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Buffed Spider Queen (Patch 5.15)

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Hi, I'm Hobbes777, a Diamond Elise jungle main. Not only is Elise the one of the more powerful champions in the new jungle, ,you will become a much better player as you master her sophisticated skillset! I have played hundreds of games of Elise, and am always looking for a build that optimizes Elise's kit. After regularly testing several Elise builds from multiple regions, namely in Korea's OGN, the NA LCS, the EU LCS, and China's LPL, I weigh the pros and cons of each build. The following guide is my take on Elise in the Season 5 jungle. If you find my guide useful, give it a LIKE! Thanks for reading, and feel free to give feedback in the comments below! (: With great objective control, suffocating lane pressure, and excellent utility, Elise is an excellent jungle pick to carry yourself to higher elo! Currently, she is one of the strongest junglers with the changes to her cocoon and spiderlings. Elise fills a niche few other junglers do. First off, she is one of the few junglers in the new season that can gank after doing a standard two buff start (red -> camp -> blue or blue -> camp -> red). Several other junglers have difficulty doing so because their sustain is not as good. These early ganks can be key in snowballing your lanes. Second, Elise is very flexible in her build paths. You can either build her as more of an assassin with full AP items, or as more of an off-tank with a few damage items. I prefer to build the latter because of it best utilizes Elise's good base damages and excellent utility. Building AP is not optimal on Elise, as her AP scaling ratios are mediocre. Instead, build magic penetration items to capitalize on her base damage values. In addition, Elise deals high amounts of magic damage, giving flexibility to your solo lanes (i.e. double AD solo lanes are viable with Elise in the jungle). Finally, she fits into several types of team compositions, making her a very flexible pick in Solo Queue.

With the new jungle changes, Elise's ability to avoid most damage from the jungle is even more important. She is one of the few junglers that can do a standard two buff start (red -> camp -> blue or blue-> camp -> red) and effectively gank straightaway. Other junglers that can do so include Olaf and Lee Sin. Although Warwick has great sustain, his level 3 ganks are atrocious. Other junglers, such as Vi and Jarvan IV, lose a lot of health in the new jungle. If they try the standard two buff start, they will likely be 50-75% health when they attempt a level 3 gank, whereas Elise will be full health. Take note of this, since an appropriate countergank can easily snowball the game. Elaborating on the jungle route, I would suggest not to do the Razorbeaks camp (formerly called the Wraiths camp) in between the two buffs. Particularly in the early game, the Razorbeaks hit very hard. If you do decide to do this camp, make sure to kill the small monsters first--they have very high AD. Instead, I would suggest doing the Wolf camp in between the two buffs. Thus, your jungle path would be red -> wolves -> blue or blue -> wolves -> red. Normally, I start the buff that is bottom-side (red when on blue side, blue when on purple side). This is because bot lane is very difficult to gank level 3 because of the timing of wards and the Heal summoner. Also, top lane is especially volatile in the early game--it is the prime recipient of ganks before 5:00. Another option is to start the top-side enemy buff. This strategy is great in solo queue, as most people will not expect this move. The prevalence of early ganks may be waning due to the power of the Devourer item, and the corresponding shift towards farm junglers such as Warwick, Kayle, Xin Zhao, etc. If you do face such a farm jungler, try to snowball your lanes before these champions hit their power spikes. As Elise, you have great ganks and counterganks, and should use this to your advantage as much as possible in the early game. Pay attention to how late enemy laners walk into lane. If the bot lane arrives late, the enemy jungler likely started bot side. If the top lane arrives late, the enemy jungler likely started top side. Also ask your laners to ward your other buff to prevent the enemy jungler from starting one of your buffs. Depending on the positioning of the enemy jungler after their second buff and the positions of your lanes, you need to decide whether it is best to attempt a gank or countergank, or continue farming. There are 2 general options of ganking with Elise. The first option is to start in human form. This option is better if you can get within cocoon range by just walking. If you have red buff, try to land a few autoattacks on the enemy to apply the slow before attempting a cocoon. This will increase the chances of landing your cocoon significantly. Then, use the combo Q1->W1 into spider form W2->Q2. You want to activate W2 first for greater attack speed before attempting to execute with Q2. If he flashes, use rappel to gap-close to him. If the enemy is low health after this combo and you cannot safely Q2 him again, switch back to human form and use your human spells to finish him off. The second option is to start in spider form. This option is better if you cannot get within cocoon range by walking. To execute this gank, rappel to the enemy or to a minion near the enemy. Use Q2 to gap-close to the enemy and activate W2. Then, switch into human form and use Q1->W1. Next, try to land your cocoon when your spider form is back up so that you can switch into spider form immediately after the cocoon lands and attempt to execute him with Q2. Note: Q1 - Human form Q, W1 - Human form W, Q2 - Spider Form Q, W2 - Spider Form W.

With the buffs to Dragon, Elise can no longer solo dragon (its flame attack one-shots all her spiderlings). In this patch, there is an emphasis on dragon as a team objective, so make sure you have sufficient help when you attempt dragon. You can avoid some of dragon's attacks by kiting around with your teammates, but this has become more difficult since Riot buffed Dragon's attack speed (you used to be able to take no damage from dragon if Dragon aggro was juggled correctly). In the mid game, be aware of the consequences of certain moves. If you gank top and the enemy jungler is bot side, you could be giving up a dragon. If the gank top is successful, you may be able to trade a top turret for a dragon. On the other hand, if the enemy jungler is top side, you may be able to get a dragon in return. Always be aware of the map and see where your strengths are. Vision control is very important in the mid game, and allows your team to choose more favorable fights and get catches. Getting one clean catch can mean an easy dragon. Always have wards on dragon around this part of the game. Most of the time, you will want to snowball your winning lanes. Unless you know that the enemy jungler is not nearby, it is risky to gank for a losing lane. If the enemy jungler shows up, you will likely lose the 2v2 because your laner is weaker than the enemy laner (unless you are very ahead of the enemy jungler). TIPS ON SECURING OBJECTIVES: Elise has great objective control partially because of her Spider Form Q->Smite combination. Note that Elise's Spider Form Q's percent health bonus damage is capped against monsters. Around level 6, your Spider Form Q will hit around a maximum of 240 magic damage. This will scale up to about a maximum of 370 magic damage with a Q at max rank. Take note of your smite damage, and calculate how much your Spider Form Q->Smite combination will hit for. It is very important to know how much this combination will do, or you may give up a free dragon to the enemy team. Also, note that Spider Form Q has a channel time. Be sure to smite immediately after the channel time completes. If you smite before the channel time is complete, the enemy jungler has a window to smite the objective away from you. Because of this Q->Smite combination, Elise is also very good at stealing dragons and barons. As Elise, you can Rappel over the Dragon / Baron wall.

In the late game, Elise becomes more utility-based. With her cocoons, Elise is great for making those late game picks with her 2-second stuns. Cocoons also make Elise great for disengaging fights and poking. Because she is ranged in her human form, Elise is good for sieging towers as well. I elaborate more on the teamfighting aspect of Elise in the section below. Late game, there will also be more fights over baron. Below are some tips on stealing baron. TIPS ON STEALING BARON: Elise is great at stealing barons, similar to Lee Sin. You can Rappel over the Baron Wall if you stand right next to the wall. Depending on how much your Spider Form Q->Smite combination does, you must time when you should Rappel over into the Baron Pit. In the late game, your smite will do around 800-1000 damage. Your Spider Form Q will do around 370 magic damage, since you will have maxed Q by now. However, note that Baron Nashor has around 70 magic resist, so this will be reduced to around 220. So, your Q->Smite combo will do 1020-1220 damage, depending on your level. Look at how quickly baron is being taken, and time your Rappel based on that. You usually want to Rappel into the pit at around 1500-2000 health, depending on how much your Q->Smite combo does.

When teamfighting with Elise, keep a few things in mind. Ask yourself, do I have enough damage to burst down high priority squishy targets? Unless you can kill enemy carries in one combo, go for the enemy carries. Otherwise, it is a good idea to peel for your carries with cocoons and keep them safe. Elise provides exceptional peel, especially with the buffs to her late game cocoon stun duration and some cooldown reduction. Also, NEVER use rappel offensively in teamfights unless you can guarantee a kill on a priority target (and preferably not dying in the process) or if your team is chasing down those cleanup kills. In certain cases, it is worth it to Rappel for the kill on their fed carry. However, in most cases, it is prudent to save Rappel to avoid CC and damage. If you see several incoming projectiles, it is probably a good time to Rappel into the air and wait for a good location to come down. With sufficient Cooldown Reduction, you can often rappel multiple times in teamfights.

Elise synergizes well with champs such as Caitlyn, Morgana, Ziggs, Syndra, and Thresh. Morgana and Thresh both have great Crowd Control. At max rank, Morgana's bind provides a 3 second bind, while Thresh's hook provides a 1.5 second stun. Elise's cocoon can chain CC a target that has been hooked or binded, or vice versa. If both CC's land on a non-tank target, the target will likely die instantly if your teammates are nearby. In the late game, even a tank target will die relatively quickly once your carries have those health-shredding or resistance-shredding items (Liandry's Torment, Blade of the Ruined King, Void Staff, Last Whisper, Black Cleaver, etc.). Also, having Morgana's ultimate hit multiple enemy targets makes it a lot easier for Elise to land cocoons on priority targets, or sometimes bail her out of sticky situations in teamfights (slowing targets that Elise can rappel to). Thresh's multiple methods of CC'ing targets in teamfights serves the same purpose. Both Morgana and Thresh have excellent zoning potential in teamfights, which really helps Elise either kite or get on the enemy squishies. Other champions that have CC stuns or binds are also great with Elise. For example, Syndra stun chained into Elise cocoon, or vice versa, is a very potent combination. Not only is the target stunned for a long duration, both of these stuns are ranged. In most cases, ranged stuns are preferable to melee stuns because of their greater utility in both offensive and defensive scenarios. Ranged stuns have better kiting potential than melee stuns. Also, ganks can be more easily set up with a ranged stun because you do not have to be close to the target to stun it. Elise also synergizes well with good siege champions. Both Caitlyn and Ziggs are excellent at sieging towers. Elise fits in very well with this sort of composition because of her range in human form. She is able to autoattack towers while throwing out Volatile Spiderlings and Cocoons. Because of the zoning potential of both of these spells, it is difficult for the enemy to get on your backline and break the siege. Also note that strong early laners really help Elise out in shutting down the enemy jungler and laners. Elise is a very strong early game champion herself. Having strong laners such as Renekton, Syndra, Zed, Lucian, and Corki make those 2v2 and 3v3 skirmishes that much easier to win. Always remember to ping for your laners to help if you are planning to invade the enemy jungle or fight the enemy jungler. If you are invading an enemy buff, it is highly likely that their laners will come to help their jungler and collapse on you. You will be in a sticky situation if the enemy laners get there before your laners do. Always keep track of the minimap and put up good wards to provide information on the movements of their laners and jungler.

Elise is a great jungle champion that is a jack of all trades with her objective control, lane pressure, and great utility. In the current jungle meta, Elise is second to none with her unique kit. When played properly, Elise has the potential to carry you very far! This guide draws inspiration from the different ways Elise is built and played across several regions, from Korea to the United States to Europe. If you found my guide useful, remember to give it a LIKE!!! (:

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