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Welcome to the people. If you're here, right now, reading this guide, then you probably want to experience the champ with the most ridiculous amount of crowd control (CC) in the game. But a quick warning, if your also here to read a guide about solo carrying your team, going 30/0 every game or think your going to get this guide and be a pro at nautilus in no time flat, well then, you will be greatly disappointed. [img=champ/nautilus.png] is one of those junglers, who slowly appear out of no-where to completely and utterly immobilize you. Nautilus shares a few characteristics with his fellow tank-utility junglers like [img=champ/maokai.png] and [img=champ/sejuani.png]; poor clear times, great dependence on his teams damage and a high weakness to counter jungling. These points can be easily exploited by assassins and junglers like [img=champ/shaco.png] and [img=champ/udyr.png]. Regardless of those points he has many amazing strengths such as his crazy late-game survivability, peel and his almost in-escapable ganks being some of the best in the game. Pros: . Ridiculous amounts of hard crowd control . Fantastic peeler and protector for carries . Fantastic and extremely effective disruption ulty . Almost un-escapable ganks, made even more effective when you hit 6 . Amazing late-game scaling Cons . High susceptibility to counter jungling and counter-ganks . Struggles to recover for late-game if things go wrong/poorly early on. . Due to his low damage output from most of his abilities, he relies heavily on his teams damage to carry him. . Very mana hungry during sieges and team-fights. . He's fat and slow And quickly, a list of abbreviations or terms I shall be using throughout this guide and some that you will need to know in general: Nautilus-Naut Auto-attack-aa/AA Ability Power-ap/AP- refers to magic damage. Attack damage-ad/AD- refers to physical damage. Attack damage carry-ADC Ability power carry-APC Magic resist-mr/MR Out of Mana-OOM Damage over time-DoT cool-down-CD Area of affect-AOE Minions/monsters-CS Recall-B inhibitor-inhib Rotate- To go to another lane to push it, not farm, push. For example. Team just killed mid lane inhibitor. \"Team lets rotate bot inhib\" this will simply say to the team they should go bot with you to kill the inhib. Peel- The act of literally peeling enemy champions off your carries with your abilities. Leash-the act of assisting your jungler by helping him kill his first buff. Counter- In context counter means to leave one monster at a jungle camp to stop it from re-spawning. For example, I countered your wraiths by leaving one little wraith there. Red buff-red Blue buff-blue Dragon-drag Barron-Bazza

Every game you will start at gromp, followed by blue buff, if they invade blue, just do krugs-red and proceed on from there. If your lucky enough to get a leash the rest of your early clear will be a breeze. After your blue you will proceed to do wolves, then go back as you probably won;'t have enough HP to do the rest of your route without dying and it will also get you level 3. If you find that your red is gone, simply proceed to your golem camp and carry on as usual. Your path after this will simply be what's closest to you. I tend not to do my golems unless I'm passing through already because you need to go around a wall to reach them, then back around to resume your jungle route. You will sometimes find yourself with no ganks to pull off so your general route without visiting your buffs would be gromp, wolves, raptors. Rinse and repeat until you decide to do dragon or a gank opportunity presents itself.

Whenever you gank, regardless of the lane you are ganking, you want to try and initiate the gank by snaring the enemy with your [img=skills/nautilus/p.png]. This allows you to save your [img=skills/nautilus/q.png] for when the enemy flashes or uses another form of escape ability. Your [img=skills/nautilus/w.png] won't interupt your running animation so charging in with this active will make your stun deal more damage and it will shield you from some of the spells the enemy might throw at you to get away. I generally start by securing the first 2 kills to get me a gold lead and then the rest go to the lane I'm ganking if at all possible. Ounce you get your [img=items/boots-of-mobility.png] this becomes much easier because as long as you don't get hit by anything you will outrun any champion you will come across. Ounce you get your [img=skills/nautilus/r.png] your ganks become almost inescapable. With this spell you will gank as normal but you will save this for when the enemy looks like their going to get away or if they turn on you and activate a channel ability, such as a katarina turning on you and ulting you. This ult will knock the target up and interrupt any channels they have begun.

Baron and dragon are 2 of the biggest influential objectives in the game. Early dragon control can pull a game back from the biggest gold deficits. If you keep the approaches the enemy can take to contest it and behind the dragon pit warded, this is an easily secure-able objective which grants 180-270 gold to each player on the team. Even if you simply scare the enemy team off dragon, the gold this objective grants is definitely worth the trouble. This is a very important objective as if you do it ounce you can do it again and again the second it spawns, giving your team an insane gold advantage. Be enforcing about doing dragon, slaying this beast is far more important than a little cs. Factors that can help you choose when to do dragon: Bot lane enemy is dead. Enemy jungler is dead or out of position. The enemy can't possibly contest as your team is far ahead. Baron Nashor is the massive purple monster in the top side pit on the river. This powerful monster shouldn't be taken alone as it can deal heavy amounts of damage very quickly. Baron control is essential late-game as this buff can decide games. If killed, every player on the team will receive the exalted with baron nashor buff and 300 gold(+25 for whoever killed it). This buff gives massively increased attack damage and ability power as well as a bonus to health and mana regeneration. Factors that can help you choose when to do baron: You have killed the entire enemy team scoring an ACE. 2+inhibitors are down with large minions waves knocking on the enemies front door. The enemy jungler is [b]DEAD [/b]. Next on your Jungler list of objectives are towers. There are 4 categories of towers, well 5 if you count the fountain turret. These are outer, inner, inhibitor, nexus and fountain turrets. If you pull off a successful gank it doesn't hurt to stick around and whack a turret until your minions die. Even if your just forcing the enemy to B the constant whack whack whack will quickly smash down the tower until its low enough to tank and kill. The mid lane outer turret is a high priority as killing this turret grants allot more freedom of movement throughout the jungle for you and your team. This new freedom forces more wards out of the enemy team and allows easy picking when the enemy teams laners rotate to protect their mid lane inner and inhibitor turrets. Finally, the nexus. Surprisingly this isn't the most important thing in the game. You see, you need to prioritise smaller objectives before aiming for the nexus. If you go in with a mindset, rather similar to \"I'm gonna carry my team so hard\" but instead it's like \"I'm gonna kill that nexus solo\" you will fail. If the enemy team secures dragons, pushes down all the outer/inner turrets and keeps baron warded..... they will pull ahead and crush you due to their substantial gold lead. Take many small steps instead of a few giant steps to secure victory. The safer you play the more likely it will be that you won't make a massive game ending mistake. Besides, the enemy team could surrender before you even get close to the enemy nexus.

Early on in the game your job is to have as much map presence and apply as much pressure as possible. I tend to avoid bot lane as it's usually warded, shorter than other lanes and since I usually ignore my golem camp, there is really no other reason why I would be already down there in the first place, well apart from dragon. Unless you're stuck farming you will continuously rotate between ganking top and mid lane, farming your jungle camps in between. You should never die early game, even if you get invaded as you should ward bushes instead of face-checking and to make sure no one sneaks up on you.

This is when stuff gets serious. By now you should at least have your [img=items/rangers-trailblazer-enchantment---juggernaut.png] and [img=items/boots-of-mobility.png], and maybe Dead mans plate. Now you should be working towards a frozen heart/locket and the rest of your build. You must constantly keep dragon warded, try and hide a pink within the fat part of the wall furthest to the right to maintain constant vision. Constantly ward the bush near the enemy wraith camp to keep an eye on where the enemy jungler is,this will tell you where it's safe to gank and do dragon. By this stage all/most of the enemy outer turrets should be down and you should start insisting with an [b]Iron Fist[/b] for your team to start grouping, taking and controlling objectives. I can't stress this enough, it sounds cocky but its true, but in most of my games the teams that listen to \"group as 5 mid now\" and group with me win, we wreck the enemy team that's still busy trying to farm big waves of minions in other lanes or securing buffs. You should group mid and aim to eliminate the mid lane inhibitor turret as fast as possible. Ounce this is down that's all she wrote. Well unless you throw :P Ounce it's down you can force the inhibitor down to nothing giving you the freedom to finish off the other outer/inner turrets, secure dragons, baron and even end the game.

This is where Nauts at his best, you should be near completing your build and both team should be facing off over one objective or another. Your job will be to look for easy hooks on priority targets such as the enemy APC/ADC. Baron will be a high priority which makes it vital that you not die as without you, there is no way to steal the baron safely. If no hooks present themselves focus on peeling for your carries. By this point loosing a team fight will mean loosing the game unless you have inner turrets still up. Success in the late-game is all about patience, if you go crazy looking for fights that don't need to happen you will loose hands down. Just play it safe and wait for the enemy team to make a mistake, THEN PUNISH THEM FOR IT.

During team-fights you have 2 main jobs. Your main job is to peel, the second is to disrupt the enemy team like crazy. Ounce a team fight has begin you'll want to ult the enemy ADC to make it very easy for your teams assassins to jump on him You'll also want to stay very close to your own adc as they will do the most damage overall to the enemy team. ???? why not the apc? Unlike the apc who relies on cool-downs and will usually be a single target burst champion, most adc's will deal tonnes of damage non-stop as long a they stay alive. In order to peel you need to wait for the enemy team to jump onto your carries/dive them. Lets say an udyr charges straight for your carry and pops his gap closers to get there. You can easily shut him down with an auto attack+E+randuins+Q. This should be more than enough to peel long enough for your adc to kill the udyr. This combo is not just for udyr but for ANY champion that dives your adc. Nautilus also excels at peeling 2 targets thanks to the amount of splash he has along with his passive. The combo would be similar to the udyr example but you would q whoever is closest to your adc. Ounce you're dealing with 3 targets however you will be overwhelmed unless you have a powerful peeling support such as braum, thresh and morgana to help you out but even then, things get really messy.

I hope this guide has given you great insight into the magical world of nautilus and that you enjoy using him. Apart from that, GLHF dudes.

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