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Katarina is often seen as a high skill cap mid lane ap assasin. This makes most players scared to play her but she is a lot easier to play and to master than meets the eye. Katarina is a high burst damage; high mobility, no mana mid laner who excels in farming, assasinating and team fighting with her amazing AOE damage although she is shut down fairly hard by CC. Katarina is very fun to play mid laner who is very versatile and suits the play style of many players. This katarina guide is designed to show you how to dominate your lane so that the enemy ap mid is useless late and you are a one woman wrecking machine that will kill their entire team in a blink of an eye. Pros: Huge burst damage Manaless High mobility Mainly AOE damage Long range harass Amazing AP scaling Good lane pusher Great creep farmer Cones Shut down by CC squishy early Has no inbuilt CC gets countered hard by some people Your job : Your job is to kill, not to peel or to protect but to kill jump straight in for their carries and wreak havoc. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A TOP LANE KATARINA GUIDE DO NOT USE IT AS ONE

[title][img=skills/katarina/p.png] Passive: Voracity[/title] [number]Champion kills or assists reduce Katarina's cooldowns by 15 seconds.[/number] [title]Explanation: This is what makes you incredibly strong in team fights. This passive will mean you will putting out more damage than any other mid in the game and will mean you can use your skills to engage and then promptly disengage on the enemy.[/title] [title][img=skills/katarina/q.png] Q: Bouncing Blade[/title] [number]Katarina throws a dagger that bounces from enemy to enemy, dealing magic damage and marking them. Her next spell or basic attack against a marked target will consume the mark and deal additional magic damage.[/number] [title]Explanation: This spell is what will make you win the majority of lanes it is basically free ranged harass that hits multiple targets and gives huge multiple target damage output in team fights. The range on this means that you will be able to freely trade damage with the enemy laner especially if they are a melee range champion. [/title] [title][img=skills/katarina/w.png] W: Sinister Steel[/title] [number]Katarina whirls her daggers around her, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the area. If she hits an enemy Champion, Katarina gains a burst of speed for a short duration.[/number] [title]Explanation: The mobility that the bonus movement speed from this provides is incredible it means that you can dodge most slow moving skill shots in lane and will have a much better time dealing with ranged champions. The AOE damage that this provides is perfect for team fighting it is a very high amount of damage on a very short cooldown.[/title] [title][img=skills/katarina/e.png] E: Shunpo[/title] [number]Katarina instantly moves to her target's location and takes reduced damage from enemies for a few seconds. If the target is an enemy, she deals damage.[/number] [title]Explanation: This skill means that katarina is one of the most mobile champs in the game. This has a 10 seconds cooldown aswell as getting refreshed on kill/assist this is what makes katarina amazing not only in lane but also in team fights. She can just jump around dodgeing everything that comes at her.[/title] [title][img=skills/katarina/r.png] R: Death Lotus[/title] [number]Katarina becomes a flurry of blades, throwing daggers with unrivaled speed at up to three nearby Champions. Daggers deal magic damage and reduce incoming healing on targets hit.[/number] [title]Explanation: This makes katarina the amazing assasin that she is. This has amazing base damage, amaing scaling and it's all AOE this is one of the best straight damage ultimates in the game. Also the cooldown on this is ridiculously short and with your passive it means that if you get 3 kills / assist in the fight you will be able to use this a second time.[/title]

Most Katarina players will max their sinister steel first where-as my play style i max my bouncing blades first and then my sinister steel. Explanation: i max my bouncing blades first because as i have stressed in this guide this is simply dominating your lane and winning every trade and to do that you max your bouncing blades for the op ranged harrass that will dominate your lane opponent. The reason i max sinister steel second is because maxing shunpo is a very small damage increase as sinister steel not only gives more base damage but is also AOE damage. The sinister steel also has a somewhat decent range on it so you can harress your laning opponent with it enforcing your dominance even more.

If you follow the runes and masteries i suggest you can outrade every ap mid in the game as long as you play smart. against people with heavy cc e.g Lux, swain, orianna: when your bouncing blades is off cooldown make sure you target the champion, do not make it bounce of creeps into them as it reduces the damage dealt severely, use your shunpo to dodge their respective cc's (swain nevermore , orianna's ball and lux binding / slow) then walk up and just anihilate them with the bouncing-sinister-death lotus combo that should kill them if not leave them under a fifth hp. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE YOUR ULT TO HARASS - your ult has a short as hell cooldown do not be scared to use it to push the enmy laner out and lose exp/gold on creeps How to do this: when the enemy laner has backed use all of your abilities to push the creep wave up to the enemy tower, this will cause the tower to kill the creeps before the enemy laner can get back into lane for the gold/exp. warding, for mid you want to be warding the 2 side brushes and the enemy wraiths. Ward the two side brushes so that you know if the jungler is creeping in your bush. Why ward the enemy wraiths? you should be warding these so that you know when you can take them and it is a good way to see if the enemy jungler is either taking their red,ganking bottom or ganking mid so you can pretty much make their jungle useless to the bottom side of the map by warding this one spot. ALWAYS CARRY A WARD ON YOU - Katarina's shunpo can jump to friendly wards, this is OP AS HELL its like a second flash but it can go even further and only has a 10 second cooldown.

Katarina's mid game is quite simple. Just keep farming and taking wraiths then when you have pushed the enemy laner out of lane go and roam to help your bot or top.Or try and arrange a counter jungling escapade with your jungler and either kill their jungler or take one of their jungle buffs. Try and force dragons on the other team as with Katarina you have godly mid game and will easily win any fight your team gets into. Katarinas mid game also applies a lot of pressure to the map and forces the enemy to ward up a lot, this is because if a fight occurs having a katarina will swing a fight in any teams favor, so try and see where the enemy is warding then find the blind spot and just roam through there. [imgext=http://puu.sh/3FMEo.jpg] these are the ideal routes to take when gaking other lanes, the blue lines are for blue side and the purple line for purple side.

Katarina's late game is even simpler than her mid game. Just keep pushing lanes to take towers and cause pressure on the map so that your team can either team fight with a numbers advantage or will be able to get free map objectives e.g. dragon, baron and jungle buffs. Try to pick people off with Katarina because if the enemy is missing their ad carry or ap carry in the next team fight then you will always win the fight. Once people start building a significant amount of magic resistance late game Katarina's damage will be lackluster, your job is essentially to jump on the enemy ad - one hit him then let your ad carry do the rest. Katarina has a huge damage potential on her ult since they changed her, this means that her ultimate is a lot more key in her combo, try and wait for the enemy to burn their cc on your frontline then jump in and tear them to pieces.

In teamfights Katarina has a huge presence, with her low cooldowns; large AOE damage, high mobility and her amazing passive. What to do during teamfights: use your bouncing blade on either the squishiest person in the fights e.g AD carry or the enemy mid and if you have to pick out of those two target the one who is closer to the rest of their team ( this is so you can hit everybody with your bouncing blade and will apply the passive to them. You then want to get in range to use your sinister steel on as many people as possible. At this point you want to use your shunpo to jump out of the fight until you get your passive procced onto your abilities. Repeat this and you will surely win the fight unless you are against a heavy cc team. In which case you should throw your bouncing blades onto the enemy carry then either wait for the reset or wait for the cooldown. Using your ult in a team fight: you want to be using your ultimate when you are near the 3 squishiest enemies. The reason for this is that your ultimate only hits three people so you want to be getting the most damage off from it. Although you want to be targeting the squishies do not use your ult to take down the enemy support. Priorities the enemy carries then depending on whether there Jungler or Top is the squishiest target them.

In this chapter i will cover the general non-mid laners you want to consider not picking Katarina against. [img=champ/alistar.png] This guy is scary for Katarina, he can shut down your ultimate very easily and will be very tanky late game so you will not be able to harm him. [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] Yet again a scary guy for Katarina. Has many ways of shutting you down and is just in general an annoying champion to vs as a melee champion. [img=champ/darius.png] This guy will destroy you. Once you are grabbed into his range he will literally two hit you. When you see him in the other team i highly recommend opting out for an early zhonyas. [img=champ/leona.png] She is in the same position as alistar and blitzcrank. Many ways of shutting you down and is scary tanky late game. [img=champ/nautilus.png] He has the most cc in the game i believe and he will just make your life a living hell [img=champ/skarner.png] Be very careful when against a skarner. Let him waste his pull on one of your tanks then go in to fight. If he pulls you, you will be instagibbed and useless during the fight. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] Just because fiddles is not mid he can be jungle or support and this will shut you down very hard, he has his silence and his huge duration fear, when you see a fiddles on the other team play safe at all teams unless you can see him on the map. [img=champ/chogath.png] Cho gath is very scary for katarina he has 2 ways of shutting down your ultimate and his cc is just amazing, if the enemy has a cho gath in their team then be weary in lane and make sure you know where cho is before you try and make a play, if you roam and this guy conouterganks you it can turn the gank around a lot. [img=champ/thresh.png] Thresh has 2 ways of bringing you out of your ultimate and if he get's you with his hook even if you shunpo away he can pull stun you and pull you back to him, also if you shunpo through a wall of his ultimate you will activate it and lose 99% movement speed. [img=champ/lulu.png] Lulu is a very annoying champion to vs as Katarina. Lulu can bait you into thinking that the enemy is easily burstable but if you jump on top of them and try to ult them down Lulu will ult them which knocks you up and cancels your ultimate and gives them a huge amount of hp back. Also in team fights Lulu can use her whimsy to silence you and make you absolutely useless and can also kite you for her team by constantly using her glittterlance. [img=champ/lissandra.png] Lissandra has a lot of cc to shut you down, if you dive in and try to assasinate people she can just ult you and burst you down and make you essentially useless. also her w shuts down your mobility making you a lot less jumpy and mobile in team fights. [img=champ/udyr.png] Udyr's ability to stun you every several seconds is very annoying in team fights, having a team that can kite udyr for you helps a huge amount in team fights.

- made guide - added lane matchup and ability information - added lane match- ups for vladimir, veigar, xerath and lee sin - added general tips - added mid game - added late game - added general counters - Updated with new masteries for season 3 - updated with season 3 items - updated summoner spells - updated masteries - added boot enchantment - added more counterpicks - added talon lane matchup - removed sunfire cape section - added thresh counterpick - added section on building spirit of the spectral wraith - updated for season 3 - added lissandra and lulu matchups - added more changes to apply to season 3 - fully revamped guide for season 4

1. Always say good job when your team does something well, morale wins games 2. Never get mad at somebody for doing something wrong 3. if somebody is losing their lane don't complain, do something about it! 4. Do not argue over picks as this will just cause people to play badly 5. THIS IS A TEAM GAME! , do not think you have to constantly 1v5 to \"carry your team\" 6. Do not blame the jungle or support, every mistake is your mistake, learn from them! 7. A loss isn't the end of the world, just keep your chin up and keep on going. 8. It isn't solely on the support to buy wards. If you are top, mid or jungle BUY WARDS 9. Just because you won your lane does not mean you will win the game, you have to co-operate with your team and make plays. 10. It's a team game if a bad decision is made then it's the teams fault, do not flame one person it will make them play bad and YOU WILL LOSE.

I hope this guide helps newer Katarina players to ease into playing her and hopefully they develop their own playstyle on Katarina. r.i.p chaox

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