your allies, if you can get behind them then start in human form and do the human form combo land your stun than switch to spider form. Hopefully your allies can follow up with some damage, if you need to get in range of them start in spider form and repel to them than use your spider form combo. Once you've used your Q switch to Human Form and land your cocoon, if landed your allies should have the damage to take him down, most of the time you'll have to be in Spider Form to gank this lane though unless you can get behind them. Another way to gank this lane is going through lane through bush. Basically your going to be in Human Form and have to wait until they either face check the bush or get in range of your E, either way you have to know if the lane bush is warded or else you'd be just wasting your time. But anyways once you see that they are going in for a trade that's your time to shine. Use your E to land a stun on someone, then use your human form combo and burst him in spider form, when he blows a flash or escape repel to him and keep on him until you can't no more. [center]Invading[/center] Start with E if your team need's CC, otherwise Q for damage. [center]Dragon[/center] The dragon comes up every 6 minutes, knowing when to dragon is key, remember its every 6 minutes and you need to have some sort of advantage most of the time when doing it. Dragon is easy for Elise as she has spiderlings to tank some damage and her damage is based on HP (though capped on monsters), try to use your Spiderlings to tank some damage and stay in spider form unless both of your spiderlings have died, then switch to Human Form to do your burst and to get some spiderlings back and then back to spider form, if someone else is tanking I suggest you stay in Spider Form. [center]Baron Nashor[/center] The Baron comes up every 7 minutes, Elise has great baron control as both of her Q does 300 damage (cap) and if you combine that with 30% increase and smite, comes around a 1700 smite damage combo so if you need to steal a baron be confident with your skills and of course you do have security over the baron with that spider form Q. [center]Counter Jungling[/center] Elise isn't the best counter jungler as she doesn't have any escape moves except repel and cocoon to get out, but you need to repel to creeps to even get out and since she's alone on the counter jungling she won't make that much use of 1v1's with her repel, although she has great dueling capabilities her escapes are bit lacking so if you do decide on counter jungle and if you get caught out, expect to blow a flash. But if you have allies backing you up expect yourself to win most duels vs the other jungler, Elise's damage is strong as hell and has minions. A good way to go in there jungle is when you have vision of the enemy jungler, having that gives you an idea of what to do in a jungle for example, say he's ganking bot lane at 7:15 when he should be getting his buffs is like saying free buffs for Gragas. [center]Counter Ganking[/center] Find your enemy jungler, then set up in a place where he will come and you can come kill the enemy jungler or whoever is squishier with your allied laner, make sure to pick a target that you can burst and your ally knows it, or else the disperse damage could cause you to die. A counter gank with Elise could go fairly well as Elise has a lot of burst, a stun, and 2 gap closers to get in the fray fast. Focus the squishiest target and whichever you think will die faster as you want to make the situation 2v1 as soon as possible. Just keep your eye on the map and where the enemy jungler is and if you feel that he's heading to a lane you probably should win against most match ups, unless your laner is weaker than the enemy laner, otherwise I'd avoid counter ganking if he's weaker unless they are going to dive. [center]How to Spike Objectives[/center] Q + smite, should do rather a vast amount of damage around 1700 around level 18.

Mid game you should have Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Locket of the Iron Solari. Time for you to lead your team to push towers, maintain control over dragon/baron and win. So always have a vision ward on dragon. And if you feel real confident, do it on baron and try to secure it and estimate whether you should do baron or not (some of enemy team is around bot side, your grouped 5) etc. Elise has great baroning as both of her Q's will do 300 damage to it, and her spider form auto attacks + spiderlings do a lot of damage to it and also her spiders can tank 1 auto from the baron. So don't feel like that if your half HP but you have the damage from your team you can't tank it. Elise's mid game is great, her damage is based off health and has great damage. So even while building tank, her damage still reigns supreme and her spider form has great base damage (140% attack speed steroid) and of course damage from spiders. In a team fight once she's soaked enough damage she can use repel to make the enemies switch focus and once shes low she has a ranged form to stay from distance and once the enemy gets low she can come in and swoop in a kill with her spider form. This is where also the best team fights come alive, since everyone is around level 13 and multiple variables happen instead of late game where it's peel for carries, refer to the team fight section. TIPS/STRATEGIES FOR WHEN YOUR BEHIND: - Turtle and farm. - Wait until other team throws (baron attempt, tower dive) - Kill any over extenders if you can - Group and pick people off so you can get an edge and push objectives. TIPS/STRATEGIES FOR WHEN YOUR AHEAD: - Keeping tabs on dragon, baron and when they are up. Always getting them - Group and push objectives. - Initiate on good fights (5v4s) - Buy Oracle Lens (Greater), then get map control on monster objectives.

You should have a Randuin's omen at this time as the enemy ADC should have a Bloodthirster/[[Infinity edge + Phantom Dancer and will do tons of damage. If you think the enemy team has more magic damage trade off for a Banshee's Veil. Elise's late game is great as well, as most of her damage is based off % HP. She's a great front line champ and great in disengage compositions as well as poke compositions because of her cocoon. But yes Elise is probably one of the best late game tanks you can ask for in single target DPS, though not the best AoE tank and initiator, her damage is greater than most jungle tanks and now since it's late game you should always be in front of your carries and just peeling for them and attacking whoever is on them. Elise is great for this as she can keep kiting backwards with her carry since she has a ranged form to keep backing up with some poke for the enemies trying to engage on you and her spider form has instant burst too.

Elise's role in a team fight is to either be a front line caster, or to dive the enemy carry with another assassin. Basically your mindset is to be in human form and poke with spells and when the fight initiates you switch to spider form and use your skills on a target in the front. After using your burst in spider form your human spells should be up now so switch to human form and use those spells, then of course alternate to spider form. Remember though don't try to dive the enemy if your alone, you won't be able to 1v2 an ADC and a support on you. Elise's Repel is the one spell that must be used strategically, once you are in spider form and in the frey you should use this only when you see a big incoming damage coming on you, to dodge any type of AoE, use it like Zhonya's Hourglass so that when you use it people switch focus as you've soaked up a lot of damage or to catch fleeing targets and to finish them off. You can use it to dodge valuable cooldowns like Syndra's ultimate if she decides to focus you with it. All you basically have to remember is poke with Human Form, and all in with Spider Form with the exception of knowing how to use repel at the right times. Assassinating the enemy Carries Assassinating the enemy's backline is easily, but assassin is a vague term so I'd like to use the term diver. There is no way Elise can dive an enemy carry without any help, you probably will never land a cocoon on him as he is in the back and your cocoon has to go through the front line tanks of his team, the only possible way you can repel to the enemy is if one of your allies already got on him with crowd control or damage and if you notice that, you can repel to him and assist on trying to take the carry out. But you have to know when you can't chase any farther or when your damaging skills are down and when to back up to your team mates and focus whoever they are focusing and trying to kill him. PROTECTING YOUR CARRY Basically all you do is kill anyone on your carry, if you see that Akali jumped on your Jinx, immediately switch focus and try to get her down. If you land a cocoon on her she's going to die as your team will switch focus on her as they see she jumped to your back line and that's when you use your damage spells on her to bring her down, no need to repel to her since she's already in range of Venomous Bite. But yes you basically act as a wall for your carry so if they want to get to your carry they'll have to get through you first.

[vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyNvvfbcvqQ] [vid=www.twitch.tv/naclesports/c/3375612]

[highlight]For business inquiries, contact me at facebook.com/luigidragonLoL (I do a little coaching and whatever else you might need like Analysis of an LoLReplay)[/highlight] Elise is a very high skill cap champion with all her skills to be used and button mashing, this guide gives you an insight on how to play her but you must actually play a few games to get a good feel for what he can do and what he can't do. She's very versatile in what she can do and I think that most champions who have 6 skills always ready to go are broken, when she gets ahead in early game she's a dominant force to be reckon with and her mid game and late game are pretty great. [center][big]Social Media Links[/big][/center] [center][title]http://www.youtube.com/luigidragon[/title][/center] [center][title]http://www.twitch.tv/luigidragon[/title][/center] [center][title]http://www.facebook.com/luigidragonLoL[/title][/center] [center][title]http://www.twitter.com/luigidragon[/title][/center]

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