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Season 4 Diamond 1 Cassiopeia Guide

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My Season 4 Montage ^___^ [vid=] Protatomonster Week 51 That I Won [vid=] Hey guys this is SKiLLY and this right here is my Season 4 guide on one of my favorite champions to play, Cassiopeia. Why should you follow this guide? Well I am a diamond player. Peaking at rank 7th during season 2 and going to MLG Anaheim to compete with the best, and not to mention Cassiopeia is what help me land the #1 spot in Protatomonster's Top 5 plays in week 51. Cassiopeia is a really rewarding champion with huge trading potential. She has huge damage with the right rotation of spells, to the point where no one can out trade her if done right. Her damage comes a lot from landing important skill shots and knowing how and when you use her ultimate. Mastering her if hard work but will pay off by itself. Without further ado please enjoy reading my new Season 4 Cassiopeia Guide ! Pros : - Huge DPS abilities - Arguably the best trader in the game because of her insane low cooldowns if done correctly - More of a higher skill cap than most AP casters - Really rewarding and fun to play when mastered Cons : - Eats away mana ( Can be solved easily with items ) - No escape mechanism - Hard to master - Need to be good at microing

This is where you can get your lane dominance. First go mid and start farming normally. When your opponent tries to cs you land a Q and auto attack on them to harass since they will be focusing and standing still when autoattacking for the cs. If your opponent started with a Dorans item of any kind HARASS that opponent as much as you can as you have 2 hp potions while they have none. Be careful and not to get carried away while Harassing as it can lead you to lose CS and get damaged by creeps which are OP early. The art of harassing is easy, once you see one of your minions low stay near it as your opponent will most likely come up to last hit and hit them with a Q and auto attack combo. If you do this correctly and see your enemy is low, try an engage on the next Q you land since it gives you bonus movement speed if it hits. DO NOT BE SCARED TO DIE FOR FB (be careful) but if your 100% you can kill your opponent for FB do what it takes even if its dying right after as the FB bonus will help you on your farm.

Mid Game is where Cass dominates. By now your Q and E abilities should be maxed and you should be dealing quite a bit of damage. Once you land your Q on your enemy they won't be able to trade you with the damage output you can dish with your Q&E combo. Farming is really easy on Cass. W and Q the mage wave and then just Q and autoattack the melee minions to get most if not all the creeps. Cass can clear waves easily so this gives you time if you have blue, to either take your wraiths or wolf camp or even take their wraiths if you see no threat, just be careful. You have 2 options in the mid game phase with Cass. You can either push hard and then go for a gank at top or bot. Or keep applying pressure down mid. It all depends on who you are against. If you are against a TF you should be pushing your lane hard so that he is forced to stay at mid and wont be able to utilize his ultimate. If your opponent is more of farming champion that can't clear waves too fast like Swain, just push hard and then rotate to either top or bot and go for a gank. If you see that your enemy midlaner has ganked top or bot and you are still at mid the best thing you can do is to push down mid hard and try to get decent damage on the turret as taking it down will give huge map presence.

Late game is all about grouping with your team to get important objectives like Baron or turrets. To win a game you must kill the enemy Nexus and to do so you need to be able to take down their turrets. In too many games have I seen where a team in the lead can not press it's advantage and end the game only to drag out the game and let the enemy team farm up and win the game. I will be teaching you how to take down turrets with your team. Lets say your team is pushing a turret but your enemy is defending it. You should have your golem buff as it is lategame. You want to immediately W next to their turret. As soon as they step in your W hit them with a Q and move back since you don't want to be taking turret aggro. If they engage on you guys just stay calm and use your Ult which will land a few stuns and then engage. It's important to not fight at their turret which will most likely lead to a losing teamfight unless you guys are that far ahead or them in terms of items and levels. NOTE: While you are poking if you see that you've damaged one of their opponents considerably, try and ping them to let your team know to either engage or take turret. Rinse and repeat. Cass's damage output is HUGE at this time of the game meaning dragons, and barons should be relatively quick pick ups if the enemy hasn't warded.

Team fights are when a Cassiopeia is put to the test. The outcome of a team fight can be determined by how much damage Cass can dish out. Since 2 of Cassiopeia's abilities are skill shots it is important to land them to help your team deal damage. A good ult is what can turn a losing team fight to an instantly won team fight depending on how many people you can stun. When a team fight occurs stay in the back on your front line. Throw down your W in front of you so that you can slow down an enemy that has prioritized you without him damaging you yet. Relax and analyze the situation. When a champion auto attacks they must be still and cannot move. So when you see an enemy auto attacking or in 1 spot dueling your teammate, throw down a Q. Landing a Q will give you a movement speed bonus for 3 seconds that will allow you to reposition if needed to help hit important targets. You ultimate is close ranged spell and it best used when the enemy team is running towards your team. Save it for the right moment as this spell can determine the outcome of the team fight. If you are confident enough, you can use flash to put you in a position to ult and stun important targets to help your team win fights but only if you are confident that you can pull it off as it will put you in danger.

Thank you guys for reading my Season 4 guide on Cassiopeia. I hope that it helps you win your games as well as improve your mid play. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask in the comment section below, I'll be more than happy to answer. twitter : @lolskilly IGN : god SkiLLY I'm going to be putting up a matchup section later on after I practice with different matchups to give you guys a full detail as to what you are up for so bookmark this page and be sure to check on it in a day or 2. Thank you guys again so much for reading my guide!! Season 4 Orianna Guide : Season 4 Brand Guide :

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