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    Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (+1.28 armor penetration)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration (+2.56 armor penetration)
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first and foremost, this is my first guide. with that in mind, take it easy on me. this is being written the day after kha'zix' release, so obviously i haven't done any extensive testing on him, this is just a first impression. what i can say, is that no guide has really talked about the psychological aspect of his gameplay, just on what his skills can do. that's why i decided to make this guide. there's much more to him than that. kha'zix is a quazi-stealth assassin champion that utilizes brush and isolation to deal huge amounts of burst damage to enemies.

marks: i'd say either [.]armor pen [.]flat AD if you are on a REALLY AD heavy team, i'd say go with the flat AD, that way when the enemy team inevitably builds all of the armor your last whisper does more work, but any other time i'd say go with the armor pen so each point of AD you end up with does more damage. seals: i'd say flat armor is a no brainer here. moving on. glyphs: personally, i prefer flat MR, just in case you get an early gank from mid or from an AP jungler. after 6, with proper ward coverage you should rarely be caught off guard since you do have a quazi-stealth and speed increase. the mr/level is better in the long term, but i'm more worried about getting myself taken care of early, before my farm and feed can cover the rest. quints: personally i prefer 3 armor pen, which with the armor pen marks and masteries brings me to an even 31 armor pen. that's pretty close to true damage against most champs, assuming they don't bring any armor items to the table, or don't build super heavy defense. as an alternative, you may want lifesteal or move speed or damage. you might even mix and match.

[title][img=skills/khazix/p.png] Passive: Unseen Threat [/title] [number]When Kha'Zix is not visible to the enemy team, he gains Unseen Threat, causing his next basic attack against an enemy champion to deal bonus magic damage and slow.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] this is something really easy to miss, but it's a huge advantage in lane. it lets you effectively deal damage via harass to champions that out range you, with the slow, and all you have to do to get it back is walk into a bush. big thing to keep in mind here is that the damage scales with AP, so while the damage is scary early game, late game its only noteworthy because of its slow; i should also say, this is where the mind games start. [title][img=skills/khazix/q.png] Q: Taste Their Fear[/title] [number]Deal physical damage to a single target. Damage against isolated targets is significantly increased. Kha'Zix passively marks enemies that are isolated from nearby allies. Evolving claws increases damage to isolated targets even further. Kha'Zix also gains increased range on both Taste Their Fear and his basic attack. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] this is what makes kha'zix terrifying. if someone just walks a pixel too far away from their minions, you do a ridiculous amount of damage to them, and it has a stupidly small cooldown. add in the evolution at 6, and you're looking at a champion that can do a rotation and burst through 2/3 of most champion's health pools. personally, if i'm against a champion that isn't just super harassing me and keeping me away from my minions, this is always my first evolution point, and always my first maxed skill. [title][img=skills/khazix/w.png] W: Void Spike[/title] [number]Kha'Zix fires spikes that explode on contact, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies. Kha'Zix is healed if he is within the explosion radius. Evolving spike racks causes Void Spike to fire three projectiles in a cone. Spikes will also apply Unseen Threat to all enemies caught within the area of effect. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] this is kha'zix' only real ranged ability. its also my first skill point. it gives you the sustain you need to compete up top, even if it is pretty mana intensive to spam. it's a good move, scales well with AD, decent amount of poke, and it's usually my second max, but it's not worth evolving unless you REALLY need the poke or the slow. and in most cases, by the time you get to the point where its evoloved, you should at least have a phage for a slow. also important to note, that it heals for a flat rate, regardless of how many enemies you hit, and no matter how many explosions you sit in. which means that evolving it doesn't increase how much you heal. [title][img=skills/khazix/e.png] E: Leap[/title] [number]Kha'Zix leaps to an area, dealing physical damage to enemies in the area he lands. Evolving wings increases Leap's range dramatically and causes a kill or assists to refresh the cooldown of Leap. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] this skill is what makes kha'zix' top lane viable. the q deals all the damage, this is what gets you close enough to do it. this move also scales pretty well with AD, and the range is comparable to flash before evolving, after evolving its range is nuts. it deals good damage and gets you into or out of a fight on a 17 second cooldown. this is usually my second evolution point, and usually my final maxed skill. it's just not spammable enough to justify filling second. [title][img=skills/khazix/r.png] R: Void Assault[/title] [number]Each rank of Void Assault allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his active abilities, granting it an additional effect. Upon activation, Kha'Zix enters stealth and gains Unseen Threat, increasing Movement Speed. Kha'zix can cast Void Assault again for a short time after activation. Evolving active camouflage allows Kha'Zix to cast Void Assault three times over the course of its duration and reduces any damage he sustains while in stealth. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] this skill makes kha'zix what he is. it's also not quite what they say it is. i called him a quazi-stealth champion for a reason. the stealth lasts for 1 second and can be recast a half second after the stealth falls off. while stealthed, you move faster. if you evolve it, you can activate it a third time, and you take less damage while you're stealthed. the problem is, your stealth is so short it's tough to utilize properly. i love this ult becaue its evolution aspect makes kha'zix who he is, and i usually evolve this third for the extra durability. i wouldn't call it true stealth, because it's very difficult to use this to sneak up on someone like most stealth assassins do. just too short.

early game, kha'zix needs to establish a hefty amount of presence in lane. you want to stay away until level 3, when you get all your skills and then step into a bush. this gives your unseen threat. then you leap from the bush, and hit him with an auto attack and your w. most people reflexively run away from something like that. this is what you want. the instant he starts to leave, you line up for a q. this will really hurt him. if you can convince your jungle to be there, you'll probably get a kill. you very well might burn a flash. if he tries to fight, back off. remember it. wait until he's not near his minions and do it again, but this time, go toe to toe with him. the q for not being near minions deals stupid amounts of damage. from then, he'll respect the shit out of you. this is the beginning of the mind games. you want to make your opponent run from his minions and feel unsafe walking back to them. if he goes away to ward, chase him down and punish him for it. be as scary as you can for as little reason. and make sure you're abusing your unseen threat passive.

mid game is when you really shine. you've evolved your q, and you're either about to evolve your leap or you just did. now you can go so far what your lane opposition has no choice but to be wary of you. you could even zone him out of exp, if you're lucky. keep an eye out for the jungle, and keep yourself ready for the enemy. keep ducking into and out of bushes to screw with their minds, poke whenever you can, and use your leap to get on them and stay on them. kill whatever you can. once your tower is down, you might even consider counter-jungling. you might catch someone alone, and you know how much you love finding people alone. it's not too hard to make the enemy team too scared to wander into their own jungle.

late game, you start to taper off a bit. you still do silly burst damage, but people tend not to wander off anymore. you don't really have the sustain to go toe to toe with too many of their teams, so you might consider camping buffs, warding dragon and watching for it, backdooring and murdering anyone that comes and gets you. generally making it known that you've been in the enemy jungle is enough to keep them out of it. don't take stupid risks, and try to pick off anyone that goes out on their own. mind games are hard to do at this point, but you're still trying to make them afraid to be alone.

kha'zix doesn't add a ton to team fights, he's an assassin. he can mop up forever, or he can pick off a straggler (he's a pretty good duelist if you catch him away from his creeps) but he's not going to be your tank. his role is to keep the fed AD carries out of the fight, but not to get kited away. burst them to make them leave, maybe pick up a kill, then wander away. you have two options, you can either chase your tank in, mutilate the carries and then look around or you can backdoor in that awkward pre-teamfight tapdance. if you can draw one person away to deal with you, you'll usually be able to slaughter them. then either take your tower or head back to the teamfight. if you can't get someone to chase you, your team should be backing up while you take a tower and keep a careful eye out for enemy mias. the points to stress are to not be the one to engage, don't focus tanks, and make sure to eat the ones dealing the most damage.

all in all this champ feels like a solid top lane pick. best if you have a tanky support, like rammus or leona. he's a lot of fun to play, and he is really easy to get in other people's heads. i'm no 2k elo player, but he is fun and rewarding to play, not only for me but my team seems to enjoy seeing what he can do. again, please bear in mind that this is my first guide. if you have suggestions, i'll happily take them into consideration. thanks for your time, and i hope this guide helped.

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