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Supporting from a D1 Zyra main - Patch 5.4 Updated

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Hello, my name is GagLV and I play support as my main role and Zyra as my main champion. I play on the EUW server and i have reached Diamond 1 in Season 3 and Season 4 while mostly playing Zyra support. Before I start my guide, I would like to introduce myself and tell you about who I am and why I am writing this guide. If you like to go straight to the guide, you can just skip this section since I don't think it will include very important information. [title]My stream - http://www.twitch.tv/GagLV/[/title] I might be streaming regularly at some point during Season 5 and attempt to climb back to Diamond 1 or Masters. [title]My profile:[/title] [img=http://i.imgur.com/M58ms5b.jpg] [title]My Zyra stats for Season 4:[/title] [img=http://i.imgur.com/xeTAPO4.jpg] [title]My Zyra stats for Season 3:[/title] [img=http://i.imgur.com/7qDE8rL.jpg] My journey started on the European Nordic & East server and while I was leveling up my account, I gathered a lot of information about roles, the meta and especially playing ranked. I knew that nobody liked playing support and I also knew that you needed to learn a few champions for each role before you start to play ranked games and that's exactly what I did. When I finally started to play ranked, to avoid all the champion selection drama, I just offered to play support all the time. I did play other roles from time to time (mostly mid and jungle), but support turned out to be my main role. After a while I started hovering around the 1300 Elo mark and went up to 1400, but after a losing streak and ending up bellow 1300. I finally had the motivation to start leveling up my second account so I could start playing on EUW, because I was always interested in the competitive side and it made me sad seeing that there were almost none of those small tournaments on EUNE. Anyways, skipping forward to the time I reached level 30 and for some reason I decided that I want to main ADC and play support on the side, but I found myself queuing up as a support most of the time, because the thought of playing ADC made me a little nervous since it was kind of a new role for me. After a while, Riot announced the Season 2 rewards and I really wanted that Gold border, and since the time was limited, I decided that I will play only support to get the required Elo and it worked out great. After that I've been loyal to the support role ever since. One of the main points I want to make is that I managed to reach Diamond by playing only support while NOT duo-queuing, being the leader of the team or making calls. Most of the time, the only thing I say in game is the dragon/baron time and GG at the end. I just wanted to make this clear since most people will tell you to assume the role of the leader in the team to carry it, but let me put your mind at ease and tell you that it's not necessary and you don't have to have any special personality traits. Before you can carry, you have to learn the role. When I first started, I used to have a very passive play style and most of the time I was waiting for my ADC to make plays. However that changed after a while when I learned my limits, my play style changed into a very aggressive one and I no longer relied on my ADC to make plays; I made them myself instead. In conclusion, if you give it some time and dedication, you can become the bottom lane playmaker and make the lane all about you. [title]Introducing the champion.[/title] Zyra is a very versatile pick and can be paired with and against any champions. She is a safe support choose if you have first pick. Learning to play Zyra not only gives you one of the strongest supports in the game, but also a very safe mid laner in case the support role is taken. With her root Zyra can make plays in mid game and the ultimate can change the tides of team fights late game. [title]Zyra's strengths:[/title] [.]Long range poke [.]High kill potential in lane [.]Low cooldown CC that can snare unlimited targets [.]Game changing ultimate [.]Ability to scout bushes [.]Little reliance on items [.]Very versatile and can work with and against most bot lane matchups [.]Is rarely picked or banned [title]Zyra's weaknesses:[/title] [.]Hard to master [.]All spells are skill shots [.]Slow moving snare that can be easily dodged [.]No sustain in lane [.]No mobility

Zyra is a very strong laner so your early game goal should be to catch out the enemy AD carry or support. Before that, if the enemy support is melee, try to harass him/her with auto attacks. If you get a melee support low enough with auto attacks, he won't jump on you at level 2, but if he does, your root and plants will do so much damage that you can go for a kill at that point. If the enemy support is ranged and you still want to have an early advantage, you can communicate with your AD carry to push the lane and get level 2 early. At that point, if the opposition is still at level 1 - start fighting. If you land your root together with a slowing plant, that is an almost guaranteed summoner spell blown or it will leave the enemy AD carry/support at very low health. Don't worry if you can't land your root if they start running away, you can also try to zone them away from minions and make sure they don't stand in exp range. If you manage to zone them out, i recommend not to use your root, just stand there and keep zoning. If you use your root and miss, then they will go back to CS'ing and there is nothing you can do anymore. To get level 2 you have to clear the first minion wave and kill the 3 melee minions of the second minion wave. Just don't try to clear the first minion wave too quickly or it will push forward before the second wave arrives and you won't have enough room for outplaying/chasing your enemies. Most people don't know the exact count of minions you need for level 2, even a lot of people at Diamond don't know this so what i like to do is to clear the first minion wave and a few seconds before the third minion of the second lane dies, start going aggressive. I like to enter the bush at level 1 before the minion dies and exit the push on their side as a level 2 to surprise them. Sometimes i just start walking up to them and it happens all the time that they don't retreat, because all they see is me walking up to them at level 1 and standing near their minions, which clearly puts me at a disadvantage, but as soon as they try to fight, i reach level 2 and outdamage them. This is a video example of that happening, although i did not get the first blood, because i missed the root, but you can still see the effectiveness of an early level 2 push and the knowledge of when you reach that level (WARNING: some NSFW language): [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d-JkzoOmdY] After the initial brawl is over, your next move is determined by the type of enemies you have. The typical rule in bot lane is that a Poke lane will beat an All-in lane, an All-in lane will beat a Sustain lane and the Sustain lane will beat a Poke lane. Just don't think of it too much since everyone can beat everyone in bot lane and it all depends on skill, but if you are following that rule against All-in lanes you should play cautious while poking them down and at some point, they will be too low to engage and you can even zone them out. be careful though, if they engage on you at full health, there is no way you can win the fight without being ahead in lane. The problem with playing against sustain lanes is that you can't trade damage with them or they will just heal up and you can't do anything about your health, other than using potions. Your goal is to poke them without taking any damage in return which can be tricky against good players. I would recommend playing a bit safe and go for a kill when you reach level 6. Playing a poke lane against another poke lane is tricky and the winner will be decided by skill. Just like playing against a sustain lane, your job is to land damage without taking any in return, but this time, they might not have any sustain and any damage you land is permanent. If you can't land any safe damage, then at least wait until you are level 6 and try to not lose too much health before that and you will be able to fight and get kills.

Mid game is the time when your play style and your game plan differs a lot from such other roles like AD and AP carries. While their job is to constantly farm up and push lanes, your job is to play the map and that means warding. Depending on how the game is going and what towers you have killed, you should be warding either aggressively, passively or in between. For example, if you have not killed any towers, then it's just too dangerous to walk in the enemy jungle and placing deep wards, you should only do that if you know where every enemy player is and then it can be very helpful to place some wards at their buffs. Otherwise, you should be warding the river and any other ganking paths that junglers can take, like the tri-bush or the bush behind the red buff. If you have killed the bottom and middle tower, then it's a good time to start warding aggressively. If you ward up the enemy jungle at this time and kill as many of the enemy wards as possible, you have gained a lot of map control. They can no longer use their own jungle and because of the pressure of no vision, they have to fall back to the second tier tower. This provides your team with buff and dragon control. Remember to not just blindly move in to the enemy jungle and hoping that you won't get killed while placing wards. You don't want the game to be based on luck and whether or not the enemy is there to catch you out. Always look at the minimap and count how many enemies you can see, or press TAB to check who is visible and who is not. Pay attention to the ones who are not visible and when you go in to the enemy jungle, you have to assume that the non-visible champions are going to be there to kill you. So only go there if you have an escape plan and if you know you can survive that. Alternatively, you might fall back in the game and the enemies will try to ward your jungle and clear your wards. Juts do your best at warding to prevent any surprising enemy movements and rotations. This is the part where if the enemy team knows what they are doing, it will be very hard for you to keep up with warding and they will just keep pushing and applying pressure. If you can't control your jungle anymore, it's time to bring the game in to the late game phase. The switch happens when people stop pushing their lanes individually and group up to take objectives as a team so let's move on the next chapter.

As we know, the late game starts when teams group and start taking objectives together. It's not longer important to ward individual ganking paths and instead, focus on buffs and try to predict where the enemy is going to move and ward those places. As an example, if both teams start focusing on Baron, you should keep most wards on the top side of the map to not lose vision of your enemy. Other than warding, your role won't differ too much from other roles, except that your job is not to push out lanes, but instead, you should be staying near your team as much as possible. You should also be abusing your long range, long lasting CC and try to catch people out, especially if your team lacks proper engage. Always carry pink wards and a upgraded red trinket with you. You want to clear vision and ward up major choke points that you can use to catch people out. An example i could give would be to clear the vision around your Razorbeaks (AKA Wrights) and place a ward over the wall so you have vision of the mid lane. Now if the enemy team pushes up mid lane and you are standing behind the wall, you can surprise them with a root and ult combo to start a team fight. NEVER do this without making sure you cleared all the wards though, because if your team has gathered in mid lane and you are standing behind the wall at Razorbeaks, the enemy team will engage on you and you won't have any protection at all. That is just one example that you could do to land that game changing CC and win the game. SO be creative with your long range CC and try to abuse walls and choke points and the lack of enemy vision.

Before i go in to detail about team fights, i want to clear up one of the biggest misconception people have about proper focusing. In most games you will hear people complaining about focusing the tank and/or support and most of the time those people are plain wrong. Of course you have to focus the carries if you can, but most of the time you should never run past the front lane to do that. Also people will hesitate to use ultimate skills to kill a tank and/or a support who is out of position and i have even seen tanks who laugh at the enemy team and make fun of them for using so many ultimate skills to kill just that one person. Those people fail to see the whole picture and fail to understand the concept of team fighting and objectives. An example i could give from one of my games is that we had the enemy Leona engage on us, but as a Zyra, i placed my ultimate not on Leona, but behind Leona so that the enemy team could not follow up without running through my ult. We focused Leona and used all our skill on her and killed her before the enemy team could follow up. Sure, to some people it might seems like we just used too many skills on Leona, but the point is that the enemy team can't fight anymore and we could just walk up to the turrets, kill them and even take an inhibitor. If we had not focused Leona because \"she is a support\", then we either would have to retreat and get nothing out of it, or we would have to run past her and let her CC one of our carries until the enemy front lane catches up to him, but instead, with Zyra you could zone out the whole enemy team while everyone else quickly focused the Leona before the enemy front lane catches up to us. As a general rule, focus the person that is out of position, no matter what role he is playing and what build he has. If you don't believe me, you can watch some LCS games and pay close attention to their focus. Most of the time they arr focusing the tank first and that is how most team fights are - you focus the enemy tank while the enemy focuses your tank, the team that kills the enemy tank quicker, will overrun the other team and win the team fight. This is very simplified of course, but it's a good rule to follow unless you are an assassin or playing other certain melee champions. You might also be wondering what your role is in team fights and if you should try to focus the enemy team or peel for your AD carry. To put it simple, if the enemy AD carry is fed, you have to try to CC and focus him, but if your AD carry is fed, you have to peel for him and let him kill everyone. In other situations you will want to try and catch someone out with your root to start the team fight, but then you won't have that much peel left for your carries. This is where your feeling comes in, if you feel you have a team member who can engage them easily, wait for him to do it and save your root. If you don't have such a team member, then it might be up to you to engage. If you can land your root on a enemy carry then do it no matter what. The beauty of your skill set is that after using the root, you can use your ultimate at the same spot and the enemy front line won't be able to counter engage and you get a few seconds of free time to do whatever you want.

This is a good demonstration of all the utility and damage a Zyra can provide in fights [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zqpf6-QR7JY]

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