Graves Build Guide

An underated guide to Graves Top

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The goal of bruiser graves is to take advantage of his ridiculous passive. By building armor and ad combined, you are the unstoppable bully in lane and can transition into a ridiculous splitpusher with ur teleport and get away with ghost and quickdraw.

At level 1, auto attack the creeps to push up to tower in order to deny cs. You can get your stacks of passive up quickly and you should put your ward up so you will know if the jungle comes. If he comes before you put your ward, use your ghost to survive. Don't forget to use fort pot if u need a quick boost of health or damage. Your pots and tp help you sustain.

With cutlas and double dorans, your auto attacks should give you lots of health back. Randuins will help you kite with quickdraw, ghost, and swiftness boots. They also give you defensive stats which add on to the stats you get with your passive. Begin building on a static shiv to help you clear creeps faster with shiv and your q.

Now you are the ultimate splitpusher and kiter. Zephyr, shiv, and your e help you take down turrets in no time. Bork will help you take down objectives fast combined with your attack speed. Randuins, bork, and frozen fist can help you kite as well. To get away, just use tp or ghost with ur e. You will also have bonus ms from your boots and bork, shiv, and zephyr to help you run away.

Graves top is really strong. Shout out to dsetreg and the rest of the fulp family. Also shout out to Yanmanos's tacos for sponsoring me. Finally, thanks to red eldur's fallout shelturs for allowing me to have a fallout shelter. Thank you for reading. -Samurpee

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