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Annie = FREELO <Last update: 5.22>

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While most champs have a clear cut build path, Annie can build whatever she wants* and still be a huge threat in team fights. This is largely due to her versatile kit: AP ratios and base stats are high, decent auto attack range, hard CC and initiation potential, and her Armor/MR steroid being surprisingly good for surviving. Her initiation potential is why I think she is such a strong pick for solo queue. Flash+Tibbers has almost punishes bad positioning and has very little counter-play to it. It makes her great for any ELO and is especially punishing in lower ELO. With all of the changes in the preseason, I made some huge adjustments. [img=] [img=] [img=] *The only things I don't recommend on her is marksman builds (AD/crit/atkspd) with her range nerf to 575. G_G

Passively farm under turret. Last hit under turret is easy with Q or control the wave closer to your turret. You don't have a lot of mobility and keeps you safe from jungler ganks.

If your flash is up, shove out your lane and pressure others. You want to look for skirmishes whenever your flash is up. If you win fights, take turrets and dragons.

Your job is to initiate and blow up their backline. Realistically by now, everyone probably has an MR item so oneshotting isn't happening. No matter what comp your team is running, you're always grouped with the majority of your teammates. (ex. 1-4 and 1-3-1 Split-push comps, Sivir/Kalista stampede comps, protect the ADC comps, wombo, etc.) You need your flash+tibbers stun combo available to punish bad positioning. If you don't have it available, let your team know. When you're looking to engage, ping to your team to let them know you're going in and they should be ready. It really helps in solo queue.

There's a few things that can distinguish a good Annie player from a great Annie player. Using your molten shield (E) effectively and Tibbers micromanagement. Some helpful tips: - Spam your 'R' key to move Tibbers and keep them on top of your opponents for the extra damage. - Rylai's is great because it helps Tibbers stick to opponents doing a ton of damage over time. You can also use your E on ADCs to slow them. Helps with kiting, running away, and closing gaps (especially against Kalista)!

Annie is amazing at teamfights and doesn't require great mechanics to play effectively. This is great because you can focus on your macro decision-making strategies instead. If you have any questions about other matchups, chances are I've already played the matchup. Comment below or add me on League and I'll gladly reply!

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