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Hello everyone and welcome to my guide on Corki. Corki is a very strong early/mid game adc that brings a lot of control for you in solo que. This guide will cover everything you need to know about lane match ups, objectives,and what you should be doing in teamfights. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment.

Main goal of the early game is to focus on your cs and rush all the way to trinity force as fast as possible. If you are dominating your lane rush sheen and win it harder.If you are behind get phage so you can dodge more skill shots and close distance faster to pick up some early kills.Don't be afraid to check a bush with phosphorus bomb as it could save your life.

In the mid game you should be using rotations to siege towers and take dragons trinity force gives you a huge advantage in the mid game so look to abuse it with your team.If you are behind follow someone with lock down and look to make picks off your burst till your team is back in the game and stay focused on getting a tower when you see the opening.

Late game you basically staying in the back line casting spells to shred armor and deal aoe damage.If something is on top of you focus it and just try to stay alive. Reposition if you have to and continue to do as much as you can. Try to get 5th dragon buff or baron if you are having trouble closing out the game because they can protect turrets well.Those buffs can give you the edge you need to crack open enemy base.

In an ideal world the tanks will peel for you while you try to deal as much damage as you can. Land phosphorus bomb on as many targets as you can as it will give vision for a duration.Use your Gatling gun to shred the armor of any enemy in front of you.Fire your ultimate whenever you can get a sheen proc to maximize your damage.

Overall i believe Corki is a very strong early to mid game hero that struggles in the late game. Look to pressure your advantages when you can and you should come out with a fast victory good luck on the rift summoner.I hope you find this guide helpful. Any questions drop a comment.

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