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Zyra Support - What is meta?

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Hello to everyone out there; this is my first officially released guide. My guide is for those who intend to help your ADC carry the team to an easy victory. Zyra isn't much of a high pick support because she doesn't offer what greater supports such as Leona, Thresh, Nami, and Blitz offer; however, she can overpower anyone with the right skills. What makes someone \"good\" isn't the champion they play, it's the skill and play style that they put forth when playing said champion and the teamwork that a team provides. That's why Zyra can overpower any of these supports easily and win the lane with ease; Zyra can easily poke you down from a much longer distance than most supports and force you to leave without taking any damage. Basically, my guide will show you the play style I use to win many of my games and descriptions of how to handle certain situations.

Laning phase is your strongest area. All you need to do as a support is stand close enough to gain exp and your gold from the mastery while waiting for level 2. Once you hit level 2, snare the enemy ADC and throw a seed down so it turns into a plant. Don't worry if you accidentally take farm; just be sure to apologize if the ADC has a problem with it.This can provide your ADC with some strong poke opportunities. When pushing the lane, always be wary of how far you're pushed because the enemies will definitely receive a gank if you're in the wrong spot at the wrong time. If your jungler wants to gank you, let them push the wave to your tower; this can ensure a nice gank from behind and may give your ADC or jungler a double kill. Always help get dragon if your jungler ganks and you kill their ADC and support unless you're all too low on health.

On to mid game. You're probably about level 11 at this point and you have your Rylai's, so you're fairly tanky and you hurt even more. Stay in your lane unless there are teamfights breaking out; it's important to push your lane as much as possible without risking too much. So if you see the enemy ADC is pushing top, then you better be down bottom destroying towers unless you know someone is down there to stop you. Make sure to ping your teammates to help a lane falling behind such as that. It's always worth if you can get a tower and save your own tower with a ping. If you're requested to come into a fight, always listen. You're Zyra. People want you because you're an awesome support, so they'll constantly ping their hearts out for you.

Later into the game. This is the point where you're probably level 16 or so and your teammates are around 17 or 18. This is the moment of the game that matters; late games decides victory or defeat. Baron is the most important asset in the late game and you should always aim to get it as soon as you ace or kill the enemy ADC and enemy mid laner. The mid laner and ADC are generally the ones who do the most damage and will be likely to retaliate against you getting Baron. Destroying the inhibitors is very very important because super minions are game winners. If you can get an inhibitor, you have won that lane because the super minions can and will destroy everything in their path as long as an enemy doesn't kill them off. In some cases, you may be able to backdoor and win the game fairly easily.

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