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Cuguacuarana in the Jungle [P5.14]

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Hi i'm AfGuNsT and welcome to my guide on jungle Nidalee for season 5. With the changes for Season 5, champions with heavy crowd control effects and have strong (dis)engage skills have become the standard in the Jungle. Build either full tank or as a bruiser with the Cinderhulk at it's center while providing vision controle on the entire map. This guide is aimed at Nidalee being a strong poking assassin with a great gapcloser to finish off the enemy. When you proc that passive when you're ahead you're just a lean mean killing machine. I believe that Nidalee's kit can be fully utilised in the renewed S5 jungle, and with proper itemization and knowing her skill set, you'll have more fun playing her. Since the additional changes in patch 5.2 her Hunt passive will now also proc on monsters, meaning that you can close the gap by throwing a spear from long range and then pounce towards the camp. More people are starting to notice the new potential of Nidalee, not only in the midlane, but Jungle now as well. With the introduction of the Cinderhulk enchantment in patch 5.5 the jungle meta has shifted towards tank bruisers, Nidalee has also seen some nerfs to her damage ratio's where slight changes to her build were needed. With the buffs to the AP items in patch 5.14 and especially to Runeglaive, Nidalee is becoming the Queen of the Jungle. Once you you get (slightly) ahead on Nidalee she's the same totally broken champion :) Enjoy the guide, leave a comment for feedback and don't forget to upvote! ------ Check out my Elise in the Jungle guide here:

Nidalee's early game impact is quite limited, you want to focus on clearing camps and earn enough gold to buy your Trailblazer (or other desired jungle item) at first back. Don't expect to gank early and often but farm up first. Your spears won't hurt much but you can still apply pressure in lanes with it when needed. Once you have the Magus entchantment you will be able to make plays in lane, either to apply pressure in weak lanes or force a flash. For mana sustain and keeping up your threat level to continously throw spears you buy a [b]Tear[/b] and start stacking it (which is super easy and fast on Nidalee).

You should have your core items by now ([i]not counting the greed and feed then building a bit more tank/bruiser orientated[/i]) where your poking ability is becoming a real threat and the teamfights will come alive. Poke with your Javelin and with the burst damage you can be part of the clean-up crew, your mobility with Hunt will provide insane chasing potential. Clearing camps is like taking candy from a baby now, also make sure you take objectives and keep track on both Dragon and Baron.

At this stage of the game you should have completed your desired or required item pathing, build either damage when you are far ahead or build a bit more tanky to become a dangerous bruiser as your burst damage can finish off anyone when we approach the 6 item builds. Because Nidalee doesn't have any form of CC and you're not the tankiest sexy beast out there it is best to stay in the backline and poke from afar. With proper itemization she can be an amazing splitpusher when needed.

This guide is leaning more towards an Assassin style of play and role in teamfights. You can blow up anyone in small skirmishes or straight up 1 v 1's. Your role will be to do damage from range and poke the enemy with a barrage of Javelins, proc the Hunt debuff whenever possible so you can dive in to clean up and jump right out the fray when things get out of hand. Focus on the squishies first, don't go all in when you miss every Q or when the enemy won't step into the Bushwacks you've strategicly placed. Destroy those who are out of position and make them pay, re-engage whenever Hunt has been procced.

This cougar is a fun to play champion in SoloQ and can be a strong jungler if you know how to play her right. Don't be afraid to give her a try, just pounce away and make full use of her kit. She has multiple build paths that you branche into, depending in your preferred playstyle with her or whatever the team needs.

25-01-2015: * Changed the Runes page, removed the AS marks in favour of Hybrid Pen marks for sustained damage output mid to late game. Also AS marks suck, don't add anything on Nidalee. * Updated to patch 5.2 where her passive will also proc on monsters, meaning she will become more OP and common in the jungle. Update 6-5-2015 * Changes to rune page, removed hybrid pen marks in favour or flat AD * Added more popular junglers in champion match-ups. Update 19-6-2015 *Changes to item build, prioritizing mana sustain/pool *Updated guide on new itemization and patch 5.11

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